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Eclipse: Death of a Warrior

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Logging started on 03/19/2015 at 18:36:31.

(Nokokomah arrives to where the group has gathered in Icecrown.)

18:43:10 Alfirin returned Lilliana's stare, but somewhat calmly now.

18:43:27 Syreena smiles a bit sadly at Konro, then grins and nods to him. "Peace."

18:43:37 Lilliana continues to look at Alfirin. Obviously the two priests are talking in priestly head language.

18:43:58 [Nokokomah]: Xaraphyne and Kerala live.

18:44:03 Breygrah blinks at you.

18:44:05 Syreena looks at you.

18:44:05 [breygrah]: They do?

18:44:07 Alfirin blinks at you.

18:44:08 [breygrah]: Where are they?

18:44:08 Konro spits on the ground.

18:44:10 You nod at Breygrah.

18:44:13 Alfirin sighs in relief.

18:44:14 [Nokokomah]: They are safe.

18:44:16 [breygrah]: Are they alright.

18:44:24 [Alfirin]: Thank the Light...

18:44:25 [breygrah]: What did he do to them.

18:44:28 [Nokokomah]: They will recover.

18:44:33 You look at Breygrah.

18:44:38 [breygrah]: Tell me.

18:44:57 [breygrah]: Please.

18:45:08 Lilliana sharply looks away from Alfirin and rushes over to the newcomer.

18:45:14 Konro takes a seat and pulls out some small plates with steak and such on them.

18:45:17 [Nokokomah]: Both were mortally injured. Reinforcements arrived in time to save them.

18:45:26 Breygrah stares you down.

18:45:31 You look at Lilliana.

18:45:40 [Nokokomah]: You must be Xara's aunt.

18:46:01 Lilliana looks Nokokomah over. "I am. Yeah." Lilliana kind of looks like Xaraphyne.

18:46:06 Syreena offers Konro some [silvermoon Steak].

18:46:07 Khorvis grumbles and gives Syreena a commiseratory look.

18:46:25 Breygrah unbuckles her belt and throws it away.

18:46:34 Syreena turns to Khorvis and speaks quietly.

18:46:41 [breygrah]: What did he do.

18:46:43 Lilliana is hiding her worried look....not very well. "I didn't think that was serious......where is Xaraphyne?"

18:46:54 [breygrah]: How were they injured.

18:47:00 Nokokomah shifts her red gaze to Konro. "He is consumed by the worg spirit. Xaraphyne asked all to stay their hands."

18:47:37 Lilliana shoots a harsh look at Breygrah while Nokokomah spoke.

18:48:03 Syreena inclines her head to Khorvis.

18:48:19 Khorvis cannot help but grin darkly at Syreena.

18:48:39 Khorvis grunts. Some habits die hard.

18:48:45 Nokokomah looks back at Breygrah. "Among the injuries, he gored Xaraphyne with his horns."

18:48:51 [breygrah]: I do not care. He will be stopped before someone else gets hurt.

18:49:01 Lilliana looks at Konro.

18:49:05 [breygrah]: Whether or not he is in control does not matter.

18:49:23 [breygrah]: He will not kill anyone else.

18:49:29 [syreena]: Except you.

18:49:32 You look at Breygrah.

18:49:33 Syreena smiles sweetly at Brey.

18:49:33 [Darrethy]: "It's like cutting down the mindless ones in Deathknell. He's lost, so finish him."

18:49:34 You nod at Breygrah.

18:49:38 [breygrah]: He can try.

18:49:41 [Darrethy]: "If anything, it's a mercy."

18:49:45 [Naheal]: I'm sorry, he did *what* to Xaraphyne?

18:49:46 [breygrah]: You can try next, if you like, sweetheart.

18:49:55 Lilliana had heard that Xaraphyne was still alive....and that was enough for her...but she's not pleased, not pleased at all. She takes a step back towards the other three Grims.

18:50:00 Nokokomah looks at Konro, with his iron horns.

18:50:22 Lilliana glances at Naheal and his arrival.

18:50:24 Konro grins at you wickedly.

18:50:36 Breygrah kicks at the plate on her hooves until they become unclasped, and kicks them off to the side.

18:50:59 Khorvis frowns at Konro. This news of Xaraphyne is dire to him.

18:51:28 Konro sits there, happy.

18:51:43 [Khorvis]: Inquisitor Lilliana. This tauren is your charge. Whatever does happen this night to the Shu'halo warrioress, I do trust that you will set things right.

18:51:46 Lilliana doesn't hide that when she turns around....that she places a very grim look onto Konro.

18:52:05 Breygrah looks at Lilliana.

18:52:17 Konro smiles at Lilliana.

18:52:36 Lilliana levels her gaze on Khorvis for the moment. She nods, and ignores Konro's infuriating smile, which she'd like to smash in the nose.

18:53:03 Khorvis assumes a position of neutrality. Konro has lost his support.

18:53:44 Lilliana glances back at her friend, Breygrah...then she moves to her place to stand.

18:54:15 Konro can't help but laugh.

18:54:17 Konro laughs.

18:54:34 Breygrah blinks at Konro.

18:55:01 [Konro]: I can't wait to see how this ends.

18:55:05 Konro laughs.

18:55:29 Konro smiles.

18:55:30 [Nokokomah]: His spirit is not his own.

18:55:41 [Darrethy]: "Irrelevant, purge him."

18:55:43 Khorvis grumbles at Syreena's racism.

18:55:44 Lilliana looks at you.

18:55:48 Darrethy voice is dead serious.

18:56:07 Lilliana moves over to Naheal.

18:56:09 Breygrah peels the leggards from herself, and smoothes the cloth left underneath. They get thrown away as well.

18:56:24 Naheal clenches his hand in a tight fist, barely containing his rage.

18:57:02 Kex'ti and his cloud serpent pull up in the snow. The small elf jumps from the back as well.

18:57:05 [Nokokomah]: Breygrah has first claim to his life.

18:57:12 Syreena looks at Kex'ti.

18:57:14 Darrethy nods at Kex'ti.

18:57:23 Kex'ti nods at Darrethy.

18:57:31 Breygrah looks at Kex'ti.

18:57:34 Alfirin looks down, glancing to Darrethy for a moment.

18:57:41 Kex'ti | Scythemia curtsies to the assembly.

18:57:50 Khorvis frowns menacingly at Kex'ti.

18:58:06 Lilliana nods her head to Naheal.

18:58:07 [breygrah]: Thank you, Kex'ti.

18:58:09 Kex'ti hobbles to stand with Breygrah. Scythemia moves to Darrethy's side.

18:58:13 [Kex'ti]: Hoi, Breygrah.

18:58:15 Lilliana ignores Kex'ti and his arrival.

18:58:16 Darrethy face is unreadable under his mask, save for the grim frown just under.

18:58:24 Naheal nods at Lilliana.

18:58:34 Kex'ti looks at Lilliana and shakes his head.

18:58:44 Breygrah removes the sword form her back and thrusts it down into the snow in front of Kex'ti.

18:58:54 Lilliana gaze flickers over to Khorvis and Syreena.

18:58:59 Breygrah looks at Naheal.

18:59:16 Khorvis looks to Lilliana for a sign of affirmation.

18:59:33 Naheal looks to Breygrah, then to Konro with barely restrained fury in his eyes.

18:59:37 Lilliana ....although she knows this is not the place for it....and shouldn't even bother.....looks over to Kex'ti, and she flips him off. (This is after she gives Khorvis that sign of affirmation by nodding again).

18:59:38 Syreena also glances at Lilly briefly.

18:59:46 Kex'ti runs the mists over the blade before sliding a thumb along the edge of the blade. Using his thumb print, he inscribes five Pandaren characters.

19:00:03 Darrethy flips Lily off.

19:00:34 [Kex'ti]: Red Crane for speed. Black Ox for fortitude. White Tiger for might. Jade Serpent for tenacity. Grey Mantis for cunning.

19:00:35 [Lilliana]: Darrethy, bite me...I wasn't even gesturing to YOU *she says childishly*

19:00:50 [Darrethy]: "I know, I just felt like doing that."

19:00:59 [Lilliana]: You suck.

19:01:00 Darrethy smiles, if only slightly.

19:01:04 Breygrah places her hand on Kex'ti's shoulder.

19:01:04 Khorvis gives Syreena the old Horde handsign for "dabu".

19:01:05 Kex'ti pointedly ignores the troll and raises the heavy weapon to Breygrah.

19:01:07 Konro carefully examines his own weapon.

19:01:11 Lilliana doesn't look very impressed with Darrethy.

19:01:15 Syreena nods at Khorvis.

19:01:37 [breygrah]: Until our last sun rises.

19:01:43 Kex'ti | Scythemia claps excitedly for Breygrah. She then draws a line across her throat with her thumb.

19:01:55 [Kex'ti]: Until our last sunrise, and for all the days after.

19:02:02 You look at Konro.

19:02:03 Kex'ti bows before Breygrah.

19:02:05 [Nokokomah]: Are you prepared?

19:02:07 Breygrah nods at Kex'ti.

19:02:13 [breygrah]: Thank you, friend.

19:02:13 Konro nods at you.

19:02:19 Breygrah smiles at Kex'ti.

19:02:23 You look at Breygrah.

19:02:26 Breygrah looks at Naheal.

19:02:27 [Nokokomah]: Are you prepared?

19:02:34 Breygrah nods.

19:02:35 Kex'ti peers at Naheal searchingly.

19:02:44 Nokokomah points down the hill. "The combatants will fight below."

19:02:51 Kex'ti smirks slyly at Guild Battle Standard.

19:03:08 Konro grins wickedly at Breygrah.

19:03:14 [Y] [syreena]: Peace through annihilation!

19:03:24 [Y] [Khorvis]: Peace through annihilation!

19:03:26 Kex'ti leans against his staff. Scythemia moves close to him.

19:03:38 Lilliana takes a breath, and pauses, then screams it.

19:03:45 [Y] [Lilliana]: Peace through annihilation!!!!!

19:03:54 Khorvis looks at Konro as he shouts. It is unclear to whom the doom is sent.

19:03:58 [Kex'ti]: For the Horde, Breygrah.

19:04:05 Kex'ti scowls at Syreena.

19:04:09 [breygrah]: For the Horde.

19:04:12 Syreena blows Kex'ti a kiss.

19:04:19 [Alfirin]: Light be with you.

19:04:34 [Y] [Nokokomah-TwistingNether]: Mak'gora begins NOW!

19:04:35 Kex'ti | Scythemia makes a rude gesture at Syreena.

19:04:45 Konro takes a battle stance and readies himself.

19:04:58 Breygrah holds her sword before herself, and stares at the bull.

19:05:10 [breygrah]: Make your move, if you are so eager.

19:05:47 Konro roars with bestial vigor. So fierce!

19:05:54 Kex'ti cheers at Breygrah!

19:06:09 Konro charges at Breygrah and swings wildly at her.

19:06:11 Lilliana watches....she doesn't cheer as Kex'ti doesn't fit.

19:06:54 Breygrah tries to deflect the blow, but it pushes her sword back into her shoulder.

19:07:14 Naheal simply watches the fight, his arms crossed.

19:08:08 Syreena glances with suspicion at Naheal, then looks back to the two fighters.

19:08:10 Breygrah pulls the sword from under his axe with a scrape against her skin, and swings it at his feet.

19:08:11 Lilliana steps closer to watch.

19:08:49 Kex'ti reaches over and holds Scythemia's hand. He shakes, looking on at the Mak'gora.

19:09:15 Konro sidesteps to avoid the blow.

19:10:03 Syreena glances at the other viewers, noting the handholding.

19:10:07 Konro hacks at Brey's side viciously.

19:10:23 Lilliana glances quickly at Naheal while Konro hacks away at Breygrah.

19:10:34 Nokokomah observes as Konro immediately starts overpowering Breygrah. It was much the same earlier as she watched while Xara and Kerala were attacked. His strength is superhuman.

19:10:44 Naheal watches intently, not showing any emotion.

19:11:10 Breygrah manages to push the axe enough that it only pushes against her leg, and jumps back for some distance.

19:12:28 Darrethy briefly crackles with demonic energy as he watches.

19:12:39 [Kex'ti]: Brey! Aim for his ribs, left side!

19:13:05 Breygrah raises her sword to shoulder level, and charges at Konro with a shout.

19:13:15 [Darrethy]: "Then tear out his black heart and EAT IT."

19:13:32 [Nokokomah]: She is valiant.

19:13:36 Kex'ti | Tesonii looks aghast at the warlock.

19:13:45 Lilliana makes a rude gesture at Darrethy.

19:13:56 [Darrethy]: "I'm being nice."

19:13:57 Kex'ti chuckles at Lilliana.

19:13:57 Naheal remains completely silent as he watches.

19:13:58 Lilliana doesn't like Darrethy anymore.

19:14:02 [Kex'ti]: There are worse fates, Lilliana.

19:14:30 Lilliana shoots Kex'ti a dark look that really should reserved for the two tauren fighting out there.

19:14:33 Syreena says quietly to Lilly, "Too bad Darrethy's so mean to us. He could have made a fine Grim with all that hostility."

19:14:44 Konro grins as he dodges out of the way and hacks into Brey's back.

19:14:58 [Khorvis]: I do think if Breygrah guts the young bull, we do make her a Supplicant to fill his place.

19:15:00 Lilliana shoves Syreena way, "No he wouldn't, he can't control it." She says insultingly.

19:15:09 [Alfirin]: Brey!

19:15:14 Lilliana *actually, she shoves Syreena away, not way.

19:15:17 Breygrah cries out as the axe pierces into her back.

19:15:22 [Naheal]: I was intending to bring her to my company, actually.

19:15:26 Syreena frowns at Khorvis. "She is a stubborn, stupid, honorless cow."

19:15:33 [Darrethy]: "When has control ever been a problem to you Lily?"

19:15:33 [Kex'ti]: Breygrah! Keep fighting!

19:15:39 [Khorvis]: So is Konro.

19:15:39 Breygrah kneels down.

19:15:41 Kex'ti smirks slyly at Darrethy.

19:15:42 Darrethy voice is practically dripping with venom.

19:16:02 [syreena]: At least Konro has the excuse that he's not in control of himself.

19:16:43 [Darrethy]: "Konro had no excuse before then, he should of had his throat slit after the Siege."

19:16:44 Breygrah shouts in anger and swings her sword into Konro's side.

19:17:12 Konro deflects the blow with his axe and moves around to Brey's other side.

19:17:20 [Darrethy]: "You'd realize that if you weren't defective Syreena, you should of been recycled for abomination parts."

19:17:26 Lilliana holds up her hand to indicate that Darrethy needs to shut his mouth....her eyes are now on the two tauren fighting. She never responded to Khorvis's suggestion about simply having Breygrah replace Konro within the Grim.

19:17:40 Khorvis turns his head to Darrethy.

19:17:42 Kex'ti | Scythemia can't help but giggle, covering her mouth at Darrethy's comment.

19:17:56 [syreena]: You think the Forsaken trained me after the Dark Lady's call, Darrethy?

19:17:57 [Khorvis]: Brother felmancer, I do think you spoke without meaning those words.

19:18:00 Konro swings down at Brey's neck, hard.

19:18:01 [syreena]: The Forsaken didn't train me. The Grim did.

19:18:10 [Kex'ti]: More's the pity.

19:18:18 Syreena grins wickedly at Konro.

19:18:21 Kex'ti sneers at Syreena.

19:18:39 Breygrah raises her arm to deflect the blow, and let it go into her bicep instead.

19:18:49 [Darrethy]: "I feel less then enthused about the Grim right now Khorvis, for what it's worth, I still respect you. But at this moment, I feel nothing but hatred in my heart."

19:19:15 [Lilliana]: I thought you were unphased? *she says annoyingly to Darrethy*

19:19:23 Nokokomah frowns as Brey looks about to collapse under the onslaught.

19:19:32 [Darrethy]: "You managed phase me Lily, you fucked up that much."

19:19:38 [Darrethy]: "Congratulations."

19:19:40 Alfirin bows her head and closes her eyes, her hands clasped together.

19:19:51 Breygrah growls at Konro, and tightens her grip on her sword with her other hand.

19:19:52 Kex'ti grits his teeth and looks on.

19:19:54 Naheal starts quietly, but eventually starts yelling, "will everyone who is NOT INVOLVED IN THE FIGHT KINDLY SHUT YOUR DAMNED MOUTHS!?"

19:19:57 Lilliana ignores Darrethy when she turns to see Breygrah.

19:20:33 Khorvis grunts at Darrethy, but returns to watching the battle. This would not be the first time Khorvis encountered disgruntled veterans in the field.

19:20:38 [breygrah]: You are a monster.

19:20:40 Alfirin kneels down for a moment, setting her hand to the ground before looking up to Breygrah.

19:20:48 Alfirin kneels down.

19:20:49 [breygrah]: You will have to try harder than that to stop me.

19:20:58 Konro grins wickedly at Breygrah.

19:21:29 Darrethy looks at Alfirin curiously.

19:21:35 [breygrah]: You will pay for what you did to them.

19:22:01 Konro swings down at Breygrah.

19:22:37 Lilliana watches, not looking away.

19:22:41 Breygrah swings her sword up to deflect the blow completely, and drives it town into the snow before standing again.

19:22:41 Nokokomah looks sharply at Alfirin. "Interference."

19:23:09 Lilliana also turns to look at Alfirin when Nokokomah speaks.

19:23:18 Naheal glares angrily at Alfirin.

19:23:29 Darrethy frowns deeply.

19:23:33 [Khorvis]: Bah! Piss and fire!

19:24:00 Alfirin looked not to any of them even as words reached her ears, glowing eyes focusing on Breygrah and Konro both.

19:24:03 Breygrah twists her sword with her one arm and swings at Konro's chest.

19:24:10 Kex'ti looks at Alfirin, his expression caught between frustration and relief.

19:24:14 Nokokomah turns to Konro, and casts an equivalent buff on him. Her lips are pressed together angrily.

19:24:37 Konro expects to easily dodge but the blade slashes across his chest.

19:24:52 Kex'ti leans to whisper to Alfirin.

19:24:56 Khorvis grins wickedly at Syreena.

19:25:11 Lilliana gasps at that.

19:25:14 Syreena grins wickedly at Khorvis.

19:25:35 Darrethy nods at Khorvis.

19:25:36 Konro roars in anger and slashes at Brey's legs.

19:25:45 Lilliana glances to Syreena and Khorvis.

19:25:52 Alfirin glances towards Kex'ti, nodding ever so slightly.

19:26:00 Khorvis levels the edge of his blade towards Alfirin.

19:26:09 Breygrah doesn't make a sound, other than a sharp gasp as his axe cuts into her calf.

19:26:14 [Y] [Kexti]: Darrethy!

19:26:25 [Khorvis]: Show some honor, elf.

19:26:27 Kex'ti gestures to Khorvis.

19:26:35 Darrethy smiles slightly "I will enjoy drinking your blood."

19:26:57 Alfirin looks to Khorvis, then Darrethy, before lightly resting a hand to the latter one's shoulder.

19:27:10 [Alfirin]: We can handle this another time...

19:27:26 Lilliana doesn't get in the way of what Khorvis and Syreena are doing. She stays where she is as the two tauren continue fighting just below them.

19:27:27 Syreena eyes Alfirin up and down.

19:27:31 [Darrethy]: "No, if Syreena wants a piece of me, I want a piece of HER."

19:27:34 Kex'ti 's hand rests on his sword. Scythemia has already drawn hers, though she focuses on the Mak'gora.

19:27:35 Nokokomah focuses on the battle in front of her, and not the conflict to the side.

19:27:38 Kex'ti looks at Darrethy.

19:27:41 [Darrethy]: "I want to eat her heart, boil her soul."

19:27:43 [Kex'ti]: Get in line, Darrethy.

19:27:46 [Kex'ti]: And calm down.

19:27:53 [Kex'ti]: Your anger only excites her.

19:27:58 Syreena grins wickedly at Kex'ti.

19:27:59 Breygrah gasps a few more times before desperately slashing at Konro's head this time.

19:28:06 [Darrethy]: "At least she'll die happy then."

19:28:11 Kex'ti smirks slyly at Darrethy.

19:28:28 Alfirin frowns lightly, then turns to Darrethy, grasping his shoulders. She turns him so he looks to her, and forces his eyes to meet hers.

19:28:32 [syreena]: We're just over here to make sure there's no more cheating.

19:28:39 Kex'ti smirks slyly at Syreena.

19:28:51 [Darrethy]: "Don't be coy Syreena, I know what you want."

19:28:54 Konro moves out of the way and stabs into Brey's shoulder with his horn.

19:29:00 [Darrethy]: "In the pit of your soul, you want the excuse."

19:29:01 [Kex'ti]: Breygrah!

19:29:04 [Darrethy]: "We can dance."

19:29:06 Kex'ti looks at Breygrah.

19:29:12 Lilliana stepped over to Naheal, but then, as if shocked by something....she moves away.

19:29:14 Darrethy briefly looks at Alfirin.

19:29:45 Konro swings at Brey's calf again.

19:29:52 Darrethy is turned around to look at Alfirin.

19:29:57 Nokokomah continues watching as Brey takes injury after injury, and Konro is almost completely unharmed.

19:30:09 [Kex'ti]: Come on Brey...

19:30:32 Kex'ti | Scythemia positions herself between Syreena and Kex'ti. She smiles and shivers in the Northrend chill.

19:30:46 Alfirin peers towards the battle once again, a light frown over her brow.

19:30:57 Breygrah groans at the horn stabbing into shoulder, and knocks it away with the hilt of her sword. The axe scrapes against her leg, but doesn't seem to do too much damage. She falls to one knee after stumbling back a step.

19:31:02 Breygrah kneels down.

19:31:19 Naheal narrows his eyes.

19:31:31 [breygrah]: I will not go down so easily you beast.

19:31:42 Kex'ti looks at Naheal.

19:31:47 Khorvis frowns with disappointment at Darrethy.

19:31:53 Konro grins wickedly at Breygrah.

19:32:12 Khorvis is generally concerned with the welfare of his comrade in the Blackguard. He has little concern for the Mak'gora.

19:32:35 Breygrah swings her sword back, and up over her shoulder to aim at Konro's arm.

19:33:14 Konro attempts to block but the sword cuts deep into his shoulder.

19:34:09 Kex'ti restrains himself from calling out, but he leans heavily against his staff and takes a heavy pull from his jug. Scythemia moves closer to Kex'ti's back.

19:34:22 Konro roars in anger and kicks at Breygrah.

19:34:50 Breygrah swings her sword in front of his hoof before it hits her, to block him squarely.

19:35:37 Nokokomah stares intent as the two get locked into a contest of will.

19:36:10 Lilliana closes her eyes for just a short moment, perhaps she has a dark thought that crossed her mind, or she simply didn't want to watch.

19:36:28 Breygrah grins at the warrior defiantly through her pain. "It is good you at least put up a fight this time, you beast."

19:37:07 Lilliana looks at Naheal after she opens her eyes, but of course, it's super quick....the there is the battle at hand.

19:37:35 Konro grunts.

19:37:43 Khorvis snorts at the Blackguards and stomps back to the other end of the line.

19:37:50 Kex'ti nods at Khorvis.

19:38:17 Darrethy has gone silent, just watching.

19:38:30 Kex'ti | Scythemia puts her swords away and stands back at Kex'ti's side. She attempts to hold his hand again, but he gestures for her to simply watch alongside him.

19:39:30 Breygrah raises her sword to swing again, with both arms, but favors the one with the deep gash. She stumbles backwards a few steps, one her one good leg and winces.

19:39:39 Kex'ti looks at the light in confusion.

19:40:35 Breygrah falls back down to her knee, a hand reaches down to grip her leg.

19:40:37 Breygrah kneels down.

19:40:47 Konro grins wickedly.

19:40:52 [Kex'ti]: Come on Brey...

19:41:23 [breygrah]: You are a pig, you cannot beat me so easily.

19:41:47 [breygrah]: What is it like, fighting against those that can defend themselves?

19:41:54 [Konro]: Easy.

19:41:58 Konro smiles at Breygrah.

19:42:59 Breygrah grabs a handful of snow and tosses it into Konro's face.

19:43:06 Alfirin blinks at Breygrah.

19:44:14 Khorvis snickers at the clever distraction.

19:44:29 Breygrah raises slowly to her feet and stares at Konro.

19:44:31 Syreena mutters, "I bet she learned that from me."

19:44:40 Lilliana blue eyes flicker from Breygrah to Konro.

19:44:45 Kex'ti smirks slyly at Syreena.

19:44:47 [breygrah]: You will have to try harder than that.

19:45:10 Konro jumps towards Brey and hacks at her side.

19:45:51 Nokokomah 's narrow as Konro charges forward.

19:46:15 Breygrah raises her sword in time, but Konro pushes it back out of the way easily, and his axe smashes into her ribs hard.

19:46:57 Nokokomah flinches. This seems to be the end for Breygrah.

19:47:11 Lilliana looks at Breygrah.

19:47:13 Breygrah bites down on her lip and grips the handle of his axe with one hand, and the other she uses to steady herself with her sword in the ground.

19:47:34 [Nokokomah]: You will be avenged.

19:47:49 Konro takes another swing at Breygrah.

19:47:58 Khorvis raises the blade of his sword in acknowledgement of the mighty tauren warrioress.

19:48:10 [syreena]: That'll teach her to challenge a one-armed man not in control of his own actions to "honorable" combat.

19:48:13 Darrethy simply nods.

19:48:33 Lilliana covers her mouth with both of her hands.

19:48:38 Kex'ti salutes Breygrah with respect.

19:48:40 [Darrethy]: "A one armed man possessed by a demonic wolf spirit, kind of have to pick one insult or the other."

19:48:49 [Kex'ti]: Breygrah...

19:49:00 Breygrah blocks the attack this time, and it forces her back down on her knee again. She curls the injured leg underneath herself.

19:49:03 Breygrah kneels down.

19:50:06 Kex'ti looks at Syreena.

19:50:15 [Kex'ti]: You talk an awful lot about honor for someone who has none.

19:50:18 [breygrah]: You do not... See me stopping... Yet.

19:50:24 You look at Breygrah.

19:50:26 Konro takes a step back and shakes his head.

19:50:37 You look at Konro.

19:50:40 [Nokokomah]: The worg spirit...

19:50:42 [Lilliana]: Shutup *her word is muffled as her hands are still over her mouth....and she says shut up to Kex'ti*

19:50:44 Kex'ti looks at Konro.

19:50:44 Alfirin bites her lip lightly, holding her hands at her chest.

19:50:52 Breygrah looks exhausted, but she grips her sword steadily.

19:51:13 Lilliana looks sharply to Nokokomah.

19:51:21 Nokokomah stares intently at Konro.

19:51:22 Syreena shrugs at Kex'ti without taking her eyes from the fight, "I'm not the only one here with none."

19:51:32 Konro throws his axe away in Kex'ti's direction because fuck elves and jumps onto Breygrah.

19:51:42 Syreena grins wickedly at Konro.

19:51:57 Breygrah widens her eyes in response, and raises her sword to defend herself.

19:52:16 Kex'ti strikes the axe to the side with his staff.

19:52:26 Nokokomah flinches as the axe whirls past her.

19:52:29 Konro whispers into Brey's ear and punches at her head.

19:53:10 Breygrah rolls to her right, away from him, and hold her sword up again after a shake of her head.

19:53:24 Konro roars with bestial vigor at Breygrah. So fierce!

19:53:47 Konro roars with bestial vigor. So fierce!

19:54:30 Konro charges towards Breygrah like a bull, with you know, his horns pointed forward.

19:55:23 Breygrah shouts as he charges toward her and stabs her sword into his chest.

19:55:49 Nokokomah gasps aloud.

19:55:51 Breygrah blinks at Konro.

19:56:00 [Alfirin]: What...?

19:56:26 Kex'ti looks on, saying nothing, his eyes wide in his helmet.

19:56:28 Konro looks down at the sword halfway through his chest. Then looks at Breygrah with tears in his eyes before falling over.

19:56:32 Darrethy genuinely, for the first time in awhile, laughs.

19:56:37 Breygrah stares Konro down.

19:56:42 Khorvis watches the blade pass through Konro's ribs with dispassion.

19:56:47 Konro lies down.

19:56:55 Konro kneels down.

19:56:56 Kex'ti glares angrily at Darrethy.

19:56:57 Naheal 's expression doesn't change.

19:57:04 Khorvis tosses Naheal two vials, stoppered.

19:57:12 Breygrah releases the sword as he falls back, but doesn't move herself. She just watches him.

19:57:16 Naheal catches them easily.

19:57:28 Konro lets out a hacking laugh/cough.

19:57:32 Syreena frowns with disappointment at Konro.

19:57:38 [Alfirin]: ...No...

19:58:06 [Konro]: Funny thing is....He did love you...

19:58:10 Konro laughs at Breygrah.

19:58:29 Lilliana 's gentle blue eyes stare at Konro and Breygrah...then she becomes shocked when he speaks to Breygrah.

19:58:31 Breygrah stumbles back a few steps.

19:58:38 Konro falls over, dead.

19:58:48 Konro lies down.

19:58:48 Darrethy pauses at that, coming down to reality a bit.

19:58:52 Naheal looks to the vials, then Khorvis with a cocked brow.

19:59:19 You kneel before Konro.

19:59:21 Lilliana 's hands are still over her mouth, they never moved. She watches.

19:59:25 [Khorvis]: Blood Judgment came too soon, hunter. Take your fill.

19:59:37 Alfirin shakes her head avidly... then takes a few steps forward. Before she knew it, she was heading for him as well.

19:59:48 Nokokomah waits for several long moments. Konro's heart has stopped beating, but the blood still empties from his body, staining the kicked-up snow.

19:59:52 Breygrah watches the body, distrustingly. She sways a little as the others approach him.

19:59:56 [Naheal]: Is it done?

19:59:59 Lilliana does not join those that have gone to Konro.

20:00:05 Nokokomah lays a hand on Konro's body.

20:00:14 Darrethy glances at the body for a moment, before looking back to Kex'ti "....It's over."

20:00:14 Khorvis turns to Lilliana expectantly.

20:00:22 Naheal looks at you.

20:00:27 Alfirin looks to Nokokomah, then back to Konro, biting her lip.

20:00:32 [Nokokomah]: His soul and the worg spirit have left his body. His soul is returned to the Earthmother.

20:00:57 [Alfirin]: No... he can't...

20:01:04 [Naheal]: No resource to waste. If you don't mind, shaman, I'll need a sample of his blood.

20:01:10 Breygrah settles herself down onto the ground.

20:01:12 Lilliana looks back at Khorvis......she scowls.....and tilts her head towards Nokokomah and what she just said for Khorvis.

20:01:24 You look at Naheal.

20:01:35 [Nokokomah]: Does he have any living relatives to claim his body?

20:01:38 Syreena says softly, "Konro..."

20:01:45 Darrethy pauses just short of moving over to Brey, instead nodding and giving her space.

20:01:46 Lilliana looks at you.

20:01:51 [Lilliana]: We will.

20:01:54 Alfirin kneels before Konro.

20:01:59 Naheal kneels before Konro.

20:01:59 [Nokokomah]: His guild claims his body.

20:02:07 Darrethy nods at you.

20:02:10 Syreena lifts her cold gaze to Brey.

20:02:15 Alfirin delicately sets a hand to Konro's figure.

20:02:16 Breygrah looks at Syreena.

20:02:23 Naheal looks at you.

20:02:28 You look at Naheal.

20:02:39 You look at Khorvis.

20:02:51 [Naheal]: I intend to take a couple samples of his blood to analyze what afflicted him.

20:03:02 Darrethy nods at Naheal.

20:03:04 [Naheal]: Otherwise this is likely to happen again.

20:03:09 [Khorvis]: The Supplicant has failed the Mandate.

20:03:14 You look at Khorvis.

20:03:15 Alfirin bows her head and quietly prays...

20:03:20 Breygrah looks at Khorvis.

20:03:36 Lilliana sighs gently, "I guess he has."

20:03:50 [Khorvis]: He will be taken to the Grim Halls, but not within.

20:03:57 You nod at Khorvis.

20:03:59 Darrethy nods at Khorvis.

20:04:16 [Nokokomah]: Will you grant the hunter what he requests?

20:04:25 Lilliana looks at Naheal.

20:04:31 [Khorvis]: Beyond our gates, he will be buried under a cairn, his feet forever facing away from the mounds of his ancestors.

20:04:49 Naheal 's face is grim, but respectful.

20:04:49 [Khorvis]: The hunter will take what he needs. Then we, ours.

20:05:00 Nokokomah nods and steps back.

20:05:07 [Nokokomah]: The mak'gora is concluded.

20:05:13 Naheal kneels down.

20:05:16 Breygrah blinks at Khorvis.

20:05:27 Breygrah 's eyes fall to the ground.

20:05:33 Lilliana looks down. Her hands are now in her pockets.

20:05:38 Nokokomah lays healing waters upon Breygrah, slowly knitting her wounds.

20:05:40 Naheal quietly fills the pair of vials with Konro's blood, then puts the stoppers on them.

20:05:58 Breygrah looks at Syreena.

20:06:16 Breygrah stumbles to her feet with a groan.

20:06:19 Naheal places the vials in his bag.

20:06:25 Syreena bares her teeth at Brey. "There is no honor here. You killed a Grim. I won't forget that. Nor forgive it."

20:06:30 Breygrah stares Syreena down.

20:06:35 Darrethy sighs.

20:06:40 [breygrah]: I do not fear you, either.

20:06:54 Lilliana glances up to Khorvis as Syreena goes over, seemingly picking fights.

20:06:55 [syreena]: Of course you don't, you stupid, stubborn, honorless cow.

20:06:56 [Darrethy]: "She did what she had to do Syreena, leave her be."

20:06:59 Alfirin had her head bowed towards Konro's figure still, quiet prayers leaving her lips as she tuned out the rest.

20:07:08 [breygrah]: Say what you wish.

20:07:16 [breygrah]: Maybe one day you will grow up.

20:07:22 [syreena]: I'm not really one for words.

20:07:25 Syreena smiles sweetly.

20:07:31 [breygrah]: Neither am I.

20:07:39 Lilliana eyes Alfirin, then mouths a word that was meant for just the other priestess to catch, "Thank you."

20:07:40 [breygrah]: I can promise you that.

20:07:49 Konro | Stranger pats up to Konro's body and lays down next to him.

20:08:30 Breygrah only watches the rogue, with no expression.

20:08:36 Nokokomah looks at the riding wolf which walked up to Konro.

20:08:41 Alfirin looks up at the one word, and sad eyes soon met Lilliana. Where before there had been anger and spite, now there was sadness and regret.

20:08:50 Khorvis frowns at the wolf.

20:09:07 [breygrah]: Anything else? Or are you done?

20:09:11 Lilliana exchanges a look with Alfirin.

20:09:31 [Darrethy]: "I don't know why I laughed really. Shock, relief, coping with anger, I don't least this whole thing is done with."

20:09:38 Kex'ti looks at Konro.

20:09:45 Darrethy is speaking to no one it seems, but he glances to Naheal.

20:09:47 Nokokomah studies the wolf.

20:09:54 Breygrah peers at Syreena searchingly.

20:09:58 Syreena draws her blades, eyeing Brey.

20:10:07 [breygrah]: Try it.

20:10:11 [Kex'ti]: No.

20:10:12 [Khorvis]: The beasts have already come for the fallen.

20:10:13 [breygrah]: I dare you.

20:10:16 [Naheal]: Khorvis, get your guild under control.

20:10:16 Breygrah looks at Kex'ti.

20:10:20 Breygrah glares angrily at Syreena.

20:10:23 Naheal glares angrily at Syreena.

20:10:25 [Kex'ti]: Syreena, you want someone to fight?

20:10:31 [Kex'ti]: Then fight me.

20:10:32 [Nokokomah]: There has been enough loss of blood and life this day.

20:10:39 [Nokokomah]: You will all return to your homes.

20:10:42 [Nokokomah]: NOW.

20:10:44 Lilliana places her attentions on the wolf, and seems to understand that.....then she looks sharply to the sound of blades being drawn.

20:10:47 Kex'ti tosses his staff to Scythemia and draws his blade.

20:11:20 Khorvis rests next to Konro and pets the wolf while watching Syreena.

20:11:29 Breygrah blinks at Kex'ti.

20:11:38 Alfirin looks up to the battle, but soon sighs and shakes her head.

20:11:40 You frown with disappointment at Kex'ti.

20:11:43 Lilliana tenses when a battle wages out between Kex'ti and Syreena.

20:12:30 [Darrethy]: "Hold!"

20:12:34 [Y] [Nokokomah]: ENOUGH!

20:12:40 [Darrethy]: "She isn't worth killing."

20:12:41 Naheal looks at Khorvis.

20:12:44 Kex'ti aims his blade for Syreena's neck as he stomps her knees to the ground.

20:12:54 [Y] [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: Kex'ti!

20:12:56 [Kex'ti]: You dishonor the Horde.

20:13:03 [Kex'ti]: Say your last words to your guild.

20:13:04 Syreena defiantly up at the elf.

(Syreena shouts "Peace through annihilation!")

20:13:07 Breygrah rests her head in her hands as her leg stains the snow red.

20:13:11 [Kex'ti]: For no one else will mourn your loss.

20:13:14 [Darrethy]: "Kex'ti."

20:13:16 [Y] [syreena-TwistingNether]: Peace through annihilation!

20:13:21 [Y] [Darrethy-Ravenholdt]: ENOUGH!

20:13:23 Syreena glares angrily at Kex'ti.

20:13:36 Darrethy draws his blade as well, jumping towards him.

20:13:39 Kex'ti | Scythemia manages to make a sound with her swords. Her face shows nothing but abject horror.

20:13:46 Khorvis snorts derisively at Kex'ti.

20:13:54 Kex'ti looks at his companion, and keeps the blade level at her throat.

20:14:06 [Kex'ti]: No.

20:14:06 [Y] [Naheal]: Will you all sit down!?

20:14:09 Syreena hisses at Kex'ti, too injured to move at this point.

20:14:12 [Darrethy]: "Enough killing...for today."

20:14:16 [Kex'ti]: You deserve worse.

20:14:16 [Darrethy]: "Let her go."

20:14:21 Kex'ti looks at Khorvis.

20:14:24 [Kex'ti]: Khorvis of the Grim.

20:14:27 [Khorvis]: Inquisitor Lilliana, why do these elves think that the Grim do value their own lives over the Mandate?

20:14:28 Kex'ti points at Syreena.

20:14:42 [Kex'ti]: This rogue has failed twice in her efforts to kill a healer, and loyal member of the Horde.

20:14:45 [Kex'ti]: I want you to remember this.

20:15:03 Darrethy hurls a bolt of fel fire at Kex'ti.

20:15:04 [Kex'ti]: There's nothing I can do to you that's worse than your own "family."

20:15:20 Lilliana looks quite ready to rip Kex'ti's head off.....but she turns to look at Khorvis, "Cause they are dumb."

20:15:29 Kex'ti calmly diffuses the magic around him, the tips of his armor flickering with the flames.

20:15:39 [Kex'ti]: You get to walk away from this, Syreena.

20:15:52 Kex'ti smirks slyly at Syreena.

20:15:59 Darrethy pauses, mid another cast.....then lowers his arms.

20:16:00 Lilliana takes a breath and lets it out slowly.

20:16:04 [Kex'ti]: But, I'm keeping a part of you with me.

20:16:08 Naheal looks to Khorvis. "Even now, it looks as if the Grim's prime targets are members of the Horde and not Accalia OR the Alliance.

20:16:15 [syreena]: I didn't think you cared.

20:16:16 [Khorvis]: Your words are the wind, phoenix bearer. You confuse the honor of the Horde with your own small squabbles. You are magpies on a rope. Village goodwives in the garden.

20:16:19 Breygrah ignores everyone else, and looks at the blood on her hands.

20:16:29 Kex'ti slices his blade down Syreena's face, severing an ear, before cuffing her with the butt of his hilt.

20:16:50 Kex'ti spits blood into the snow.

20:16:52 [Naheal]: When you've finally figured out who are enemies are, I'll be waiting.

20:16:57 Syreena screams in rage and pain, slowly bringing up a hand to cover the hole on the side of her head.

20:17:02 Lilliana gasps at Kex'ti.

20:17:05 Kex'ti looks at Lilliana.

20:17:08 [Lilliana]: You freaking jackass.

20:17:08 Breygrah looks at Naheal.

20:17:11 [Kex'ti]: We're done here.

20:17:20 Khorvis watches Syreena stoically.

20:17:24 [Kex'ti]: Lok'tar, Khorvis.

20:17:24 Naheal pulls some healing tonics from his bag and offers them to Breygrah.

20:17:25 Darrethy looks to the two, then sighs.

20:17:29 Kex'ti nods at you.

20:17:34 Lilliana checks on Syreena.

20:17:35 You nod at Kex'ti.

20:17:39 Kex'ti kneels before Breygrah.

20:17:46 [Kex'ti]: You fought bravely, Breygrah.

20:17:47 Syreena growls menacingly at Kex'ti.

20:17:49 [breygrah]: Thank you. Both.

20:18:09 Lilliana offers her shadow priestly healing magics to Syreena.....her face a pure scowl.

20:18:10 [breygrah]: I do not feel it.

20:18:16 Konro lies down.

20:18:17 [breygrah]: Only what must be done.

20:18:29 Darrethy looks between Khorvis and Nokokomah, sighing as well.

20:18:31 Kex'ti weaves the mists to pulse through Breygrah, attempting to mend what wounds remain, and alleviate the pain of the curse.

20:18:42 [Khorvis]: Ms. Syreena...

20:18:50 [Naheal]: We need a physical healer.

20:18:59 Breygrah hangs her head.

20:19:00 Syreena slowly staggers to her feet, sending a look of gratitude to Lilly before looking to Khorvis.

20:19:01 Kex'ti smiles at Naheal.

20:19:07 [Naheal]: A physical and a spiritual.

20:19:11 [Kex'ti]: The mists facilitate natural healing.

20:19:14 [Kex'ti]: She'll be fine.

20:19:17 Khorvis doesn't say another word, only balls up a handful of snow and hands it to the rogue.

20:19:25 Naheal looks at you.

20:19:26 You look at Konro.

20:19:29 You look at Alfirin.

20:19:35 [Naheal]: Excuse me a moment.

20:19:41 Darrethy nods at Naheal.

20:19:45 Lilliana looks exasperated at Khorvis.

20:19:49 Naheal peers at you searchingly.

20:19:55 Konro | Stranger looks at Naheal and snarls.

20:20:01 [breygrah]: No one else will be harmed by him...

20:20:02 Nokokomah raises her red gaze to Naheal. It is akin to Fhenrir's.

20:20:04 Syreena eyes the snow in her hand, then looks up at Khorvis.

20:20:05 Alfirin was still mourning over Konro's corpse, slumping on the snow as a hand brushed his blood-stained fur.

20:20:07 Darrethy sighs at Kex'ti a moment "...Don't know why I did that, the Grim hate my guts at this point."

20:20:09 Syreena nods at Khorvis.

20:20:18 [Naheal]: You said that Xaraphyne was injured?

20:20:23 You nod at Naheal.

20:20:33 Nokokomah looks at Stranger, snarling at Naheal, and motions Naheal to back away.

20:20:35 [Naheal]: How badly?

20:20:35 Kex'ti | Scythemia kneels by Breygrah, and attempts to cover her with a thick blanket, smiling all the while. The concern for her friend is evident.

20:20:46 Kex'ti looks at Darrethy.

20:20:50 Lilliana looks at Naheal, now listening to the news about Xaraphyne.

20:20:52 [Kex'ti]: I do what I must, Darrethy. As do you.

20:20:58 Breygrah rests her elbows on her knees, and covers her face with her hands.

20:21:02 [Kex'ti]: [1v1mem8]

20:21:09 [Nokokomah]: She has recovered from worse, from what I understand.

20:21:23 [Naheal]: She will still require some healing. I would like it if you took me to her.

20:21:29 You nod at Naheal.

20:21:34 [Darrethy]: ".....Do I? why must I always defend those who hate me most? spare those who are most vile? why do I have to give people a chance?"

20:21:35 [Nokokomah]: I will take you after the crowd disperses.

20:21:39 Naheal nods at you.

20:21:41 [Khorvis]: Priestess Lilliana, I do question the stability of this corpse.

20:21:49 [Darrethy]: " heart, it burns."

20:21:50 [Kex'ti]: Because you're a better person than this world deserves.

20:21:51 You look at Khorvis.

20:21:56 [Kex'ti]: And, I hope you stay that way.

20:21:57 Alfirin looks up, blinking at Khorvis' words.

20:22:00 [Alfirin]: ...what?

20:22:08 Kex'ti looks at Tesonii, who has sat by Breygrah.

20:22:19 Darrethy sighs, looking away a moment.

20:22:19 Lilliana wants to demand that Nokokomah takes her to Xaraphyne too, but she runs over to Khorvis and Konro's dead form.

20:22:23 [Khorvis]: I will not have cursed flesh soaking into the grounds of the Hall.

20:22:26 [Khorvis]: Leave it.

20:22:34 You look at Konro.

20:22:37 [breygrah]: I need to see her.

20:22:40 [Nokokomah]: His body will rest here, then.

20:22:42 Konro | Stranger sniffs Lilly at nips at her fingers.

20:22:42 Kex'ti kneels before Konro.

20:22:44 Naheal looks at you.

20:22:45 [Nokokomah]: With his final words.

20:22:46 Alfirin blinks at you.

20:22:47 [Naheal]: Burn the body.

20:22:51 [Alfirin]: ...You... you cannot...

20:22:55 [Naheal]: Out here, burn it.

20:23:00 [Kex'ti]: It's ill to speak of the dead.

20:23:06 Lilliana looks about to argue with Khorvis.....but then her head nods quietly. She reaches her hand to Stranger, the wolf.

20:23:12 [Kex'ti]: But I hope you find peace in the afterlife.

20:23:22 Kex'ti looks at Lilliana.

20:23:22 Nokokomah looks at the wolf still guarding the corpse.

20:23:22 [Alfirin]: Do you not know what happens to those whose bodies lie in the fields of Icecrown?

20:23:23 Darrethy hand glows with fel flame a moment, looking to the two.

20:23:38 Nokokomah transforms into the form of a wolf, and communicates with Stranger.

20:23:53 [Darrethy]: "I can burn him, and in such a way that even the Scourge could not take him."

20:23:54 Naheal looks at Breygrah.

20:23:54 Konro | Stranger nuzzles Lilly's hand.

20:24:01 [Nokokomah]: Hold.

20:24:07 Darrethy looks at you.

20:24:41 Breygrah moves her hands from her face, and looks at Naheal.

20:24:55 Naheal smiles at Breygrah.

20:25:37 [Naheal]: You alright?

20:25:45 Breygrah shrugs. Who knows?

20:25:46 Lilliana lingers here for the moment.

20:25:50 [breygrah]: Perhaps, later.

20:25:51 [Naheal]: Aside from the cuts, deep gashes and all that.

20:25:53 Nokokomah seems to be speaking with Stranger.

20:26:03 Kex'ti gestures to Tesonii to leave the pair alone, tapping his chest and head. She nods.

20:26:23 Breygrah grips Tesonii's arm for a moment, before she lets her go.

20:26:39 Konro | Stranger snarls at Nokokomah.

20:27:01 Kex'ti | Tesonii smiles at Breygrah and Naheal. It's a knowing smile.

20:27:45 [Kex'ti]: Lilly...

20:27:55 Kex'ti looks at Lilliana.

20:28:02 Naheal offers Breygrah his hand.

20:28:07 Syreena peers at Khorvis searchingly.

20:28:12 Darrethy looks between those present.

20:28:13 Lilliana eyes are on Stranger, and on Konro's corpse. But of course she hears Kex'ti.

20:28:37 Breygrah loosens the braids from her hair before noticing Naheal move. She looks at his hand for a few moments before taking it.

20:28:54 [Kex'ti]: Thank you for the times we spent together. No matter what happens after this.

20:29:05 Breygrah looks at Lilliana.

20:29:05 Lilliana looks at Kex'ti.

20:29:07 Kex'ti leans on his staff and hobbles away into the snow.

20:29:09 [Lilliana]: What?

20:29:09 Breygrah looks at Kex'ti.

20:29:15 [Naheal]: Kex'ti.

20:29:20 Kex'ti nods at Naheal.

20:29:23 [Lilliana]: What the hell is that supposed to mean?!!!!!

20:29:24 [Naheal]: You're doing well for someone who should be cursed.

20:29:29 Breygrah peers at Kex'ti searchingly.

20:29:29 Naheal looks at Kex'ti.

20:29:31 [breygrah]: What?

20:29:31 You look at Konro.

20:29:33 [Kex'ti]: Why would I be cursed?

20:29:37 Alfirin rubs at her moist eyes gently, sighing quietly before moving to Darrethy at last.

20:29:39 [breygrah]: When did this happen?

20:29:45 [Nokokomah]: What is the 'thirty-seventh'?

20:29:48 [Darrethy]: "...I think, Kex'ti feels what he did was as good as a decleration of war."

20:29:53 [Naheal]: At the fight with Vionora. She grabbed you like she did me.

20:29:59 Breygrah stumbles to her feet, and approaches Kex'ti.

20:30:00 [Darrethy]: "He may able to talk to you, depending."

20:30:09 [breygrah]: Did she?

20:30:13 Kex'ti raises an eyebrow.

20:30:24 [Kex'ti]: Of...course she did...

20:30:30 [Naheal]: A simple touch is all it takes to transmit it.

20:30:31 Nokokomah looks back at Stranger.

20:30:32 Syreena looks at Khorvis.

20:30:37 Naheal peers at Kex'ti searchingly.

20:30:44 [Khorvis]: The Commander will be pleased.

20:30:44 Kex'ti rubs his beard. Scythemia cocks her head to the side and looks at him, concern evident.

20:30:45 Breygrah blinks at Kex'ti.

20:30:46 Khorvis snickers at Syreena.

20:30:58 Kex'ti | Scythemia looks at Breygrah and Naheal.

20:30:59 Konro | Stranger just shakes his head.

20:31:02 [breygrah]: You are fine?

20:31:14 Alfirin takes Darrethy's hand, then, leaning against him heavily.

20:31:18 Syreena was just thinking that...the opposite of course...and frowns at Khorvis. "Yeah. I failed him. Again."

20:31:18 Lilliana listen to Darrethy.

20:31:31 Breygrah looks at Naheal.

20:31:47 [Kex'ti]: Perhaps she can choose not to transmit the curse...does that make any sense?

20:31:57 [Naheal]: No, it doesn't.

20:31:59 [breygrah]: I do not know...

20:32:16 [syreena]: Though of course....if certain people hadn't given him back his medicine or tucked him into his own garrison...

20:32:18 Kex'ti rubs his beard. Scythemia taps the metal on her shoulder and points at Kex'ti and Naheal.

20:32:25 [Grimal]: Ahh, I missed the fun.

20:32:25 [syreena]: Maybe I wouldn't be missing an ear.

20:32:27 Darrethy sighs.

20:32:31 [Nokokomah]: His wolf speaks of the 37th Regiment to which Konro belonged, it seems.

20:32:32 [Kex'ti]: So, am I cursed? Or not?

20:32:32 Breygrah raises a hand to her head again, and grabs Naheal's arm as she sits back down.

20:32:38 [Naheal]: If she chose not to, it would make no strategic sense.

20:32:40 [Grimal]: Make Blackhand pay extra for that one gods be damned.

20:32:44 Khorvis nods at Tradire.

20:32:47 Lilliana looks long and hard at Syreena....then shrugs her shoulders.

20:32:47 [Naheal]: You appear fine... ish

20:32:48 Kex'ti sits down with Scythemia and Breygrah.

20:32:50 [Naheal]: In your normal fine.

20:32:55 [Kex'ti]: No worse than usual.

20:32:56 Tradire nods at Khorvis.

20:32:59 Lilliana greets Tradire with a wave of her hand, then sighs.

20:32:59 [Grimal]: Ahh, this one is dead.

20:33:03 Darrethy nods at Grimal.

20:33:05 [Grimal]: Good.

20:33:07 Grimal claps excitedly for Konro.

20:33:09 Kex'ti holds up a finger and drinks deeply, perhaps the remains, of his jug.

20:33:11 Syreena eyes Grimal up and down.

20:33:14 Kex'ti looks at Grimal.

20:33:15 Tradire looks around trying to take hold of the situation.

20:33:16 [Kex'ti]: Grimal.

20:33:16 [Khorvis]: Your wounds will heal. They are not marks against the Mandate - this is your own quarrel.

20:33:19 Konro | Stranger paws over to Darrethy and sniffs his hand before turning and snarling at Grimal.

20:33:22 [Kex'ti]: Let the dead lie.

20:33:25 [Darrethy]: "I....can't say I wasn't relieved at his passing."

20:33:37 Konro | Stranger is also a massive Black War wolf.

20:33:41 Naheal pulls out two of his empty vials. "Kex'ti, would you do me a favor?" He offers them to him.

20:33:45 [Grimal]: He lied to me a few weeks ago, it was coming. Mak'gora or no.

20:33:51 Grimal shrugs at Kex'ti. Who knows?

20:33:51 Syreena tilts her head at Khorvis. "My own quarrel coincided with the orders of the Commander."

20:33:52 Alfirin looks down mournfully, then glances towards Stranger with blinking eyes.

20:33:56 Darrethy glances to the wolf a moment, curious.

20:33:57 Kex'ti narrows his eyes at Naheal. "What's this?"

20:34:09 Lilliana looks at Syreena.

20:34:10 [Naheal]: I would like a sample of your blood and that tea that you drink.

20:34:10 Grimal eyes Breygrah up and down.

20:34:15 Breygrah looks at Grimal.

20:34:20 [Grimal]: you alright?

20:34:29 Breygrah shrugs at Grimal. Who knows?

20:34:31 Konro | Stranger nuzzles Darrethy's hand.

20:34:33 [breygrah]: Perhaps later.

20:34:36 Kex'ti nods at Naheal.

20:34:47 [Naheal]: Something's different about you that either made you a bad target for the curse or immune. I suspect that one or the other may have something to do with it.

20:34:51 Lilliana presses her palm against her forehead. "She has a point, Khorvis."

20:34:55 Kex'ti spits into the vial, and pours some drops of tea into the second.

20:34:59 [Kex'ti]: Immune?

20:35:01 Kex'ti laughs at Naheal.

20:35:16 [Kex'ti]: I should be the most vulnerable...

20:35:18 [Kex'ti]: Oh no.

20:35:20 [Khorvis]: Remember my words with, Commander Liene, priestess?

20:35:23 Syreena blinks in surprise at Lilly.

20:35:24 Kex'ti looks at Tesonii.

20:35:32 [Kex'ti]: If I'm cursed, could I have transmitted it to Scythemia?

20:35:34 [Kex'ti]: Just now?

20:35:43 [Alfirin]: I think... it wants something from you.

20:35:48 Darrethy looks down at Konro, thinking for a moment "In the end, I cannot...say with honesty that you brought much more then pain and misery into peoples lives. But, at your core, you were still a man, confused, wanting, fighting a war lost years ago like a good soldier should....there's something to be said for that."

20:35:48 Alfirin glances to Darrethy.

20:35:49 Kex'ti begins to blush. "When she touched my hand?"

20:35:55 Naheal looks to Scythemia. "Yeah. And she should've felt it by now."

20:35:59 Breygrah looks at Naheal.

20:36:00 [Nokokomah]: His body should be returned to his regiment.

20:36:36 Nokokomah nods slowly at Darrethy's words.

20:36:38 Kex'ti | Scythemia looks at her hands and shakes her head. She writes briefly in the snow with her fingertip. "I feel fine. He's the one who's always sick."

20:36:51 Lilliana slowly looks up to Khorvis. She pauses deliberately before nodding her head to him.

20:36:58 [Naheal]: And he's been no more sick than normal?

20:37:19 Syreena looks sadly at Konro's body.

20:37:20 [Khorvis]: There will be a time for Ms. Syreena's rage to vomit over into our ranks. But not in this moment.

20:37:25 Konro | Stranger licks Darrethy's paws Darrethy's hand.

20:37:27 Kex'ti | Scythemia twists her lips to the side and slowly shakes her head. She taps her head with a closed fist and opens it.

20:37:38 Breygrah runs her hands through her hair as the others talk, she doesn't seem to be paying attention.

20:37:41 [Kex'ti]: I...think that means she doesn't know. We haven't seen each other in years.

20:37:41 Konro | Stranger just paws Darrethy's hand.

20:37:52 You look at Darrethy.

20:38:01 Kex'ti | Scythemia sits next to Breygrah and points to her hair, making weaving motions.

20:38:05 Alfirin looks to Stranger, then gestures to Darrethy.

20:38:05 [Naheal]: Considering the weight, you wouldn't hold back if you were feeling worse...

20:38:07 Darrethy looks at Stranger a moment, unsure as to what exactly the wolf wanted.

20:38:08 Grimal pokes Lilliana. Hey!

20:38:18 [Alfirin]: ...Touch it.

20:38:28 Syreena stares Grimal down.

20:38:35 Kex'ti looks at Naheal.

20:38:40 Darrethy kneels down, reaching to pet his head.

20:38:40 [Grimal]: What Syreena?

20:38:43 [Kex'ti]: Hold back?

20:38:45 Lilliana brushes Grimal's poke away harshly, her eyes are on Khorvis intently.

20:39:04 Grimal frowns gently.

20:39:40 [Khorvis]: Dreadweaver Redmourn.

20:39:47 [Khorvis]: Do you see that corpse?

20:39:51 [Naheal]: You wouldn't try to act tough if you were cursed. It's not in your nature.

20:39:59 [Kex'ti]: Ah.

20:39:59 [Darrethy]: "...I suppose, Stranger will need a new home."

20:40:07 Khorvis nods at Konro.

20:40:09 [Tradire]: I do

20:40:21 [Tradire]: He was a supplicant in our ranks.

20:40:29 Grimal shrugs. Who knows?

20:40:35 [Khorvis]: Inquisition in action.

20:40:41 [Kex'ti]: Nature is a funny thing, Naheal.

20:40:44 Tradire snickers at Konro.

20:40:45 [Khorvis]: Some do not make it.

20:40:52 Syreena frowns with disappointment at Khorvis.

20:40:59 Naheal corks the vials, then motions Grimal over to him.

20:40:59 [Alfirin]: It's the least we can do...

20:41:01 [syreena]: This had nothing to do with the Mandate.

20:41:03 [Tradire]: I am pleased it's a less forgiving process now.

20:41:10 Darrethy nods at Alfirin.

20:41:16 You look at Darrethy.

20:41:17 [Darrethy]: "...Yeah."

20:41:25 [Nokokomah]: The wolf will take the body.

20:41:29 Kex'ti gestures between the tauren and Sin'dorei ranger.

20:41:33 Grimal blinks at Naheal.

20:41:34 [Nokokomah]: And... he says Konro will miss you, Darrethy.

20:41:35 Lilliana agrees with Syreena, but she's quiet now. Thinking.

20:41:39 Konro | Stranger lies back down near Konro protectively.

20:41:46 Breygrah rests her head in her hands again.

20:41:49 [Grimal]: Yes Naheal?

20:41:50 [Darrethy]: ".......Yeah, I'll miss him too."

20:42:03 Ruuki arrived as silently as she could, surveying the scene with a frown.

20:42:07 Lilliana shoots a dark look at Darrethy.

20:42:07 Darrethy lips twitch, if only slightly as he turns away.

20:42:12 Alfirin smiles softly and sets a hand to Darrethy's shoulder.

20:42:22 [Naheal]: How well versed are you in curses? Do you think that you and Ninorra would be willing to assist an associate of mine in researching it's nature and finding a way to either break or render it inert?

20:42:35 Naheal looks to Darrethy when he says "an associate".

20:42:46 [Kex'ti]: So, Naheal

20:42:50 [Khorvis]: Still, there are several Horde who do think they might strike at the ranks of the Grim with no thought for its consequences.

20:42:51 Naheal looks at Kex'ti.

20:42:54 [Kex'ti]: Could...I be immune?

20:42:56 [Grimal]: Hmm..

20:43:03 [Grimal]: We could attempt it.

20:43:05 Ruuki looks over from the dead Tauren to Syreena. "What happened to your ear?"

20:43:09 [Kex'ti]: What would that even mean?

20:43:18 [Naheal]: I don't know. It's what makes the most sense given the information that we have available.

20:43:30 Syreena still looking sadly at Konro's body, she answers Ruuki. "An elf took it."

20:43:36 Lilliana gets up when Khorvis speaks, she glances quickly at Syreena's lack of ear.

20:43:56 [Tradire]: Any who'd attack a Grim, be it a floor scrubbing supplicant or the Commander himself should feel the might of our fist.

20:44:03 [Khorvis]: We Grim do have a long memory. This night will not be forgotten.

20:44:06 Naheal looks at you.

20:44:06 Kex'ti rubs his beard.

20:44:22 Naheal looks at Grimal.

20:44:25 [Grimal]: I'm more versed in Fel Flames than I am curses though Naheal. Curses take too long, when I want something dead i want it DEAD.

20:44:34 Syreena looks at Tradire, then at Khorvis, feeling slightly better.

20:44:38 [Grimal]: Usually as fast as possible.

20:44:43 Konro | Stranger snarls at Nokokomah and motions with his snout for her to leave.

20:44:46 Ruuki sighs softly, looking back at Konro's body. "Even after all the times he'd been beaten by us, I'd still had hope..."

20:44:48 Breygrah raises her head, and glances over at the gathering of Grim a little ways away with a look of concern on her face.

20:44:58 Syreena nods at Ruuki.

20:45:06 [Naheal]: ...and Ninorra was more interested in demonic control..

20:45:09 Nokokomah stares the wolf down. She won't go until everyone else has, to ensure Konro's body is unmolested.

20:45:16 [syreena]: I wanted the beast out of he could be Grim.

20:45:27 Lilliana agrees with Syreena.

20:45:40 [Kex'ti]: Friends, would you perhaps like to move somewhere more...

20:45:40 [syreena]: We were going to capture him if he won, he'd be weak then...and we could find someone to get the beast out of him so he could be with us again.

20:45:43 Kex'ti looks at Konro.

20:45:45 [Kex'ti]: You know.

20:45:58 [breygrah]: I would like to go to Mulgore.

20:46:05 Naheal nods at Breygrah.

20:46:16 [Naheal]: The Bear Cave?

20:46:23 Breygrah shrugs. Who knows?

20:46:28 [breygrah]: The Bluffs would be fine.

20:46:28 [Naheal]: Or is that where Xara is?

20:46:34 Kex'ti nods at Breygrah.

20:46:35 [breygrah]: Where is she?

20:46:39 Breygrah looks at Kex'ti.

20:46:40 [Kex'ti]: Wherever you want to go.

20:46:41 Breygrah looks at Naheal.

20:46:45 Konro | Stranger nuzzles Konro's body with his snout and tries to get him onto his back.

20:46:49 [Kex'ti]: As...long as you don't mind us coming.

20:46:52 [Tradire]: Who was it who finished the Shu'halo off?

20:46:52 [breygrah]: We need to see Xara.

20:46:57 Naheal nods at Breygrah.

20:46:59 Syreena points at Breygrah.

20:47:00 [breygrah]: I would encourage it.

20:47:02 Kex'ti nods at Breygrah.

20:47:04 Nokokomah leans down to assist the wolf.

20:47:05 [Kex'ti]: Then let's depart.

20:47:12 Breygrah nods.

20:47:13 Naheal looks at you.

20:47:17 [syreena]: She challenged him when he was missing an arm....for things he did while under control of the beast.

20:47:26 Breygrah takes a deep breath before getting herself to her feet.

20:47:35 [syreena]: This is supposed to be an honorably fight, right? There was no honor here tonight.

20:47:40 [Ruuki]: He was supposed to call it off...

20:47:41 Konro | Stranger gets Konro's body onto his back and pats over to Breygrah.

20:47:44 [Darrethy]: "Stranger will be taking the body."

20:47:46 [Naheal]: I'd like to formally introduce myself, but when we've got a better... situation.

20:47:47 Khorvis growls, becoming more and more convinced that the Grim were wronged.

20:47:54 Konro sniffs Breygrah.

20:47:55 You nod at Naheal.

20:48:00 Breygrah looks at the wolf.

20:48:02 [Alfirin]: Light be with you... Konro.

20:48:02 [syreena]: He couldn't call it off. He wasn't in control.

20:48:12 [Darrethy]: "I suppose, I should put up something resembling a grave or...something."

20:48:12 Nokokomah looks at Stranger.

20:48:13 Konro | Stranger nuzzles Breygrah's hand.

20:48:17 [syreena]: She should never have challenged him.

20:48:23 Syreena mutters, "Stupid honorless cow."

20:48:30 [Tradire]: That one, isn't she one of his tribe?

20:48:41 Breygrah watches the wolf with concern. She gives him a couple scratches, but cautiously.

20:48:43 [syreena]: Was. Before he came to us. He still cared for her.

20:48:46 Ruuki has a sort of distant look in her eyes, memories of others lost playing through her mind.

20:48:56 Naheal looks at Khorvis.

20:48:58 Nokokomah places a marker.

20:49:08 [Khorvis]: You do have the blood you asked for, Naheal.

20:49:19 Ruuki jerks out of it and steps back at the presence of the elf, frowning deeply.

20:49:20 [Naheal]: I'll keep you apprised of Xaraphyne's condition.

20:49:21 Konro licks Breygrah's hand before running along.

20:49:26 Naheal looks at Ruuki.

20:49:38 Lilliana looks at Naheal.

20:49:38 Naheal bows. "Sorry, miss. Didn't mean to intrude."

20:49:39 Breygrah lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

20:49:39 [Khorvis]: And the glade's twilight will be mapped.

20:49:45 [Lilliana]: I'll be joining you there, Naheal.

20:49:50 Naheal nods at Lilliana.

20:50:02 Khorvis glares at Darrethy tiredly.

20:50:26 Breygrah looks at Alfirin.

20:50:28 Darrethy looks at Naheal "....We should warn them about Malhavik."

20:50:30 [Alfirin]: Are you all right?

20:50:36 [Naheal]: Already done.

20:50:43 Naheal looks at Khorvis.

20:50:43 Darrethy nods at Naheal.

20:50:43 Syreena darts her gaze to Darrethy.

20:50:46 [Naheal]: Right?

20:50:46 Breygrah looks at her for a moment before nodding slowly.

20:50:54 [syreena]: What about Mal?

20:51:05 [Khorvis]: Blackguard, our respect still ... lives. But I do not have the strength to hold back Redmourn. I do suggest those not beneath the Mandate leave these snow fields.

20:51:23 [Khorvis]: And let us honor our dead.

20:51:38 [Darrethy]: "I gave Malhavik the cure to his curse, and it's quite possible he used it to cure Vionora of hers."

20:51:48 Lilliana looks distastefully at Darrethy.

20:51:50 [Darrethy]: "Which is more or less why I was more then frustrated today."

20:51:58 [breygrah]: I am sorry that you became involved in this.

20:52:16 [syreena]: Stay away from Mal.

20:52:16 Alfirin smiles sadly.

20:52:22 Naheal looks at Syreena.

20:52:29 [Darrethy]: "He's going to kill the world."

20:52:31 [Alfirin]: It's all right... I just wish I could have done more...

20:52:38 [Naheal]: I will slay any who side with Vionora, regardless what colors he carries

20:52:42 [syreena]: First Konro, now Mal....

20:52:43 [Naheal]: You'd best pray I'm wrong.

20:52:48 Syreena looks to Khorvis.

20:52:55 [Khorvis]: I did ask you once.

20:53:02 [Khorvis]: Leave my sight on terms still good.

20:53:04 [breygrah]: I am alive. And he will not harm anyone else. That is most important.

20:53:18 [Grimal]: Can't say I care for any of you, cept Lilly. But at the same time I won't rub salt in the wound. Here.

20:53:27 Nokokomah contemplates the mark, and the pool of frozen blood before it.

20:53:29 Lilliana folds her arms. She glances at Grimal.

20:53:34 [Grimal]: Enjoy.

20:53:37 Tradire leans to Syreena, pointing to Breygrah "That bloodied one?"

20:53:38 Naheal looks at Darrethy.

20:53:40 [breygrah]: We are going to the Bluffs soon. It would be nice of you to join us.

20:53:42 [Naheal]: You have work to do.

20:53:43 Alfirin looks down, lightly rubbing at her arm.

20:53:46 [Naheal]: And little time to do it in.

20:53:47 Syreena nods at Tradire.

20:53:47 [Alfirin]: ...Soon?

20:53:56 Breygrah nods at Alfirin.

20:53:56 Darrethy sighs.

20:54:03 [breygrah]: I will wait on Naheal.

20:54:07 [syreena]: I attacked her, but that elf over there intervened.

20:54:17 [Darrethy]: "Yeah, Yeah I do."

20:54:19 [breygrah]: Kex'ti and Tesonii will join us as well. I would like to find Xara.

20:54:33 Syreena reaches up to where her ear used to be. "He's very strong for a little elf. No offense."

20:54:34 Syreena shrugs at Tradire. Who knows?

20:54:38 [Alfirin]: I... I would love to... Though I think I need... time...

20:54:42 Breygrah nods.

20:54:49 [breygrah]: Take all the time you need. If not now, then another time.

20:55:01 Alfirin nods lightly.

20:55:09 [Alfirin]: ...I need time to grieve...

20:55:15 Breygrah nods.

20:55:22 [breygrah]: We all do.

20:55:28 Naheal turns to the Grim. "I will say this but once. Any who strike at someone who is assisting in dealing with Accalia while this situation proceeds will forever be branded an enemy. Hunt who you wish afterwards, I'm not a fucking peacekeeper."

20:55:42 [Darrethy]: "...I'm going to go get a few drinks at Warspear."

20:55:46 Lilliana rolls her eyes at Naheal.

20:55:51 [breygrah]: Is he behaving himself over there?

20:55:53 Breygrah looks at Darrethy.

20:55:59 Tradire scratches her head "That looks like a Tauren, not an elf Syreena"

20:56:01 Alfirin sighs quietly.

20:56:06 [Alfirin]: Hopefully.

20:56:08 [Darrethy]: "He's being polite, the Grim are having none of it."

20:56:17 Tradire leaves the group approaching the tauren

20:56:18 Ruuki snorts, her eyes narrowing.

20:56:19 Breygrah covers her face with her palm.

20:56:24 Tradire points at Breygrah.

20:56:26 Breygrah lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

20:56:31 Breygrah looks at Tradire.

20:56:40 [Naheal]: I don't give two shits about your squabbles. You want to kill someone, fine. Do it after we're done with this shit.

20:56:46 [Tradire]: There is no honor fighting a weak foe.

20:56:54 [Khorvis]: Hunter, you have bold words. Do your end of the bargain and we will do ours.

20:56:54 [Darrethy]: "He wasn't weak."

20:56:58 [syreena]: Tell that to the one who issued tonight's challenge.

20:57:01 [Darrethy]: "He was possessed by a demon."

20:57:13 [breygrah]: I will not let the words of those that know nothing of the situation bother me.

20:57:24 [Tradire]: Recover from your battle, I will be waiting.

20:57:24 [breygrah]: Perhaps we could meet again, at a better time.

20:57:37 Breygrah peers at Tradire searchingly.

20:57:44 [breygrah]: I do not even know your name.

20:57:51 Naheal walks away, barely containing his rage at the whole damned situation.

20:57:53 [Darrethy]: "If you try to strike at Brey, i'll send you back home in a box."

20:57:56 Tradire eyes "Breygrah"

20:58:08 [breygrah]: I am not concerned, Darrethy.

20:58:11 Tradire looks to Darrethy

20:58:16 [Darrethy]: "I know you're not."

20:58:16 Breygrah blinks at Tradire.

20:58:19 [Tradire]: There is no sport in attacking the weak

20:58:30 [breygrah]: He was not weak. You clearly know nothing.

20:58:32 [Nokokomah]: Konro nearly killed Xaraphyne and Kerala today.

20:58:36 [Darrethy]: "What part of possesed do you not understand?"

20:58:39 Breygrah keeps her voice quiet and calm.

20:58:40 [Darrethy]: "DEMONIC, COMPACT."

20:58:48 [Darrethy]: "I'm a demonologist, I know this."

20:58:51 [Tradire]: I am Tradire Redmourn. The Sentinel of The Grim.

20:59:05 [Tradire]: Demon or no, you spilled Grim blood.

20:59:05 [Naheal]: By rights, his head should belong to Borrowed Time. He attacked one of our members without provocation.

20:59:11 Lilliana looks at you.

20:59:20 You look at Lilliana.

20:59:28 Ruuki surveys the area once more, pausing to pick up something glinting in the snow- a small chunk of armor, most likely the fallen Tauren's. She gently picks it up, brushing away the snow and some blood from it before pocketing it.

20:59:30 [Nokokomah]: She came to me to ask how to help free Konro of the worg spirit.

20:59:30 [Naheal]: It is out of respect for the situation at hand that I don't press the issue.

20:59:33 [Darrethy]: "Fine, she spilled Grim blood, but don't twist the facts to your agenda,"

20:59:47 Breygrah sighs at Tradire.

21:00:01 [Tradire]: What agenda is there?

21:00:08 [breygrah]: There is no agenda.

21:00:24 [Tradire]: A Grim fell today. The hands responsible will know The Grims strength.

21:00:31 Darrethy just shakes his head.

21:00:37 [breygrah]: Then kill Vionora.

21:00:47 [Naheal]: That Grim attacked an ally of the Grim.

21:00:50 [Darrethy]: "Khorvis asked us to leave, I respect him still, we should go."

21:00:54 [Naheal]: Remember that.

21:01:04 Lilliana looks at Darrethy.

21:01:57 [breygrah]: Naheal. There is nothing left, here.

21:02:00 Breygrah looks at Lilliana.

21:02:11 Tradire glares at Naheal "Your close preasff" the voice fizzles off into static

21:02:15 [Darrethy]: "Go home, rest, recuperate."

21:02:18 Syreena fixes her gaze on Naheal, gore still dripping from where her ear used to be.

21:02:24 Tradire steps back and begins to fidget with her voice box on her neck

21:02:26 Lilliana looks back at Breygrah, her expression now flat.

21:02:27 [Alfirin]: Let us all go now... There is no need for more violence.

21:02:34 Breygrah looks at Tradire.

21:02:35 Naheal stares Syreena down.

21:03:11 [breygrah]: Naheal. We can go.

21:03:15 [Darrethy]: "Let's. Just. Go."

21:03:21 Syreena remains still and silent next to Tradire.

21:03:33 Tradire looks to Breygrah "Tauren, find me when you are well."

21:03:39 [Naheal]: Then go. I'll not leave one of mine alone with them.

21:03:44 [breygrah]: I will not be hiding, if that is what you mean.

21:03:45 Naheal looks at you.

21:03:51 Breygrah looks at Naheal.

21:03:56 [breygrah]: You will follow?

21:04:04 [Naheal]: When I'm able.

21:04:12 Breygrah frowns.

21:04:31 Breygrah gathers up her pile of armor.

21:04:39 [Alfirin]: Please... Don't stay behind.

21:04:52 [Naheal]: I don't abandon my own.

21:05:07 [Nokokomah]: Who wishes to see Xaraphyne?

21:05:13 [breygrah]: I do.

21:05:18 [Naheal]: As do I

21:05:19 [breygrah]: Please.

21:05:32 Lilliana looks to Khorvis, and she pulls out her hearthstone.

21:05:32 Breygrah hugs her equipment tightly.

21:05:58 [Khorvis]: Grim. We are the wind. This corpse will rot, and the Mandate will carry on.

21:06:06 Breygrah looks at Lilliana.

21:07:14 Lilliana looks at Syreena.

21:07:15 [breygrah]: Where is Xara?

21:08:00 [Nokokomah]: I must ask her who may come. Fhenrir is particular about allowing others to know where they live after the... incident.

21:08:03 Syreena looks at Lilliana.

21:08:09 Breygrah nods at you.

21:08:25 Tradire eyes Naheal "Your fear is misplaced dear. We don't blindly slash through horde. Only leave impressions where required"

21:08:31 Naheal looks at Tradire.

21:08:44 Lilliana nods her head at Syreena, there is a grateful look in her eyes.

21:08:46 [Naheal]: Considering actions today, you'll forgive me if I'm rather on edge around your group.

21:09:05 [Naheal]: It's a rift that can easily be mended, but I have responsibilities to hold to.

21:09:14 Naheal looks at Tradire.

21:09:36 Syreena nods at Lilliana.

21:09:37 [Tradire]: Syreena has need of a new ear. They seems to be a good start.

21:09:55 [Darrethy]: "How about you give her yours, instead?"

21:10:05 [Nokokomah]: Xaraphyne says Naheal and Breygrah may come. And of course Lilliana.

21:10:05 [Naheal]: Do I look to be Sanctuary to you? Take up your arguments with them.

21:10:07 You look at Lilliana.

21:10:14 [Nokokomah]: Did anyone else wish to visit?

21:10:21 [Tradire]: No fun in that, 3 years of her chasing my ears and I just give her one?

21:10:33 [syreena]: Give my regards to Xara. I hope she is well again soon.

21:10:36 [Darrethy]: "I can help make it entertaining then."

21:10:39 Naheal nods at Syreena.

21:10:39 You nod at Syreena.

21:10:44 [syreena]: I'm sure Fhen won't want me to know where they live.

21:10:44 [Naheal]: I will at that.

21:10:51 You look at Syreena.

21:10:56 Syreena shrugs at you. Who knows?

21:11:10 Tradire snickers at Syreena "Running out of places for your ears?"

21:11:11 [Nokokomah]: Let us go.

21:11:20 [Nokokomah]: I will show you the way from Thunder Bluff.

21:11:24 Breygrah nods at Tradire.

21:11:28 Syreena smirks slyly at Tradire.

21:11:28 [Naheal]: Then let's go.

21:11:31 [breygrah]: Naheal, I'm leaving.

21:11:34 Naheal nods at Breygrah.

21:11:41 Alfirin nods at Breygrah.

21:11:43 Naheal looks at you.

21:11:52 [Naheal]: I'm not leaving until you're on your way.

21:11:54 Lilliana is ready to leave.

21:12:03 [Naheal]: But I'm ready whenever you are.

21:12:04 Nokokomah summons her astral powers.

21:12:05 Alfirin lightly tugs on Darrethy's hand, "Let's go..."

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