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Eclipse: Stolen Time

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The Bronze Dragonshrine, Northrend

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Anywhere.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Alright.

Taozhu kneels down.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: My word...what's this now?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What is it?

Taozhu-TwistingNether is staring at the flux of nercomantic energy.

Naheàl-TwistingNether | Underneath the sand is what looks to be a coffin of some kind with a runeblade - two-handed sword, placed over it.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: There is an item here....its giving off a powerful necrotic pulse...could you describe it to me?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt kneels down.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: It is, a box.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: There is a blade on it, a large one.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: strange.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: There is script on the side. Some sort of elf script.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: AH, let's just take care of that.

Taozhu-TwistingNether waves his hand over the coffin, th writing illuminating into the air before him.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Indeed...tis Thalassian script.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Oh. I cannot tell them apart.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt removes a glove and rubs her eyes.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Here lies a Knight of the Ebon Blade...a hero of...the SUnset? thats va''narel....Oh!

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Eclipse.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Taozhu.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Hero of the Eclipse....hrmmm...

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Is this what you were looking for?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: No...but.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Why would a Knight be buried here?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: This is the sanctuary of the Bronze...

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I do not understand enough of them to even guess.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I hate to suggest it....

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: but...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: if he WAS connected to the Bronze...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: he might...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: um.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: have sand buried him.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: *ahem* with him rather

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: ... Alright.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Forgive us brave Knight, we will take care to not disturb your remains too much.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Please forgive us, our need is dire.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt places a hand on Taozhu's shoulder.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Thank you...please remove the lid if you would be so kind.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt brushes away as much of the sand as she can before grasping the sides of the lid.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Are you sure you do not want to have some distance?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: It is alright.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt nods, and first lifts the side facing away from them.

Naheàl-TwistingNether | A small amount of what seems to be arcane energy leaks out from it.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Hrmm...peculiar.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What do you see?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: It is safe?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I do not yet know. We should be cautious.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: There was a smal flux of nergy from within the coffin...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: arcane magic...small...but very powerful.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt pulls up the other side of the lid and pushes it into the sand beside her.

Naheàl-TwistingNether | Inside the coffin is, as expected, a death knight. Elven. Giving off amounts of arcane energy.

Naheàl-TwistingNether | As light comes over his face, it begins to look familiar.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What is this. What is going on?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Time-dilation arcanomancy...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Tis true...he ws assorted with the Bronze.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Breygrah...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: what...what does he look like?

Taozhu-TwistingNether sounds frightened.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt grabs his shoulder again, and rubs her eyes a second time with her bare hand. "I do not know if this is real or not."

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Its Naheal...isnt it?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt blinks several times, and huddles closer to Tao. "I do not understand this."

Breygrah-Ravenholdt plants herself down in the sand next to the mage.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: The auras...they are akin to Naheals...but something...

Breygrah-Ravenholdt just mutters quietly to herself.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: something is off about it...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: The curious thing is...the sword.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What about it?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: It, too, bears Naheal's aura.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Wait...wait...!

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Taozhu.

Taozhu-TwistingNether takes out his tome and hurriedly flips through the pages.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: ....Here.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks to the page with a frown.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: A technique in which one takes a body from a differing timeline altogether...and using...a...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: My word...a demonic ritual involving the transfering of two souls to reverse effects upon one's bod...

Breygrah-Ravenholdt raises a hand to rub her head.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I do not understand, Tao.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: It means...that this body....

Taozhu-TwistingNether gulps.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: IS Naheal...merely from a differing timeline...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: one that...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Naheal used to swap souls change something about himself.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: That is why this looks Naheal...but is like putting a show on the wrong foot...the aura doesn't...quite match him...

Breygrah-Ravenholdt turns her head, and looks back at the hill behind Taozhu. "So what does this mean?"

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Nothing yet...but...this could prove quite the find with suitable research on the matter...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Hrmm...something must've happened....something he NEEDED to change...

Breygrah-Ravenholdt keeps her blank stare. She pats his shoulder, but says nothing.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Hrmm...what is strangest is the necrotic energy he is producing...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: and a Knight of the EBon Blade? Something is very much wrong here...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Being death knight is not something one can merely stop being...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Naheal....what have you done to yourself...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Is this your way out?!

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: There is so muc upon this body...I can see...fissures..of fel energies...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Breygrah.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt finally lifts her gaze to the mage.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Naheal...he is....not what he seems to be.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: It appears so.

Taozhu-TwistingNether suddenly observes a small glow from within the coffin he had missed.

Taozhu-TwistingNether moves the Knight Naheal's arm and grabs a small tome from underneath.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: What's this now?

Naheàl-TwistingNether | The tome reads "A message to myself and those who care for me."

Breygrah-Ravenholdt wrings her hands together as she watches him remove the book.

Taozhu-TwistingNether flips through the pages far too fast to read even if he could read, scrying the ink from their pages.

Taozhu-TwistingNether 's face pale as he looks at the runes, eyes bouncing betwen the runes and the body before him.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What is in there?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: This...this is...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: This.

Taozhu-TwistingNether points to the body of Naheal.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt keeps her gaze on Taozhu.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Is Naheal's body....his REAL body.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: One born within this timeline.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Real body.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: It is why his soul is similar, yet mismaches at the same time.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: How could that even work?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: A mixtureof interfering with the timelines and an infernal ritual involving the transferring of two souls.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Naheal took his current body away from its realm, and put his own soul into it...and put the other's...into his.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: At least that version was near death it seemed....

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I do not know what to think of this.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: But the worst of it is, a soul cannot maintain an extended stay within a foreign body.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: It will slowly begin to erode and decay over time...until...

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks down at the sand that's been blown over her feet.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: If it doesn't return to its original host..the soul will...wither away.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What do we do?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt just lets her head hang in her exhausted state.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: We have a few options...

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: This is too much...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: but...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I believe we must talk with Naheal before all else.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Of course.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks up to Taozhu again.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I know this must be hard for you, Breygrah....but...we can return Naheal to his body....

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: But..what...if he does not wish it?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: We cannot force him to do something he does not wish.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt speaks quietly. "This is hard, but it is not about me."

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: He is obsessed with Accallia....I believe he thinks himself dispoable in this affair.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: On the contrary, I believe you are the only one who can truly help him now.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: He is not disposable.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Of course not.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I will do what I can, but I do not know what that will be.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt covers her face with her hands.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: will be alright...

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Everything, it is too much.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: There is not time to stop, now.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt stumbles a bit in the sand before she's finally able to stand.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Breygrah.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: There will be time to rest when this is over.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What do we do next?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: You must talk to Naheal...I will stay and keep searching for sand.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Yes. Of course.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: You must talk to Naheal...I will work on deciphering this book of his...and work on the ritual to call forth a past Vionora.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Alright. I will do that.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: We are nearing the end of this accursed path...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I can feel it.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt stares into the coffina gain.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt reaches down to grabe the blade.

Taozhu-TwistingNether looks towards the coffin.

Taozhu-TwistingNether inscribes several small runes within the sand, fading it from sight.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: In case I need persuasion, perhaps.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks over the sword.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Should I cover it? Again?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Yes, best to keep the sand from disturbing it.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt kneels down.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt digs sand away from the side of the coffin before securing the lid over it again carefully.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Let us be off then.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt pushes sand over the box. "At least it will be no trouble to find..."

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I have marked it...shall be easy to find.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt nods.

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A garrison under construction, Frostfire Ridge. Naheal and Xaraphyne are bullshitting after stopping by the Bronze Dragonshrine

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: By the way, Xara, if you ever try to pair me up with a dwarf again, you'd best get me to where I'm seeing at least three of you.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: which you shouldn't be doing anyway, considering my situation. Hey, Tao!

Xaraphyne laughs.

You greet Taozhu warmly.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Greetings.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether looks up at Tao, then Brey.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Heya.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We got some of the sand! ...hic!

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Yep! Right here!

Taozhu-TwistingNether is barely standing it seems, as he leans on his staff and clambers to a seat.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether pats her hip where the satchel is.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: They gave us a lot. ...hic!

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Marvelous.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Shaid we had to return the leftover though.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt watches Taozhu sit first, before moving herself.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Hey, Brey.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Xaraphyne.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Can I talk to you for a shec?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt nods at Xaraphyne.

You look at Taozhu.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Wash the weirdest thing.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: I'm shorry for what I said, Brey. I wash hurt, and I wasn't thinking about how anyone else was hurting.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: How so?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks Xara over.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether appears to be back to normal.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Well, we met this elf

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: It is fine.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether steps forward and puts her hand on Brey's shoulder, looking into Brey's eyes.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: You did what you had to do. I understand.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Went ta meet the Shcale of the Shands, right? This elf walks up in black armor with a hood over his head.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Y'know the kind Covers the face and all that.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: No one else does.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Yeah... can't help that.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether smiles wryly and lowers her hand.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Much like the Ebon Blade Knights have?

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Yeah, that's the kind

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Yeah, that's the kind

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Think he had a runeblade, too. Big twohander.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I suppose.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I see.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: How are you?

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: I'll be okay.

Xaraphyne looks at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Will you?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Or not, rather.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt doesn't answer, she just watches the troll.

Taozhu-TwistingNether chuckles dryly.

You snicker at Taozhu.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: All I know is that, when he talked, he had this warped sound to his voice. Said 'A moment if you please' to Xara, then knocked my ass out.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether looks back at Breygrah. She nods a little.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: If you need anything, ask me.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Really quite rude.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I will remember that.

Xaraphyne smiles at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: But... I do not know.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Yes, I can only imagine him as quite the hooligan.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: He gave us all that shand, too.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Yeah. You might not know yet. But that doesn't mean you won't be okay.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: It doesn't feel as if...

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether nods again.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: It might be awhile.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt finally nods, slightly.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: So... you find any more?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Unfortunately not.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Listen to the people who care about you. That'sh the best thing you can do.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt shrugs at Xaraphyne. Who knows?

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You look like you could use a drink.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: I prefer my mind to be sharp right now however...

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Heh, worry about your friends, and your friends will worry about you.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I'm just glad you are alright.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: because...we found...something at the Shrine.

Xaraphyne nods at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

You raise your eyebrow inquisitively at Taozhu.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: I can take care of myself.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Oh? What'sh up?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: The shaman said Kerala was fine, as well.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Well, not fine.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: But...

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Yeah, she refused healing, though...

Taozhu-TwistingNether places Naheal's book upon the table as he thinks to speak.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt frowns.

Naheàl-TwistingNether looks to the book, then Taozhu. "Doesn't look that old. You keeping a journal now, my friend?"

Darethy-Ravenholdt looks around, nodding at those present.

Xaraphyne looks at Darethy-Ravenholdt.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: She would.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: No...this is what we found at the Shrine.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Along with...a body.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Heya, Darrethy.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: And be cross with me had I done the same. But I suppose is her way.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...okay.

Xaraphyne gently pats Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks into Darrethy's direction.

Taozhu-TwistingNether bites his lip as he thinks of what to say.

Naheàl-TwistingNether cocks his head at Taozhu.

[Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "Xara, wasn't interrupting something was I? I just saw you upstairs."

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Nah, we were done.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt shakes her head quickly.

Xaraphyne smiles at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

Naheàl-TwistingNether takes a bite from a [Fuzzy Pear].

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Perhaps...this will be better for you then whatever I can say.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Let's rejoin the others. I have some sand ta hand over!

Taozhu-TwistingNether hands the book to Naheal.

Darethy-Ravenholdt nods at Xara and Brey

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Its....yours.

Naheàl-TwistingNether takes it and starts flipping through it.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...what

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether hands Taozhu a small bag filled with shimmering, bronze sand.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt watches Naheal as he flips through the book.

Taozhu nods at Xaraphyne.

[Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "...Did I miss something?"

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Hmm? What's his?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Thank you.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Yeah, that's my handwriting, but...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Naheal.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: The body we found with it...was a death knight.

You look at Taozhu.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: an elven one...with a large two-handed sword.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Breygrah...if you would.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether blinks.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Like, with runes on it?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Indeed.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks down to the floor, she's hesitant to reach up. Her arms hang heavily.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Where'd you find this body? And when?

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: The shrine.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Yesterday...within the sands of the shrine.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: ...Well, I guess that doesn't mean much when dealin' with *them*...

Breygrah-Ravenholdt takes a breath, then removes the sword from between her back and her shield.

You look at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: The one who gave me that sand was you, Naheal.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt doesn't look at anyone, she only looks at the sword.

You blink at Xaraphyne.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: You as a death knight. Some alternate reality shenanigans I assume.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: No...Naheal.

You look at Taozhu.

Xaraphyne looks at Taozhu.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: That death knight is you...the one born within our original timeline.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Taozhu.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether 's eyes narrow at the pandaren.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: But this Naheal has all the memories!

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Exactly...because he has the soul of the one from this timeline.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Uhh... what?

Xaraphyne looks at you.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Memories are stored on the soul

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: They were brought forward through a ritual of Ninorra's.

Xaraphyne looks at you.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt sits down on the floor, and places the blade down next to her.

Naheàl-TwistingNether reads through what looks to be a Thalassian and Aldor cypher. "This is one of my codes."

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It... adds up.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: I don't get it... why are there two of you?

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Xara, remember how... what was it, four years ago? I was adamant that something was coming?

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: How are you the same person from this timeline, but not?

Xaraphyne looks at you.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Uh, no, not really.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I didn't know what, but...

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: His soul is of this timeline...but the body he curently has is not.

Xaraphyne blinks at Taozhu.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The cypher is a message to myself.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: And.. what does it say?

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: "Accalia must be defeated, yes, but you cannot sacrifice everything to defeat her. Sacrifice only what you must."

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: ...Okay.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at you.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether palms her face.

Naheàl-TwistingNether continues reading. " eternity is a very long time, yes, but what I've done is a temporary thing only."

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Well, explain it to me later. I was about ta leave anyway, Fhen and I have plans.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: "When Accalia is defeated or, if the danger to your soul is too great, return to your body at once. We need soldiers, not corpses."

You nod at Xaraphyne.

Xaraphyne-TwistingNether looks at Taozhu, then Darrethy, then Breygrah.

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: Don't let him do anythin' stupid, all right?

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Indeed. Now with the sand...I can begin weaving the spell to entrap a past Vionora...

Naheàl-TwistingNether buries his face in his hands. "Today was such a good day, too."

[Xaraphyne-TwistingNether]: I'll be back later.

You nod at Xaraphyne.

[Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "Just be careful with all this timeline stuff, Dreanor is an alternate reality created through a very special form of stabalization. Too much misuse know...make the universe fold like a house of cards."

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You're looking at misuse when you see my body, Darethy.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: WHich is precisely why we will be using this sand...and will be conducting this affair back upon Azeroth.

[Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "Not much to do about that besides...not make it worse."

Darethy-Ravenholdt nods at Taozhu.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The journal talks about a way to reverse it.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Indeed, to place the soul back within its original vessel.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: If we don't then, well, my soul's going to decay. I gave myself six years... and showed up about five years ago.

[Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "I see...."

You look at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt is looking down at the sword at her side.

Naheàl-TwistingNether sets the journal down on the bar.

Naheàl-TwistingNether rests a hand on her shoulder. "May we have a word?"

Breygrah-Ravenholdt nods.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: What is going on?

Naheàl-TwistingNether takes several deep breaths. "I could use... some advice."

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Of course.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Your hair...

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I have no desire to die, but I don't want to get back to being a Death Knight, either...

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...I cut it, yes.

A sly smirk spreads across Breygrah-Ravenholdt's face.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Alright. What are the options.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I see three.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Well, one isn't really an option, so we won't even consider that, so two.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt peers at you searchingly.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: One, we leave my soul in this body. My soul will eventually decay, I'll get sick and die.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I'll have a year, two at most, to live.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: That is not good enough.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: And two, we replace my soul in it's original body, but that comes with the idea that I'll be... essentially undead.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I will live for eternity.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: But it's... cold. So very cold.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I see.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The third option, which isn't an option, is to just kill me here and be done with it. So, not an option.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: No.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Not an option.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Exactly.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...before I had something to live for, I would've leaned toward option one.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Now?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt blinks at you.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: ...would you accept me as a death knight?

You look at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I would accept you as whatever you are.

You smile at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Then that's the decision to make.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Are you sure that...

You hug Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: Would it be worth the few sun cycles, by comparison?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt hugs you.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The journal talks about the dead being outside of the cycle. Like I was talking as if I didn't belong to the world.

You look at Breygrah-Ravenholdt.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt blinks at you.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We have to embrace what we are.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: This body is a lie.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I suppose we do.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Well, I guess I should get used to the weight of that runeblade again...

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Hey

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We'll be fighting side by side now

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Rather than you having me shoot over your shoulder

Breygrah-Ravenholdt smiles a little.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: It was fun of you to do that, at least.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You... don't seem happy with this decision.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: It is not that.

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: I am exhausted. I am sorry.

Naheàl-TwistingNether shakes his head. "No, it's alright."

[breygrah-Ravenholdt]: If you are sure of your decision.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I'm sure that I shoul never have taken this body in the first place.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It's just as wrong as the worg taking Konro's.

Breygrah-Ravenholdt peers at you searchingly.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We'll need tao's help.

Naheàl-TwistingNether kneels down and picks up his runeblade, which immediately gains a thin coating of frost.

Naheàl-TwistingNether takes a deep breath.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Taozhu.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I've come to a decision.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Yes?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at Taozhu.

Naheàl-TwistingNether looks at the runeblade in his hand, then to Taozhu. "I should never have taken this path. Screwing with timelines like I did is wrong."

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Displacing the soul of another, even if it was on it's way out, was something I should never have done.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The cypher said that, in case my memories got scrambled, I had a tome on Chronomancy that coulld reverse it. Is that true?

Breygrah-Ravenholdt looks at you.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Yes, I believe so.

[Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Then I would like your assistance in reversing this... thing that I've done.

[Taozhu-TwistingNether]: Of course.

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