Eclipse: Discretion

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As if the nightmares of howling were not enough, now she had to contend with waking herself every hour with her involuntary flinches. The next one was never less terrifying than the first, and they made her angry. The damaged skin the monk had healed only burned hotter with her fear, her anger, her hatred. Breygrah never once felt so helpless, perhaps the warrior did break her, after all.

Her time spent at Sanctuary's garrison was limited, this time. She couldn't find anyone who knew, or was willing to tell her anything about Kex'ti or Naheal, so she left. She didn't have Brammorn guarding her this time as she limped back to her own stronghold, but there was nothing that could make her fear any more than she already did. She knew he was still free, and that he wouldn not be locked up. There wasn't a thing anyone would do, and still the burden rested upon her own shoulders. She couldn't rest, she couldn't close her eyes, so once again, she left.

Breygrah was greatly relieved to see Naheal when she traveled to his post. They spoke at great length about the curse that now afflicted him, and she found comfort in being able to encourage him to keep fighting. Whatever it was he needed to do, she knew he understood what was happening better than she ever could and pledged her support, whatever the cost could be. He offered his own garrison to her to rest in, and she had every intention of doing so, but that would come later. She went back to her own.

Lilliana found her in Warspear much later, the first time she ventured to the town since. Breygrah didn't even care to try to put on a brave face, as she had until now, and the troll did her best to console the warrior. They were joined by Darrethy, and the two tried in their own ways to reassure the tauren. Brey made no attempt to mask her bitterness. She learned of the attack on her priest friend that she conveniently forgot to mention to the warrior in their meetin earlier. She learned of the barbarian's arm being blown off by the warlock. It was still not enough, and she did not care; her mind was focused on revenge.

"Good, he will lose more with time" was her reply. Lilly did her best to douse the fire in Brey's voice, but the shu'halo would have none of it. "Your suffering cannot be gone unaccounted for," the warlock agreed.

"He will answer to me" was her reply. "He will answer to me for Kex'ti, and for Naheal. I cannot rely on others to bring justice, because no one has. No one can, it seems. I will find a way." She had a thought, but it would only be a last resort. A quiet comment from Darrethy made her think he knew exactly what she was thinking, but she said nothing.

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"Kex'ti is dead. Why did you have to fight?" She had never seen Naheal so bitter or hostile, especially to her, and his glare on Breygrah was black. For moments she could do nothing but stare at him in deep pain and disbelief while a familiar cold rush washed over her mind as she found her breath.

"No... no you said... You said he was fine" she stumbled over a horrified whisper in reply. "I couldn't fight him. We couldn't fight him. It was too much. No, no you said he was fine." The warrior's body trembled, parts of the plate she wore clattered together but the icy stare was unrelenting. The elf looked onto her with disgust, and after several moments he shook his head as he regarded her.

"Well, he's not. He's gone. And it's all your fault. You care of your own discomfort more than the lives of the people you claim as friends? Don't pretend you can mourn him, you have no right to it."

"Why are you saying these things to me? What was I supposed to do?" The cold rush was there again. This wasn't right, was this curse changing him? Why did he feel so dark when he approached her? Like the shadows... No one let her see the monk, who had risked his life fighting for her, and her last memories of him would be watching him lie unconscious in the waters of Warspear as she was taken away? Naheal was not much shorter than she, but she cowered as he advanced, and another familiar voice addressed her from the door of the hall.

"He is right. How are you so weak, Sister? I thought I told you to buck up." Kerala was just as unforgiving, in her gaze and her tone. Breygrah was frozen in place by the two on either side of her. Her vision was blurred by the tears in her eyes, and blinking did nothing to clear them as anger began filling her with the chieftain's words. She could not manage a reply as she looked up at the druid. "If you just gave him what he wanted, none of this would be happening." Kerala spoke slowly in Taurahe, and the words cut deeper. Boundless rage made Brey want nothing more than to attack her on the spot, but she couldn't even move her eyes from the woman. The two swiftly turned their backs and left her standing alone in her Great Hall.

"No. This is not happening," she said in whisper to no one. She stood alone, silent with her thoughts aside from her unsteady gasps for several moments before the shadows began detaching themselves, just as she had seen before. Her sword, her shield, she only now noticed she had neither. Where could she have left them? She would fight anyway, but a great hand grabbed her from behind and threw her back into the wall. She kept her footing, only for the warrior to lift her again, with his arm once again whole, and bring her up to his eye level.

"It is, my dear," was his reply, his voice as steely as his grip. The worgs stalked them, but their eyes were on her. "I will kill you." was all she could manage to say, but Konro bellowed a laugh that turned into a great howl. The cue caused the shadows to leap upon her at once, and her reflexes made her raise her arms to guard herself from the beasts.

Breygrah's screams were ended once again with her landing hard on the floor. The room was dark, but there were no beasts, of course. She trembled from the chill in the air and fright, and the cold sensation faded. The undead priest. The nightmares she was getting used to, but this was was too close to being real. It couldn't possibly be, right? There would be no more sleeping. For now, all she could do was sob into her hands.

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"Brey. We can't keep doing thish." Konro had the slightest sway in his stance as he spoke to the woman, of course he was wasted. Breygrah eyed him with deep distaste. "Arguing, yelling at eash other. Fighting." This monster, he really thought he could talk some sort of twisted sense to her? She was bored with his pleas. "It hash to end."

"Leave people alone, and I have no problem." Brey spoke firmly. "You willl leave them alone."

"That'sh a problem. No, if I have to deal with shomeone. I will."

She didn't pull her gaze from the tauren, but the hints of a smirk began gracing her lips. She knew she would get nowhere, especially with Konro and Syreena encouraging each other. Breygrah didn't care anymore, anyway. She was too exhausted from the loss of sleep. She didn't allow herself to rest and recover. There was too much to do, too many others to look after while this curse ran rampant, and this time she thought she did well enough in hiding it. His pleas continued, and she was not impressed. There would be no negotiation, the time for that was long over. Perhaps she even encouraged him, though. She could refuse, she could threaten him, but what would that do? Konro gained the attention of an unknown hunter that wished to defend her honor, but she used the opportunity to leave the place. Activity was picking up in Warspear around this time anyway, she could slip away easily enough.

As soon as she stepped outside, however, Kex'ti rode up on a great raptor. "Hoi, Breygrah" he called with his normal greeting. She was relieved, he looked in as good of shape as she ever remembered seeing him. He was asking about Tesonii, the knight she left at her post to rest.

"I know her, I know who she is" she assured him, she finally gave him a wide smile, and was about to offer to take him to her when she felt the overbearing presence behind her.

"Ah, Konro. You're looking rather well," the monk said to him with a smirk. "I bet you could take someone on...single-handed." He gave Breygrah a playful wink, but she had already taken her place between the tauren and the elf.

"I will kill you. Control yourself." Brey's voice was quiet, there was something dark in her words. A smirk spread across her own face as she spoke to him. The cramps of her earlier trauma had grown gradually through his hassling, it was feeding her. She no longer tried to cover them, or soothe them, the chunk of her neck where the teeth had sunk in was the most intense.

"No you won't Brey. You don't have the gutsh."

Kex'ti moved on to greeting the rest of the crowd that had gathered, but Brey didn't really notice much of anyone aside from the warrior. I will show him. He thinks to toy with me. He thinks he can hurt others and get away with it? He will have justice brought down upon him, and I will have to do it myself. The hatred festered within her. Yes, it would be about revenge, but there was much more to it than herself. Just as she once said to Kerala, she lived her life in service to others.

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"My word, do you bathe in moonshine?" Taozhu's words made Breygrah laugh out loud, even if rather hushed.

"Just traitor blood actually-." Konro grinned and thought himself to be rather clever. But Taozhu was quicker.

"My word, but surely you must pass out from blood loss then quite frequently." The mage made his way around him to settle behind Breygrah and Kex'ti, about as quickly as you could expect a pandaren man to move.

"Need more backup." Konro was starting to fidget, the two men he eyed with hatred, or, something, whatever it was. He possibly would have forgotten all about Breygrah for a few moments had she chosen to step out of the way.

"Backup?" she questioned him, her voice was vaguely taunting. "Why do you need more backup?"

"Because he's weak. Because he's a coward. Take your pick, Brey." Kex'ti's inferences made her chuckle a little more.

"No one would fight you with aid" she continued. Her hands were placed on her hips as her head cocked to the side as she looked up at the warrior. Her broken horn, the one very one he damaged a second time by his actions pointed upwards, but his attention on it was fleeting at best when he finally looked at her again.

"Brey, no mating right now." He rolled his eyes in an exaggerated fashion to show off to the others.

She refrained from widening her eyes in anger as she bit the inside of her mouth, but she felt a sudden tension in her chest instead. "No no, this will be quite the opposite. Nothing will end until you are challenged."

Darrethy, who she had hardly noticed outside with the growing crowd, tapped his cane once on the ground, and the metal tubing popped off to reveal a sword dripping with poison... because of course it did. He moved to make a defensive formation around Taozhu, and she was relieved that she could focus solely on the shu'halo should he dare try anything.

"Oh? If I win... do I get you?" Konro's expression changed for a couple moments. His eyes softened, as if he thought he was getting anywhere with her. After a quick inspection of the position of the others, he gave out a short laugh at the diminutive warrior. "Now we can get thish party shtarted! We're going to kill some people."

"You. Are. Not. You will answer my challenge." Her words dripped in defiance, and her statement gained a quiet, concerned query of 'Challenge?' from the monk.

"Ruffian, it would behoove you to not try anything stupid!" Taozhu could really speak up when he was angry. She felt something from him, some sort of magical energy when he got excited. "Even given that is your preferred method of doing things."

Konro was dumbfounded at his boldness, but he was also still drunk. His grip tightened on the great axe he held at his side while he twisted it from side to side, playing with it. "...Wash that a Tauren joke...?"

"What better way than to defeat you just as the one whose boots you lick!" Breygrah interrupted him, and if she was surprised at the volume of her own voice, she didn't make it known. She balled her gauntlet-clad hands into fists as she glared at him. "You will answer my challenge."

Konro rolled his eyes with his typical dispassionate 'yes, dear' expression and wave of his hand. "...To what?"


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First, there was relief.

Breygrah had been thinking of this for some time, even before he had taken her by force and tried beating her into submission. There was no other way to get through to him. He didn't care, or he was too stupid, it could have been a mix of any number of possibilities. The important thing was he needed to be stopped. Who would stop him, Xaraphyne? Fhenrir? Grim? They all failed, whether it was by choice or inability, she did not care. Her life was a risk anyway, just as everyone's. The Wolf would not be responsible. It wasn't going to hunt her.

She ignored the outcries of the Grim rogue. She ignored any comments the others made of the challenge. Her eyes studied him, and she took pleasure in seeing what was almost desperation in his face and faltering voice as she searched for the words to say, but fell flat. Now, do you see? Stupid!

"You are a coward just as your precious Hellscream. And I will make an example of you. So yes, this will end." She smiled. Her right eye squinted slightly as she did. Is it the pain?

"You... You can't be serious." Konro stood perfectly still. For once he wasn't trying to impress others, or beg their attention, or annoy her for his own entertainment. She enjoyed the pain in his voice, the tenderness he struggled with that he used on her a few times before.

The round communication stone she wore around her neck illuminated. "Brey? What's going on?" It was quiet, and she quickly shielded the voice with her hand in reflex, in front of Konro. She wasn't done with him yet, there were still plans to make. "Just a moment" she replied in a whisper, then turned her attention back to the warrior. "I am sorely serious, Konro." His understanding his him hard. All evidence of his drunkenness was gone, she could see it in his eyes.

"Lulu! Horns! Now!" he barked suddenly at the forsaken priest nearby.

"I volunteer to serve as Breygrah's shaman. Proudly." Kex'ti's voice was bold, and Brey found herself also suddenly sobered by the sound of it. He claps a hand on her left shoulder. The other stabilized him with his staff. She kept her glare on Konro, but it became more and more to keep her own focus as the pain from the worgs dug deeper inside of her.

"We have to establish rules." He finally said to her with a scramble in his voice. "No armor. One weapon. Blessed by a shaman... or monk..."

"So? You accept? You seem prepared for this. Very well." She gave him a smile, an uncaring grin. Would he notice it was more of a grimace? She fought back tears successfully. The pain emboldened her as her energy waned quickly.

"I-. Naheal." Both tauren's gaze shot to the sin'dorei, who stood stoically with his arms folded, a sneering grin upon his face. I didn't answer him, she suddenly remembered. He didn't seem bothered, anyway.

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"Normally, there's a time set. As challenger, you are allowed to decide." The monk was quiet when he spoke to her, but there was a sort of determination in his tone. Breygrah looked at him for a moment before nodding her understanding. "Be careful," he continued in a hush, "He's going to try something."

"I don't know what to shay." Konro started gulping down ale again in his distress.

"You do not have to say anything."

"...I accept your challenge."


"We fight to the death."

"Of course." Breygrah grinned through the quick exchange with him, it kept her detached.

"True Mak'gora. I'll need time, and a shaman."

She turned to look to Naheal. He didn't seem seem surprised at all by the situation, he even looked as if he may have expected it. She couldn't gauge what it was he may have thought or felt at the moment. "He's crazy you know," a Grim paladin said. "So's she." the ranger said in response with the slightest shrug, wearing a smirk as always. It was a small comfort for her, at least.

"Sometimes fear is the best weapon of all. Let him stew." Kex'ti whispered his advice to her again, and a quick look between him and Konro reminded her that he was waiting for a time frame. She tried her best to sound bold, herself.

"One week."

"One week from today" he repeated. He tried making his voice sound gruff, but she could see through it.

"Oh. And as her shaman, should anything happen to her before the Mak'gora, I will hold Konro responsible and challenge in her stead." Breygrah was caught off-guard by Kex'ti's offering, but Konro accepted it readily and headed back inside in a huff. Naheal came to her side, but the larger tauren was no longer paying attention to them. Everyone else spoke among themselves as she stared off in thought. The ache was oppressive, much more than she had ever felt from it until now. She was glad most of the conversation was not on her, as she wouldn't be able to focus on it anyway.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Brey ignored everyone else around her; the noise, the yelling.

"You are my friend. I will not allow... underhanded tactics to prevail over honor." Kex'ti gave just the type of answer she should have expected, and she could only offer a weak shrug in return. This is no good. I am a fool. If I cannot do this

Kex'ti firmly clasped his hand against Breygrah's arm and spoke just a few Thalassian words to her. What would have been the pandaren mage's gaze drifted toward the monk, and the engineer behind her placed his own firm hand on her shoulder in support. "It means 'Until our last sun rises.'" he explained.

Without delay Breygrah gripped his arm in return, the same manner as he had done with her. "Until our last sun rises" she replied, in Taurahe.

If there was any time to feel doubt, it would be now, to get it out of the way. She had one week.

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It was done. But it was not over. Breygrah didn't expect relief, or ceremony, or celebration, or anything else after what she had to do. This was not a solution.

She checked on Xara, to make sure she would be alright, but she couldn't stay. Brey went back to the Spirit Rise to be alone, Xara needed her friends more than she did.

The wounds she sustained during the fight were healed, at least outwardly. She wanted the soreness to remain, to remind her. She did not want to do what she did, but there was no other choice. And, now, she had put a target on herself, especially among those who had no business concerning themselves with the situation. She should have dropped her colors before the fight, to draw less attention on them, but what was done was done.

Breygrah very carefully folded her guild tabard. The cloth still had a perfect sheen to it, as if it was new. The image of the totem stood out against the white background in the candle light, and she slid a thumb across it before she placed the cover onto the box. Included was a note, she kept it short knowing how Kerala hated reading:


I hope I can find you before this package does, because I'd rather tell you myself, but I need some time alone with my thoughts.

I just hope you will understand


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