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Siané    14

Name: Siané (sha-nay) Dawnlight
Age: Young adult
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Dusky tan
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 160 lbs

Siané is a female elf of young adult age who is slightly on the taller side. Her tan skin is darker than most Sin- or Quel'dorei, and her bright blonde hair unseen amongst Kal'dorei, but it's not just due to her contrasting coloration that it's hard to say exactly which race of elf she is -- the color her eyes glow doesn't match any of the elvish races, either. Instead of white, green, or blue, they grow gray. She wears a jewel-toned dress and carries no visible weapons. Around her neck she wears a clear jade and adamantite chain necklace with a moon pendant made of truesilver, which glows softly.

Additional Perception:
Those with magical senses can discern that she possesses powers in both the Light and Nature. Meanwhile, those who are able to read auras or sense souls will find that there is something strange about hers: it appears to be comprised of several different parts.

Sketch2351432_1482531355.png  sketch1506753972364_1506754228.png 


Siané walked into the Darkmoon Faire without remembering how she'd gotten there, or anything else for that matter. A Silvermoon magister who was present took an interest in her and brought her to Silvermoon. Later, after meeting someone who seemed to recognize her, Siané started staying at Sanctuary Garrison. After that, she learned two things: that she apparently lacked a soul, and that she shared the appearance of the person who had been known as Vionora Minara. The former issue meant that the emotions she could feel were extremely limited, mostly just sympathy and empathy. As for the latter issue, Siané knew that she could not be in any way the same person, having been told that Vionora sought to destroy the world and herself with it, and just the idea of hurting anyone rendered her aghast.

Wanting to support peace, Siané took a role as an Emissary for Sanctuary, and joined Twilight Empire as well to become an Ambassador. For both guilds, she began serving as a liaison between Horde and Alliance. However, she encountered numerous difficulties as many held Vionora's actions against her, or sought to use her for their own ends as they discovered her inexplicably soulless condition. Syreena and Shokkra stabbed her; Ardyan tried to study her condition to find out how it had been achieved; and Malhavik began manipulating her to his own purposes, not only getting her to tell him information of Sanctuary's activities, but plotting a dark revenge of his own, while ostensibly helping her learn how to use the fel. Although many came to her defense when she was threatened, believing in her innocence, she was also at one point captured and tortured by the Grim, though they ended up letting her go. During this time, Zakael, a shadow priest, fell in love with her, and they began a relationship. Then, one person began to literally put the pieces together when he obtained the soulstone that still held a fragment of Vionora's soul and brought it to Siané -- Tirien.

The lingering shade of Vionora almost subsumed Siané's personality -- Siané's worst nightmare -- but Vionora didn't want that to happen either, and begged to have her existence ended. Tirien, who had loved Vionora, made the difficult choice and granted her wish, yet the moment Vionora's soul was ended, Siané ceased to live. However, Tirien had used a warlock's soul transfer dagger to destroy the soulstone, and was able to use the stored energy to revive Siané. As a result, Siané did gain all of Vionora's memories... but did not become Vionora. Siané knew and accepted that she had once been Vionora, but the memories to her were of a past life, and the inescapable sorrow that had driven Vionora into tragedy did not touch her. She also gained the portion of a soul that had been in the soulstone, the piece which had been keeping her alive, so she no longer seemed soulless. Her soul remained incomplete, however, so she still could not experience the full spectrum of emotions.

After that, Siané began learning how to use shadow and fel magic on her own. She also began studying trollish Loa under Drak'zon in an effort to find a way to restore her entire soul so that she would be able to experience life fully, as Vionora's memories had shown her that there were emotions she could not feel. Zakael proposed to her, but she turned him down, explaining that she did not see herself as the marrying kind, and eventually she broke it off with him completely, realizing he was too naive for her to feel she could have a real connection with him. She maintained a relationship with Tirien, caring about him greatly, though it seemed that on his end, after everything he'd been through with Vionora, that ship had sailed. As for Malhavik, she confronted him about his motives, but realized she could never trust him again, as things were forever changed with him as well.

Eventually she met a human man named Xandric, also a member of Twilight Empire. He ended up helping her get a whole soul again by bonding with animal spirits, an adventure that took them to many different places and through many challenges together. In the end, Siané lost the ability to use the fel, gained powers in restorative Nature magic alongside her modest command of the Light, and became capable of feeling a full range of emotions again. The two fell in love, but by then it had become apparent that Siané's brief tryst with Zakael would have consequences: she was with child. Siané was ambivalent about motherhood, shocked to have even discovered she could conceive after Vionora never did -- though in retrospect the circumstances had next to never allowed for it -- but both Xandric and Zakael were supportive. She and Zakael picked the name Jehosamine Maya after finding it was going to be a girl, for Zak's mother Jehosephine.

Around the time Siané was nearing due, Xandric began to have problems with a woman from his past, whose sister he had been forced to kill. The woman, Jessaya, succeeded in driving a wedge between the two by making Xandric's control over his cursed side weaken, and tricking Siané into actions that made Xandric think she didn't trust him.

After having the baby, Siané ended up going to Borrowed Time's base to raise her daughter alongside Zak, but plans were quickly derailed when she and her baby were kidnapped by members of the Grim, Baal'themar and Nathandiel, the two looking for a mother for their recently adopted newborn. She and Jeho were held captive for months, while Siané feared daily for her life and her daughter's from the manic Nathandiel and manipulative Baal. Eventually she was able to convince them to let her give Jeho to her father; Zakael was very angry at her for her "irresponsibility", not knowing what had happened, but Siané accepted his anger as her due, as she had placed Jeho in danger by trusting Baal in the first place. In return for the guarantee of obedience that Jeho's presence had provided, Baal placed a blood bond on Siané, which compelled her to obey him. After that, she was allowed to leave the remote cabin that was their home, but was forbidden from speaking about her circumstances.

Eventually, however, Xandric figured out more or less what was going on. Having resolved things with Jessaya, he asked for her help to free Siané, and they were able to transfer the blood bond from being to Baal to Xandric instead. The effect was not nearly as powerful, more just an ability to sense emotions rather than a compulsion to obey, but it still overwrote the prior one, and Siané was finally freed.

The psychological effects of her captivity lingered however, in her Stockholmian feelings for Baal'themar, fear of male anger, and guilt for having put Jeho in danger. Eventually she began seeing Baal again on what she told herself were her own terms, because she wanted to help him learn to be a kinder and less violent person. To some degree she may have not been wrong in her ability to accomplish that, but Baal was also very manipulative, and the power imbalance between them ensured she did not really have a choice in the matter, though she convinced herself she did. During this time she became actual friends with Syreena (somewhat) and met Rhaen, someone from Vionora's past who quickly developed feelings for her, which she returned only in part, to his unhappiness.

In time she began to be more or less happy in her current position, despite the complexity. She also maintained a close friendship with Tirien, and met a warlock by the name of Lazarus who she also became good friends with, as well as his succubus friend Vilrida. Things were going well, until Karthok showed up.

Interested in the promise of Accalia's power, Karthok attacked Siané and ransacked her memories to learn what he could about bringing the deceased Ancient back. He left her in a condition where Vionora's memories were no longer locked away, and Vionora's sorrow was once again hers. She struggled with the sadness, but was able to find a way to send the memories back, away from the forefront of her mind, though perhaps a little too far back, as she became reckless without the weight of those experiences. Eventually Karthok attacked her again, seeking answers to more specific questions he had found, and this time he deliberately messed with her memories to give her friends and allies, who had been pursuing him, a problem to handle. He completely locked away Siané's memories, leaving only Vionora's. She didn't remember Xandric at all, or anyone in Sanctuary were she was initially brought, and ran away to Shattrath to hide.

Eventually Syreena found her and decided to bring her back to Baal'themar, but she didn't remember him or Rhaen either. A despondent Baal turned his back on her and so Rhaen helped her find Tirien, the only person she did remember. Eventually, her friends, including Xandric, were able to restore her memories, but with Vionora's memories still pressing down on her, Siané tried to commit suicide. She was stopped but remained extremely depressed.

Since then, Siané has slowly learned to cope with her depression, having declined to compartmentalize Vionora's memories again, as she felt doing so would keep her from appreciating the full consequences of her past actions as she both deserved and needed to do. She did not return to Baal, letting him believe she either doesn't remember him anymore or doesn't want anything to do with him, and has stayed with Xandric. For now she is helping in the efforts against Karthok as he gathers more power, having gotten ahold of a form of Accalia to access her power; Siané lends her firsthand knowledge to those who are leading the fight against him and helps as she can.

Music (in chronological order):

  1. "Begin Again", Purity Ring
  2. "Sinéad", Within Temptation
  3. "Hourglass", Zedd feat. LIZ
  4. "Hope For Morning", Icon For Hire
  5. "Redefined", tyDi feat. Melanie Fontana & Novaspace (Xandric)
  6. "Disarm You", Kaskade feat. Ilsey
  7. "Last Chance", Kaskade
  8. "Heathens", twenty-one pilots (Baal)
  9. "Nothing Really Matters", tyDi (Rhaen)
  10. "Hold", Dabin Ft. Daniela Andrade

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Nikaa    24

"Oh yeah, that was her name. Syreena says it's a demon.. I don't really understand the whole story, but I guess there was some trouble with her before. We had her as a prisoner once, but apparently she escaped or was released, depending on who you talk to. I think Sanctuary is using her as a liason with the Alliance. Syreena says she needs to be dead. I'll support her in that." -Shaelie

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Zakael    10

Zakael smiles bashfully, "S-She is a very kind person, I...I don't know why anyone would want to hurt her...B-but..." He grips the saff he bears tightly, "I-I'd help her, no matter what."

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Aaren    22

"Zak needs to make sure that stupid human stays away from her. I dunno if he knows how to use the thing or not, but I'd rather not find out."

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Alakroz    10

"Ah toght dat shea loved meh! Ah toght dat ah wuz da onleh one fo 'er an dat shea wud alwayz keep meh bah 'er sied! But no! Instad shea took off wit dat Zakael litta wimp bastad an' left me in da cold alone wit da 'akkar damned Peons! 'ell! Shea even liftad ma 'ead off 'er lap so dat she cud kiss da pasteh bastad in da mudafukin cold blizzahd sheet goin on. 'e wuz goin' on aboot 'ow 'e knew 'er betta den anehbodeh else an' dat 'e loved 'er an' dat da person she useta be donna matta anehmo! Well ah'll tell joo someting, if dat litta pasteh elfen sord-sallower knew 'alf da tings ah knew aboot 'er 'e'd beh runnin' fo da 'ills a garanteh eet, an' ah donna even kno dat much! Alsoh 'ave known da new Sha-ney fo' longa den 'e 'as but SOME'OW shea picked da twig ova' dis! Ah mean c'mon! Look at meh!" Alakroz straightened up to his full height and flexed his adequately sized muscles. "Ah mean take joo fo exampal litta ladeh! Joo wud be in da 'ammock wit' meh inna 'eartbeat!" For the record the interviewer at this time was a male blood elf. "But instahd she chose dat litta nerd. ARGH. DAMN DA GAHDS 'OO MADE DAT BAHSTAHD GO TA 'ER! AH CURSE JOO IN DA NAME O' 'AKKAR!" It was at this point in the interview where Alakroz devolved into muffled sobs and incomprehensible words that sounded both sad, angry, envious and elemental all at the same time while waving his arms around the tavern and stabbing random customers with blowdarts. It's reported that at least five of the customers were admitted to healers,one even had to have a team of druids work over them for a full night and day.

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