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Spoken under hushed breath are the words of the Mandate. Those who have slogged through long campaigns, and who have seen the true nature of conflict, mutter the names of The Grim. Regardless of temporary treaties and paper-thin promises of peace, they admit to themselves in the small hours of the night that there can be no real safety for the Horde – not until all violent threats are silenced forever.

They look to the darkened glades of Tirisfal and the imposing fortress that roots itself in the land rightfully belonging to the oath sworn of the Warchief. Garrisoned within its walls are the elite champions of The Grim and their great host of weaponry, both forged of steel and wrought in arcane fire. They speak the truth aloud and know its black portent:

Peace Through Annihilation



Who are The Grim?

The Grim are the oldest active role-playing guild on the Twisting Nether server. Since its founding on September 16th, 2005, The Grim have been the leading example of a full immersion ("Heavy RP") role-playing guild, keeping high standards in writing excellence and game-play. Based out of their fortified guild hall in Tirisfal Glades, they are known to be a lawful evil organization of fanatics, fel-bent on the complete destruction of any foes who would threaten the Horde. For The Grim, there can be no compromise with the Alliance or any of the perennial menaces that visit Azeroth.

We are gearing up for the coming Legion expansion, and we cordially invite any interested parties to consider our guild as a place to build their new home.


As a full immersion roleplaying guild, The Grim requires that their aspirants and members maintain an in-character presence in all public channels, including guild chat. Griefing and out-of-character disruption is strictly discouraged, though a private and informal OOC channel is provided. All participants with the guild are invested in an immersive and cooperative story building experience. Any further questions concerning conduct may consult our Mandate.

The Inquisition

Any aspirant who wishes to join the ranks of The Grim must pass a series of trials known as the Inquisition. Each trial is tailored to the individual supplicant and designed to ferret out any weakness or hesitance in the execution of the Mandate. Once the three trials are satisfactorily deemed complete by the supplicant’s Inquisitor, they will be promoted to the full member rank of Reaper through a unique ceremony before the assembled guild. To learn more about the Inquisition, read about the Challenges of the Mandate.

Raiding and Player versus Environment

Currently, the Ironbreakers, our raid team, is progressing through the Hellfire Citadel. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 - 10:30 central time. We have previously defeated all of Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry while they were current. Beyond that, our guild has had a consistent history of clearing Heroic content before the end of each tier and keeping a solid grasp on Mythic progression (to use the new parlance) stretching back to at least the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

While most guilds with raiding teams require a certain level of player competency, The Grim understand that many role-players have not had an opportunity to be involved with a dedicated raiding team. Because of this, we do not frown upon inexperience and seek to make all members with the interest and desire to raid to be the best that they can be. While we do not hold your hand, resources are made available and members who are considered experts at specific classes and roles are always available for questioning. Guild leadership also takes an active role at player improvement.

We are not in the business of turning down applications based on raid slots. However, if you are applying strictly to raid with The Grim, understand that we pride ourselves on our role-playing standard first and foremost and that we add raiders to the roster based on their expressed interest and availability.

Player versus Player

If you are a role-player who enjoys PvP, you will find The Grim to field a very healthy environment that has a rich history; with a well established credibility and respect by and for the opposition (The Alliance). The Grim currently schedules PvP gatherings every Sunday and Wednesday. We are happy to welcome players who are interested in Rated Battle Grounds as we progress in our RBG team.

Some past accomplishments involving The Grim are well known by the role-playing community; and many could, arguably, be known as precursor's to many guild and faction rivalries that still exist in the community today. Prior to the Burning Crusade; our "King of Rats" story line is still considered by many to be one of, if not the, best cross-faction event of this server. Our participation in Operation: Long Rifle was well received, as were our many assaults against Alliance cities and towns. During the Burning Crusade, we were the second group to kill Bolvar Fordragon before his removal from Stormwind; though arguably the first recognized kill during prime-time hours. Near the end of Burning Crusade and entering into Wrath of the Lich King, Cristok's Challenge, a duel-based event for gold and prizes, was well received, running two seasons that spanned about a year. In Cataclysm, Leyujin's Onslaught events brought together guilds from both factions (resulting in several new recruits as poor, misguided, Alliance players reveled in the glory of the Horde). Through Mists of Pandaria, we consistently conducted several Scalp Hunts - 14 day long contests for the highest number of honorable kills, with in-character rank and title rewards.

Where can I find more information on The Grim?

Our primary source of information can be found on our frontpage and our forums. You can also find us on GuildOx and WarcraftLogs.

Those interested in applying should start here.

Any of our officers can be contacted in-game; you can speak with Awatu, Ruuki, Lilliana, Kiannis, Lupinum, Gnarrdog, Anaie/Rumbuggery, Esrythalon or Cayli. If you have questions that can be fielded in-character (IC), you'll find some to be far more receptive to that than any out of character (OOC) interaction. ]]

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The Grim is a great place for in-depth RP and character development. We have something going on almost every night of the week, be it hunting the Alliance in Tanaan, kicking butt in the RBGs, dominating the raids, or just interacting with other guilds in the Brokenspear Tavern.

We are a mature group of gamers who have the distinction of being one of the oldest guilds in the game, and we are always happy to have more join our ranks. Khorvis listed the officers above- we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Peace Through Annihilation!

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Last month (November), The Inquisition had an outstanding 5 weeks of roleplay centered around Durotar and The Barrens.

This month The Grim Inquisition will be moving through the Plagued Lands (Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Tirisfal Glades, and Silverpine Forest), spreading the Mandate and holding their Monday night meetings for Aspirants and Supplicants.

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May 2016

On Friday, May 6th, The Grim gathered before Awatu Stonespire to discuss the accomplishments of the past month. “Once more, another season is upon us. The chill of winter is finally past us and life blooms in this season of growth,” Awatu told them. “We have seen a resurgence among our numbers. More Supplicants flock to our call, seeking the true end of our conflict. We welcome this new season. We grow stronger. We march ever onwards.”

Anaie spoke of the Ironbreakers progress within the Citadel. With the increase in numbers, between Supplicants and returning members, little stands between The Grim and victory. “Only the demon lord o’Hellfiah Citadel remains before us, guardin da Black Gate,” Anaie reported. Anyone interested in assisting the Ironbreakers within Hellfire Citadel should speak to Anaie or Alakhai.

There is also a need for extra provisions to supply the Ironbreakers efforts. “If you be ‘avin any extra materials dat can be of use in da fight, please be providin dem to da Guild vault. It’s been a long battle and supplies get stretched,” said Anaie. “Food an alchemical assistance are always of use.”

Khorvis was next to speak, telling of the recent advancements of the Inquisition. There have been quite a few supplicants recently, keeping the inquisitors busy. This month, the Mandate honors past ancestors. “This dark month of May, the Mandate travels to the different graves of past times. The Inquisition will come to know what Death means to our ranks and our ancestors.” He announced. “All Grim do be invited to spread the word with us.”

This month, Khorvis and his Inquisitors will be holding office hours in places such as Ghost Walker Post in Desolace, Galakrond’s Rest in Dragonblight and Brill Cemetary in Tirisfal Glades.

Leyu’jin brought news from the frontlines of the battlefields against the Alliance. “In da battlegrounds, we continue ta gain ground.” He announced, before turning his focus to the newer members. “Ah know der be not a few supplicants who hav’ joined our ranks, dat wish ta battle wit’ us. Currently, we hav aboot 8 regulah soldjahs who fight in our Battlegrounds war group. We also hav’ a rotatin’ pool o’ aboot 4-5 reserves. Luckily fo’ joo youngbloods, der al’ays be a nite where we short despite everyting, an’ dat’s where JOO git yo’ chance ta prove yo’ worth ta da Mandate! Check da guild halls, we got lotsa infohmation hidin’ out der, plus a place ta sign up yo’ interest.”

Leyu’jin also revealed that there will be a Fite Nite coming up, where those interested can join the fields of battle for a night of drunken bloodshed. Lupinum will be providing details and posting a date soon, so watch the guild hall for more.

In other news, there have been reports that several Alliance guilds were searching for a cure for Wreave. The Grim, led by Leyu’jin, attempted to thwart their efforts but were driven back in Darkshire. Perhaps on a related note, word has come that many in Rutilus Luna have fallen to demonic possession. They will be watched closely.. Aderlee and Gnitch have been instructed to investigate.

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Even though my main character is an Ex-Grim, I did not quit for OOC reasons, merely clashes with my character ICly. I still retain alts in that guild because they are an interesting group of RP'ers, and have a massive presence of TN/RH. They also some of the nicest people OOC-wise, and I am very happy to have met some of them in real life.

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The Grim continue to recruit for the Mandate. As the Legion invades, we will most necessarily require fresh bodies itching for the fight!

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The Grim continues to recruit new soldiers for the Mandate.  We stand steady against the Legion, and will continue to repel the Alliance dogs no matter where they hide.  Seek out any Grim officer (Awatu, Anaie, Cayli, Esrythalon, Lupinum, Gnarrdog, Kiannis, Lilliana or myself) for more information.

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WrA Server Pic.gif

In the interest of expanding the population of roleplayers we have the opportunity to play with, The Grim has recently opened a branch of the guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server.  The Grim is still one guild, with one website & forums, one Mumble server, one Discord, one raid team, and one PVP team.  However, some of its members may reside on Wyrmrest Accord now instead of Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt.

Current Grim members are welcome to put an alt in the WrA branch of the guild as a Minion (simply write a Letter of Intent, as usual), or they can create a duplicate of their character on WrA who will be the same rank as the TN/RH character.   New members will all follow the existing application process, regardless of whether they reside on TN/RH or WrA.

The Grim is always open to new recruits.  We do currently have open spots on both the raid team and the PVP team.  If you’re interested, please visit, and in particular, the links in the “JOINING US” menu on the home page.

Peace through annihilation!


Current Officers: Awatu-TN, Kiannis-TN, Lupinum-TN, Anaie-TN, Acherontia-TN, Esrythalon-TN

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The Grim raid team has cleared Heroic Tomb and will be starting Normal Antorus when it opens on Tuesday.

The PVP team is renewing its efforts to get enough people for a Rated BG team, and continues to run battlegrounds for fun and Honor in the meantime.

The Inquisitors are planning a variety of fun events to start next month and occur at least twice a month. 


Current officers on Twisting Nether: Awatu-TN, Qabian-TN, Syreena-TN, Anaie-TN, Esrythalon-TN, Lupinum-TN 

Current officers on Wyrmrest Accord:  Qabian-WrA, Syreenaa-WrA

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