Kerala Windchaser (Tauren Druid)

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This character is deceased.

Full Name: Kerala Windchaser

Date of Birth: Year 10
Age: 23 at death

Race: Tauren
Gender: Female

Hair: Varying shades of brown. Curly!
Skin: Brown curly fur in various shades, grown all which way but neatly. Heavy scarring mostly concealed in there. Much of the left side of her body had regrown smoother and in a slightly darker coloring following severe burning.
Eyes: Dark green shot through with lighter green flecks.
Height: 8", stunted
Weight: 417lbs, anorexic thin!

Place of residence: Missing person

Place of Birth: Some grass somewhere
Known Relatives: Fraternal twin sister Amietia Greydawn, mother Wadulisi, father Oyohus.

Religion/Philosophy: Nature's law. Followed her own black/white moral code.
Occupation: Druid healer
Group/Guild affiliation: <Mist of Dawn>. Former chieftain <Horns of the Shuhalo>, Disowned by <The Grim>

Enemies: Many people misunderstood her
Weapons of Choice: Teeth and claws. Stone-tipped spear. Favored crushing a skull beneath a hoof as a death blow, which is common centaur practice. Fought viciously, especially when angry. Good against multiple enemies especially animals in packs.
+Weaknesses: Had trouble with verbal communication, especially words with multiple meanings or finding the proper words to express herself. This often resulted in problems. She never lied. She could not eat meat. Was initially claustrophobic- this was mostly cured.

Likes: There was no better thing to Kerala than flying with her own wings. She also liked rain. Her mate Lupinum. Pretty gems and flowers. Green places. Wind.
Favorite Foods: Apples. Mushrooms. 
Favorite Drinks: Fresh spring water.
Favorite Colors: Blue. Green
Dislikes: Words with multiple meanings. Subtlety. Dishonesty. 
Hobbies: Shaped gems. Disappeared to be alone out in nature, or whatever she did when she went walkabout. Often went swimming.

Physical Features: Kerala was an extremely skinny tauren woman with a distinctly wild appearance. She was thin! She might have been the boniest tauren anyone will ever see.
Her brown fur coat wasn't smooth anywhere- there were countless swirls and haphazard growth patterns that made her always seem scruffy and unkempt. There were varying shades of brown even on individual hairs.
Her mane was a darker brown, and the hair grew just as wildly as her coat- thick curls and fluff sticking every which way. She never bothered much to tame it, only tied it into bunches. Her face was also framed in low curving horns of brown. They were thinner in diameter than usual, with very wicked-looking sharp tips.
Kerala had clear dark green eyes, calm and intelligent. Surrounded as they were in such disorder, her eyes might have been a startling feature and arguably her most beautiful. 
Her muzzle and hide bore a dizzying array of scars of varying lengths and shapes. The nature of her fur made most of those easy to miss at first glance. Tauren familiar with older traditions might have recognized the stripe-like burn scars on her snout as marks of dishonor, brands to warn others of the character of the person who wore them.
Kerala generally wore no decorations on her clothing. Her fingernails were often dirty and hooves chipped and neglected. 
Kerala's voice was coarse, with a slight Magram accent present in both Taurahe and Orcish languages. Her ears and eyes were in constant motion, watching and listening to her surroundings.
She was stunted in growth, coming in under average height at only 8 ft tall (average is 9ft). 
She weighed only 417lbs (she should have been around 533lbs).

Special Abilities: Spoke a version of crude Common used by Magrami centaur. Was a powerful intuitive healer.
Kerala was introverted. She tended towards silence and was perfectly content to be alone. She was awkward around others, aware of her tendency to say things the wrong way or misunderstand. She could be somewhat disagreeable. She would not compromise herself for the sake of others. Her trust was a very rare thing indeed. 
She was impulsive, and had a short temper, and which often led to violence. She was not a good leader. She had ambitious goals and could be very stubborn in holding on to them, but often had very little foresight beyond the current situation. She focused on one thing at a time without thought to what came after, and there wasn't really a plan in how to achieve the end result. That didn't stop her, of course.
She was straightforward in her thinking and she appreciated truth and bluntness. Subtlety and implied meanings might have been lost on her, but she picked up very well on non-verbal cues. She said what she thought without concern for how it was received. Her words were often misinterpreted, because she said things simply and without much explanation. 
Misc. Quirks: Would freeze in the presence of an unidentified danger. Could not eat meat. Almost never used a person's name. Was cured of claustrophobia, but still wore loose clothing, avoided large crowds and tended to note every exit from indoor spaces. Followed her own personal code of morality.

Theme Songs:

IN MY MIND (submitted by Shokkra  <3)
Pray for Rain Drops on rocks fall fast and fleeting / Hearts and wings commence to beating / Woods unseen with all believing / Drops on rocks come fast and fleeting / Rhythm laws unleash their meaning / Usher us into the dreaming
Raining Like Magic The forest is breathing / Ferns are rejoicing / And the trees are all singing / Hey - It's raining life
Spiral I feel rain pouring down / I wait to rot away / Live again / Here forever / The spiral never ends
Cloud Nine Guess it wasn't real all along / If I fall and all is lost / No light to lead the way / Remember that all alone is where I belong.
Where the Lonely Ones Roam Roam with me / Come down to where all of the others fell / Get lost in the dark to find yourself / Just remember what I said / No it isn't over yet
One Fine Wire I remember the time my balance was fine / And I was just walking on one fine wire / But It's frayed at both the ends / And I'm slow unraveling
Breathe Today So many lies swirling / All around you / You're suffocating / The empty shape in you / Steals your breath / You're suffocating / Logic forces me to believe in this / And I have learned to see / And I can only say what I've seen and heard / And only you can choose / And every choice you make will affect you / Suit your own self. / You can breathe today
Re-Align No way to go / Internal instincts craving isolation / For me to grow
Butterfly's Dream Whispering from the sky / the raindrops fall tonight / Even this gentle cry / stirs not the butterfly's dreaming / Streaming skies are breathing / breathing into me / All the magic this night brings
No One's Here to Sleep What goes on behind these doors / I'll keep mine and you keep yours / We all have our secrets, we all have our secrets / Behind every door is a fall, a fall / And no one's here to sleep
Hopes and Dreams
Teardrop Water is my eye / Most faithful mirror / Fearless on my breath / Teardrop on the fire / Of a confession
Threadbare Oh in all this time / I never wanted to destroy a dream come true / And in all this time / I never wanted to destroy someone like you / I want you to stay / So give me a sign - give me your hand - I'll take you home
Something Wild If you face the fear that keeps you frozen / Chase the sky into the ocean / That's when something wild calls you home, home
You Should Know Where I'm Coming From What if I said I was just too young? / What if I said I was built on bricks of carelessness and crumbs / What if I said I'd be gone before I could come

Voodoo You change your silhouette / You cast another shadow... / No doctor's got me diagnosed / No science proof to save me... / I love the color red / It is for love, it is for death
Lights Out Now you want to take me down / As if I even care / I am the monster in your head / And I thought you'd learn by now / It seems you haven't yet / I am the venom in your skin / And now your life / Is broken / After the lights go out on you / After your worthless life is through / I will remember how you scream
Invisible Sun Invisible sun, a star lit in the dark / Invisible sun, a shadow upon the stars / Invisible sun, shining where there's no path / Invisible sun, rubbing out question marks
Twist Set me free from the prison of the past / Don't trap me in your story / You will fall from the shaky ground you stand.../ You twist, dismiss, my memory.../ Breaking all the borders / I don't think this is as far as we can get.../ Hope seems so distant.../ Tick tick / Breaking we're all, breaking we're all / Get get get control.../  You twist, dismiss, my memory

Behind Closed Doors Behind closed doors, there's never any light.../ Mix a little bit of our denial / Mix a little bit of black and white / I feel you, I need you.../ Behind closed doors, there's a lifetime to forget
We Walk In The Dream Now we walk in the dream / but dream no more
End of the Dream I found a bird Closing her eyes One last time / And I wonder if she dreamed like me / As much as it hurts, Ain’t it wonderful to feel? .../ I will find a way Even without wings / Follow your heart 'Til it bleeds / As we run towards the end of the dream
Brendan's Death Song

History: When she was 11, Kerala and her father, as well as several other tauren from their group were captured by Magram centaur. Kerala's father was killed during an attempt at escape. Kerala was desperate enough to stand over his body and challenge the centaur instead of continuing the likely-futile attempt to flee. Magram value strength above all. Kerala was kept their captive instead of eaten. She fought for their entertainment for years. It was during these dangerous fights that Kerala learned to shift to animal form through intense fury. Eventually, malnourishment and improper care led to a string losses, which is when was condemned to the tunnels to mine gems. Nearly dead of starvation and infection, she was rescued by the Cenarion Circle botanist Kethrenorean Forestwhisper during the Cataclysm earthquakes. For years he continued to send her medicine to help her recover physically.
Kerala struggled to take up the banner of the <Horns of Shuhalo> that she'd learned of during her captivity. She was too wayward to properly lead. It was during one of her walkabout absences that two of her Horns came into conflict and both ended up leaving. Konro Stormreaver joined <The Grim>. His conflicts escalated at the same time that the ancient Accalia awakened during an Eclipse. Breygrah, in order to stop him, challenged and killed Konro in a duel to the death, Mak'gora style.
<The Grim> were obviously upset at losing their supplicant, and several members, most notably Syreena, made it their mission to harrass Breygrah. Kerala invoked an ancient tradition of Blood Law to assume Breygrah's life debt onto herself. The Grim's leader Awatu accepted the offer, and demanded a replacement supplicant. Kerala presented him with herself. She underwent the traditional inquisition required, despite severe prejudice against her and numerous difficulties. She and an undead named Lupinum came to blows. In the end, she did complete the trials and became an official Grim for a few minutes. She angered Awatu and he expelled her by throwing her into a sorcerously-hot fire.
As luck would have it, part of becoming Grim was to leave one's old life behind. The fire to destroy all of her belongings did not consume a seed that Keth had mailed to her- that she had swallowed rather than see burnt. The seed reacted to the dying druid's magic by growing around her. It saved her life, in a fashion. Kerala would have remained a tree forever, then if her friend Lupinum had not searched for her. He convinced her there was a reason for living. They grew to love each other and became lifemates.



“Chasing the wind” Shu'halo phrase meaning to doing something that is without purpose or virtue, meaningless or impossible. Derogatory.

cobrak said:
Kerbear Stare

Age: Do I add in the coma?

Height: Perfect Height for Head Trauma


Occupation: Comaward Patient, Reluctant Grim, Member of the We-Deformed-Syreena-In-A-Way Club, Healy-Type Cowlady

Special Skills: Making People Think She Needs a Sanwich, Smushing Heads, Writing Stories Involving Poop-Tunnels (Not A Euphemism), Pissing Off Grim

Chaotic Neutral- A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it. Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society's restrictions and a do-gooder's zeal. However, chaotic neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it seeks to eliminate all authority, harmony, and order in society.

Detailed Results:

Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXX (11)
Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12)
Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19)
Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15)
True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16)
Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14)
Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15)

Law & Chaos:
Law ----- XXXXX (5)
Neutral - XXXXXX (6)
Chaos --- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13)
Good & Evil:
Good ---- XXXXXX (6)
Neutral - XXXXXXXXXX (10)
Evil ---- XXXXXXXXX (9)

This character is deceased.

Edited by Kerala

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YR        TITLE        SUMMARY
5        [Baine born?] (if 29 Legion)         x
7        If Everyone Cared         - Uyohus loves Wadulisi
8        [Baine born?] (if 26 Legion)         x
10        [KERALA + Amietia BORN]         x
18        (Don't You Worry Child)         - (Kerala's dad reassures her)
21        Counting Stars         - Kerala comforts Amietia after a Vision
21        [Kerala captured]         x
21        Stand Up         - Wadilusi chooses to move on
23        I'm Becoming Insane         - angry Kerala got burned
23        Lost For Words         - Kaya meets Kerala
24        Blue         - poem of Kerala's baby's funeral
24        (Say I)         - (Kaya dies of the Shaking Death)

25        WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004-11-23        
25        Sahara         - orc prisoner runs from centaur

26        BURNING CRUSADE 2007-01-16        
26        Dragula         - Kerala battles scorpids
26        Desolate Prisoner         - Kerala thinks in cage on capture

27        WRATH OF THE LICH KING 2008-11-13        
27        Enough         - centaur is worried about a dying Kerala

28        CATACLYSM 2010-12-07        
28        Time of Dying         - suffocating sick Kerala hallucinates
28        (Rescue)         - (night elf Kethrenorean Forestwhisper saves Kerala)
28        So Far Away         - Kerala weak and free in Glade
28        Everybody Talks         - Keth gives Kerala a flower
28        Moves Like Jagger         - Keth tries to win Kerala
28        Higher         - Kerala takes Silverwing on a joyride
28        Faint         - Keth tries to tell Kerala he loves her, to go
28        Wasting My Time         - Walos watches Kerala leave the Glade
28        Fake It         - Kerala overlooks Thunder Bluff
28        Bank         - Grizthok opens an account for Kerala
28        Rescue         - Kerala remembers

30        MISTS OF PANDARIA 2012-09-12        
30        Rage         - Kerala meets Wolfskycloud
30        Don't You Worry Child         - Kerala reads, remembers
30        Don't Trust Me         - Kerala closes a book and goes to sleep
30        Descent, The Way of the Priest         - Kerala catatonic, Aziris adopts a bird, sends to TB
        ((Ravenholdt merges with Twisting Nether 2014-07-31))        
30        You Really Got Me         - Keth leaves the Glade
30        Banner         - HotS got a flag!!!

31        WARLORDS OF DRAENOR 2014-11-13        
31        Horns of the Shuhalo and the Case of the Murdered Longwalker         - (Kerala)
31        Eclipse: Chasing Wind        
31         - Departure         - Kerala is found. Konro leaves Horns
31         - Phobic Dark         - Kerala catatonic, Kex'ti heals
31        Guess Who's Invited To Dinner         - Kerala invites Konro
31         - Picnic For The Lost         - Kerala tells Konro a secret
31         - Dark of An'she         - Lomani has her first deadly Vision. Kerala saves her
31        Eclipse: Bliss (+Log)         - Kerala learns of the curse
31        Eclipse: Does Not Play Well With Others         - Kerala summons the Skytotem
31        (Maiden of the Mist)         - (Jinchan becomes an official Skytotem healer)
31        Eclipse: The Beast Within*          - Konro almost kills Kerala
31        Eclipse: Flying Against The Hurricane         - Breygrah leaves the Horns, Kerala too
31        Eclipse: The Truth of Sacrifice (+Log)         - ghost Konro tells Kerala Lomani is her twin
31        Eclipse: Promises (+Log)         - Kerala chats with Syreena, writes Awatu
31        Eclipse: Follow-Through         - Kerala reinforces her request that Syreena leave Brey alone
31        *Broken*          - Syreena becomes the Waitress
31        Eclipse: Spirit Walk (Log)         - the skytotem locate Konro's trapped soul
31        Eclipse: Grim Retribution         - The Grim attack Kerala and leave her comatose
31        Eclipse: Lost (+Log)         - Lomani works to free Kerala from her phobic dreams
31        Eclipse: And Found         - Mudhide cures Kerala's claustrophobia
31        Eclipse: Antagonize         - Kerala and Lomani try to help Brast
31        *Brast: the Beast 16th*          - Brast curses Lomani
31        Eclipse: Cloud Nine         - Kerala's nightmare
31        Eclipse: Siblings*          - Inzema's nightmare
31        Eclipse: Arachnophobia         - Lomani's nightmare
31        One Fine Wire (+Log)         - Kerala talks to Lomani and joins the Grim
31        [Kerala's Inquisition begins]         x
31        Kerala's Inquisition          - The 3 Trials of the Grim
31        To: Kerala*         - Gazreeth suggests a way for Kerala to apologize for attacking him
31        *Blueprints and Schematics (Shaelie's Journal)*          - Shaelie's reaction to Kerala passing 1st trial 
31        *Copper Kisses*          - Nathandiel brushes his teeth after Kerala passes 1st trial
31        Lonely Ones         - Lomani sees changes in Kerala
31        Toad's Tympanum         - Kerala decides to get two ingredients.
31        Hollow: The Conclave 16th*         - [unfinished]Kerala helps save Lilliana from the Morinth terrorist
31        Toad's Tympanum #2         - people trust Kerala?
31        Pink Skin Exposed         - Kerala gets Nathandiel out of jail
31        Toad's Tympanum #3         - Nathandiel
31        Message of Intent         - Lupinum is found, Lomani heals him
31        Toad's Tympanum #4         - in [Magram Low Common]
31        (Fel Expansion*)          - (Khorvis attacks Brill!)
31        Toad's Tympanum #5, 6, 7         - enjoys each day she's still alive
31        [Kerala's Inquisition ends]         x
31        *Blueprints and Schematics (Shaelie's Journal) 11th*          - on Kerala's expulsion
31        Realign and Rebirth         - Lupinum discovers Kerala alive... inside a tree
31        Toad's Tympanum #8         - on dying friends
31        Toad's Tympanum #9         - definition of murder
31        Stopping to Smell the... Roses         - Kerala walks with the Grim to collect herbs
31        Backlash         - Kerala and Lomani reconstruct Brill victims
31        Toad's Tympanum #10         - on Mannoroth's death and Mists of Dawn
31        Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay         - Kerala sits waiting for night
31        Toad's Tympanum #11         - on Grim tabards and their Anniversary
31        Toad's Tympanum #12         - Azi reassembled
31        Slide         - Kerala meets the new Aziris
31        Dirty Laundry         - Lomani wants answers from Kerala
31        Hurt         - Kerala decides she's sorry
31        Long Road to Ruin         - Azi convinces Lomani they need to go away for a while with Kerala
31        The Bodyguard         - Azi observes that Kerala may love Lupinum
31        This Is Not         - Kerala dreams of fire and leaves Aziris and Lomani
31        Say I         - Kerala is bothered by Lupinum's hatred
31        Toad's Tympanum #13         - wonders why Syreena took Tesonii's place
31        Bounty for a Pilgrim         - Lilliana weaves a friendship bracelet for Kerala
31        Like the Rain         - Lupinum plays dead and Kerala backs off about his hatred
31        Toad's Tympanum #14         - freaking out after rain
31        The Friend Song         - Kerala and Lomani will live together
32        2016        
32        Quorum: Dawn and Eve         - Kerala and Lomani both See
32        Toad's Tympanum #15, 16         - twin visions, Veltor
32        Quorum: Heart to Heart         - Kerala tries to re-kill Konro
32        Quorum: Keys to the Kingdom         - Kerala Shokkra and Kex'ti travel to vision mountain
32        Toad's Tympanum #17, 18, 19         - Kerala has a breakdown
32        Toad's Tympanum #20         - Aziris returned to the Grim
32        Quorum: Seed of Dreams         - The twins talk of their emerald dreams
32        Quorum: The Ending Glow         - Kerala meets Sanctuary and Borrowed Time in the Dream, and find a darkness waiting beyond.
32        Toad's Tympanum #21         - Kerala identifies with Xelkorak
32        Quorum: Peace Lillies         - Kerala talks with Lupinum between Dreaming
32        Quorum: No Ones Here To Sleep         - Kerala plants the Dreamseed, talks with a demonlord
32        Quorum: Lacuna         - Kerala helps defeat Xelkorak
32        DERECHO        
32        Toad's Tympanum #22         - Kerala is in a family mood, she owed Karthok a favor and answers a question
32        Toad's Tympanum #23, 24         - Kerala ponders the visions and their meanings

33        LEGION 2016-08-30        
33        Threadbare         - Kerala breaks up with Lupinum
33        Toad's Tympanum #25         - about breaking up with Lupinum, and Kerala's last words to Toad
33        Derecho: Raptor Red #1         - Derecho attacks Shokkra
33        Derecho: Lights Out #1, 2         - Derecho attacks Tsuro at Cantina
33        Derecho: Invisible Sun         - Derecho attacks Lilliana
33        Derecho: Raptor Red #2         - Derecho attack Shokkra again
33        Derecho: Master of Wind         - Kerala is sick and looking for Kethrenorean
33        Toad's Tympanum #26         - Spirit observes Keth failing to cure Kerala
33        Derecho: Twist         - Derecho IS Kerala
34        Behind Closed Doors         - Kethrenorean takes Kerala into Maraudon
34        Mists of Helheim*          - Kerala is summoned to help locate Kexti
34        Mists of Helheim: Something Lost Something Found         - Kerala reveals why she can find Kexti
34        End of the Dream         - Kerala dies on Sanctuary's front steps
34        Artifact Contest: Atavist         - about Kerala's Dreamseed gift

Edited by Kerala

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"Ah, Kerala..." the mistweaver ponders. "I respect her for her actions...but I worry immensely for the road she walks. It would be a waste for her talents to fall to petty butchery."

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Oi, Ker?" Cobrak cocks an eyebrow as he puffs his pipe. "Aye, she's got brass ta do wut she iffin she 'ad tha brains ta see it through wiffout so much damn trouble is anutha thing." The hunter chuckles, "Still want a pic of Syr's face when she first found out bout her joinin' Grim."

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Syreena frowns when asked about Kerala. "I'm still not sure what to think of her. She has silly notions of honor that I can't understand. She offered herself to Awatu as a Supplicant because of some ancient Tauren honor thing, but she's planning to leave us again after only a couple months. She squashed my head once, but I don't really remember it very clearly."

After a pause, Syreena adds, "Also, she's so skinny! She looks like she never eats!"

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"For a long time, I hated Kerala. A lot. I resented her because joining The Grim was so important to me, and for her it was a cross to bear. A debt to pay. She complained bitterly, if not in words then in actions. And the worst of it, in my mind, was how easily she made friends. The more she dug in her heels and showed her resentment, the more people flocked to her. At the same time, I was fighting tooth and nail for my place in the guild. And for the most part, I was disregarded at best, or discriminated against, most commonly.

So, I hated her, and I wanted her to fail. But eventually.. things began to change. It started with the night when she completed her first trial of eating all the Alliance hearts. I didn't think she would do it, or I thought she'd find a way to cheat or deceive us. But she didn't. Not only did she complete that task more thoroughly than I ever thought she would, but she owned it.

She gained my respect that night, and from there I started to like her. I saw a lot of myself in her, in ways that no one would ever understand even if I tried to explain. So I wont.

That last night when she was to complete her third and final trial, the others didn't understand her. They couldn't see what she was trying to say, because she wasn't finding the right words. She tore off Konro's tabard and burned it. The others thought she was insulting The Grim, but I knew her act was symbolic. Burning that tabard wasn't about The Grim- it was about her debt.

I was sad when Awatu threw her into the fire and drove her away. He banished her from the guild, but she still comes around. I see her, but I don't say anything. I'm glad she's still alive." -Shaelie

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"Whatever strange paths we may walk in life, Kerala always seems to find her way across mine, to my great joy. I do not claim to understand the tauren, but she is my friend, and I believe that she has some great destiny in store. What, and how I might serve in guiding her towards it, I do not know. I am not an augur. But Kerala approaches her challenges with a wisdom and ferocity that few can match."

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"Too skinny," Xara comments. "Every time I see her, I want ta feed her! But there are some people out there who don't want people takin' care of 'em... They think it makes 'em vulnerable, they're scared, they don't wanna get hurt." The trolless is quiet for a moment, then shrugs. "Some wild animals can't be tamed."

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Breygrah does not try containing her smile when asked about Kerala.

"She is one you can rely on, when her word is given.  She can be gruff, and stern.  But we all need that from time to time.  I only wish I could have been reliable to her as she was to me."  She pauses a moment, and pats a hand on the tabard she wears.  "I do truly hope that I could have her support."  She does not explain what she means before smiling politely and going on her way.

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Tahzani ponders the question before answering, " Ah'll be honest. Ah don' know Kerala as well as ah feel ah should. She be one a de few druids who speaks plainly. Sure she got de wisdom of someone who ain't consumed by de petty desires of our societies but she says it flat out and in words jah can undahstand. She ain't even preachy about it!" He lets out a short laugh, " Ah tink ah should probably learn a few tings from her. When she talks, jah should listen."

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Kerala's Death Song 
(based on Red Hot Chili Peppers - Brendan's Death Song

Way up high I know She's watching me.  Why do you cry? 
Our Mother calls, and now I sing for you, before I fly.
Although our paths have parted you know I'll be nearby.

A mournful sound and now it's all around. Do you know why?
In whispered wind, in the grass and the rain, all spirits sigh.
So when you feel sad remember this song; It's my goodbye.

Now I sing: 
My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve.
And when your heart feels scarred, you'll be alright you'll see.  
I'll live in memory
Now I sing: 
My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve.
I know it might be hard for you to understand.
Remember and believe.

We both know someday we'll have to go;  We all must die.
And we both try to live our lives with pride. Dry your eyes
because I love you. And we both agreed. I never lie.

Now I sing: 
My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. 
And when your heart feels scarred , you'll be alright you'll see. 
I'll live in memory 

Let me live so when it's time to die, I will honor my tribe. 
Let me die so when it's time to leave, another sun will rise. 

Now I sing:
My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve.
I know it might be hard for you to understand.
Remember and believe.

Now I sing:
My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve.
Now I sing:
My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve.


Kerala and her twin sister Amietia (Lomani) made up this Death Song for themselves when they were just younglings. Since her skull injury and amnesia, Amietia has of course made up a new song. There may not be anyone living anymore who could sing this for Kerala.

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Kerala has been missing since June 2016, however some people may have seen her a few months after that (during the Mists of Helheim adventure). 

This character is DECEASED, however this is NOT yet common knowledge.


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