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Eclipse: Things To Fear

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19:29:56 Breygrah shrugs. Who knows?

19:30:06 [Lilliana]: Hey, Syreena. *she eyes the rogue* How long you been listening?

19:30:13 Darrethy brushes off sleeves "I do think Konro is a murderer, Brey has her own reasons." he shrugged his shoulders "Not that you'd care, but for all purposes Konro killed a bunch of Draenei civilians for no discernible reason, but you know-peace through annihilation." his voice practically drips with venom.

19:30:14 [syreena]: Not long.

19:30:33 [syreena]: Killing Alliance doesn't count as murder.

19:30:37 Lilliana knows that in Syreena language, that means 'long enough'.

19:31:17 [Darrethy]: "Killing Konro doesn't count as murder either in my book, even ignoring all that, he's an Iron Horde sympathizer."

19:31:19 Breygrah takes another breath, and releases it slowly.

19:31:24 [syreena]: And if that was the supply escort, there were several people with him who help killed those "civilians". You gonna kill us all?

19:31:34 [Darrethy]: "The sooner he is purged, the sooner the Horde can live a cleaner, healthier life."

19:31:37 Lilliana was there.

19:31:42 [breygrah]: If I have time? I would consider it.

19:31:51 Breygrah smirks again, with a little snicker.

19:31:58 Darrethy chuckles "Some i'd like to more then others."

19:31:59 Syreena tilts her head at Brey. "You were there too."

19:32:15 [breygrah]: But some people have no sense of humor, yes?

19:32:20 Breygrah ignores the rogue.

19:33:01 Feury gently pats Syreena.

19:33:10 [breygrah]: I would just hope the week to go by quickly.

19:33:14 [breygrah]: I want to get it over with.

19:33:24 [Darrethy]: "The Horde benefits itself little for suffering Konro, if the man had good motivations, an unwavering loyalty, and maybe pissed himself drunk a little less...I might forgive the needless bloodshed."

19:33:31 [syreena]: I just want to know what he did to you to make you hate him so much.

19:33:31 Breygrah looks at Darrethy.

19:33:59 [breygrah]: Attack my friends. Harass me, attack me, beat me, why is it your business?

19:34:03 Breygrah blinks at Syreena.

19:34:06 Lilliana gets up to her feet, and busies herself with brushing and smoothing out her robes. They have gotten a bit dusty from sitting down.

19:34:07 [syreena]: Because he's Grim.

19:34:13 [breygrah]: I do not care.

19:34:19 [Darrethy]: "I'v hardly never killed an innocent, it's a harsh reality of war. But I don't spit in the faces of children as I murder their parents...that's the sort of thing the Alliance does."

19:34:25 [breygrah]: Too bad you did not get to help him, yes?

19:34:49 [syreena]: The week ain't over yet.

19:34:55 Breygrah grumbles, then pulls a bottle from her bag.

19:34:59 [breygrah]: I invite anyone to try.

19:35:19 [breygrah]: I do not fear threats. Or anything, right now, for that matter.

19:35:23 Breygrah smiles.

19:35:27 [Vionora]: You should.

19:35:33 [Darrethy]: "Konro is not a soldier, he is a Tauren, he barely qualifies as a man."

19:35:37 Breygrah 's face drops, and she does not move.

19:35:42 Lilliana mills about again, eyeing Brey, Syreena, and even Darrethy. "I'm so tired of one Horde getting so much attention." She growls.....then stops it right away, hearing Vionora speak.

19:35:58 Syreena eyes Darrethy curiously a moment.

19:36:03 [breygrah]: She's here...

19:36:12 You look at Lilliana.

19:36:12 [Lilliana]: Kill it!

19:36:13 [Darrethy]: "Speaking of insects..."

19:36:14 Breygrah swallows hard again.

19:36:24 [breygrah]: Well.

19:36:24 [Feury]: where is Konro now?

19:36:34 Breygrah blinks at you.

19:36:34 You stare Lilliana down.

19:36:38 [breygrah]: There you are.

19:36:45 Syreena smirks at Brey. "Looks like there's still one thing you fear."

19:36:49 [Vionora]: Did you want to try me again, troll?

19:36:52 Breygrah pulls her shield onto her arm, but leave the sword at her side.

19:36:59 [breygrah]: Lilly, do not toy with her.

19:37:03 Lilliana could give a rats ass about Konro and Breygrah's drama, there is a Vionora here. She stares right back at Vionora, "Yeah, twitface. I got back up."

19:37:11 You look at Breygrah.

19:37:17 [breygrah]: Lilly! Shut up!

19:37:18 [Vionora]: Her?

19:37:20 [breygrah]: For once!

19:37:22 Vionora sounds slightly derisive.

19:37:26 Breygrah glares angrily at you.

19:37:41 Syreena eyes you up and down.

19:38:06 [breygrah]: I have feared enough. No longer.

19:38:15 [Darrethy]: "So why have you come calling?"

19:38:17 Vionora 's gray gaze shifts from Breygrah back to Lilly. "Unlike your 'backup', you're not immune to being cursed, troll."

19:38:29 [breygrah]: You will not touch her.

19:38:32 Lilliana bristles, "I'm not shutting up, we need to kill her too."

19:38:55 You look at Darrethy.

19:39:04 Syreena whispers to Lilly, then grins wickedly.

19:39:06 Breygrah looks at Darrethy quickly.

19:39:10 [Vionora]: This is a public space. I'm not calling on anyone. If I were... you would know.

19:39:14 Syreena eyes you up and down.

19:39:18 [syreena]: So you're the one....

19:39:22 Lilliana exchanges a look with Syreena.

19:39:45 Syreena shakes her head slightly. "I'm not seeing what made you so special."

19:39:50 Breygrah whispers into a stone, but gets no answer. She frowns with her eyes on Vionora.

19:39:57 [Vionora]: I'm not.

19:39:58 Darrethy seems focused on the elf, popping open a flask and tipping it her direction "Come to share a drink then?"

19:40:16 [syreena]: So it was just because the two of you were linked together then? That's why he took such an interest in you?

19:40:36 Vionora looks at Darrethy, then at Syreena, frowning slightly.

19:41:04 [Vionora]: An 'interest' in me? That's way way to put Malhavik's condition.

19:41:13 [syreena]: I wonder what he felt... Doing such acts in such a holy place.

19:41:20 [syreena]: Over and over and over and over again....

19:41:25 You stare Syreena down.

19:41:34 [Vionora]: You don't know what you speak of.

19:41:53 Syreena shrugs, "Maybe not. I wasn't there. But you were."

19:41:59 Breygrah looks back, but only to make sure Lilly is still behind her.

19:42:00 Lilliana looks at Syreena, "Ooooooooooooooo"

19:42:17 You look at Breygrah.

19:42:24 [breygrah]: Frustrated? Friend?

19:42:27 Breygrah stares you down.

19:42:28 Lilliana could totally run around Breygrah if she wanted to....but no, she's quite content to have the tauren in front of her. She's not stupid...well, sometimes she's not stupid.

19:42:30 [Vionora]: Death hangs over you. In five days.

19:42:39 [breygrah]: You know nothing.

19:42:45 Vionora smiles slightly.

19:42:51 [Darrethy]: "Taunting her is pointless. She has nothing to lose, nothing to give, she's embraced her fate completely, she simply exists."

19:42:57 [Vionora]: Don't know who he chose for his shaman?

19:42:57 [Darrethy]: "Pity, don't hate."

19:43:06 Breygrah smiles at you.

19:43:09 [breygrah]: Oh, I see.

19:43:20 [breygrah]: Should I cut you down next, then?

19:43:41 Vionora looks at the tauren as she draws nearer.

19:43:48 Breygrah takes a couple steps, but thinks better of herself and stops. Her hand rests on her sword plainly.

19:44:00 Lilliana glances quickly to Syreena and Darrethy.

19:44:09 [breygrah]: I have nothing to fear.

19:44:16 [breygrah]: Nothing from him, and nothing from you.

19:44:22 [Vionora]: What about from the shadows?

19:44:28 [breygrah]: Let them come.

19:44:29 Vionora doesn't move, but the shadows near her seem to waver.

19:44:31 [Darrethy]: "I am the Shadows."

19:44:40 [Vionora]: We are all shadows.

19:44:52 [Darrethy]: "You are -darkness- Vionora."

19:44:57 You look at Darrethy.

19:44:57 [Darrethy]: "There's a distinction."

19:45:10 Breygrah looks as if she's about to speak, but bites her tongue and smirks.

19:45:11 You look at Malhavik.

19:45:15 [Darrethy]: "A shadow is cast by light, there is no light in you, not anymore."

19:45:22 You look at Darrethy.

19:45:32 Lilliana narrows her eyes....she wants to go after Vionora...but really, the only reason she attacked her the other evening is the elf warlock kind of showed up in the middle of hte Grim's dungeons, she couldn't NOT attack...the fact that everyone is hanging back and talking instead of acting....says something.

19:46:07 [syreena]: Well, Brey? You're not afraid of anything, right? Go on then.

19:46:17 [breygrah]: Shut up, child.

19:46:22 [breygrah]: Grown ups are talking.

19:46:25 Breygrah stares you down.

19:46:26 [syreena]: Scared?

19:46:32 Vionora looks at Darrethy for another few long moments. Then she looks to where Malhavik has gone to simply watch her.

19:46:36 [breygrah]: Be my guest, then.

19:46:44 Lilliana notices Malhavik, unsure if she's grateful he's here or not.

19:46:55 Syreena snorts at Brey, then steps forward, drawing her swords, and lunges at the elf.

19:47:03 Breygrah blinks at Syreena.

19:47:10 Vionora leaps away, incredibly fast. Her back is to Breygrah.

19:47:11 Malhavik sits motionless.

19:47:23 Breygrah raises her shield and charges the woman's back.

19:47:40 Vionora reaches behind her, seizing Breygrah, and *hurls her over her head* at Syreena.

19:48:08 Syreena growls as she gets knocked down, "Get off me, you big spineless oaf!"

19:48:21 [breygrah]: Go sit at the kid's table!

19:48:30 [Vionora]: Anyone else?

19:48:32 Breygrah stumbles back to her feet and raises the shield a second time.

19:48:50 Darrethy hands clapped together, chaotic energy surging into his hands "OBLIVION!" he launches it forward, a swirling mass of fire, frost, arcane, fel, and dozens of grasping fleshy melted hands.

19:50:08 Vionora turns her head toward Darrethy. She puts up her right hand... and almost the entire spell is absorbed. Its power runs through the curse, causing the mark on everyone present with one to flare in response. The remaining power of the spell makes her stumble back a little.

19:50:32 Breygrah raises the shield to her shoulder again as she hunches down, and charges a second time.

19:50:45 Syreena advances again, while her attention is on Darrethy, swords slashing at the elf's torso.

19:51:05 Vionora throws up her left arm, and meets Breygrah's charge. Despite having no armor, the two collide and lock in place like two fully armed warriors.

19:51:35 Breygrah digs her hooves into the ground with a sneer on her face, she keeps her eyes focused on the elf.

19:51:37 Vionora hisses as Syreena's blades cut her. She turns her gaze on the rogue, and a rope of shadow lashes out to try to encircle her.

19:52:02 Breygrah growls at the woman. "What is wrong? Tassha?"

19:52:20 Darrethy chuckles "I don't mind burning to banish you fiend, to the Twisting Nether!" his flesh started to melt in places as holy energy began to manifest into the Chaotic mass, he seemed to be just hurling the raw material of the universe at Vionora and hoping-

19:52:22 [Vionora]: Tassha died before she was born.

19:52:24 Syreena struggles in the shadows, seeming only to tighten them around her.

19:52:25 Darrethy -it sticks.

19:52:32 Breygrah keeps herself squared to resist any movement.

19:52:40 [syreena]: Several times, from what I heard.

19:52:41 Lilliana has a go... since everyone now seems to have regained their nerve, The priestess also calls her own shadows, and sends words of death at the elven warlock while she tumbles with Syreena and Brey.

19:52:51 Vionora grabs Brey in a lock and turns her, knocking her into Syreena, and bringing her around as a shield versus Darrethy and Lilliana's attacks.

19:53:08 [breygrah]: HEY!

19:53:18 Lilliana totally hit Breygrah by accident.

19:53:37 Darrethy abruptly stops casting ".....Hold!"

19:53:40 [breygrah]: You will have to-.

19:53:45 [Lilliana]: Oh fuck!

19:53:57 Breygrah only groans a little when she is hit. "Better than that!"

19:54:10 Vionora tightens her grip, her arm locking around Breygrah's neck. Being tall for an elf, and Brey short for a tauren, Brey isn't bent back too much.

19:54:14 Breygrah swings a hoof at the woman's knee.

19:54:14 Malhavik chuckles and claps his hands excitedly.

19:54:19 Malhavik claps excitedly.

19:54:28 [breygrah]: Let me go you wench!

19:54:32 [Lilliana]: Malhavik, help us! *she shouts back at him* Don't be an ass!

19:54:42 Breygrah wraps her arms around the elf in attempt to lift her into the air

19:55:01 [Malhavik]: My magic would only feed her good Lilliana.

19:55:03 Vionora goes to punch Breygrah in the kidney with her free hand, a cripplingly painful blow.

19:55:41 [Lilliana]: Don't use your magic then, go HIT her with your staff, something. I can't!

19:55:57 Breygrah hisses in pain as her legs falter under her. She grasps for the knife in her gauntlet instead as she struggles against the woman's strange grip.

19:56:15 Vionora shifts her grip, and attempts to throw Breygrah down to the ground.

19:56:16 Lilliana quickly looks at Syreena, and tries to cast her dispelling magics again as the shadows lick around the small rogue.

19:56:30 Darrethy tries reaching into the fabric of the universe, his mind rapidly searching for a spell...any spell...that could possibly undo her "....For fucks sake...." he pulled at one of the raw elements of creation, one of the strands of Chaos, and suddenly almost-

19:56:38 Malhavik looks at the long bony spikes protruding from his staff. "I suppose it would hurt to get whacked by this thing..."

19:56:47 Syreena still struggling against the shadows, though she does notice the beating Brey is taking, then finally breaks free with the help of Lilly's spell.

19:56:55 Breygrah grips the handle of the blade, and slashes harshly as she falls.

19:57:02 Darrethy burst into flame as a mass of Holy energy gathered in his hands, before stumblingly throwing it forward at the Herald.

19:57:21 Vionora is cut along the leg as Breygrah falls, making her stagger again. She is bleeding copiously from the side wounds Syreena inflicted as well.

19:57:46 Lilliana tries to shield Breygrah as she is able to while she struggles with Vionora.

19:57:47 Breygrah rolls down the hill away from her, she regains a hold on her knees and a hand.

19:57:58 Vionora sees the incoming ball of Holy energy. Her eyes narrow, and she darts to the side to dodge it, still incredibly fast. But it sears her, a near miss.

19:58:03 [Malhavik]: Good show comrades you've got her on the ropes now!

19:58:05 Malhavik claps excitedly.

19:58:16 [breygrah]: Malhavik shut up! We're busy!

19:58:22 Darrethy kneels down.

19:58:27 Vionora claps her marked hands together. A powerful wave of shadow explodes out from her to strike all present.

19:58:39 Lilliana is blasted to the ground.

19:58:40 [syreena]: Enough already? *pouts* But I've heard your blood makes beautiful art. I want to see....

19:58:45 Syreena gets blasted backwards.

19:58:45 Breygrah still holds the bloodied blade in her grasp threateningly before being struck by the shadows.

19:59:04 Darrethy is practically boiling in his own armor, still sensitive from the night before...the shadow nova all but knocks him out completely.

19:59:21 Lilliana lies down.

19:59:24 [Vionora]: Fools. Worthless prey, trying to put up a fight.

19:59:28 Vionora gathers the shadows to her.

19:59:42 Malhavik grunts as liquid shadow crashes over him.

19:59:49 Breygrah charges to Darrethy and Lilliana to shield them best as she can.

20:00:10 [Vionora]: Don't you know how pointless it is?

20:00:17 Darrethy is unable to reply, he just...smoulders.

20:00:22 [breygrah]: Nothing is pointless, but your actions.

20:00:47 [Vionora]: You are deluded if you think anything you do matters.

20:00:51 Lilliana takes more than a moment before she is able to struggle back up to her feet. She can't believe how hard that hit...and it shows. She is unsteady.

20:00:53 [breygrah]: I will cut through anyone in my way to get to you.

20:01:05 [Vionora]: Including your friends?

20:01:11 Breygrah smirks slyly at you.

20:01:20 [breygrah]: None of them will stand for you.

20:01:25 Vionora raises the demon-marked hand.

20:01:34 [Vionora]: They will if I will it.

20:01:39 Breygrah 's smirk changes into a glare.

20:01:51 [breygrah]: I will not stop at anything.

20:02:00 Malhavik lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

20:02:04 Syreena mutters, "Looks like you're stopped right now."

20:02:05 [breygrah]: Let Konro get into my way, I do not care.

20:02:18 Lilliana moves over into the grass to check on Syreena, cause she got blasted too.

20:02:19 Breygrah waves off the girl.

20:02:23 [Vionora]: He's not the one you should be watching your back for.

20:02:29 Breygrah glares angrily at you.

20:02:32 Darrethy grips his sword tightly, shambling up as if to strike at the Tauren. He is visibly resisting the urge to attack.

20:02:34 You look at Darrethy.

20:02:41 [breygrah]: What? Her? She doesn't scare me.

20:02:42 Breygrah smirks slyly at you.

20:02:54 Lilliana would normally smirk or giggle or something at Syreena's dig, but not now....seeing that Syreena seems fine, she watches Vionora.

20:02:59 Syreena looks up at Lilly, yeah, she's a tauren thrown at her!

20:03:10 [breygrah]: I have all the energy I need. You just need to hurry yourself. I only have five moons.

20:03:11 [Darrethy]: " ONES....Slave wretch! Not yours, not the Lich Kings! Your will is WEAK!"

20:03:13 Breygrah snickers at you.

20:03:35 Syreena thanks Lilliana.

20:03:36 [breygrah]: You want to throw one of these people at me? Do it. I am ready.

20:03:38 Vionora watches as Darrethy struggles to resist, but her will is strong.

20:03:52 [Vionora]: Kill her.

20:03:54 [breygrah]: Darrethy is too strong for you.

20:04:03 Darrethy grips his blade hard, he's still shambling forward in spite of his words.

20:04:06 Malhavik shouts cheerfully over to Lilliana, "I could help stop him if you'd like"

20:04:08 Lilliana glances at Breygrah and her claim that she is not scared. Lilliana is scared....scared that this is gonna screw them all over, horde and alliance alike, although the alliance part is ok.

20:04:10 Breygrah readies her shield anyway.

20:04:29 [Vionora]: The Forsaken are unfortunately strong-willed...

20:04:32 You look at Malhavik.

20:04:37 Breygrah smirks slyly at you.

20:04:56 [breygrah]: Why do not you show up when the others are around? We will make a date of it.

20:05:05 Breygrah sounds oddly light as she speaks.

20:05:11 [Darrethy]: " do your bidding, I would rather die a man...then a slave...."

20:05:39 Lilliana looks at Malhavik.

20:05:42 Vionora hisses in annoyance.

20:05:43 Darrethy blade pulls back, stumbling as his mind violently wrestles with Vionora's.

20:05:58 [breygrah]: What now?

20:06:07 Breygrah keeps her shield up.

20:06:14 [breygrah]: I know I cannot best you alone. I am not so stupid.

20:06:25 [Vionora]: Just wait. When it's mine... even their will will be powerless.

20:06:36 [syreena]: When what is yours?

20:06:45 Breygrah tilts her head at Vionora.

20:06:51 Malhavik lets out a hacking cough.

20:07:05 Vionora makes a gestures, and the shadows writhing around her feet suddenly lunge in the form of a worg at Breygrah.

20:07:09 [breygrah]: You are weak. Just lucky.

20:07:25 [Vionora]: I'm not weak anymore.

20:07:27 Breygrah was ready, and keeps her shield up to ram it away.

20:07:38 [breygrah]: I will not die so easily!

20:08:01 [Vionora]: Then you are twice the fool I'd otherwise considered you.

20:08:04 [breygrah]: You tried once.

20:08:18 [breygrah]: You failed.

20:08:36 Darrethy blade is pulled just short of his chest, he apparently is close to trying to strike at himself "....No!"

20:08:39 Breygrah looks quickly to Darrethy, then back to the elf.

20:08:48 You look at Darrethy.

20:08:53 Malhavik grins wickedly at Darrethy.

20:09:02 [Malhavik]: Yes Ma'm...

20:09:06 [Lilliana]: Help him, freaking now!!!!!!!

20:09:20 Lilliana screams that demand.

20:09:30 Vionora throws out another rope of darkness, this time past Brey, towards Lilliana, intending to lasso her and pull her over to her.

20:09:36 Syreena figures Mal probably can't, so she lunges at Darrethy in attempt to knock the sword away from himself.

20:09:51 Vionora sends the worg after Breygrah again.

20:10:10 Breygrah swings the bladed edge of her sword at the worg as she falls to a knee.

20:10:12 Breygrah kneels before you.

20:10:23 [breygrah]: I will not be moved.

20:10:42 Darrethy suddenly whirls around at Syreena as he seems to lose control of his hand, trying to keep her from knocking the sword out of his hand.

20:10:48 Lilliana could have used a rogue over by her side since there is a shadow lasso coming her way, she reacts quickly and pulls out her own shadows against it, but finds herself suffocated.

20:10:49 Malhavik breaks a soulshard and begins gathering dark magic to throw at Darrethy.

20:11:07 Breygrah keeps her eyes on the elf and the shadow, the rogue can care for herself.

20:11:46 Vionora pulls Lilliana towards her. "See how easy it is for me to mark my prey," she says.

20:11:57 [breygrah]: NO!

20:12:07 Breygrah charges the woman again.

20:12:20 Syreena tries a moment longer to get Darrethy's sword away from him, but then notices Lilly getting pulled over to the elf.

20:12:37 Lilliana digs her feet in the ground as she gets yanked towards Vionora, even if the shadows are closed around her neck....she's fiesty!

20:12:41 Malhavik closes his hand into a fist and an explosion of shadow falls upon Darrethy and Syreena.

20:12:47 Vionora drops the shadow rope when Breygrah charges past the shadow worg and into her. Again she throws up an arm to block the tauren, but this time the impact sends her skidding backward. She's running out of power.

20:13:01 [breygrah]: Again?!

20:13:07 Darrethy puts up a fight slightly longer...before Syreena knocks the sword out of his hand, and onto the floor. The burst of shadow energy incapacitating him on top of that

20:13:12 Darrethy kneels down.

20:13:14 Breygrah is furious, and charges once more.

20:13:29 Lilliana squeaks angrily, "Syreena!" Angry...but not at Syreena of course....and she knows Syreena is kind of busy.

20:13:44 Syreena stomps her little foot on his sword, just as Mal's shadows land on them.

20:13:54 [Alfirin]: ...Darrethy?

20:14:03 Darrethy is kneeling, his sword knocked aside. Partially burning with holy energy, skin melting.

20:14:04 Vionora snarls, a shockingly feral sound, and dodges to the side. She turns fast, aiming a strike with the dagger she pulled at Brey's back.

20:14:19 Breygrah reaches out and tries to grab the woman by the robes... and misses.

20:14:36 Alfirin looks to Syreena, then quickly pushes her aside as she grasped for Darrethy.

20:14:48 Breygrah can't raise her shield in time, but she doesn't make a noise if she is hurt.

20:14:53 Breygrah kneels before you.

20:14:55 [Alfirin]: What is going on?!

20:15:00 Syreena stunned, gets knocked aside easily by Alfirin.

20:15:20 [Alfirin]: ...It?

20:15:20 Vionora goes to knock Brey to the ground. "Down!' she snarls.

20:15:27 [breygrah]: You think you can cause me enough pain? To stop me?

20:15:40 Syreena picks up Darrethy's sword and offers it to Alfirin. "Don't give this back to him until the Herald is gone."

20:15:48 Breygrah presses her hands down to keep herself upright against the great force. "Never!"

20:15:53 Alfirin looks up to see Breygrah confronting Vionora, her eyes narrowing in confusion and worry.

20:16:09 Darrethy roughly pulls himself up, trying to not just go feral at that moment. If not for the immediate people being cursed, he would of probably latched onto one of them.

20:16:20 Alfirin doesn't recognize Vionora...

20:16:33 Vionora whips around, planting a foot in Brey's spine. She wants Brey on the ground, now.

20:16:50 [Alfirin]: Stop! What do you think you're doing?!

20:17:01 Breygrah cries out angrily as she is forced down.

20:17:03 Breygrah lies down before you.

20:17:07 Syreena again shoves Darrethy's sword at Alfirin, then turns to look for Lilly.

20:17:17 [Malhavik]: I say, he's got some fight in him yet!

20:17:25 Lilliana has stopped being yanked towards Vionora, since the elven Herald has dropped the rope, but now she's tangled within it's grasp, and is struggling to get out. She is hissing and cursing.....and then she screams when Vionora tries to get Breygrah down.

20:17:40 Breygrah still has her hand on her sword, she makes sure to plant her hoof on the ground underneath herself.

20:18:02 Syreena slices at the shadow tendrils on Lilly with her sword. "You okay?"

20:18:02 Vionora shoves down on her feet, crushing Brey painful even with all her armor. Her strength is great even with all the fighting she's done so far. But then, with a savage kick, she backs away. "And stay down."

20:18:08 You look at Darrethy.

20:18:12 Malhavik crushes another soulshard and summons his Abyssal.

20:18:15 Darrethy seethes, his mind not thinking straight as he rushed at Vionora with his fists...rather then his spells, as if punching her would somehow do anything.

20:18:26 [Alfirin]: Darrethy!

20:18:30 Vionora seizes Darrethy by the neck, stopping him in his tracks.

20:18:37 [Alfirin]: No!

20:18:41 Breygrah digs her gauntleted hands into the ground, but doesn't make any indication of discomfort otherwise.

20:18:44 Vionora looks past him, at Alfirin.

20:18:59 Alfirin looks down to the sword - Darrethy's sword - at her feet, then quickly picks it up and clumsily wields it before her.

20:19:09 [Vionora]: Who is this?

20:19:13 [Alfirin]: Let him go!

20:19:13 You look at Alfirin.

20:19:15 Darrethy is not able to pull away, grabbed by the throat.

20:19:50 Lilliana is set free by Syreena, "Yeah, I'm fine." Her voice is hoarse from being strangled and then screaming.

20:19:57 Syreena nods at Lilliana.

20:20:13 Lilliana then throws a protective spell towards Darrethy now that she's free.

20:20:31 [Alfirin]: Let him go...

20:20:32 Vionora looks at Alfirin, taking in the other elf. Blonde hair, neat robes, a sweetness and calmness... and the Light surrounding her.

20:20:37 Darrethy hisses "None of your concern witch." at that moment, Vionora might notice a slight ticking sound.

20:21:04 Breygrah takes a sharp gasping inhale, and slowly pulls her second hoof to a better position under herself. She tries it as silently as she can while Vio is distracted.

20:21:09 [Vionora]: No. She isn't.

20:21:13 Lilliana quickly throws a healing spell towards Breygrah.

20:21:14 Vionora throws Darrethy at Alfirin.

20:21:37 Alfirin goes up quickly to grasp at Darrethy even as he is thrown towards her.

20:22:27 Darrethy slams into Alfirin's side, unable to catch himself...and his chest suddenly explodes into a ball of flame, metal and bone going every which way.

20:23:01 Syreena mutters quietly, watching Darrethy explode, "That can't be good."

20:23:14 Vionora watches the carnage for a moment. Then, almost casually, her gray-glowing gaze moves to Lilliana. She raises her Eclipse-marked hand and points at the trolless.

20:23:21 Lilliana had to pick a person to shield, and she tried to shield Alfirin.

20:23:25 Malhavik raises an arm to cover his fragile mask from the bits of Darrethy flying past him.

20:23:56 Syreena moves in front of Lilly, twirling her swords in her hands.

20:23:56 Alfirin is smacked by Darrethy, but soon feels the heat of the burst, and though the shield briefly helped, her robes still burned in places, and her skin scorched in spots.

20:24:08 You look at Syreena.

20:24:20 Breygrah sees the elf move out of the corner of her eye, and makes her own move. Her face is tense and strained, but she rolls over and swings her sword against the woman hard.

20:24:22 [Vionora]: You may be immune too, but you'll flee and be hunted down like the rest when it comes.

20:24:26 Breygrah kneels before you.

20:24:40 [syreena]: When something comes, maybe. But I'm not fleeing now.

20:24:45 Lilliana catches Vionora's gaze and her pointing at her, "Seriously elfface, you don't want me on your side. It wouldn't be helpful to the cause."

20:24:47 Vionora jerks aside, not quite fast enough to dodge the blow. It knocks her down, blood flying.

20:24:49 Darrethy promptly collapses to one knee, somehow his body remained...roughly intact...but his chest was torn wide open and pouring fel into the ground.

20:24:53 Darrethy kneels down.

20:25:16 Breygrah stumbles to her feet, but she at least appears unshaken.

20:25:34 [breygrah]: Anything... Else?

20:26:09 Breygrah uses the claw in her gauntlet to extend and grab Vionora, and pull her to the warrior.

20:26:55 Alfirin groans and tries to bring herself up, looking to see Darrethy's kneeling figure, and past her, Vionora's prone form.

20:27:05 Vionora is pulled up against Breygrah. However, she doesn't seem to be resisting. Blood runs down her body, dripping onto the dry grasses.

20:27:39 Breygrah snaps her other hand to the woman's throat and stares into her gray eyes.

20:28:01 [breygrah]: You will harm no one else.

20:28:02 Syreena watches Brey and Vionora, but remains close to Lilly.

20:28:19 Lilliana is a somewhat unsteady stroll, but she's steady enough to send out more magic, and while Breygrah attacks Vionora, she sends a blasted of hateful shadow magic her way in hopes of hitting Vionora in the side. She also stays right with Syreena.

20:28:41 Alfirin forces herself up to a slight crawl, then moves up to Darrethy and sets her hands to his shoulders, concerned, even while wounded herself.

20:28:52 Alfirin kneels before Darrethy.

20:28:55 Vionora stares back into Brey's blue ones. She places her Eclipse-marked hand over Brey's wrist at her throat. Lilliana's shadow hits her and she flinches, but makes no sound of pain, her eyes staying locked on Breygrah's. She says something, too quietly for anyone but Brey to hear.

20:29:14 Syreena stares Malhavik down.

20:29:24 [breygrah]: Only yours.

20:29:36 Darrethy wavers, on the verge of collapsing "Good news....that actually hurt less then last night. Bad's going to take me awhile to get up." he pulled his hand up to his gaping chest "I'll be fine, just shield me alright?"

20:29:43 Breygrah trembles in anger, or pain? She tightens her grip on the woman.

20:30:23 Vionora crushes Brey's wrist to force her hand open.

20:30:39 Alfirin hesitates, gulping lightly... but nodding at Darrethy's words. Weakly, she finds soundless words at her lips, as she silently prayed.

20:30:43 Breygrah screams out this time, in great pain and releases her.

20:30:50 Vionora stumbles back and vanishes.

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20:31:26 Breygrah falls down to her knees.

20:31:27 Breygrah kneels down.

20:32:06 Lilliana rushes over to Breygrah, and nearly trips over her own two feet....she really didn't like that shadow blast and getting gripped.

20:32:38 Breygrah groans through her pain, she stares at the gauntlet on her hand, but doesn't remove it.

20:33:26 [Alfirin]: Who... who was that... what was that?

20:33:29 [Malhavik]: My that went well.

20:33:29 Lilliana doesn't touch Breygrah, since she had been in such close contact with the evil elf Herald....but she offers some of her shadow priest healing magics, sending them around her to flow across her armor and into her to help.

20:33:47 Syreena shrugs at Malhavik. Who knows?

20:33:47 Lilliana looks up and glares deadly at Malhavik.

20:33:49 Darrethy struggles up, grasping weakly at his arm, but otherwise looks alright...for a Forsaken at least "That...was Accalia's herald."

20:33:49 [syreena]: Nobody died.

20:34:07 [Darrethy]: "....She also bleeds, so that's a plus."

20:34:14 [Darrethy]: "We can actually -kill- her."

20:34:16 Syreena nods at Darrethy.

20:34:21 [Malhavik]: Hmph.

20:34:26 Lilliana looks over to the pair, Alfirin and Darrethy, to see if they need help.

20:34:29 [Malhavik]: She was toying with you all, her wounds are nothing.

20:35:07 Syreena scowls at Mal, "Well, thank you for that little ray of sunshine."

20:35:17 Breygrah rips the gauntlet off and looks at her injured hand. There is no mark.

20:35:32 Darrethy nods slightly at Lilly "I'm...alright, or as alright as can be expected."

20:35:53 Alfirin pulls herself up weakly, then reaches for Darrethy, trying her best to help him up.

20:36:21 Lilliana 's gaze finds Syreena....she looks at her for a moment....then she looks at the others, noting Breygrah's relief at no mark on that particular hand.

20:36:34 Breygrah sounds suddenly out of breath. "That bitch is way too strong."

20:36:39 Syreena looks at Lilliana.

20:36:40 Darrethy lets his wife support him, somehow the wounds on his chest are...slowly...healing "That could of gone far worse..."

20:36:41 Lilliana says to Darrethy, "As good as a guy who straps a bomb to his chest....geeeez, Darrethy."

20:37:03 [syreena]: Yeah, that was just a little bit crazy.

20:37:05 [breygrah]: She... Is still not strong enough. We have a chance...

20:37:14 [Darrethy]: "It would of worked if she kept still...."

20:37:20 [Alfirin]: She's right, Darrethy... What were you thinking?

20:37:29 [Malhavik]: She did stay still.

20:37:32 [Malhavik]: She simply threw you.

20:37:49 [Malhavik]: Though valiant effort my good man.

20:37:55 Lilliana turns a scowl onto Malhavik.

20:38:12 Darrethy shrugs "I'm durable....I figured I would survive the blast."

20:38:18 [Darrethy]: "She, would at least be staggered."

20:38:36 Breygrah stands again slowly, and stares at Malhavik in annoyance.

20:38:51 Lilliana starts to patrol around, making sure that Vionora is really gone.

20:39:14 Vionora is really gone for the record.

20:39:29 Syreena watches Lilly.

20:39:33 Lilliana looks at Malhavik.

20:39:43 [Lilliana]: Is she completely gone? You have the close tie with her.

20:39:52 Lilliana asks this of Malhavik.

20:39:53 [Malhavik]: She's quite gone.

20:40:17 [Malhavik]: Well, mostly gone.

20:40:21 [Malhavik]: I suppose.

20:40:30 [Lilliana]: What do you mean, mostly gone?

20:40:33 Breygrah rubs her face with her hands. "I need to go find him" she says quietly, to no one but herself.

20:40:39 [Lilliana]: Don't go all riddle on us.

20:40:55 [Malhavik]: She is not among us, but she is fairly close.

20:41:08 Breygrah favors her leg, but only slightly as she walks over to Alfirin and Darrethy.

20:41:11 Vionora is not actually *this* close though.

20:41:12 Lilliana looks at Breygrah, catching what was said so quietly. She pauses to scowl at Malhavik.

20:41:15 Breygrah looks at Darrethy.

20:41:17 Breygrah looks at Alfirin.

20:41:35 [breygrah]: You two...?

20:41:54 [Malhavik]: Don't give more dirty looks!

20:41:58 Darrethy nods at Brey "I'm alright."

20:42:16 [Malhavik]: I've tried to warn you all not to fight her.

20:42:17 [Alfirin]: We'll be fine... I think... Thank you. You were... truly valiant there.

20:42:20 Breygrah gasps a couple more times, then nods.

20:42:28 [breygrah]: Only what must be done...

20:42:35 Breygrah shakes her head.

20:42:39 [Lilliana]: Next time, you do what needs to be done, without being asked. *she snaps at Malhavik, sounding like a big grown up troll*

20:42:55 [Malhavik]: I told you my magic is worthless on her.

20:42:57 Feury laughs at Malhavik.

20:43:09 [breygrah]: I need to go find Naheal. Tell him what happened.

20:43:12 Darrethy looks at Alfirin "Seems Sorcerers cannot hurt her at all. I -can- harm her but it is...difficult."

20:43:13 [Malhavik]: I stopped Darrethy from gutting the tauren...

20:43:20 Lilliana gestures to Darrethy, that is what she meant with doing what needs to be done.

20:43:21 Darrethy nods at Breygrah.

20:43:27 [Malhavik]: Thank you Malhavik.

20:43:57 Syreena frowns with disappointment at Malhavik.

20:45:24 [Malhavik]: Well did any of you at least learn anything? A weakness to exploit perhaps?

20:45:31 Lilliana doesn't thank Malhavik, she's indignant, but she lets it drop, as he did help....although Syreena is the one who really intervened.

20:45:53 Syreena rolls her eyes at Breygrah.

20:45:55 [Alfirin]: Darrethy... You need to recover.

20:46:03 Darrethy wavers a moment "I was able to reach out to the strands of the universe and...for a brief moment...could conjure the Light, it was enough to at least burn her...and me."

20:46:13 Syreena shrugs to Mal. "She doesn't seem bothered by her past. I thought I could make her angry, but she didn't seem to care."

20:46:25 Lilliana looks at Darrethy, and listens to what he has to say.

20:46:26 Alfirin blinks to Darrethy just then, however, confused... surprised.

20:46:29 [Alfirin]: W...what?

20:46:52 Malhavik nods at Syreena.

20:47:10 [Darrethy]: "Desperation, I pushed the limits of Sorcery...or maybe faith? I don't know, it matters little, I suppose."

20:47:31 Syreena shrugs. "I only attacked her, because Brey here was afraid to."

20:47:34 Syreena smiles.

20:47:55 Lilliana elbows Syreena in the ribs.

20:47:56 Malhavik chuckles at Syreena.

20:48:00 [Darrethy]: "...Yes?"

20:48:01 Syreena grins wickedly at Lilliana.

20:48:38 [Alfirin]: I'm afraid... the only thing that may help recover Darrethy is time.

20:48:39 Darrethy shakes his head "...Not much, Alfirin can handle it. I just need to sit my body time to regenerate."

20:48:47 Darrethy nods at Alfirin.

20:49:13 [Alfirin]: Of course...

20:49:59 Lilliana is looking at Syreena.

20:50:18 [Alfirin]: We should probably go...

20:50:32 [Alfirin]: ...I feel you have much to tell me.

20:50:54 Syreena smirks, "I wish Konro guts you like a fish on Thursday."

20:51:06 Darrethy mutters to her a moment, nodding before looking over to Lilly and Syreena "Are you two alright?"

20:51:19 Syreena nods at Darrethy.

20:51:23 Alfirin turns so Darrethy may look to the pair.

20:51:29 Malhavik seems to recover his courteous manner.

20:51:32 Lilliana is speaking very quietly to Syreena, the others can't hear what she's saying to her. Her blue eyes turn up to Alfirin and Darrethy.

20:52:19 [Malhavik]: Miss Syreena, perhaps you weren't poking at the right part of her past.

20:52:29 [Malhavik]: I happen to know something you might find useful.

20:52:45 [syreena]: Use it yourself. Though I'd be interested in hearing it.

20:53:09 [Malhavik]: I keep my hand stayed from such matters.

20:53:09 [syreena]: I mainly only know about her nightmares seven years ago. I guess Accalia made them have nightmares back then.

20:53:24 [Malhavik]: There is no telling who might be around to tattle on me..

20:53:39 Syreena nods at Malhavik.

20:53:41 [Lilliana]: We're fine, "she says to both Darrethy and Alfirin* Thanks to everyone here. *the troll sighs....all she would like is one's never ending*

20:53:54 [Malhavik]: Vionora has a living relative.

20:54:31 [syreena]: Oh? Is she super powerful too, or is she just a normal regular pretty elf?

20:54:54 [syreena]: Erm, he or she?

20:55:47 [Malhavik]: She is a regular weak pretty elf.

20:56:00 Syreena grins wickedly at Malhavik.

20:56:06 [Malhavik]: Vionora seems to care for her greatly.

20:56:14 [Malhavik]: Or something...

20:56:15 [syreena]: Oh, does she now?

20:56:25 [syreena]: Where can I find this regular elf?

20:56:27 Alfirin leans into Darrethy, speaking quietly.

20:56:43 Darrethy nods at Alfirin.

20:57:05 Alfirin drapes Darrethy's arm over her shoulder, helping him carry himself.

20:57:14 [Malhavik]: Last I saw her was in Silverpine forest.

20:57:28 Darrethy nods at the others "Take care of yourselves, we'll see you soon."

20:57:33 [Malhavik]: She goes by the name Shaena?

20:57:36 [Malhavik]: Shaeda?

20:57:40 [Malhavik]: Something like that.

20:57:42 Syreena nods at Malhavik.

20:58:14 Lilliana is listening, her eyes on her hands that are resting in her lap.

20:58:32 [Malhavik]: That's all I know. I hope it helps.

20:58:43 Malhavik bows before Awatu.

20:58:44 Syreena glances down at Lilly's hands, just to make sure they're still not marked.

20:58:48 Syreena salutes Awatu with respect.

20:58:54 Awatu nods. "Well met."

20:59:11 Lilliana looks up to Awatu, no longer staring down at her hands (which are NOT marked). "Awatu......."

20:59:18 [Lilliana]: So much shit, just went down. *she says to him*

20:59:43 [Awatu]: Oh?

20:59:54 Awatu narrows his eyes. "Do tell."

20:59:59 [Malhavik]: Yes, you missed quite the show.

21:00:02 [syreena]: Vionora was here, Commander.

21:00:20 [syreena]: We attacked her. She was bleeding pretty good, but she got away.

21:00:41 [syreena]: Darrethy was injured pretty badly, but the rest of us made it through pretty well.

21:00:42 Awatu snorts, angrily.

21:01:13 [Awatu]: Just the three of you?

21:01:28 [Malhavik]: Breygrah of the Horns was also here.

21:01:31 [syreena]: And Darrethy, and the Tauren who challenged Konro....Breygrah.

21:01:31 Lilliana looks disheveled, so she makes sure to smooth out her hair. She sighs. "It was us three, Darrethy, Breygrah and Darrethy's wife, Alfirin.....and that Herald got away."

21:02:02 Awatu nods. "Commendable bunch, then."

21:02:14 [syreena]: Yes, sir. Mostly.

21:02:18 [Awatu]: Still... failure. I do not like this.

21:02:27 [Awatu]: Have we learned anything new?

21:02:30 [Lilliana]: I don't either.

21:02:37 [syreena]: She bleeds.

21:02:39 Lilliana nods her head, "Yes."

21:02:55 [Lilliana]: And earlier....with Darrethy we learned something.

21:02:59 Awatu nods.

21:03:11 Lilliana gets to her feet, to be polite with Awatu here.

21:04:11 [Malhavik]: It was foolish.

21:04:24 [Awatu]: Foolish?

21:04:27 Lilliana glances at Malhavik, "Darrethy came across this vial of stuff, that sunwell type water? All light....right? And wanted to drink it, thinking it might get rid of that curse..... Xaraphyne let her wolf be a test subject to drink it....then Darrethy >

21:04:59 Malhavik opens his mouth to continue but shuts it when he hears Lilliana's explanation.

21:05:12 [Lilliana]: drank it. It melted off his freaking face, but it hurt that god thing. So maybe that's all screwed with the Herald thing. I dunno, but yeah, our hits at least did 'something', even if not much and she still got away.

21:05:18 Lilliana looks deliberately at Malhavik.

21:05:38 [Malhavik]: So that's what that was...

21:05:42 Awatu nods and turns back to the Warlock.

21:05:47 [Malhavik]: I felt the affects of the damned fool when he drank it.

21:06:13 [Malhavik]: Anyway...

21:06:27 [Malhavik]: It was foolish to assault her here so unprepared.

21:06:30 Lilliana scowls, "He wasn't a fool......that was a damned brave thing to do. He fights for us....and he fought for you, Malhavik, if I remember." She sounds grumpy, but with a mature face.

21:06:32 [Lilliana]: What?

21:06:40 [Lilliana]: We didn't assault her here, she freaking showed up!

21:07:03 Syreena eyes Malhavik up and down.

21:07:11 [Malhavik]: You should have ran. Its amazing we all survived.

21:07:17 Syreena sighs at Malhavik.

21:07:19 [Lilliana]: You were the jackass just SITTING there! *now she yells*

21:07:46 [Awatu]: Why is it amazing?

21:07:49 [Malhavik]: I told you my magic only feeds her! Besides I stopped Darrethy when she won his mind.

21:08:22 [Lilliana]: Syreena did helped....but after I told you too..... *she gets into a fight with Malhavik, all angry again*

21:08:41 [Malhavik]: I have to ask permission before I do anything to a fellow horde.

21:08:49 [Malhavik]: I don't want to be accused again.

21:10:15 Malhavik sighs and looks back to his commander.

21:10:37 [Malhavik]: I don't believe we had the proper numbers to deal with her safely.

21:10:54 [syreena]: That much is true, and we learned that tonight.

21:11:58 [Awatu]: So, she holds greater power than we may have anticipated. Malhavik, you did say that all of the cursed feed their magic into her, yes?

21:12:13 [Malhavik]: Indeed.

21:12:44 [Awatu]: Can you determine how much magic she may possess?

21:12:56 Lilliana sticks her hands into her pockets, her eyes on the ground while she listens now.

21:13:06 [Malhavik]: I don't know how I'd put it in words...

21:13:27 [Awatu]: Can you compare it to, say, your own?

21:13:59 [Malhavik]: Heh yes I suppose if there were around ten of me I would equal her.

21:14:19 Awatu nods. "So, ten to one, perhaps."

21:15:23 [Awatu]: Is she susceptible to plagues and the like? She is an elf, as far as we know.

21:16:09 Malhavik looks to Syreena and Lilliana.

21:16:15 Syreena shrugs. Who knows?

21:16:25 [syreena]: You know more about her than we do, Mal.

21:16:42 [Malhavik]: I've never cut her before. That was a first sight for me.

21:16:46 Lilliana has no idea, "I know she's susceptible to the light when her little minions get burned with it."

21:17:12 [Malhavik]: I do know she can feed on the magic of spells.

21:17:52 [syreena]: So...what if someone like Lupin only uses spells of the light? Would she still feed off that? Would it hurt her?

21:18:00 Malhavik shrugs at Awatu. Who knows?

21:18:04 [Awatu]: A spell or mana-based plague would likely not work. No, a natural plague could debilitate her, though.

21:18:31 [Lilliana]: No, I think it needs to be more pure than that.....the light crap. *looks at Awatu* Maybe....*to the plague deal*

21:18:32 Syreena tilts her head, "Cobrak said something about a plague in the jungles somewhere."

21:18:58 Malhavik nods at Syreena recalling the same thing.

21:19:59 Awatu nods. "We also have knowledge of the Maledictus strain... though, I am unsure of how that would affect."

21:20:12 [Awatu]: The last thing we need is to be fighting a lich of some sort.

21:20:46 [Malhavik]: Hmm... Yes, brother Khorvis infected me during his... healing.

21:21:03 Lilliana still has her hands in her pockets. She sighs.

21:21:03 [Malhavik]: I don't believe it would be a good idea for her.

21:21:16 [syreena]: We still have that?

21:21:27 [syreena]: Is it still...good? I mean, that was a long time ago.

21:21:37 [Malhavik]: It worked on Khorvis.

21:21:43 [Awatu]: The Archivist has kept many things.

21:21:46 [syreena]: Oh.

21:21:59 Syreena wonders why they used a plague on Khorvis, but decides now is not the time to ask.

21:22:30 Awatu peers at Malhavik. "Consider yourself lucky that such a stunt actually worked. Bor'ghul related the details to me."

21:22:52 Malhavik bows before Awatu.

21:23:37 [Malhavik]: There is no reward without risk, sir.

21:23:58 [Awatu]: Fair enough.

21:24:56 [Awatu]: I would find a dagger through her heart much more effective than a plague, but perhaps we can work something up that may debilitate her to the point of defeat.

21:25:22 Lilliana looks to Awatu, "That would be nice. She is not nice."

21:26:00 Awatu raises an eyebrow. "Infecting someone is 'nice'?"

21:26:39 Lilliana nods her head and says with utmost seriousness, "Infecting a bad person is."

21:26:44 [Lilliana]: For us, anyway.

21:27:03 Malhavik blinks at Lilliana.

21:27:08 Syreena agrees with Lilly, but doesn't say anything.

21:27:15 Awatu appears about to speak, but stops, thinks, then speak. "Ah, I had misunderstood your meaning."

21:28:23 Breygrah looks at Lilliana.

21:28:38 Awatu rubs his chin in thought. "Perhaps one that could sap mana..."

21:29:14 Breygrah drops herself down heavily, and inspects Lilly from her distance with a concerned frown.

21:29:25 Lilliana is tired, this night knocked it out of her and perhaps her sentences don't make the most sense. "Yeah?" to Awatu's thought.

21:31:18 Awatu continues to mumble as he thinks. "...assuming she is alive... perhaps one that slows her mind... numbs the senses..."

21:31:35 [Awatu]: I will need to see what we have in stock, and what could be crafted.

21:31:56 Breygrah looks at the tauren at he speaks, but doesn't make much else of a gesture to show she's interested in his words.

21:31:58 Malhavik agrees with Awatu.

21:31:58 Syreena nods.

21:32:03 [Awatu]: I am no alchemist, but have some who are skilled with plagues and poisons.

21:32:30 [syreena]: I'm an alchemist....and I am skilled in poisons.

21:33:12 Awatu nods, smiling slightly at Syreena. "Indeed. Perhaps you will work alongside others to create a truly potent concoction?"

21:33:24 [syreena]: Of course, Commander.

21:34:04 Lilliana glances back at Breygrah. She noticed the tauren return to the site of the little battle. She smiles briefly at her.

21:34:22 Darrethy returns, his chest still noticeably caved under his tabard.

21:35:05 Syreena glances at Darrethy briefly, then turns her attention back to Awatu.

21:35:42 Darrethy looks at Awatu.

21:35:44 Darrethy nods at Awatu.

21:35:52 Breygrah nods very slightly at Lilly.

21:35:55 Lilliana smiles at Darrethy, and eyes his chest...... Then, as the other warlock joins them, she turns to gesture to Breygrah to come over to the small group as well.

21:35:59 Awatu is still in thought, but notices the new arrival.

21:36:16 Malhavik nods at Darrethy.

21:36:21 Breygrah looks at the group carefully before standing and approaching. She's pretty slow in her movement.

21:36:32 Syreena eyes Breygrah up and down.

21:36:37 Malhavik nods at Breygrah.

21:36:40 Breygrah whispers to Lilliana.

21:36:48 [Lilliana]: Do I gotta do introductions? *she looks from Brey, to Darrethy, to Awatu*

21:36:51 Awatu studies the Warlock for a moment. "Your name escapes me... but I know you."

21:36:56 Lilliana pauses to hear Breygrah's whisper.

21:36:56 Breygrah shrugs. Who knows?

21:37:16 Darrethy nods slightly "Darrethy Voidblade, it's a pleasure to meet you."

21:37:30 Breygrah nods quickly at Lilliana.

21:37:45 Lilliana nods her head to Breygrah, and grabs her arm and pulls her into the circle.

21:37:52 Breygrah blinks at Lilliana.

21:38:08 Breygrah stumbles slightly, she's still a little distracted.

21:38:09 Awatu nods. "Awatu Stonespire. I have heard that you aided in an effort to bring down this creature. You have my thanks."

21:38:18 Darrethy salutes Awatu with respect.

21:38:25 Breygrah salutes Awatu with respect.

21:38:31 Awatu looks at Breygrah.

21:38:56 [Darrethy]: "Your reputation proceeds you Awatu, I am honored. Though in truth, I was more just hurling the raw elements of creation at the...thing...until I found something that hurt."

21:39:05 Breygrah nods at Awatu.

21:39:05 [Darrethy]: "Unfortunately, most magic doesn't do much to it."

21:39:10 Breygrah looks at Darrethy.

21:39:19 Awatu nods. "I have seen you before, but I do not believe we have been introduced."

21:39:32 Awatu turns back to Darrethy.

21:39:40 Lilliana smiles at hearing that......and everyone here had a part to play in that....well, maybe not really Malhavik since he was being a brat. "Breygrah fought the Herald the longest tonight." She mentions after Awatu and Darrethy have a pause in their conversation.

21:39:43 [Awatu]: Indeed. We were just discussing her weaknesses.

21:39:56 Darrethy nods.

21:40:01 Syreena helpfully adds, "She's the one planning to kill one of our newer Grims."

21:40:25 [breygrah]: I would not have been able to, had Syreena not helped.

21:40:31 Lilliana would step on Syreena's foot if she was closer to her.

21:40:38 Breygrah shoots a look at the rogue, then back to the tauren.

21:40:41 Awatu eyes Breygrah up and down.

21:40:44 [Awatu]: Which one?

21:40:49 [Darrethy]: "....Speaking of Konro, I believe Vionora implied she would be his 'shaman' during the Mak'gora."

21:40:54 [Darrethy]: "That is...concerning."

21:41:00 Breygrah narrows her eyes slightly. "I am Breygrah, of the Ragetotem.

21:41:02 Syreena agrees with Darrethy.

21:41:09 Lilliana covers her face with her palm.

21:41:38 Malhavik scoffs.

21:41:46 Awatu nods at Breygrah. "Well met, Ragetotem. You seek Konro's head?"

21:42:10 [breygrah]: I wish to fight him in honorable combat.

21:42:14 Breygrah leaves it at that.

21:42:26 Darrethy remains silent, figuring Brey can speak for herself.

21:43:26 Awatu chuckles, almost outright laughing. "Very well. I see no issues, here."

21:43:50 Breygrah nods shortly. "Yes, sir."

21:43:51 Syreena tilts her head with a frown, but says nothing.

21:44:01 [Awatu]: He has challenged someone to Mok'gora?

21:44:31 [breygrah]: I challenged him.

21:44:38 Darrethy gestures to Brey "...And apparently has someone posing as an Old God as his shaman, yes."

21:44:50 Lilliana smiles in relief at Awatu's chuckle. She then looks at Breygrah, as it wasn't really Konro that challenged was the other way around, as Breygrah just said.

21:45:14 [Awatu]: Ah, I see the complications, then.

21:45:28 Darrethy simply nods.

21:45:45 [breygrah]: Yes.

21:45:49 [Awatu]: I do not... think that the creature would count as a Shaman.

21:45:54 [Awatu]: Also...

21:45:58 Lilliana looks at Malhavik, as she hadn't caught Vionora implying that tonight, but she doesn't think it unture.

21:46:11 Lilliana doesn't think it's untrue even.

21:46:20 [Awatu]: Is he not aware that she is to die? Is he not aware of her nature?

21:47:19 Breygrah frowns, but doesn't say anything in return.

21:47:22 [Darrethy]: "When Konro was first possessed by Accalia, I took off his arm, and for the time that seemed to cure him."

21:47:32 [Darrethy]: "Apparently they are still working together."

21:48:02 Malhavik blinks, his mind returning to this reality.

21:48:15 [breygrah]: She is strong. Unnaturally so. But I do not fear her.

21:48:19 [breygrah]: She must be fought strategically.

21:48:25 Awatu looks at Lilliana. "And he just prances into our doors, hmm? And still has a place among us?"

21:48:41 [breygrah]: We only got as far as we did because everyone worked together. Well enough, anyway.

21:48:45 Lilliana looks back to Awatu and says, "Bad timing, I guess."

21:49:26 [Malhavik]: What was this about Vionora being Konro's 'shaman'?

21:49:31 Awatu looks at Lilliana for a moment, then to Syreena. "Do you remember the last time someone was possessed by the will of a creature such as this?"

21:49:44 [Malhavik]: I don't recall any of that.

21:49:49 Breygrah looks at Malhavik.

21:49:55 [breygrah]: You came rather late. Friend.

21:50:02 [Malhavik]: Ah, I see.

21:50:05 Syreena would pale if she could as she nods slowly at Awatu. "Yet, we have other cursed Grims too, still among us."

21:50:31 Awatu nods, slowly looking at Malhavik. "Indeed we do..."

21:50:56 [Malhavik]: My mind was my own during the battle.

21:51:12 Awatu narrows his eyes. "Is my trust misplaced, Adherent?"

21:51:15 [Darrethy]: "All the more damning that you clapped and cheered then."

21:51:20 Lilliana kept with Awatu's gaze until he looked away to Syreena. She sighs just faintly....then she turns to cut into Malhavik, "It was your own? It needed freaking prodding to get moving!"

21:51:41 Breygrah rolls her eyes at the quarreling.

21:51:44 Syreena doesn't think Awatu will rip the arms off of four Grims.

21:51:57 Malhavik shifts uncomfortably.

21:52:04 Syreena ...or three and a half since one is already missing one arm.

21:52:11 [Darrethy]: ".....But you did have a point."

21:52:18 [Darrethy]: "Your magic would of done nothing to it."

21:52:22 [breygrah]: Look.

21:52:26 Malhavik agrees with Darrethy.

21:52:29 Breygrah doesn't seem to want to be disrespectful.

21:52:36 [breygrah]: There were no casualties tonight.

21:52:42 [breygrah]: And that is because everyone had a part.

21:52:45 [Malhavik]: I did what I could.

21:52:53 [breygrah]: Swiftness doesn't matter, after the face.

21:52:57 [breygrah]: Fact*

21:53:06 [breygrah]: But we beat her, and she ran off.

21:53:18 Breygrah speaks sternly.

21:53:25 [breygrah]: This is no means the end of it.

21:53:35 Lilliana shakes her head, as that wasn't beating her....but it was something, at least.

21:53:35 [breygrah]: But we are fine, for the moment.

21:54:03 [Malhavik]: Commander, I swore an oath to the Mandate. Do not condem me until my actions show otherwise.

21:54:07 Malhavik kneels before Awatu.

21:54:09 [Darrethy]: "At the very least now, we know the Light hurts the damn thing."

21:54:10 [Awatu]: Stand.

21:54:18 [Awatu]: Do not kneel before me as some petty lord.

21:54:24 Awatu snorts.

21:54:27 Lilliana watches Malhavik.

21:54:29 Awatu looks at Breygrah.

21:54:32 Breygrah looks at the warlock, then to the paladin, her expression is unchanging.

21:54:35 Malhavik stands slowly.

21:54:44 [Awatu]: "Fine" is debatable, but you do speak sense.

21:54:50 Syreena peers down at Malhavik. "Grims don't kneel."

21:55:03 [breygrah]: Fine is always debatable.

21:55:12 [Malhavik]: My apologies, a habit of my former life as living.

21:55:17 [breygrah]: The worst did not happen. We will move on.

21:56:11 [Awatu]: I am less concerned for the worse that did not happen, as for that which looms before us. We agree, this creature must be stopped. That takes precedent, for the moment.

21:56:17 Lilliana drags her staff in the ground. She had nodded to Darrethy about his last comment about light hurting the 'damn thing'.

21:56:42 Lilliana eyes Awatu. She nods at that. "Yeah......"

21:56:52 Breygrah only blinks her eyes again.

21:57:36 [Awatu]: We know she can be injured by conventional means with weapons. We know that Light magic can burn her. We suspect we can inhibit her with plagues and poisons.

21:57:55 Syreena nods.

21:57:56 Malhavik nods.

21:58:01 [breygrah]: Plague.

21:58:11 Breygrah squints a little.

21:58:18 [Darrethy]: "Toss a canister of Blight at her, not much lives through that."

21:58:31 Syreena nods at Darrethy.

21:58:34 [breygrah]: Including those around her.

21:59:06 Awatu nods. "It would be administered in a concentrated dose. Not some... canister machines."

21:59:38 Breygrah crosses her arms. She doesn't seem convinced, but she says nothing.

21:59:55 [Awatu]: And none that would potentially raise her as an undead. We do not need to fight her as some lichborne monstrosity.

22:00:18 Darrethy nods.

22:00:57 [Awatu]: Death. Plain and simple. We simply need the mechinations to apply it to her.

22:01:32 [syreena]: Maybe our engineers can help with that. Some kind of gun or something to shoot it at her.

22:01:40 [Awatu]: If not death, then something to weaken or incapacitate her to allow us to deliver physical blows.

22:01:50 [breygrah]: She also calls shadow worgs at her behest, commander. Something else to consider, in her defenses.

22:02:03 Awatu nods. "Noted."

22:02:05 [breygrah]: Their wounds are not to be taken lightly.

22:02:14 [Awatu]: Do they spread the curse?

22:02:27 [breygrah]: They do not. But they cannot be healed fully.

22:02:35 Breygrah sounds almost defensive in her tone.

22:02:58 [breygrah]: She disappears at her whim.

22:03:12 [breygrah]: She is inhumanly fast.

22:03:16 [breygrah]: And strong.

22:03:24 Breygrah holds up her crushed gauntlet.

22:03:41 [Malhavik]: It is why I wanted her to view me as an ally.

22:03:47 [Awatu]: Shackles, bindings, snares... we have the means, we simply require the coordination and cooperation.

22:04:01 Breygrah looks at Lilliana.

22:04:38 [breygrah]: I will fight by your people's side. In this matter. But we will need more.

22:05:17 [Darrethy]: "A squad of Blood Knights to smite her harder then she's ever been smited would help."

22:05:30 [Darrethy]: "Or Sunwalkers."

22:05:36 [Malhavik]: You know...

22:05:43 Awatu nods. "We will see what we can muster."

22:05:45 [Malhavik]: She has enough fel in her to be enslaved.

22:05:52 [Malhavik]: We would simply need enough warlocks.

22:05:59 Breygrah glares angrily at Malhavik.

22:06:06 Syreena grins at Malhavik.

22:06:26 Malhavik quickly adds, "To slow her, for a killing blow of course."

22:06:33 [breygrah]: She must die.

22:06:40 [Darrethy]: "......At this point, Mal has a decent idea. I just don't want to hear any nonsense about unleashing it on the Alliance or something."

22:06:42 Breygrah doesn't seem convinced.

22:06:49 [Darrethy]: "Enslave her, kill her, and it's done with."

22:06:54 Syreena ponders Darrethy's actions.

22:06:59 Breygrah looks at Darrethy.

22:07:05 Awatu nods. "Yes, we have seen what trying to use the curse has wrought."

22:08:37 [Darrethy]: "You, me, Grimal, Ninorra, Ulz.....any other Warlocks you know that might be able to help?"

22:08:44 [breygrah]: I have others I can meet with to gain more information.

22:09:00 [breygrah]: No warlocks, but when we have confirmed our findings, we will share them.

22:09:02 Darrethy nods at Breygrah.

22:09:11 [Malhavik]: We have many powerful warlocks among the Grim.

22:09:25 [breygrah]: ...

22:09:35 Breygrah blinks at Malhavik.

22:10:09 [breygrah]: I will... Discuss this with the others. That is not a good idea, though.

22:10:29 Syreena smirks slyly at Breygrah.

22:10:32 [Darrethy]: "We're short on ideas -in general- though."

22:10:57 Breygrah considers his words, but she doesn't look happy.

22:11:28 Awatu nods. "Question the methods all you wish, but the death of this creature is the result we must work towards."

22:12:41 Awatu looks up, noting the color of the sky and the hour. "It is late, and there is much I must still do this evening."

22:12:52 Darrethy nods at Awatu.

22:12:58 Breygrah peers at Awatu searchingly.

22:13:10 [breygrah]: Be well, then.

22:13:21 [syreena]: Evening, Commander.

22:13:22 Syreena salutes Awatu with respect.

22:13:23 [Malhavik]: I will speak to our fellow warlocks of these matters, if you would permit Commander.

22:13:25 [breygrah]: Pawene ichnee pawene.

22:13:29 [Awatu]: I will begin working within our own ranks to determine a plan for dealing with the creature. When you require information, I will give it.

22:13:38 Lilliana nods her head, all polite like to Awatu.

22:13:38 Malhavik nods.

22:13:41 Darrethy nods again.

22:13:56 [Awatu]: Speak to your own, gather what you can. We will work together to bring the beast down.

22:14:22 [Awatu]: Hunt well.

22:14:23 [Darrethy]: "But....."

22:14:26 Malhavik bows before Awatu.

22:14:28 [Darrethy]: "NO TRYING TO USE HER."

22:14:36 [Awatu]: Certainly.

22:14:38 [Malhavik]: Of course Darrethy.

22:14:38 [Darrethy]: "The second she's enslaved, cave her head in."

22:14:43 Lilliana rolls her eyes at Darrethy.

22:14:51 [syreena]: If we set her loose in Stormwind....

22:14:55 Syreena grins wickedly.

22:14:55 [Lilliana]: We get it, Awatu gets it.

22:15:01 [Awatu]: Her death. That is all.

22:15:17 Darrethy bows before Awatu.

22:15:33 Awatu shoots an admonishing glare at Syreena, but it holds more of an "Oh, you!" look.

22:15:42 Syreena grins wickedly at Awatu.

22:16:03 [Awatu]: Hunt well.

22:16:10 Syreena salutes Awatu with respect.

22:16:36 Syreena smirks in the direction Brey walked off. "What, is she scared of warlocks too?"

22:16:46 [Darrethy]: "At least we have something resembling a plan of attack now."

22:17:18 [Malhavik]: Indeed.

22:17:32 [Malhavik]: This should prove most fruitful if I do say so myself.

22:17:56 Lilliana gazes off in the direction Awatu left in.

22:17:58 [syreena]: Maybe.

22:18:43 Lilliana then looks to the other three gathered. She shrugs her shoulders, never being certain of such things, just as Syreena sounded with her 'maybe'.

22:19:17 [Darrethy]: ".....Besides, no one gets to burn down Stormwind besides the Horde."

22:19:22 [Malhavik]: Have 'faith' priestess...

22:19:31 Syreena grins wickedly at Darrethy.

22:19:36 [syreena]: Fair enough.

22:19:44 Darrethy nods at Syreena.

22:20:23 [Darrethy]: "I think Brey went into the inn, i'll go check on her."

22:20:27 Lilliana looks at Malhavik, and grins strangely, "Have faith? Oh....yeah. That's what priests are supposed to do."

22:20:28 [syreena]: Goodnight, Grims. Darrethy.

22:20:34 [Malhavik]: I could use a drink myself.

22:20:36 Darrethy nods at Syreena.

22:20:37 [Lilliana]: Night, Syreena....and thank you.

22:20:42 [Malhavik]: Goodnight Syreena.

22:21:00 Lilliana doesn't follow the two undead, at least right away.

22:21:42 Vespinae bows before Lilliana.

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