Eclipse: The Plague Intensifies [Open]

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Inexplicably, every plague victim suddenly developed acute symptoms over the last evening, all in synchronicity. Many of those barely holding on swiftly died from it, and those who had thus far staved off ravening fell to it and were forced to be subdued. The holding areas in Stormwind, Warspear, and Stormshield strained to deal with this unexpected catastophe on top of the slowly but steadily increasing number of victims over these past three months.

Today, and with no sign of abating, the symtoms persist for all those afflicted: the draining of power and life force is significantly greater than it was before.

In addition to rumors of goblins hawking a strange drink "guaranteed" to ward off howling wolf monsters in Undercity and Silvermoon, there was apparently some lunatic shouting outside the Stormwind bank a few days ago about an upcoming apocalypse to occur with the forecasted eclipse.

Of course, there is no forecasted eclipse.

At least, none that passes over any of the Azerothian continents.

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-{ Maxissa }-

Outside the main auction house in Stormwind last Friday night, a worgen woman stood in the street. She wore a pouch on her belt that clinked when she moved. The pouch was filled with random potions she'd purchased at the auction--whichever ones were cheapest. Then she'd affixed handwritten labels over each vial.

"Safe Sleep Potions! Protect yourself from the coming nightmares!" she called. "The world is ending in a week and two days! Beware the eclipse nightmares! Safe Sleep Potions, guaranteed to keep the nightmares at bay! Only fifty gold each! Protect yourself and your family!"

Most people looked at her like she was crazy. One human even seemed like he was thinking about restraining her. The guards just rolled their eyes at her and looked the other way.

A few people actually bought the potions. The suckers.

One Dreanei woman, along with a couple others, questioned her as if they were interested in learning more, so she told them what she knew of the upcoming eclipse and the ancient, Accalia. What she didn't know, she made up, trying to make the promised nightmares of the upcoming weekend sound as scary as nightmares could be to increase potion sales.

Two dwarf brothers, who kept getting into fistfights with each other, seemed interested at first, but when they saw the potion she tried to sell them, they scoffed and all but called her out on running a scam.

Max herself didn't even believe all the hype about the rumors she'd heard about. The world was going to end soon. Yeah, right. How many times had she heard that?

She was sure that this weekend would come and go just like any other, and when the next world-ending threat came along, then she'd find another way to separate the fear mongering fools from their gold.

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