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Eclipse: The Truth of Sacrifice

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Kerala wades away from the others, leaving them to their own company.

Kerala is standing in the water looking out, her simple blue dress soaked.

[Konro]: You probably shouldn't get the sling wet.

Kerala spins around, not very fast in the water.

Kerala 's jaw drops open.

[Kerala]: Konro?

[Konro]: Or you could take the robe off, probably not good to get that wet either.

Konro smiles at Kerala.

[Kerala]: But... they told me you were dead!

[Konro]: I am, but half my soul is missing so I can't really go anywhere yet.

Kerala obviously doesn't understand... still having trouble with the whole ghost thing.

[Konro]: You need to go back to your sister, you need to be with Brey too.

[Kerala]: My sister...?

[Konro]: ...I just said that didn't I.

[Kerala]: And Breygrah left.

[Kerala]: Breygrah.... killed you... and then she left.

[Konro]: It doesn't matter that she killed me or that she left, she needs her friends right now.

Kerala frowns.

[Kerala]: Well she's got them, doesn't she.

[Konro]: She doesn't think so, that's why she needs you.

[Konro]: She doesn't think anyone cares about her.

Kerala looks about to speak, and then obviously changes what she was going to say.

[Kerala]: Maybe she should not have been so quick to kill the one who cared the most, then.

[Konro]: Like I said, she doesn't think anyone cares about her.

[Konro]: Especially me.

Kerala 's eyes flash anger. "Well she can join the club then. I'm done trying. I've had enough."

[Konro]: Damnit Kerala.

Kerala frowns.



[Kerala]: What are you doing? [as he floats into the water with her]

[Konro]: You can't be closed off and mean, you can't disappear again, not now.

[Kerala]: I can't disappear? It's not ME who disappeared lately, if you recall. I promised to stay near the garrison, and after I did, not ONE person decided to stay.

[Kerala]: She never even came back at all. What was even the point?

[Konro]: The Horns may not have mattered but you do.

[Konro]: You can help these idiots get through their shit.

[Kerala]: I saved one person, who was there, and in return I lost two. And the one still alive blames me.

[Kerala]: They don't need my help. I almost spread the stupid curse beyond the ability to contain it.

[Kerala]: I haven't helped, I nearly made it worse.

[Kerala]: I'm not in the Horns anymore.

Kerala does not have the guild tag <Horns of the Shuhalo> :P ]]

[Konro]: So what if someone died? So what if you spread the curse all over fucking Ashran, that's in the past. Brey NEEDS you, if even she doesn't think so, So does your sister, you can even help not destroy the world by killing Vionora.

[Kerala]: You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped, Konro. Just look at you.

[Konro]: That's bullshit. Strap her into a fucking chair and help her through this shit.

[Kerala]: Go tell Lomani. Why should I care?

[Kerala]: It hurts.

[Konro]: What hurts?

Kerala just gestures rather vaguely in Konro's direction perhaps.

[Kerala]: I don't want it.

[Konro]: It doesn't matter what you want, you have to do what people need.

[Konro]: And what they need right now is you.

Kerala grits her teeth together, her good arm folding against her chest.

[Kerala]: I did try to do what people needed, once.

[Kerala]: It didn't work then, and it didn't work now. And... I nearly died both times.

[Konro]: Godamnit Kerala. I’m saying you should do what other people need and I’m ME.

[Kerala]: And I think you're dead like everyone else. Just because you're the first ghost I've ever seen doesn't mean anything. Lomani will find a way to... do whatever. Give you peace or something.

[Konro]: Damnit Kerala.

[Konro]: You're as stupid as Brey.

[Kerala]: No, Breygrah went off alone when she couldn't handle it. I've been alone my whole life, and I'll be fine.

[Kerala]: Now go away. ... You hurt me.

Konro hangs his head dejectedly.

Kerala is not referring to injured already present.

Konro looks at Kerala.

[Konro]: Gah.

Konro focuses and hugs Kerala.

Kerala freezes. She stands very still.

Konro squeezes her more.

Kerala breath hitches, like if a person was going to cry, but her eyes are dry.

[Konro]: I will make you feel damnit.

Kerala whispers. "Why are you doing that?"

Konro pats Kerala's back and rests his head on top of hers.

[Konro]: It's okay, just let it out.

Kerala sighs, and returns Konro's hug finally, burying her face against his ghost tabard.

[Konro]: Come on, let it out, you're safe here.

Kerala mumbles.

Konro keeps hugging Kerala and moves his head closer to her ear so he can hear better.

[Konro]: Didn't quite catch that.

[Kerala]: I said 'I'm not going to cry.' if that's what you want.

[Kerala]: I only needed a little more time, you know.

[Konro]: For what, little chieftain?

[Kerala]: To save you. Don't call me that.

[Konro]: I couldn't stand it any more Kerala, and I couldn't let myself live knowing I killed Brey.

Kerala nods, still in her one-armed hug. Her grip is kind of strong in a needy sort of way.

[Kerala]: I just didn't want either one of you... you know.

[Konro]: Neither did I, little chieftain.

[Konro]: Kerala, I need you to promise me you'll keep her safe.

Konro continues to hug Kerala, kind of father or brotherly.

[Kerala]: I can't do that. That's not something I have complete control over. I don't make stupid promises I can't keep.

[Konro]: You either make this promise or I’ll get you to cry.

Kerala frowns and looks up at Konro.

[Kerala]: Do not threaten me. There is not a single thing you can do to me that hasn't already been done.

Konro sighs at Kerala.

[Konro]: Promise. Or. Crying.

[Kerala]: It's a stupid promise, and I won't. You know the things I've done, and I'm not saying I'm a good person, but I have never broken my word.

Konro brushes Kerala's back and keeps hugging her tightly. "I found out what happened to your tribe. I also know where your sister is."

Kerala shoves against Konro's chest to be able to look at him.

Konro looks down at Kerala, still half-hugging her.

[Kerala]: What do you know? Tell me.

[Konro]: Promise first.

Kerala gazes at Konro for a moment, thinking.

[Kerala]: I promise I will -try- to keep Breygrah safe.

Konro smiles at Kerala.

Kerala looks at Konro expectantly.

[Konro]: Karthok looked into it for me. Your tribe ran from the centaur that day. Many died, but there were many survivors as well. That's where the trail went cold until he pulled up some old zeppelin tickets to Northrend.

[Konro]: One for Agiga, a small, young tauren woman and a one Aziris, an undead priest.

[Konro]: After that they were seen in Dragonblight making snow angels and healing soldiers.

Kerala stares, stunned. Her grip is tight with the one hand on Konro-ghost's tabard.

[Kerala]: Agiga...

[Kerala]: It worked?

[Konro]: It get's a little fuzzy after that but as far as I can tell there was an attack and Agiga nearly died. Soon after that some braves from a tauren tribe found a young tauren woman in the wastes, extremely wounded. She couldn't remember anything.

Kerala 's eyes widen, and this time her knees do buckle.

[Konro]: There is one more thing...

Konro grabs Kerala and holds her tight.

[Konro]: She started calling herself Lomani.

Kerala had come to that same conclusion with what Konro had said about not remembering.

[Kerala]: I just left her...

Konro holds Kerala and brushes her mane.

[Kerala]: I just walked out

Konro just lets her get it all out.

[Kerala]: Are you sure? Absolutely certain?

[Konro]: Karthok spent months making sure.

[Kerala]: I have to go back! She's... she's so delicate, she's broken.

Konro smiles at Kerala.

Konro lets her go.

[Konro]: Go on then.

Kerala punches Konro's chest, but doesn't mean it.

[Kerala]: You're still an ass.

[Konro]: I know.

Kerala looks down at her injured arm.

[Kerala]: Guess I can't do anything like this, can I?

[Konro]: Just heal it for Earthmother's sake.

[Kerala]: Hey, stuff it. I never had healing gifts when anyone else died. That scar I was keeping for you.

Kerala removes the sling though, after a moment, and rolls her newly healed shoulder carefully.

[Kerala]: I.... I have to go...

[Kerala]: Thank you

Konro nods at you.

[Kerala]: And...

[Kerala]: for the hug too.

[Konro]: No problem.

Kerala runs off.

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Kerala found the little grey seer in her work tent, stitching some soft silken fabric in the last rays of sunshine coming through the open flap. Her fur was dark compared to the light green and silvery sheen of the shapeless project puddling at her hooves. Her hair was braided, but hung free of the loops that normally took up the length.

So light.

Her twin's mane used to be the color of dark stormclouds, not morning mists. She'd always said she wanted to grow it long. Watching the grown version of the child she once knew, Kerala tried to find the flaw- the clue to disprove it. But Konro was right. Lomani was petite, like her. The horn, the one remaining, was the right shape. Green eyes.

Kerala's shadow caused Lomani to look up, and those emerald eyes went wide. The druid watched the play of emotions- happiness, concern, confusion. But not the recognition of one soul for another. Her face was perhaps what Kerala's would look like in a mirror, were she not scarred and so skinny. If she was surprised to see the druid, her plain blue dress stained dark and dripping with water, wearing nearly new dry leather gloves, she didn't say anything. Kerala held out her hand.

Lomani took it uncertainly and let herself be pulled up to stand, her sewing falling to the floor. She gasped when Kerala suddenly hugged her tight. The seer, despite not having any idea of what was happening, hugged Kerala back immediately. She'd never seen the chieftain let anyone touch her before.

“I'm sorry.” Kerala said.

Lomani squirmed, and the druid squeezed her tighter, but then released her. Her own clothes were now stained darker with moisture. “You hurt me.” The words made Kerala flinch, but then oddly brought a small smile to her face. “Don't ever do it again.”

“I won't.”

Lomani's gaze narrowed. There was something different, and she wasn't sure what it was. She thought it was good, though.

“Your cloak is upstairs in the tavern, with your armor. I fixed the holes.” Kerala nodded, holding up a glove. She'd had to grab them to avoid cursing Lomani. “Alright. Well, we also got Konro's horn. When he... died, he didn't go to rest. His spirit is still here. We're going ahead just like we planned before, only the goal is little different now.”

Kerala nods, her expression kind of... happy. “Perfect. I'll only make one slight change from what we decided before. Anura can stay with the other two and they'll help her do... whatever she needs to do. You are staying with me, and we are going to find Breygrah. She needs our help.”

The druid's tone was certain, like a chieftain again. Lomani nodded. “Alright, let's go tell the others.” She was surprised when Kerala grabbed her hand again, grinning, and began pulling her toward the tavern.

Kerala didn't care if the seer was suspicious of her behavior. She was happy, and it didn't matter. Her sister was alive. Her sister was HERE. Memories would return later, and then they could be together like before. For now, though, it was enough just to be near her.

Konro had been right. She had not sacrificed ten years of her life for nothing.

Agiga had lived.

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