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Not real art, but I lost a Fallout 4 game with 200 hours played. Instead of actually playing the game right away again, I played around with the character creator. 

It takes a long time but it's so fun. It was just a joke thing at first but then I kinda kept doing it.  I only did elf characters for now, because they're the easiest on a human character generator, short of actually being human. They're not perfect of course and they're just my interpretation of the character, and with the exception of two of them there's no real input while making them. Just for fun!

First, of course:



I wish I had a better hair option for this one:



This one too:



This jerk:



A lovely Lady:



Where is she? I dunno:



As close to a real smile as she can get, most people would believe:



Judging you and everyone:


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