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Eclipse: Maps and Plans

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Khorvis and Naheal met in the Wyvern's Tail to discuss the curse and begin to plan for the final attack on Accalia. It slowly grew into something concrete, with more work to do!

You eye Naheàl up and down.

[Naheàl ]: Sorry I'm late. Dealing with the details of an... interesting proposal I got last night.

[Khorvis ]: Throm'ka, Hunter. I do be some few hours since I did last see your flesh.

[Naheàl ]: And that was prior to the offer I got from the... former leader of the company I'm now calling my own.

[Khorvis ]: Your banner does wander. It ish not my place or care to judge.

[Khorvis ]: What offer do you speak of?

[Naheàl ]: Are you familiar with Xaraphynne and Fhenrir's company, Borrowed Time?

[Khorvis ]: The name is familiar to my tongue. Those two veterans are the few not of the Mandate that I do count decent allies.

[Naheàl ]: Their former leader came to me last night with an offer. Dispand the Rangers of the Dark Sun and lead Borrowed Time myself. A rather interesting offer that I took him up on.

[Khorvis ]: You would forsake your allies for the chance at glory? I do wonder at your wisdom, elf.

[Naheàl ]: My allies consisted of me and me alone.

[Naheàl ]: The banner that I carried was carried solely by myself.

Khorvis snorts jocularly. "Then disband do be a strong word. But it does not matter. You are now the chieftan. Why do you tell me this?"

[Naheàl ]: I come to you now to speak of information reguarding Accalia an ask for what information that the Grim has reguarding her.

Khorvis takes a deep swig of his firewater.

[Naheàl ]: The night I was cursed, I said that you'd nave no greater ally in facing her and yet we've never spoken since.

[Naheàl ]: Fallout from that night, I shuppose. However, it's a shtate I wish to remedy.

[Khorvis ]: Aye. I do think you know the small joy that sitsh between my comrades and your former Sanctuary.

[Naheàl ]: The only joy I know of between the Grim and Sanctuary is the joy that the Grim takes in striking at them and that Sanctuary has at being stuck at.

Khorvis barks a short laugh but continues.

[Khorvis ]: I do be the wrong orc to ask of the nature of curses. I am no arcanist or mindbender. My work is with the blade and with the steel of my Shupplicants' will.

[Khorvis ]: But I will tell you what I know.

[Khorvis ]: When the felmancer Malhavik did spread his curse into my eye, I did see things that would grey my beard if they did be real.

[Khorvis ]: The wolf bitch is a thing of chaos. She does rally against all things that are of order and their proper place in a world built of stone and mortar.

[Khorvis ]: I did see the collapse of cities, the encroaching of the wild, and the dying fires of hearths, if Accalia does get her way.

You look at Naheàl.

[Naheàl ]: She's a creature of destruction now. Even before, we knew of her threat, but could do little to stop her beyond sealing her.

[Naheàl ]: It was our method at the time to turn her chosen herald against her. We used the Rangers as soldiers when she did come to our world seven years ago.

[Khorvis ]: Aye, that does sound like the wolf I did see in my shard.

[Naheàl ]: It was all we could do to seal her. Information that we had was little and expertise on creatures like her to call on.

[Naheàl ]: Well... it was allmost nonexistant.

[Naheàl ]: We had to rely upon people who had managed to resist the curse in order to fight it

[Khorvis ]: It has been the work of the Inquisition to stamp out the flames of chaos that her cursed minions do be lighting every night. Malhavik, Lupinum, Konro.

[Khorvis ]: You do know these names?

[Naheàl ]: I do. Malhavik is a man I don't trust even when I have him in my sight.

[Naheàl ]: Lupinum is one that I've yet to have a poor experience with. and Konro... needs no explaination.

[Khorvis ]: Your reasons are your own, hunter. But we do agree that these cursed are now creatures of chaos, no matter how friendly their masks.

[Naheàl ]: It's impossible to fully control her whispers. However, I've begun to learn how to direct them to my advantage.

[Naheàl ]: I'm in the process of tracking Vionora and have another researching a means to break the curse or, at the very least, render it inert.

Khorvis frowns at Naheàl. He knows that he is under little threat due to his manalessness, but all the same ...

[Khorvis ]: Do these whispers speak her weakness?

[Naheàl ]: They speak strength. And direction. Which we can plan from.

[Naheàl ]: Vionora is losing Accalia's favor.

[Khorvis ]: Better the enemy that you see than the one that you do not.

[Naheàl ]: Precisely.

[Naheàl ]: I've been at this long enough to know that we must control the war if we're to win it.

[Khorvis ]: Then I do ask you this:

[Khorvis ]: Does Accalia fear order?

[Naheàl ]: No. She prefers to have her followers hunt in packs.

[Naheàl ]: Observe any wolf pack and you'll see a clear heirarchy.

Khorvis grumbles and grabs another drink.

[Naheàl ]: She sews discord and chaos to mask what she's up to. She's a huntress and all life is her prey.

[Khorvis ]: Then we do need an arrow big enough to pierce her heart ...hic!

[Naheàl ]: A hunter's trap would do the trick as well.

[Khorvis ]: You did speak of another who do be building it.

[Naheàl ]: Vionora has a single strength which she's relied upon that I spotted when my last trap sprung prematurely.

[Naheàl ]: She seems to teleport between the material world and the twilight. We need a means to rob that from her.

[Khorvis ]: Hrm.

[Naheàl ]: Rob Accalia of her alpha, turn her against her, and we'll be able to use her own weapons against her in this war.

[Khorvis ]: When we did raid Stratholme, in the second war, we did set flame to the refinery and docks before harrying the Alliance fleet.

Naheàl nods.

[Khorvis ]: The fleet had no port to flee to.

[Naheàl ]: It's a dangerous thing to do, though. Place your enemy with their back to a wall and they'll fight fiercer than they would with an escape route.

[Naheàl ]: We need to give her an escape route that we can control and harrass her the whole way down.

[Naheàl ]: Force her to flee. Wear her down. Then, when she cannot fight back, cut her throat.

[Naheàl ]: And that is where we need to find the "how."

[Khorvis ]: There are twelve elvish destroyers sitting at the floor of the Great Sea with Blackrock shells sitting in their hulls. That is "how" we did do it in the past.

[Khorvis ]: I do not know the terrain of this "twilight" you do speak of.

[Naheàl ]: I only saw it briefly. I would recommend putting some that you can trust on mapping what we can.

[Naheàl ]: In the meantime, my people and I will work on tracking Vionora herself and creating a means to snap the trap shut.

Khorvis grumbles about orders from an outsider, but doesn't press the point.

[Naheàl ]: Also, be wary. I've gotten a report of Accalia's worgs breeding.

[Khorvis ]: Fine. I will set Grim on the task of mapping this twilight realm that Vionorra does use to slip away.

Naheàl nods at you.

[Khorvis ]: Does there be a specific place of Azeroth?

[Khorvis ]: Mapping all of the globe is some feat.

[Naheàl ]: Hmm...

[Naheàl ]: Moonglade would give her a false advantage if we can craft the proper trap.

[Khorvis ]: One more question, hunter.

Naheàl looks at you.

[Khorvis ]: Do you have any scrolls, tomes, or incantations that I can bring to my arcanists? They will think me a madman if they do not have some spell to take them to this twilight realm.

[Naheàl ]: Hmm...

Naheàl takes out a small totem with Shadowmoon markings, then places it on the table. "That's the best I have at the moment. It's as good of a start as we'll get for now. I can look into more if you need it, however."

[Khorvis ]: I have seen its sister in the halls of Auchindoun.

[Khorvis ]: We will find the way.

Naheàl nods at you.

[Khorvis ]: Enough talk of curses. It does curdle my blood after so many moons.

[Khorvis ]: Tell me of Huntress Nawe and brother Fhenrir. They are well?

[Naheàl ]: Xaraphyne was doing well last I saw of her. I haven't seen Fhenrir in a couple days, though.

[Khorvis ]: They admit you as their commander without dispute or ill blood?

[Naheàl ]: The former's been trying to at least delay this Mok'gora madness until we're done with Accalia at the soonest.

[Naheàl ]: Haven't had the chance to speak with Fhenrir, but Xaraphyne was ready to take to my command of the Rangers, despite her... issues with them in the past.

[Khorvis ]: Hrmph. Mok'gora.

[Naheàl ]: Their leader was apparently a druid by the name of Rey'jin, who sought me out by name to make such an offer. I suspect that he had spoken with Xaraphyne beforehand.

[Khorvis ]: Rey'jin ...

Khorvis stumbles over his trollish.

[Khorvis ]: Chief of the kettle?

Naheàl shrugs. Who knows?

[Naheàl ]: I had never met him before.

[Khorvis ]: Zug zug.

[Naheàl ]: I suspect that he was either mad or looking for someone to take over while he retires.

[Naheàl ]: No matter. If they take issue with my leadership for now, I'll give them reason to set those issues aside.

[Khorvis ]: I do doubt he will find Peace outside of battle, but I do hope for his Loa's blessing on your clan.

[Khorvis ]: A blessing I do not be giving is on this Mok'gora that does happen this night.

[Naheàl ]: It was supposedly called off, but I don't give that any weight.

[Khorvis ]: These Tauren are playing at something ancient and honorable, of which they do have no right or knowledge.

[Khorvis ]: Bloody children.

[Naheàl ]: Most likely, Konro will do something foolish, insulting or dangerous and Breygrah will respond in kind.

[Naheàl ]: My argument has always been that if this is their chosen path, then so be it, but now isn't the time.

[Khorvis ]: May be the Grim will be rid of a very troublesome Shupplicant this night ...

Khorvis coughs into his drink.

[Khorvis ]: I do speak too freely. Ignore my ill will.

[Naheàl ]: Wasted energy, this. We should be focusing on more important battles.

[Khorvis ]: Aye. There are still thousands of Alliance whelps to gut, and the Iron Horde still threatens our holdings on Draenor.

[Khorvis ]: Thank the ancestors that the Ironbreakers of the Grim do take the fight to the Foundry this night.

[Naheàl ]: I remain more concerned about the Shhadow Council.

[Naheàl ]: The Alliance was right to fear them in the first and second wars.

Khorvis sneers darkly. In the past, he would have shown disdain for the old warlocks. Now...

[Khorvis ]: They will all find their graves. I do hope before our two allies in their Mok'gora.

[Naheàl ]: If he manages to survive Mok'gora tonight, I would warn you of a potential danger in Konro.

You eye Naheàl up and down.

[Naheàl ]: His behavior is consistent with possession or mind control.

[Khorvis ]: Other than his constant need of a bottom-paddling?

[Khorvis ]: There is not much mind in that skull to control. But the limbs are large, that is certain.

[Naheàl ]: His mind is weak and while his body could potentially be strong. In the hands of one that could tie strings to him, he could become a danger, even to the Grim. Should he turn at the wrong time.

Khorvis glances left and right.

[Khorvis ]: I will speak to you now in confidence, for I do think there is some honor that did somehow make its way into your bloodline.

[Khorvis ]: May be some great elflord ancestor of the great past.

[Khorvis ]: There is a plan in place. We do call it Blood Judgement.

Naheàl looks to Khorvis with interest.

[Khorvis ]: If those who are cursed do be a barrier to the Mandate and its culling of Accalia ...

[Khorvis ]: There are many daggers in the shadows waiting. The full compliment of Grim shadowblades do know their time. They cursed bodies will be sealed in Northrend, until Accalia does no longer draw breath, or whatever she does.

[Naheàl ]: If that should happen to one of them, I would ask for a sample of their blood. One of my contacts is looking for a means to isolate the curse and would require as many samples as possible.

[Naheàl ]: Let no resource go to waste.

[Khorvis ]: That may be possible. The bodies will be held deep underground, to be revived when the Worg is gone.

Naheàl nods at you.

[Khorvis ]: I do say again, in confidence: this is the last resort. I will not have Grim slaying Grim needlessly.

[Naheàl ]: I have a policy of not letting resources go to waste. The same goes for any soldier.

Khorvis nods and motions towards the shadowed alcoves of the tavern. Several presences depart.

[Naheàl ]: Now. Unless there's much else, I've work to get to.

[Khorvis ]: I will see your face at the Mok'gora, Naheàl. The mapping of the nether realm will be done.

Naheàl nods at you.

[Naheàl ]: Good hunting, Khorvis.

[Khorvis ]: Mok'rak ... brother.

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