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Funeral of a Warrior

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18:46:08 Lilliana lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

18:46:16 [Lilliana]: Hi.

18:46:18 [Xaraphyne]: Been awhile since I've been ta Northrend.

18:51:45 Awatu nods in greeting to everyone.

18:51:53 Darrethy nods at you.

18:52:22 Kerala looks at Breygrah.

18:53:05 Aovi surveys the area

18:53:11 Aovi greets Inkii warmly.

18:53:25 Lilliana eyes the orc that belted her in the face yesterday.

18:53:26 Lilliana eyes Shokkra up and down.

18:53:42 Shokkra sits there and waits for everyone to show up.

18:54:09 Aovi nods at Bettah.

18:54:15 You look at Fhenrir.

18:54:22 [Xaraphyne]: Thanks for coming with me.

18:54:27 Fhenrir nods at you.

18:54:29 Lilliana looks rather surprised to see Breygrah. She looks back quietly.

18:54:38 Kerala looks around at everyone assembled.

18:54:45 Aovi nods at Blackmane.

18:54:45 Kerala greets everyone warmly.

18:55:03 Blackmane salutes Aovi with respect.

18:55:09 Lilliana glances towards Fhenrir and Xaraphyne....then heads over by Awatu.

18:55:16 Awatu stands to this side, watching and waiting.

18:55:19 Lomani greets everyone.

18:55:26 [Lilliana]: Hey. *to Awatu*

18:55:40 Awatu looks to his left, then nods at the Troll. "Well met, Lilliana."

18:56:37 Aovi kneels down.

18:57:30 Lilliana looks at Darrethy.

18:57:59 Kerala stands there awkwardly beside Lomani, who is simply serene, if sad-looking.

18:58:06 Xaraphyne looks around, noticing the various unfamiliar tauren. Other Horns of the Shu'halo?

18:58:14 Lilliana whispers very quietly to Awatu, "Leyu'jin said he'd be here."

18:58:29 Blackmane kneels before Kerala.

18:58:33 Kerala nods at Aovi.

18:58:41 Along with Shokkra, there are 4 other 37th infantry. Telerian, Karthok, Crichan and Alakroz.

18:59:07 Awatu nods. "I am surprised he is not here, yet. Any idea as to what may be hindering his arrival?"

18:59:15 Kerala is very glad to see her fellow Brothers and Sisters of the shu'halo.

06:59:18 They are gathered around a large funeral pyre with Konro in the middle

06:59:38 There's also a large chest with a few weapons in it.

19:00:09 [shokkra]: Anyone who brought weapons, put 'em in the chest now.

19:00:16 You blink at Shokkra.

19:00:22 Lilliana shakes her head solemnly at Awatu......then her head snaps towards Shokkra and that request.

19:00:38 Fhenrir looks at the orc with extreme skepticism on his face.

19:00:42 [Darrethy]: "....I don't know what difference it makes, my entire body is a weapon, but sure."

19:00:42 Xaraphyne puts her bow away.

19:00:43 Kerala lays her spear next to the chest, since it won't fit.

19:00:54 Fhenrir looks at you.

19:00:56 You look at Fhenrir.

19:01:04 Darrethy sets his sword inside, glowing with blue energy.

19:01:06 [shokkra]: If you use magic of any kind, i'm clamping a bracer on you that'll blow up if you use magic.

19:01:18 Kerala blinks at Shokkra.

19:01:19 You blink at Shokkra.

19:01:21 [shokkra]: so don't use magic, got it?

19:01:25 Aovi grins knowingly

19:01:29 Lilliana turns a look to Awatu.

19:01:46 [shokkra]: Make a line of mana users so I can clamp these things on.

19:01:57 Shokkra gestures in front of her.

19:02:17 Lomani frowns.

19:02:19 Aovi looks at Shokkra.

19:02:20 [Darrethy]: "How about no? I'll catch the rest of you later."

19:02:25 Xaraphyne nudges Fhenrir.

19:02:28 Awatu remains still.

19:02:40 [shokkra]: Anyone else not wanna follow the rules?

19:02:46 Bettah holds her wrists up to Shokkra.

19:02:50 [inkii]: there are rules?

19:02:57 [Aovi]: Not meaning to upset the plan, but while I understand security...this is not a secure land.

19:03:00 Shokkra clamps a bracer onto Bettah.

19:03:09 [Kerala]: Do you have enough for anyone?

19:03:10 Awatu agrees with Aovi.

19:03:15 [shokkra]: No shit. But I can't trust you bastards.

19:03:16 Lilliana narrows her eyes at Shokkra, "These are dangerous woods. We are here to pay our respects. So like, respect the people that are here."

19:03:24 Fhenrir speaks in a whisper to Xaraphyne. "This is a terrible idea."

19:03:37 [Aovi]: And why is it we trust you to hobble us?

19:03:46 Bettah snorts.

19:03:54 [shokkra]: Because I planned the damn thing.

19:03:56 You shrug at Fhenrir. Who knows?

19:04:09 [bettah]: Keep the peace, we still have our horns.

19:04:09 [shokkra]: So either you can follow your orders or you can leave.

19:04:14 Bettah cracks her knuckles.

19:04:20 Aovi nods at Shokkra.

19:04:22 Kerala shrugs and steps forward.

19:04:32 Shokkra clamps a bracer onto Kerala.

19:04:34 Kerala holds out her gloved hand.

19:04:51 Lilliana backs away.

19:04:56 [shokkra]: You. throw your weapon in the chest.

19:04:58 Awatu looks at Shokkra.

19:05:00 Shokkra looks at Awatu.

19:05:21 [Awatu]: Not in contested lands.

19:05:25 Awatu frowns.

19:05:27 Lilliana appears seriously displeased.

19:05:27 [shokkra]: then leave.

19:05:28 Aovi nods at Awatu.

19:05:37 Kerala inspects the bracer.

19:05:41 Aovi bows before Kerala.

19:05:44 [Lilliana]: We're not.

19:05:50 You look at Lilliana.

19:05:55 Awatu snorts, but holds out a hand to the Orc. There is a bundle of sage incense in his palm.

19:06:02 [Aovi]: I am sorry, In Mulgore perhaps, but we cannot be chained in these lands.

19:06:02 Lilliana narrows her eyes distastefully at the orc.

19:06:17 Kerala nods at Aovi.

19:06:28 [Kerala]: E shteowachi

19:06:33 [Kerala]: E ich rah sho'wa eche

19:06:36 Shokkra rubs her forehead. Obviously annoyed.

19:06:37 [Aovi]: We are either among Horde or we aren't.

19:06:50 [shokkra]: Konro was killed by Horde.

19:06:55 You look at Shokkra.

19:06:57 Kerala looks at Shokkra.

19:06:59 [Xaraphyne]: Konro was killed by Accalia.

19:07:00 [Aovi]: AS was Cairne.

19:07:07 Shokkra makes a rude gesture at you.

19:07:10 Fhenrir peers at Shokkra searchingly.

19:07:11 You stare Shokkra down.

19:07:17 [shokkra]: An Garrosh is dead now.

19:07:19 Kerala and Lomani both let out a sigh.

19:07:26 [shokkra]: Because Horde killed him.

19:07:31 [Awatu]: Death comes from all sides. It bears many faces, and wears many masks.

19:07:38 You look at Awatu.

19:07:45 [Fhenrir]: You are chasing away those who would honor your dead comrade.

19:07:47 Lilliana has her eyes on Awatu now.

19:07:50 [shokkra]: So follow the rules or leave. We won't miss you.

19:08:51 [Xaraphyne]: Hey, orc girly... what's yer name?

19:09:04 [blackmane]: What happens if you get hurt or die, how do we take these bombs off?

19:09:12 [shokkra]: Sergeant Shokkra, of the 37th infantry.

19:09:21 [Kerala]: E shteowachi tu chi lo rah awak tawaporah

19:09:24 [shokkra]: I take them off, with my key.

19:09:25 Kerala looks at Aovi.

19:09:35 [Xaraphyne]: Well, Sergeant... As much as I'm sure it's true ta Konro's spirit ta run off everyone who cares about him.... Maybe let's not do that anymore.

19:09:37 You look at Shokkra.

19:10:00 [bettah]: Anohe eche kee

19:10:10 [blackmane]: Someone needs to have faith and honor, ill do it. trust needs to start somewhere.

19:10:17 Kerala smiles at Blackmane.

19:10:20 Lilliana sticks her hands into her pockets. She glares at Shokkra challengingly. The punching happy orc isn't the only one who has right to mourn for the dead, possessed tauren guy.

19:10:21 Blackmane raises arm

19:10:24 Shokkra nods at Blackmane.

19:10:35 Kerala thanks Blackmane.

19:10:36 Shokkra clamps a bracer onto Blackmane.

19:10:59 [Xaraphyne]: Konro wouldn't've given up his own weapon.

19:11:06 [shokkra]: And he's dead.

19:11:17 [Xaraphyne]: Yes. That'd be why we're here.

19:11:25 [Xaraphyne]: It's not an excuse for anything at all to justify it.

19:11:42 Xaraphyne looks toward Konro's body.

19:11:48 Kerala is not surprised at the conflict, only that it had started before the funeral even began.

19:12:06 [Xaraphyne]: Let him keep his friends in death he couldn't keep in life.

19:12:16 Lilliana looks at you.

19:12:19 [shokkra]: Fuck fine. Keep your shit. I'm starting.

19:12:26 Lilliana offers a very faint smile to Xaraphyne.

19:12:30 Kerala frowns with disappointment at Shokkra.

19:12:38 Shokkra takes a very deep breath.

19:12:40 Fhenrir does not smile.

19:12:54 [shokkra]: Konro was born a Boulderfury, a small tribe that wandered from Winterspring to the Barrens and back again. His family was comprised of his sister and his father Antur, chieftain of the Boulderfury.

19:13:06 Awatu turns to look at Lilliana, nods, then back to the Orc.

19:13:12 [shokkra]: Konro was adept at fighting and eventually became the leader of the tribe’s braves. It was in his twenty-third year that a group of hunters from the Eastern Kingdoms ambushed the tribe in Dustwallow Marsh, many of his tribe left and many others died, in

19:13:26 [shokkra]: Uding his father. Konro, knowing that the hunters wouldn’t stop until his entire tribe was destroyed, rallied the remaining Tauren and attacked the hunters head on. When the battle was one, the only survivors were Konro, his sister and the last few hunt

19:13:36 Lilliana returns Awatu's look, then returns her attentions to Shokkra.....crisis averted.

19:13:40 [shokkra]: Who fled from the battle. Konro and his sister drifted for many years, eventually joining up with Bloodhoof’s pack. When Thrall and the orcs helped the Tauren against the centaur, Konro joined them and went on to fight in the third war, becoming the fir

19:13:42 Xaraphyne listens, hearing the bitterness in the orc's tone.

19:13:42 Leyu'jin surreptiously waves at Fhen, Xara, and the two Grim.

19:13:51 You nod at Leyu'jin.

19:13:56 [shokkra]: Commander of the 37th Infantry. From then on he led the 37th all over Azeroth, picking up and losing members as time went by. During one particular battle in the maelstrom, Konro jumped onto the Alliance ship attacking them.

19:14:21 Awatu nods at Leyu'jin's arrival.

19:14:28 Kerala listens intently to Shokkra.

19:14:29 [shokkra]: And killed every single soldier on that ship, earning him the nickname “Stormreaver”. When the Dark Portal re-opened the 37th were dispatched to Hellfire Peninsula, where he met his mate, Rikara.

19:14:38 Leyu'jin bows his head to Awatu.

19:14:41 Xaraphyne blinks to hear Konro had a mate.

19:14:51 [shokkra]: They wed only two months later and spent every waking moment together. When the Lich King awakened however, Rikara died at the Wrathgate, fighting for the Horde. Konro was promoted to Legionnaire by Garrosh Hellscream.

19:14:57 Awatu listens closely to Shokkra's story.

19:15:27 [shokkra]: And given the orcish badge for bravery in combat. Following the Darkspear Rebellion, Konro led the 37th to victory in several battles against the insurgency, aided by the Kor’kron.

19:15:33 Alfirin breathes in sharply, then dips her head in a little nod.

19:15:52 Lilliana peers around Awatu and at Leyu'jin while Shokkra speaks.

19:15:58 Fhenrir scowls at the mention of the Horde's former fracture.

19:16:01 [shokkra]: Konro used to always have a smile on his face, a drink in one hand and an axe in the other. He always knew how to cause trouble, or bring a smile to someone’s face, one way or another.

19:16:05 Leyu'jin keeps his face impassive, simply listening.

19:16:18 Bettah furrows her brow.

19:16:24 [shokkra]: When someone needed him he knew what to say, when someone needed something he knew where to go, when someone needed dealing with he knew who to kill. One time I had been thrown out of a bar for getting into a fight and he burned it down.

19:16:31 Lomani wishes she knew that Konro.

19:16:35 You blink at Shokkra.

19:16:45 Xaraphyne is pretty sure she knew *that* Konro.

19:16:56 Leyu'jin snorts. You can tell he's about to laugh despite himself.

19:17:01 [shokkra]: Crichan had his legs blown off by an Alliance landmine so Konro found a human with roughly the same size legs and sewed them onto Crichan. Or when Alakroz needed elk heads but Konro misheard and brought him elf heads instead.

19:17:20 You smile.

19:17:33 Kerala smiles at Shokkra.

19:17:38 [shokkra]: Konro always said “Loyalty is all a soldier needs” and he followed that saying like a religion. There was never a moment when Konro let his loyalty waver for the Warchief or the Horde, he never got us to do something instead of himself if he had order

19:18:11 Xaraphyne glances toward the assembled Grim briefly.

19:18:13 [shokkra]: he never let anything get in the way of his loyalty. So Konro, if you can hear me, we won’t forget you or your ideals or your conviction or your loyalty.

19:18:38 [shokkra]: We’ll make things right so you can rest peacefully. This one’s on us. I...We love you brother. For the Horde.

19:18:46 Bettah bows her head.

19:18:49 Lilliana 's gaze has returned to Shokkra. She doesn't return the glance that Xaraphyne shoots their way.

19:18:55 Xaraphyne bows her head,

19:18:57 Aovi bows his head in respect for a brave bull

19:19:12 Fhenrir tips his head briefly.

19:19:14 Awatu gives a brief nod, solemnly.

19:19:24 Shokkra sniffs back a tear. "If anyone has anything they'd like to say now would be the time."

19:19:27 Alfirin breathes out deeply and bows her head further, half closing her eyes as she offers a prayer.

19:19:41 Lilliana does the same as the others, her head bowed. Her hands still remain in her pockets.

19:20:11 [bettah]: Shtumanialo ishte shne chi owa shteawa towAteke

19:20:14 Kerala looks around.

19:20:17 [Aovi]: ...if it is not an intrusion to the friends of Konro, may I speak?

19:20:26 Shokkra nods at Aovi.

19:20:31 You look at Aovi.

19:21:19 [Aovi]: I had not met Konro. But hearing his story, his spirit will go with us back to our tribe, when his deeds will live on in stories around the fires.

19:21:40 Xaraphyne pauses at that.

19:21:45 Kerala agrees with Aovi.

19:21:54 [Aovi]: We will remember one who brought honor upon our people through his actions.

19:22:03 Aovi bows before Shokkra.

19:22:05 Blackmane agrees with Aovi.

19:22:16 [Kerala]: And a tale of caution, as well.

19:22:23 Fhenrir bites his tongue.

19:22:26 Aovi nods at Kerala.

19:22:27 You look at Kerala.

19:22:31 Lilliana makes a face.

19:22:40 Leyu'jin nods politely at Kerala.

19:22:51 [shokkra]: Anyone else?

19:22:58 [Alfirin]: If I may?

19:23:05 Shokkra nods at Alfirin.

19:23:21 Kerala looks at Alfirin.

19:23:27 [Alfirin]: It is clear I had not known Konro as well as many here - of the Thunderhoof and the Grim alike.

19:23:50 [Alfirin]: The circumstances of our meeting were dire. Many were hurt, in more ways than one.

19:24:11 [Alfirin]: That Konro perished with, perhaps, regret in his heart should not be something we can dispute.

19:24:19 You look at Alfirin.

19:24:25 [Alfirin]: Yes, he is responsible for many a thing, both good and ill.

19:24:57 [Alfirin]: Yet for the brief moment I did know him, I saw in his heart loyalty indeed, and a sense of kindness that was innocent, akin to that of a child.

19:25:05 Xaraphyne nods slowly.

19:25:14 [Alfirin]: His circumstances shaped him, yet deep down, he retained that still.

19:25:27 Fhenrir nods - he too had seen that innocence.

19:25:29 Kerala smirks. Yes, childlike was definitely a trait she knew in Konro.

19:25:30 Leyu'jin nods at Alfirin.

19:25:41 [Alfirin]: As such, let us set aside the ill and focus on the good that came of our meeting Konro.

19:25:56 Lomani nods.

19:26:01 [Alfirin]: He knows well that, in spite of all our disputes, there was fondness towards him still. This will help him achieve peace.

19:26:16 Alfirin nods quietly towards Shokkra, signaling she was finished.

19:26:22 Aovi nods at Alfirin, thinking her wise

19:26:27 Bettah gasps at Breygrah.

19:26:30 Shokkra smiles at Alfirin.

19:26:48 Leyu'jin opens his eyes wide as Breygrah is pulled into their midst.

19:26:57 Xaraphyne didn't see Breygrah.

19:27:02 [shokkra]: Anyone else wanna say something?

19:27:13 [Leyu'jin]: Ah will.

19:27:18 You look at Leyu'jin.

19:27:21 Shokkra nods at Leyu'jin.

19:27:21 Kerala looks around again.

19:27:23 Awatu looks at Leyu'jin.

19:27:23 Fhenrir ponders Leyu'jin's actions.

19:27:26 Lilliana blinks in surprise at Leyu'jin.

19:27:33 Awatu turns back to the body.

19:27:36 Kerala looks at Leyu'jin.

19:27:57 [Leyu'jin]: Konro wuz a nuisance, a bloody maniac, an' a regulah threat ta all an' sundry.

19:28:05 [Leyu'jin]: Yah, joo 'eard me.

19:28:16 Lilliana blatantly glares at Leyu'jin.

19:28:17 Xaraphyne smiles, because she knows Leyu'jin.

19:28:24 Shokkra glares angrily at Leyu'jin.

19:28:41 Shokkra grits her teeth and cracks her knuckles.

19:28:51 Fhenrir wouldn't have more to say after that, but suspects Leyu'jin does.

19:29:05 Bettah looks around, confused.

19:29:21 [Leyu'jin]: 'is allegiance ta Garrosh, da Warchief dat sundered our Horde, wuz misplaced an' reckless. As a result o' 'is beliefs, e' many a time got inta fights dat could've ended lives. His, o' othas.

19:29:56 Lilliana kicks at the ground with one foot as Leyu'jin speaks.

19:30:02 Leyu'jin looks around at the assembly, gauging their reactions, and then obviously not giving a flip.

19:30:20 Shokkra checks her boot for knives. Damnit.

19:30:21 Alfirin remained neutral, though nodded at Leyu'jin's words.

19:30:36 Fhenrir eyes Shokkra.

19:30:53 Xaraphyne listens patiently as Ley speaks.

19:30:54 [Leyu'jin]: E' wuz obsessive ta a fault, an' unable to heed da words o' othas, even if it would've resolved many a conflict.

19:31:13 Kerala narrows her eyes at Shokkra, not missing the motion

19:31:16 [Leyu'jin]: Indeed, it wuz one o' dese obsessions dat brought aboot 'is end.

19:31:38 Xaraphyne nods a little.

19:32:10 Lilliana sighs, but the expression within her eyes turns a bit foul.

19:32:39 [Leyu'jin]: As a mattah o' fact, it wuz only one obsession dat consumed Konro. Everyting else could be set aside, deflected, but fo' dis.

19:32:50 Lilliana looks at Leyu'jin.

19:32:52 You look at Leyu'jin.

19:33:41 Leyu'jin 's face trembles slightly, as a tendon pulls back his features on the right side of his face. He looks... sorrowful, if that's possible after what he's said.

19:34:16 Bettah gasps at Leyu'jin.

19:34:19 Lomani is wondering if Leyu'jin will get around to the good parts. If not he sucks at honoring a memory.

19:35:50 [Leyu'jin]: Konro wuz many tings, but e' 'ad a heart o' purity unlike any ah evah knew.

19:36:01 Xaraphyne gazes at Ley silently.

19:36:25 Lilliana watches Leyu'jin, then she gazes around to the others, her eyes stopping to rest on the dead tauren, Konro. She tilts her head to the side at Leyu'jin's comment of purity.

19:36:42 [Leyu'jin]: An' in da deepest depths o' dat heart, 'e 'eld only one person.

19:36:43 Kerala smiles at Leyu'jin.

19:36:52 Awatu keeps a steady face, but says nothing.


19:37:21 [Leyu'jin]: KONRO LOVES JOO!

19:37:20 Blackmane is confused

19:37:21 Alfirin smiles warmly, and even averts her eyes, unable to help showing the pearl of her teeth. It was true.

19:37:25 Xaraphyne blinks.

19:37:27 Awatu flinches at the shout, surprised by the noise. He looks up questioningly at the Troll.

19:37:31 Bettah looks around.

19:37:48 Leyu'jin salutes Breygrah with respect.

19:38:10 [Leyu'jin]: Konro, mad respect fo' joo, brotha.

19:38:23 [Leyu'jin]: Res' well in paradise.

19:38:30 Leyu'jin bows down graciously.

19:38:32 [Lilliana]: Oh for the love of..... *she mutters and stares in disbelief at Leyu'jin.....then she just grins...although very faintly...but yes, that's still a grin*

19:38:33 Alfirin nods at Leyu'jin.

19:38:44 Leyu'jin turns without another word, and trots off.

19:39:05 Shokkra knees Leyu'jin in the groin for what he said earlier.

19:39:06 Leyu'jin eyes Shokkra without any expression.

19:39:15 [shokkra]: Anyone else?

19:39:19 Fhenrir stares Shokkra down.

19:39:24 Leyu'jin rubs his crotch. Ouch.

19:39:31 [shokkra]: Or is that all?

19:39:32 Lilliana looks at Leyu'jin....and she mouths the word, 'Dumbass' at him.

19:39:34 You look at Shokkra.

19:39:39 Kerala takes a step forward.

19:39:50 You look at Kerala.

19:40:01 Shokkra motions to where she's standing for Kerala to go.

19:40:08 [Kerala]: If no one has anything else...

19:40:08 Leyu'jin eyes Kerala up and down.

19:40:22 Lilliana catches Leyu'jin eyeing Kerala.

19:40:28 Fhenrir plans to say something after Kerala has finished.

19:40:50 [Kerala]: Ok then

19:40:55 Kerala beckons Lomani over.

19:41:01 You look at Fhenrir.

19:41:19 Kerala steps up to Konro on his pyre.

19:41:52 Lomani is holding a violet-colored crystal in her hands.

19:42:02 [Kerala]: Some of you may know this...

19:42:33 [Kerala]: My sisters and I, with some others gathered here, went looking for Konro's spirit.

19:42:43 You look at Fhenrir.

19:43:01 [Kerala]: Many of you saw him as a ghost.

19:43:10 Fhenrir is only half paying attention to Kerala, his glare fixated on Shokkra across the way.

19:43:29 [Kerala]: We shu'halo revere our ancestors..... but they usually get to rest some.

19:43:37 A sly smirk spreads across Kerala's face.

19:43:59 [Kerala]: We found Konro's spirit, all of it, trapped inside this gem.

19:44:05 You look at Kerala.

19:44:07 Leyu'jin blinks at Kerala.

19:44:10 [Xaraphyne]: The whole? not just the half?

19:44:30 Lilliana steps behind Awatu as Kerala speaks. She looks angry as she does...while Kerala states that she found Konro's spirit.

19:44:42 Lilliana looks at Leyu'jin.

19:44:51 Lomani nods at Xaraphyne.

19:45:00 [Leyu'jin]: Do dat mean, e' kin be resurrected?

19:45:54 Bettah rubs her chin.

19:46:04 Lomani looks to Leyu'jin. "No. The wolf spirit that possessed him is in here as well. We could not release one without the other."

19:46:05 Aovi snorts.

19:47:08 Lilliana watches Kerala, but first she gives Leyu'jin a quick glance.

19:47:15 Xaraphyne smiles sadly at Fhenrir.

19:47:18 [Kerala]: Before he is burned, we would reunite his spirit to flesh.

19:47:27 Blackmane still smells like herbs and sweat from the lodge.

19:47:37 Lilliana nods at something.

19:48:01 Fhenrir does not look happy about a whispered conversation he just had with Xaraphyne.

19:48:09 Bettah sniffs Blackmane.

19:48:32 Lomani steps up and places the gem carefully in place over Konro's chest. She hands Kerala a horn.

19:48:43 Xaraphyne looks on.

19:48:57 Awatu peers at the gem.

19:49:13 Kerala looks at the gem a moment, then turns it slightly. Lomani corrects her grip.

19:49:26 Kerala takes aim....

19:49:38 Shokkra peers at Kerala searchingly.

19:49:56 Bettah watches Kerala carefully...

19:50:43 Kerala brings the tip of Konro's horn down swiftly into the gem!

19:50:53 Xaraphyne holds her breath.

19:50:55 Lilliana shakes her head with a sharp no at Leyu'jin and scowls. She looks sharply at Kerala, watching her.

19:51:07 [shokkra]: What the hell did you just do...

19:51:36 Ttonka blinks

19:51:55 Awatu looks at Crimlaena.

19:52:05 Fhenrir looks at Crimlaena.

19:52:08 Bettah blinks at Crimlaena. Shoo!

19:52:13 Shokkra looks at Crimlaena.

19:52:14 There is a faint anguished howl maybe, but otherwise nothing happens other then the gem cracking into shards.

19:52:25 Kerala looks to Lomani expectantly.

19:52:34 Leyu'jin pulls out his sword and eyes the fel creature warily.

19:52:44 Then, suddenly, a red worg spirit leaps out of the shattered gem. It howls in anger, and lunges for Kerala.

19:52:57 Bettah gasp

19:53:02 Bettah gasps at Kerala.

19:53:13 Xaraphyne reaches for the bow she does not have.

19:53:33 Blackmane looks down at the exploding bracelet. and sighs..

19:53:33 Fhenrir knew it was a good idea to keep his weapon. He prepares to leap onto the beast.

19:53:48 Alfirin reaches out, and quickly weaves a spell to protect Kerala from the lunging creature.

19:53:59 Lilliana doesn't do anything.

19:54:02 Lomani had not been shackled. She immediately shields Kerala, stepping back.

19:54:06 Shokkra just watches.

19:54:14 Bettah tries to shield Kerala, but the bracers lock her magic!!

19:54:18 Darrethy comes galloping up behind the crowd "....What did you imbeciles do....?"

19:54:55 Leyu'jin interposes himself between Xara, The Grim, and the worg spirit.

19:55:08 Bettah punches the demon dog in the face! OUCH IT BURNS OW OW

19:55:14 The worg is turned back by the multiple shields cast on Kerala. It rebounds and turns to face Fhenrir.

19:55:19 [shokkra]: You fucking idiot.

19:55:23 Awatu makes no move to engage the beast, but remains battle-ready in the event it turns from its current prey.

19:55:38 Shokkra charges at Kerala, going to tackle.

19:55:55 Leyu'jin moves to his brotha's side, as the beast turns to confront his friend.

19:55:58 Fhenrir is immediately locked into a fight with the fel beast, blocking its first bite with the middle of his mace.

19:56:22 Darrethy pulls out his sword, and his Shivarra jumps out with all four swords drawn at the wolf creature.

19:56:44 The worg is thrown back. It stumbles, then lunges for Ley, ducking under Fhenrir's swing.

19:56:52 Kerala eyes Shokkra up and down.

19:57:04 [Xaraphyne]: The Light... Alfirin, the Light!

19:57:06 Lilliana throws a protective shield thing over Leyu'jin, cause that's what priests do.

19:57:18 Fhenrir swings hard and when the beast goes under his mace, it hits the ground with a huge thud and kicks up chunks of dirt.

19:57:19 Darrethy conjures of a bolt of fel flame that he attempts to blast the creature with in mid air.

19:57:37 Leyu'jin , knowing better than to get in the way, moves back, waiting for an opening.

19:57:51 Shokkra tries to tackle Kerala.

19:58:13 The worg is struck by the fel flame and is thrown to the ground. Yelping in pain, it runs into the river to quench the flames.

19:58:56 Fhenrir leaps after it and attempts to come down on it from above to crush it under his weight.

19:59:07 Kerala hauls back and punches the green off Shokkra. She has a lot of pent-up anger to utilize.

19:59:22 Shokkra glares angrily at Kerala.

19:59:29 Leyu'jin runs down to the water, ignoring the struggle between Shokkra and Kerala.

19:59:30 Blackmane stands near Cheftain Avoi in case any stray dangers heads that way.

19:59:35 The worg is crushed; the sound of its spine breaking is audible. In the end, it is nothing more than a fel-touched worg.

19:59:37 [Kerala]: Stop it.

19:59:43 Shokkra punches at Kerala's head.

19:59:48 Bettah would heal Shokkra's face buuuut... *holds up magic bracers*

20:00:03 Darrethy lowers his weapon.

20:00:14 [Alfirin]: That is enough.

20:00:36 Kerala doesn't even try to dodge. Behind Shokkra, Lomani summons tendrils of shadow to bind Shokkra's legs down.

20:00:39 Lilliana looks to Awatu quickly....then to the broken worg.

20:00:54 [Xaraphyne]: Cut its throat.

20:00:57 Kerala grins through Lomani's shield.

20:00:57 Shokkra looks down at the tendrils at grits her teeth.

20:01:05 Fhenrir looks to Leyu'jin's readily available sword.

20:01:10 [shokkra]: Leave you fucking idiot.

20:01:13 Lilliana yanks Shokkra towards her and Awatu.

20:01:17 Leyu'jin swings once.

20:01:23 The worg is ended.

20:01:32 [Alfirin]: She was only trying to do what she thought was best.

20:01:34 Shokkra punches at Lilly's face.

20:01:44 Xaraphyne looks down at Konro's body.

20:01:54 Lilliana totally gets punched in the face, "I was helping!" She hollers!

20:02:06 Fhenrir turns to the ensuing struggle behind him and snarls when Lilly is punched.

20:02:07 [Xaraphyne]: Heh, probably the kind of funeral ya woulda wanted, huh?

20:02:08 Shokkra punches at Lilly's face again.

20:02:17 Awatu narrows his eyes at the Orc. "That is a mistake."

20:02:19 Bettah chuckles at you.

20:02:30 Awatu makes a grab at the Orc's throat.

20:02:30 Leyu'jin leaps to Shokkra's side, then smacks his plate fist right into her cheekbone.

20:02:33 Alfirin pulls at Shokkra's arm.

20:02:37 Xaraphyne shakes her head. She turns and goes over to Lilly and the struggling orc.

20:02:38 Darrethy glances at Xara "That's the kind of joke -I- would make usually."

20:02:40 [Alfirin]: Stop!

20:02:54 Fhenrir is content to watch the mob jump on the orc for the moment.

20:02:56 Lomani looks to the horn in Kerala's hands, which the druid did -not- shank Shokkra with, and reaches for it.

20:03:17 Shokkra is like, trapped or something, I dunno, people are jumping on her and shit

20:03:30 [Xaraphyne]: Enough.

20:03:34 [Xaraphyne]: It's time to light the pyre.

20:03:44 [Xaraphyne]: Then get really, really drunk.

20:03:44 Lilliana wipes the blood from her nose....this is the second time in less than 24 hours....seriously. She backs off from those surrounding the orc, visciously.

20:03:52 Alakroz shoots a dart a Lilly's neck.

20:04:02 Lomani says "It's done. His spirit is here."

20:04:12 Xaraphyne looks at Lomani.

20:04:21 Crichan pops up behind Leyu'jin and stabs him in the rear.

20:04:28 You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.

20:04:39 [Alfirin]: Please... break it off. Let us finish this.

20:04:42 Darrethy tosses a flashbang in the middle of the group

20:04:51 Leyu'jin senses the rogue coming up behind him, and bladestorms.

20:05:04 Karthok pops up behind Darrethy with a smile. "Smart choice."

20:05:16 Lomani puts the horn with Konro on the pyre. She apologizes, not sure anyone will hear it.

20:05:30 Darrethy whirls around "...Let me guess, you're Karthok?"

20:05:33 Ttonka shakes his head in disagreement. "Shameful" he states under his breath

20:05:34 Kerala sighs at Aovi.

20:05:48 [Kerala]: That wasn't supposed to happen...

20:05:55 Lilliana is lucky that Alakroz isn't the best shot! And the dart sails by her neck and hits the tree.

20:05:56 Aovi smiles.

20:05:58 [Xaraphyne]: It was inevitable.

20:06:04 Karthok smiles. "You know, I wasn't supposed to kill you before the funeral. I guess this works though."

20:06:04 [Aovi]: Sometimes they need to.

20:06:17 Xaraphyne lights the pyre.

20:06:45 [Xaraphyne]: Goodbye, Konro.

20:06:51 Xaraphyne ignores the mayhem behind her.

20:06:52 Lilliana looks at Awatu.

20:06:55 Darrethy grins as his six armed Shivarra twirls four of her blades "Your next funeral is going to be closed casket."

20:06:58 Aovi kneels down.

20:07:00 Lilliana looks at Alfirin.

20:07:08 Bettah kneels down.

20:07:20 Ttonka kneels down.

20:07:22 Alfirin glances to the fire, sighing quietly and shaking her head.

20:07:23 Bettah kneels down.

20:07:32 Karthok smiles. "Though maybe now isn't the best time." He fades back into the shadows.

20:07:40 Lilliana doesn't heal her punched face, but she does wipe the blood away. She's a troll and will recover fast enough. She looks towards Karthok.

20:07:51 Darrethy just shakes his head, and walks off from the group.

20:08:00 Leyu'jin narrows his eyes at Crichan, keeping his weapon at the ready. He also waits to see if *another* 37th Infantry nut wants to bring it.

20:08:39 Bettah hopes the spirit of this bull finds peace... or at least his friends do somehow...

20:08:50 Xaraphyne wouldn't count on it.

20:09:05 You look at Kerala.

20:09:10 Crichan looks over at Shokkra and grins before fading into the shadows.

20:09:23 Lilliana glares angrily at Shokkra.

20:09:26 [Xaraphyne]: Thanks, Kerala, for tryin'.

20:09:31 Shokkra spits on Lilliana.

20:09:34 Fhenrir is in full combat mode, ready to take down anyone who comes after him, Leyu'jin, Lilly, or Xara.

20:09:38 Lilliana mutters something really rude, "fucking bitch".

20:10:10 Over with the other tauren, Lomani bows her head and begins a traditional prayer.

20:10:21 Lomani prays “Earth Mother, into Your arms we give one of our own.”

20:10:26 Shokkra kneels down by Konro's pyre with the rest of the 37th, all four of 'em. and watch the fires burn.

20:10:27 Aovi joins Lomani

20:10:33 “He is Konro Stormreaver, my Brother, and once a soldier of the Horde. His loyalty was strong and unwavering.”

20:10:40 Xaraphyne looks down at Konro on the pyre, which is slowly giving into the fire, one more time. Then she walks awya.

20:10:41 Lilliana looks completely baffled with the funeral goes on as 'normal'.

20:10:46 “May his spirit fly to You swiftly; may the winds carry him gently, and the grasses whisper his name.”

20:10:48 [Darrethy]: "...You know, Cairne was burned that way."

20:10:54 Fhenrir agrees with Lilliana.

20:11:00 Kerala “Watch over him,” Lomani says “for he was lost and lonely. Let him find his mate and look down on us with joy through the eternal gaze of An'she and Mu'sha, until we too join him in death.”

20:11:02 [Alfirin]: Hm?

20:11:14 “For we are all born of You, and to You we all return.” the seer finishes.

20:11:16 Alfirin sighs quietly.

20:11:20 Darrethy just shakes his head "...It's nothing."

20:11:28 Aovi smiles at Kerala.

20:11:34 Bettah nods at Kerala.

20:11:34 [Alfirin]: No, it's all right... You have a right to feel that way.

20:11:35 Lilliana looks at Leyu'jin, and whispers to him, although it's meant for Awatu and Fhenrir too....and Darrrethy and maybe even Alifirin, "Freaking nuts.

20:11:53 Bettah stares silently into the pyre.

20:12:01 [Alfirin]: You know better... Though I also know you're blind to any good that may have come out of this.

20:12:07 [Alfirin]: If any...

20:12:17 The 37th infantry start humming an old army song.

20:12:24 [Darrethy]: "Yeah, I guess i'm blind to a lot of things."

20:12:30 [Aovi]: We have done right by this bull's spirit. We have discharged our duties in this world to one of our own.

20:12:32 Darrethy whirls around and stomps off.

20:12:45 Ttonka nods at Aovi.

20:12:49 [Aovi]: We will leave his friends to heal.

20:12:49 Alfirin sighs once again and shakes her head lightly, turning back to the funeral.

20:12:53 Leyu'jin nods at Lilliana.

20:13:00 [Kerala]: He had... a death song. I would sing it for him.

20:13:05 [bettah]: That is wise.

20:13:10 [Lilliana]: Oh yeah, *she states rudely* we've done right by him. Shown some real respect here. *she adds beofre they sing*

20:13:17 Bettah looks around.

20:13:18 Aovi bows before Kerala.

20:13:41 Kerala looks to Konro.

20:13:47 [Kerala]: I'm one with the warrior inside. My loyalty can’t be denied,

20:13:54 [Xaraphyne]: I'm goin' to the nearest tavern ta get drunk. Anyone who wants ta join me can.

20:13:54 Aovi looks at Lilliana.

20:13:56 [Kerala]: But now it's time for me to Leave the battlefield tonight.

20:14:07 [Kerala]: As I look upon you through The spirit’s eyes now,

20:14:19 Lilliana looks over to dear Xaraphyne. She nods....she'll be there sometime this evening.

20:14:20 [Kerala]: You'll see the strength in me that Ensured victory, one last time

20:14:22 Leyu'jin makes a rude gesture at Shokkra.

20:14:22 Fhenrir is happy to take the reason to leave this mess behind.

20:14:33 Bettah kicks open the weapon chest.

20:14:33 [Leyu'jin]: Dat sounds like a purty gud deal, sistah.

20:14:39 You smile at Leyu'jin.

20:14:47 Xaraphyne listens to Kerala's song as she mounts up.

20:14:51 Lomani smiles at Kerala.

20:15:03 Fhenrir mimics Leyu'jin in throwing a silent gesture of disrespect at the orc before he steps away to jump onto his mount.

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