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Eclipse: Betrayal

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Malhavik sat in a crumpled mess against the wall in his laboratory crypt. Slowly he rose to his feet and shambled to the stone table where his nearly month old reagents still sat. With a wave of his arm he sent the tables contents hurtling to the floor, and perched himself upon its cold surface. With a flick of his wrist he summoned his six armed demon. He was wounded, but still held a vast amount of magic. The curse was proving to be quite the blessing. He lied down and mentally instructed the demon to begin. With her many graceful arms, she began carefully unraveling Malhaviks robe and tabard from the sharp jagged ribs that protruded from them. Malhavik frowned as he looked at his caved in chest, thinking back to the woman who had inflicted the injury.

"How to proceed from here..." He thought. Time was running out, and his prize fell further and further from his hands. He had tried and risked everything to reclaim what was rightfully his, and had nothing to show for it but a shattered rib cage and a plethora of new enemies.

"Perhaps I should just kill her and recover my ties with The Grim... The woman is all ready doomed and by my hand no less. It would take the magic of an old god to fix what I have done to her soul." He spoke to his demon as she worked.

He sat up suddenly, causing his demon to hiss in protest.

"By the void, this may not yet be over!" His mind began to whirl as the foundations of his new scheme were set.

"The black book the blind mage seeks... She knew! Vionora had given me the solution to my problem in plain simple words! Damn my arrogance!"

He blinked and the shivarra demon exploded in green flame, dismissed from this world.

He then quickly summoned his void lord.

"Find Vionora. Summon me should some fool make an attempt at her life." He would deal with them himself. Better to pretend to defend her and hurt the pride of his fellows than allow Vionora to slay them.

The creature faded into the shadows, as he summoned his felhunter.

Malhavik held a pair of broken magic suppressing gauntlets to the beasts slavering in jaws.

"Yes, titan magic... Few can wield such a force. Take me to the creator of these!"

The felhunter bounded up the stairwell and Malhavik rushed quickly behind.

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It was late afternoon when Malhavik entered Cobraks War Camp in Nagrand. The sun was shining brightly, and there was a cool breeze gently wafting the smell of pollen and grass through the camp.

"How disgusting." He spoke quietly. The shivarra beside him nodded in agreement, and the fel hound only stalked on into the camp following the magical scent they had been tracking all morning. He looked to the shivarra and nodded. In response, she faded from sight, wrapped in a spell of invisibility. There she waited while her master followed the fel hound to the large tent made of various hides in the center of the camp. Once inside he found the blind panderen mage Touzhu, as well as the Tauren Breygrah, and the elf Naheal.

"Damn, to many witnesses..." He thought. He greeted the three in his sweetest voice, and inquired about the progress on the cure for the curse, as well as any knowledge of the black book which he seeked. They were suspicious of him of course and shared very little. The elf Naheal however, mentioned he would soon be off to search for the past owner of the mysterious book. With a few courteous pleasantries, Malhavik bid them farewell and on his leaving ordered the invisible demon to follow the elf when he left the camp.

It was obvious the mage knew more than he let on. Now he would simply have to wait until either the mage was left vulnerable, or the elf his demon shadowed found something useful. He dismissed his fel hound, and summoned an imp.

"Go to Konro. Tell him to be near and ready."

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"Sho Malhavik wantsh meh to go to Naygrand and be neer and ready?" Konro slurred his words as he leaned up from his hammock. The little imp nodded impatiently as this was the fifth time he had tried to explain to Konro that Malhavik needed him. "What if I don't wanna go? I'm jusht fine here you shilly imp."

"Mr Konro please. Master found the blind bear and needs you to come bodyguard him. I promise if you go there will be beer." The demon grabbed at the Tauren's arm and tugged hopelessly.

"Hey shtop that. I'll go, i'll go." Konro unsteadily rose to his feet and grabbed a backpack with his gear inside. "Just gimme directionsh."

The imp rattled on for a couple minuets while Konro armored himself and saddled his wolf. "Alright alright. I'll be there by tonight." The Warrior rode off in Nagrand's direction.

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