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It's been far too long since I've wrote in this damn thing, I keep looking back and waxing goddamn nostalgic about some of the glory days of the Deadshots...I should have never left them in the first place, either to hunt Morinth or to join the Grim. I can't think of anywhere else to be except by their side. I belong here, with people who I see as family. Lills once described the Grim as such, but that's a load of shit.

To hell with the Grim. They talk a big game about ending the Alliance and protecting the Horde, but more often than not I see them attacking our side. When lunatics like Mal and Sy are let loose to do as they please, I'll not have any of it. If they try anything against my people, I'll rip off their limbs and burn them alive. I used to think they were the minority, but now I see it isn't, Awatu's a fucking nutcase; Khor is so hopped up on demon shit he's probably shitting felfire; even Ley, who I once thought as being the more level-headed, attacked Tao in broad daylight. The final straw was Sy cutting Ny'shra open...I let her leave with her life, a mistake on my part probably, but it's one that won't be repeated if she tries anything further...and she of course will.

Tazz won't speak to me. I'll need to force his ear at some point. Xek is still loyal, however, and I've asked him to stay with the Grim to keep on eye on them and Tazz, who knows what that hothead will do.

I can't help but feel we need reinforcements should we fight the Grim someday, BT needs fresh blood should it ever come to that. Maybe also find Grim who think like I do, I bet there are those who aren't as zealous as the rest of them to worshipping the Mandate. I think I'll send out some feelers and see if I can find my old comrades who'd want to take up BT's standard.

Old Man Vyze - If the codger is still kicking, he's probably brawling in some backwater tavern. It'd take a bit of coin to garner his interest, but if his blades are still as sharp as they were during the Outlands fighting, it'd be worth it.

Ophi - Should check her old brothel in Silvermoon, if she hadn't retired on the coin she's made from it, anyway. Wouldn't hurt to try out any new talent of hers either. She and Sin'd probably either be best friends or claw each other's eyes out.

Leaks - If she's anywhere, she'd be in Northrend still. Crazy gal loved the cold. Wonder if she still hates her nickname.

Muggem and Sodoq - Whackjobs, but effectively brutal whackjobs. I still remember raiding Alliance caravans with those two, they're probably locked up somewhere if they aren't still roaming around the Highlands.

Xin - Read into recent attacks on Alliance forces in Pandaria, odds are she's still bloodying herself against them. One of the few I'd rather not find if she is still as psycho as she was when we first met.

Musktail and Ulasi - With all these kids around, maybe they'll rejoin us and bring the little calves. Hope Ula found a way to tidy up Musk's scent, otherwise we'll have to fumigate the garrison every week.

Paiyuna - One of the few I actively regret falling out of contact with, she was a damn fine woman and fighter. If she's still alive, I'll need to get in touch with my old contacts within the goblin arenas.

Cindergut Clan - Broden's old clan, with Garfel no longer out for my blood and Morinth dead, odds are he'll bring them out to our side. I hope Kolgarn and Friyja are still alive, those two were always a hoot.

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Another blow to that glorified flying gecko when we took over the sorted remains of the Burning Blade who were looking at following Serinar. I should have figured they'd use Hollowrot, if that lizard's anything like that bitch, he always has a plan to kill anyone who won't join him. Shame I didn't get the opportunity to gut another of his bitch daughters, guess I'll settle for a dozen of his dragonmen grunts.

Some of the kids showed up from Broden'ar, apparently they're working on restoring it. I saw the way Vipra fights, blood magic and soul binding. I never had a problem with Xek'anjo using that, but seeing my own daughter triggered something. Worry? I don't know, but she's started on a path that can only lead to felfire and damnation. She cherishes her heritage as a Hollow, but this path may steer her clean clear of an afterlife where she can meet her ancestors. I'm bloody well glad she's latched onto Darethy for a teacher, at least she has some good sense. Spirits help me if she chose one of the other felmancers to study Mal. I would have thrown myself off a cliff had she found Ophi.

If that wasn't enough to worry about, Djara has returned. I thought I saw the last of her years ago when she buggered off to the swamps. She's still as fiery and bloody well a pain in the ass as she ever was. I never would have guessed her reason for returning be to kill Tazzuk for slaying their kin.

Another problem, I offered Djara a home to plot her revenge, and to provide a stable pay for her family once Tazz left. We can't afford a problem with the Grim now, considering that lunatic up and joined while I was hunting. She broke his tusk in front of Lilly, and I think that may come back to bite her on her blue ass. I dunno, but I damn well do know I'll help her and Louie keep safe until this matter is settled.

I can't afford to dwell on personal matters though, each day Serinar gathers more Fel Horde deserters and rebels to his cause, and gets more drakonids from it. Aaren has told me that he has developed a special interest in her, and has even appeared personally to her. If he hasn't outright killed her, something screwy is going on. I may have to stalk the lass for the time being, she's offered herself as bit for Morinth, maybe her dragon dickhead boss will be just as stupid.

Right now though, Isa has once again convinced me to take her hunting. She's become sharp as a tack and absorbs anything I tell her like a sponge. I bet one day she'll be rivaling Rexxar or Broden at the rate she's advancing through her beastmaster and marksmanship training. I don't know if the Wild will call to her as it did to me, but I think I may find out soon.

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I've been absent far too long from...too damn busy making sure Borrowed Time doesn't crumble beneath its own weight. Naheal's been MIA for a month now, no warning, no letters, no nothing; I've checked in with the bronze, and all they tell me is that he is working.

Goddamn yellow walking handbags.

Of course, with him up and fucking vanishing, everything's falling to me to pick up the slack and become Borrowed's Time least until Naheal returns, if he does. Two months total, and I'll be forced to pronounce him dead or gone to the timelines...Dora and Isa will be heartbroken. I don't know how Sin would feel, I think Liene is actually pleased to see him gone, considered she's showing more interest in securing trust between our organizations.

Speaking of, if it were not for Aaren, I probably would have put a bullet in Julilee's head the night Nok and Dora were attacked.

I've done what I always done, ran on instinct, on emotion, it is the fuel of a beastmaster, to be a beast and run upon the instinctual drive rather than logical. Then again, what if this siutation repeats itself? I have to be a leader, I cannot allow myself to lose control like this. The beasts influence me as much as I do them, I may have to try becoming the lone wolf for a time, cool my head.

With all this dreadlord shit, Tazzuk becoming more and more psychotic, the weight of BT's leadership upon me...I find myself more and more leaning upon Djara. Again, she still surprises me with her support in my efforts. She has taken to overseeing our training sessions with the Deadshots and our associated members, and has taken to it like she was born to do it...then again, I think barking and berating people comes naturally to her. Though I am worried for Ny'shra giving her more trouble, of course not for the fact Djara is in danger, she is skilled, I merely do not wish to suffer from in-fighting for whatever reason this is happening. She's the strongest damn woman I've ever met.

That is why she will be my mate, and I hers. I love her, with whatever future I imagine, there is no conceivable future I can imagine that she is not there. Of course, it seems her mother does not quite agree, ergo why our wedding was moved to a differing week. Well, fuck them...least Ba'calou and her little sister Anju seem to accept it readily enough. Odd how these moments seem to bring out the generosity in my fellow Horde; as Tahzani offered to throw me a bachelor party (Which I turned down, as fun it would be to see a bunch of naked women, I'd rather not give Djara a reason to try to skin me...or the dancers...Spirits know I'd do the same if she wanted one.), as well as Saelyx footing the bill for a reception in Azshara. Have to bring that up to her, unless we sneak off and rut through the night.

Paiyuna and Ophinnia both laughed when I told them I was being mated, of course they would...the asshats. I sent letters out to a few of other Rough Raiders, though I don't expect any to return. I know Vyze would berate me for doing something so stupid, and then probably try to kick my ass. I miss the old shit.

I must return to my duties, even with Rhuune and Zakael aiding me with the paperwork, it still stacks up to godfucked amounts. I can almost see why Nah slipped away when he got the chance.

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Borrowed Time's strength grows as others wane, seems we're getting recruits in by the load nowadays. Sanctuary fucked up royally driving away Faelenor and Amalyn, those two have become some of my greatest supporters and friends, and their daughter fits in right good with the other lil ones running around the base. Picked up a new mender, a goblin named Fad, seems to be your typical greedy son of a bitch, but seems to at least some loyalty to him. A big goddamn taunka too, Un'qo, gotta ice hammer big as my goddamn chest. Shame he joined up right when we left Frostfire Ridge and moved into Dragonmaw Port. Vondestro, an orc felmancer, signed up. He seems sociable and an alright sort, still gonna keep an eye on him however, many warlocks like to try that shit to hide what they really are like. Selash came back from wherever he had been and signed up as well, though the fucker still nicks my style with that eyepatch...speaking of, apparently I need to get him a wedding gift for him, remarrying another elf with an eyepatch, a Grim, no less. Might get him some primo Kezan cigars.

Speaking of the Grim, Shaelie apparently went on the run from them with Karthok set to kill her. Found the two duking it out on my hunting grounds, knocked the shitbag out and returned him to the Grim naked as the day he was born. A nice little message for those cunts. Shaelie seems slow to trust us, but if anyone knows what its like to lose faith in the Grim and be marked for it, well, she found a good role model least for that.

The Grim continue to be as a whole, a problem. Khorvis hired Karthok full well knowing his background, and now they know to keep a guard on Karthok. Figured out Syreena was the one behind ours and Sancts poisoning some time ago when she tried to do the same with some Sanct panda, shot her knee out for that one. Lilliana has become a major bitch and thorn in my side as well, and who knows how long those other rats start crawling out of the woodwork to challenge us.

Never before had Vyzelok's words rung true, as nowadays "Have a plan to kill anyone you meet." Why I'm brainstorming ways to kill them all if they become too big of a problem. I trust Leyu'jin and Lupinum, but I'm not so stupid as to trust them to take my side over the Grim or Mandate.

Lilliana - Survived Morinth's mental torture and resisted, so any mind play's off the table for her, use a magical nullification bullet to negate her shields, then use sleeping gas/tranquilizer on her to keep her mind unfocused. Move in and snap her neck to prevent regeneration.

Syreena - Have to play a little dangerously, have to be close enough to keep her from running, but out of range of her poisons and knives. My kneecapping her left her with a slight limp, prioritize that injury first and foremost. Double tap her brain, burn the body.

Khorvis - Thick armor makes it difficult for head-on assault, faster despite his age and weight and damn good with that blade. Keep out of range and bait him into open field, keep low and quiet and use potshots to make him angry and unfocused. Let him tire himself out thrashing about before moving in for the kill, one of Dora's ice grenades to keep him in place to line a kill shot where his armor's weakest at the collarbone. Note: Felmancer to study his corpse.

Karthok - His legs are metallic, but does not seem to slow him down. They seem to be made of Blackrock iron, which is still heavy, prefer luring him into swampy or sand terrain to bog him down. Pin him with a binding shot, lock him in. Seems to be mentally scarred by fire, use incendiary rounds. Note: Stick around and cut off his head to make sure he dies this time, feed it to Kain.

*Notes to follow; Awatu, Ruuki, Lupinum, Leyu'jin, Yemana, Canai, Aderlee, Ulrezaj, Gnarrdog, Nathandiel, Baalthemar, Inzema*

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