Eclipse: Bliss [OPEN]

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((This thread is open to anyone. It is a means for me to hopefully stay involved in the Eclipse storyline despite RL scheduling difficulties. I am completely new to forum RP, so I apologize in advance if I mess anything up in the process :P Feel free to add my battletag FroggyCows#1399 to chat with me- I'm often playing with my husband on another server.))

((My husband's schedule (and therefore mine) for the week of March 1-7 is 7am-3pm everyday but Friday, which is 10am-6pm. If you can RP please reach out to me, I feel like I harass folks if I ask constantly :P ))


The transition from sleep to wakefulness was a sudden one. Kerala habitually performed a quick scan her surroundings, first with her ears, then with her eyes. She was in the tavern, lying in a hammock beneath a heavy fur cover. The other hammocks were unoccupied. The tauren druid threw the offending weight from her body and swiveled rather ungracefully out of bed.

The fog gradually lifted from her mind as she did so. The most recent events- Breygrah's conflict with Konro, the picnic, healing Lomani, all returned to her. She stretched then, realizing that she actually felt really good. Since that first day that Kerala had slept completely through after healing the seer, she was able to rest without the nightmares plaguing her. The grey seer being out of bed was a good sign as well. Just as Humak had said, it had taken the rest of the week for Lomani to first open her eyes, then become coherent.

Kerala stepped downstairs to find Lomani sitting with a cup of tea. The grey woman smiled to her. "Good morning!" Kerala nodded to her. "I appreciate you staying with me, but have you seen Breygrah lately? It isn't like her to stay away if she knew I was doing poorly. It makes me worry for her."

Kerala nods in agreement. "Especially with Konro acting so unpredictably lately. The same thoughts had crossed my mind. If you feel well enough now, I'd like to go looking for her." If Konro was anywhere still in her vicinity it shouldn't be too hard to find them. "I need to find Darrethy as well to thank him, and apologize to Kexti. I know he's not part of the Horns now, but he still wore the tabard when he pulled that awful stunt."

Lomani frowns at the mention of the errant male warrior.. The seer was still unhappy about the situation regarding him. "I feel fine, now, thank you. Please do. I can't get the notion out of my thoughts that something bad has happened... is still going on..." The seer frowned. Then her expression cleared and she waved toward the door for Kerala to depart. "I'll stay here with my tea and my sewing and wait for you to get back. She may come home while you are out searching."

The druid hesitated a moment, but Lomani really did look fully recovered, if not a bit disheveled from her usually pristine appearance. The woman sipped from her cup calmly enough. Kerala nodded to her, then stepped out of the tavern.

The day outside was bright, and almost warm. A good day. Kerala hesitated, wondering where to look first. The drugging incident had occurred in Warspear, so that seemed a likely place to run into someone. But then again, Kexti had been of Sanctuary, and she knew they maintained a garrison. The conflict between Sanctuary and The Grim seems to have been the source of the recent troubles with Konro. She had no doubt that the warrior had meant that guild when he said he'd had other options. Three choices then, all with similar degrees of success, it seemed. It was a start.

Kerala set off, smiling despite the reason for her search. It was hard to be concerned when she felt as good as she did right now. She was sure it wouldn't take long to run into someone with news.

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((Kerala went to Warspear as the most likely spot to run into either Breygrah or Konro, or someone with news of them. She finds a way to pass the time being useful.))

The pandaren watched Kerala work with a critical eye. When at first the young druid volunteered at the healing building in Warspear, she was met with more than a little bit of skepticism. Not only did this tauren woman admit that she was here to practice due to inexperience, but she looked as if the idea of health was not a concept she understood. Sure, she wasn't exactly unhealthy, but she had to be borderline. The woman's bones stuck out! Or they would, the pandaren was certain, if she didn't have that messy fur to hide them. He felt the urge to sit her down like a patient and foist hot soup and sandwiches on her.

But he had to admit, for someone claiming to have only ever healed once, maybe twice, the druid was good at it. As new patients were brought in, she was able to diagnose them quickly, apply the proper treatment, and send them on their way. After the first couple days, she had learned to not try and use her natural healing gifts on everyone, and relied more heavily on the prepared tonics and badages as she should. Rookie hesitation and uncertainty gave way to an experienced rhythm, and the tauren danced with the other healers about the hut from patients to supplies and back like a choreographed ballet.

After a particularly nasty battle, the healers were struck with a massive influx of wounded. He'd watched Kerala closely. Though she exhausted herself early, she seemed to learn from it. The next time, she was almost able to keep up with the others, and he was sure at least two patients owed her their lives.

The pandaren caught Kerala's eye as she went for more treated bandages and smiled at her. She returned it with a genuine grin that reached into her green eyes. Whatever had happened in her life that had kept the young woman from this path, it was gone now, and she was on it. And she seemed born to it. The pandaren nodded to her and let her continue with her work.

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((Kerala learns of the curse, and who is known to be infected.))

[Kerala finds undead warlock Darrethy <The Blackguard> speaking with a troll priestess Lilliana <The Grim> in Warspear.]

3/4 13:46:16.248 Lilliana has a surprised look cross her features, "They are.....fine. As fine as things can be, considering everything that's going on."

3/4 13:46:49.748 Darrethy nods at Lillana "I see, I see. Well that's good I suppose.... .....Grimal is seething with rage right now, i'd advise Mal to keep away."

3/4 13:49:09.710 Lilliana takes a breath and sighs over that, "He has right to be seething...but neither Mal nor Lupinum were resonsible for his elf getting hurt and cursed."

3/4 13:50:51.649 Darrethy says: "Yeah, this is becoming a worse and worse problem. As much as you may not like Sanctuary, if all of them get cursed that would be....very...bad, the Old One could materalize in a matter of hours, rather then days."

3/4 13:51:27.095 Kerala greets everyone warmly.

3/4 13:51:57.726 Darrethy nods at Kerala.

3/4 13:52:08.034 Lilliana narrows her eyes at Darrethy, "I don't dislike Sanctuary." She pauses, her blue eyes crossing over Kerala as she appears, "It takes all types to make the world go around, and Sanctuary is just another type." “You look like you are totally out of your catatonic state.” *she says to Kerala*

3/4 13:52:37.586 Kerala blinks in confusion at Lilliana.

3/4 13:52:38.346 Darrethy says: "Are the Alliance another type?" Darrethy smiles a little.

3/4 13:53:13.197 Lilliana says: “No, the Alliance are not a 'type', they are a plague.” *she says simply, as a child would repeat a well known fact that has been drilled into their head and there is no other fact out there*

3/4 13:53:18.070 Kerala says: “Do I know you?”

3/4 13:54:23.745 Lilliana eyes Kerala up and down. Lilliana nods her head, "Not really, but I know you." She grins at Kerala.....the priestess was kind of fully in the druid's head, as priests can often do.

3/4 13:55:18.638 Darrethy laughs "When I was a new Forsaken, fresh out of the ground. I used to see it that way too, the Gilneans had kept my family outside the wall, and during the Campaign I did everything in my power to purge them. But I realized how much I was dehumanizing them, and that I was using my famailies death to do whatever I wanted to do....and I accepted that. I killed so many people for them, and i'v killed many more for myself. Fun, isn't it?"

3/4 13:55:25.449 Lilliana looks at Darrethy. Lilliana slides off her horse and dismisses the undead beast.

3/4 13:56:30.862 Kerala can't help but return the friendly druid's grin. She turns to Darrethy. Kerala remembers common courtesy for once and waits patiently for a break in the conversation, looking at Darrethy.

3/4 13:57:07.917 Lilliana looks thoughtful but doesn't seem to think it's fun, "Fun?"

3/4 13:58:48.614 Darrethy says: "To feel tthe blood splash on your face, to crush them like insects under your feet, to just not give a damn...there's a certain thrill to being free like that. Now and again I still feel angry of my families death, sometimes I delude myself into thinking it's justice but...I suppose it's not, is it?"

[Tauren warrior Breygrah <Horns of the Shuhalo> arrives]

3/4 14:00:16.048 Breygrah says: “Kerala.”

3/4 14:00:31.058 Darrethy nods at Breygrah.

3/4 14:00:37.178 Breygrah salutes Darrethy with respect.

3/4 14:00:45.798 Kerala looks incredibly relieved to see Breygrah.

3/4 14:00:48.977 Breygrah says: “Is everything alright?”

3/4 14:00:50.245 Kerala says: “Brey! I'm so glad to see you.”

3/4 14:01:01.161 Breygrah says: “What's wrong?”

3/4 14:01:18.269 Lilliana sticks her hands in her pockets, she's still looking at Darrethy, although she's noticed that Breygrah has appeared. "I guess that's fun." She says non commitedly.

3/4 14:02:18.995 Kerala says: “Nothing, just Lomani and I were worried for you. With Konro acting like he has, drugging you and all, we thought something bad might have happened when you didn't visit us.”

3/4 14:02:32.107 Breygrah frowns a bit.

3/4 14:02:35.582 Kerala says: “Lomani sort of had an episode, but she's alright now. I healed her!” Kerala looks proud.

3/4 14:02:47.117 Breygrah says: “Good! But why would she be worried about me? I'm much better now. Actually, I have not even seen her in some time.”

3/4 14:03:22.096 Kerala shrugs. “It's been almost a week.”

3/4 14:04:00.203 Breygrah says: I suppose there was a bit of an incident, but it's past.” Breygrah shrugs at Kerala.

3/4 14:04:34.062 Lilliana pokes Breygrah in the side as a way of saying hello.

3/4 14:04:38.539 Breygrah grins wickedly at Lilliana. “Greetings Lilly.”

3/4 14:05:08.387 Kerala assumes Konro is to blame. Which reminds her.... she turns back to Darrethy.

3/4 14:05:17.776 Breygrah peers at you searchingly.

3/4 14:05:41.095 Darrethy says: "...Yes Kerala?"

3/4 14:05:42.534 Kerala says: “Oh, and I know it's a bit late, but I wanted to thank you for helping Breygrah.”

3/4 14:06:05.298 Breygrah frowns slightly, with an uncomfortable shift.

3/4 14:06:40.121 Darrethy nods slightly "Kex'ti was as much help as well, once he woke up at least."

3/4 14:07:36.409 Kerala nods happily. To Breygrah, she seems much recovered from the fatigued state of the last month.

3/4 14:07:47.371 Kerala says: “Oh good. He was the last person on my list to see.”

3/4 14:08:27.776 Breygrah continues frowning, and rubs her neck while looking around at everyone.

3/4 14:08:39.010 Kerala eyes Breygrah up and down.

3/4 14:08:56.307 Darrethy says: "...Something does need to be done about Konro, he's becoming increasingly erratic and unstable. I fear he's rapidly approaching a point where he'll simply lose his mind and strike out at anyone."

3/4 14:09:39.864 Breygrah says: “He already has. It's just a matter of how sober he is.”

3/4 14:10:14.488 Darrethy says: "I see..."

3/4 14:10:18.200 Kerala continues to look at Breygrah as she asks "What has he done?"

3/4 14:10:46.943 Breygrah looks to Kerala. "What hasn't he done?" She speaks firmly.

3/4 14:11:35.558 Darrethy says: "Every day he lives, people are robbed of mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters for no good reason. At least if his behavior on the supply run was any indication."

3/4 14:11:51.010 Breygrah nods slowly. “He's broken out of jail twice already. I suppose I'm not suprised that no one has tried apprehending him again.”

3/4 14:12:51.241 Kerala looks surprised.

3/4 14:12:53.265 Darrethy mutters "They should just execute him next time."

3/4 14:13:13.515 Breygrah looks at you.

3/4 14:13:25.176 Lilliana doesn't say anything about Konro, instead she says, "Hey, I helped with her, it wasn't just Kex'ti, he just stole my thunder." She points to Kerala.

3/4 14:13:30.315 Breygrah says: “Once he was imprisoned by Xaraphyne. A second time by the Grim.” Breygrah grins at Lilly and pats her.

3/4 14:13:55.165 Darrethy nods at Lilly as well.

3/4 14:13:57.016 Kerala says: “I thought the Grim liked him.”

3/4 14:14:07.456 Breygrah says: “They do, it seems. I only know what I've been told, though.”

3/4 14:14:20.132 Darrethy says: "I assume the Grim have stan-....Nevermind."

3/4 14:14:27.130 Kerala peers at Lilliana again at the troll's comment.

3/4 14:15:05.326 Breygrah says: “At least it seems no one was hurt in the second escape,”

3/4 14:15:07.201 Lilliana says: “The Grim will take action to anyone that is harming the horde.” *she shrugs....puts emphasis on 'the horde'*

3/4 14:15:29.221 Breygrah looks to Lilly, then back to Kerala.

3/4 14:15:43.025 Kerala says: “Do we know where he is? Maybe I need to go beat sense into him.”

3/4 14:15:58.274 Breygrah says: “You need to be careful around him. Kerala looks curiously at Breygrah. “I was sure he would kill me the first time he escaped. Do not doubt him.”

3/4 14:16:43.158 Darrethy says: "He would actually have to beat you, to kill you."

3/4 14:16:54.646 Lilliana knows where Konro is. She just looks at the other three.

3/4 14:16:58.757 Breygrah says: “Unfortunately, it was not a fair fight.”

3/4 14:17:14.637 Darrethy says: "I see...."

3/4 14:17:15.710 Breygrah says: “The elf woman was with him.”

3/4 14:17:18.080 Kerala thinks that sounds typical of Konro.

3/4 14:17:29.432 Darrethy nods at Breygrah.

3/4 14:17:30.786 Kerala says: “Wait, an elf? He hates elves.”

3/4 14:17:33.724 Breygrah says: “He could never beat me in a fair fight.” Breygrah stifles a snicker at Kerala's comment. "Yes, that is true."

3/4 14:18:28.058 Lilliana eyes Breygrah up and down.

3/4 14:18:31.227 Breygrah says: “She broke him out. He charged me, then broke my stone when I tried to call for you, Kerala.”

3/4 14:18:46.224 Darrethy says: "Oh's the Old One." Darrethy smacks his helm.

3/4 14:19:07.835 Breygrah says: “I fought off these shadow wolf things until guards arrived. Konro had no chance to harm me himself.”

3/4 14:19:29.024 Darrethy says: "Konro has entered a pact with the Dark Gods, fantastic."

3/4 14:19:29.024 Breygrah says: “I've been kind to him, but no longer.” Breygrah shrugs slightly at Darrethy.

3/4 14:19:58.384 Kerala frowns at Darrethy.

3/4 14:20:25.376 Breygrah says: “I had help in healing, I am fine now.” Darrethy nods at Breygrah. “I spent the time with Sanctuary.”

3/4 14:20:49.991 Darrethy says: "That elf is Vionora, and she's the herald of this Wolf Gods curse."

3/4 14:21:04.380 Breygrah says: “That's her name?”

3/4 14:21:11.766 Darrethy nods again.

3/4 14:21:15.118 Lilliana rubs her forehead and sighs.

3/4 14:21:28.332 Kerala files the name away for future reference.... hopefully.

3/4 14:22:07.848 Breygrah looks to Kerala. “I will not go easy on him any longer. I know Lomani wished for him to return. Or at least that's what it sounds like.”

3/4 14:23:20.108 Kerala nods at Breygrah. “She does.”

3/4 14:23:44.870 Breygrah lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

3/4 14:23:57.870 Darrethy says: "He's upgraded from just a random sociopath, to a threat to all life on Azeroth."

3/4 14:24:06.033 Kerala blinks at Darrethy.

3/4 14:24:11.357 Breygrah agrees with Darrethy.

3/4 14:24:39.700 Breygrah says: “Lomani is too idealistic. At least in this case.”

3/4 14:24:43.801 Kerala looks like she's not sure what to believe, or how much Darrethy might be exaggerating. She agrees with Breygrah. “That she is. It's understandable, I suppose.”

3/4 14:25:11.663 Darrethy says: "...Does Xara know that Konro is in a compact with an Old God?"

3/4 14:25:24.624 Breygrah says: “He would hurt her too, if he could Kerala.” to Darrethy she says “I've seen her since then. I'm not sure.”

3/4 14:26:19.334 Lilliana says in the middle of their conversation, "Konro was accepted as a Supplicant in the Grim, you know."

3/4 14:26:31.564 Kerala scowls. “Why am I not surprised. He would not have left us unless he had somewhere to go.”

3/4 14:26:43.718 Breygrah frowns at Lilliana, almost sadly. “That was his intention. He fights with me because I will not join him.”

3/4 14:28:22.618 Kerala says: “Is he still..... affectionate? ... toward you?”

3/4 14:28:29.491 Breygrah scoffs.

3/4 14:28:39.648 Darrethy looks over to Lily "...Does your leader know how overwhelmingly dangerous he is? He doesn't want just the Alliance to die, he wants EVERYONE to die."

3/4 14:29:07.495 Breygrah says: “I would not have called it that to begin with, but he still pursues me, yes. Still would not stop him from killing me. He claimed he would not have, but I do not trust him.”

3/4 14:30:55.520 Kerala remains quiet, listening.

3/4 14:33:07.394 Breygrah says: “I have a feeling they might not care how dangerous he is.”

3/4 14:33:19.422 Darrethy sighs.

3/4 14:33:25.880 Breygrah sighs again. "Sorry, Lilly." she says quietly.

3/4 14:34:45.630 Breygrah says: “I've heard them say that they would use the curse against Sanctuary. Whether it is a joke or not does not matter.”

3/4 14:35:39.647 Kerala says: “What curse?”

3/4 14:36:02.126 Breygrah says: “From what I understand, that elf woman started it. I know it does not affect me, but aside from that I do not understand much.”

3/4 14:37:27.216 Darrethy nods "It spreads by touch, and only to those who use magic, or have magic in them."

3/4 14:37:52.901 Breygrah frowns. “You must be careful, Kerala.”

3/4 14:38:44.950 Kerala says: “So Konro can't be infected then.” Breygrah shrugs. “He's acting on his own, not from the affects of some illness.” Kerala frowns.

3/4 14:39:21.750 Breygrah says: “I do not concern myself with whether he's sick or not. He must be stopped.” Kerala turns her frown to Breygrah, but doesn't comment. Breygrah speaks firmly. "I will not be passive any longer."

3/4 14:40:35.743 Darrethy says: "Konro can't be personally affected...but he can drag people to be cursed." Darrethy nods.

3/4 14:40:53.311 Breygrah says: “He is dangerous and people get hurt because of him. If he will attack me, he will do worse to anyone else.”

3/4 14:41:47.359 Lilliana gets back up to her feet from sitting lazily on the ground. "The Grim is aware."

3/4 14:43:28.883 Breygrah says: “So nothing will be done, I will assume.”

3/4 14:43:37.478 Lilliana looks at Breygrah. “What do you mean?”

3/4 14:43:50.416 Kerala eyes Lilliana curiously.

3/4 14:46:55.241 Darrethy shakes his head "I should go tend to home, i'll be back later."

3/4 14:47:06.948 You nod at Darrethy.

3/4 14:47:16.130 Darrethy nods.

[Darrethy leaves.]

3/4 14:49:07.368 Kerala says: “Anyway, I am glad to see you are alright, Breygrah.”

[breygrah stares after Darrethy lost in thought (afk)]

3/4 14:54:30.236 Kerala looks at Lilliana, again trying to figure out how the troll might know her.

3/4 14:56:10.875 Lilliana looks back, taking note of Kerala's thoughtful expression. She just grins, not helping her out.

3/4 14:57:10.761 Lilliana steps aside for just one moment. [to throw a snowball] Lilliana returns looking satisfied.

3/4 14:58:26.243 Kerala steps a short distance away from Breygrah, her gaze on Lilliana as if to invite her along.

3/4 14:58:53.527 Lilliana follows along.

3/4 14:59:32.896 Kerala says: “I'm not sure how much of what was said about Konro I should believe. You are in the Grim?”

3/4 15:00:28.256 Lilliana folds her arms, her eyes on Kerala. She shrugs briefly about what she should believe of Konro, then nods her head. "I am. Been so since I was a teenager." She grins.

3/4 15:01:29.826 Kerala says: “How much are they exxagerating- my Sister and the warlock?”

3/4 15:02:31.222 Lilliana glances back to Breygrah as she replies to Kerala, "Neither of them were exaggerating. But the Grim thinks he can be an asset. Perhaps they can rein him in." She sounds so serious as she says that....then she giggles, ruining the entire effect.

3/4 15:03:50.510 Kerala frowns at Lilliana. “Alright, I may be horrendous at recalling names, but I know faces. I feel like I know you, but I'm coming up empty on both accounts. How is it that you know me?”

3/4 15:06:05.414 Lilliana smiles tauntingly at Kerala. "I was in your head, when you were catatonic. Konro asked me to come and help you before Kex'ti and Breygrah came to your side."

3/4 15:06:28.900 Kerala pauses. “What does that word mean, 'catatonic'?”

3/4 15:07:26.612 Lilliana says: “When you were asleep, you were traumatized or something. I dunno.” *the priestess shrugs* “You saw a lot of bad shit.”

3/4 15:08:25.577 Kerala has a blank expression. "Did you do something in there.... to make me forget?"

3/4 15:09:11.910 Lilliana shakes her head, "I didn't have a chance to do involvement was stricktly diagnostic....and with even that, I didn't get that far." She eyes Kerala, now a bit carefully, "You don't remember anything, do you?"

3/4 15:09:46.580 Kerala shakes her head.

3/4 15:10:43.161 Lilliana smirks, she had been cast aside rather quickly when Kex'ti showed up...quite expected that a Grim wouldn't be the one to help.

3/4 15:11:05.096 Kerala says: “What did you see?”

3/4 15:11:50.115 Lilliana says: “I saw bars, like in a jail, I think.” *she considers* “I saw what I think was a goblin, that was killed, pretty nasty like. And I felt a ton of fear, traumatizing shit.” *she explains idely*

3/4 15:12:40.299 Kerala considers that. “I suppose that would explain why everyone has suddenly been asking if I was alright. And the new foreman.” Kerala's gaze flicks to Breygrah.

3/4 15:13:39.323 Lilliana says: “Suppose I should have searched for you and told you what I saw.” *she says as an afterthought* “Or told Breygrah.” Lilliana didn't tell anyone. She wasn't that helpful.

3/4 15:14:06.290 Kerala shrugs.

3/4 15:14:36.752 Lilliana says: “No one seemed interested to ask me.” *that was probably deliberate on Lilly's part*

3/4 15:14:46.334 Kerala says: “I suppose it's possible Konro did it. That sounds similar to what Breygrah told me of the poison that was used on her.” Kerla blinks at Lilliana. Kerala remembers manners again. “Thank you for trying to help me.”

3/4 15:15:44.029 Lilliana doesn't look convinced, "I don't think that was a Konro creation. Anyway....did Breygrah tell you my name?”

3/4 15:16:17.645 Kerala shakes her head.

3/4 15:16:41.209 Lilliana says: “I'm Lilliana Bloodshine, of the Grim....the part that you know.” *she smiles and holds out her gloved hand*

3/4 15:17:38.296 Kerala accepts the handshake. "Kerala Windchaser."

3/4 15:19:00.801 Lilliana smiles brightly, her expression one of warmth as she shakes Kerala's hand. "Cool to meet you!" She exclaims happily.

3/4 15:19:35.375 Kerala can't help but smile back. “You too! I think.”

3/4 15:21:22.563 Lilliana winks at that, and stuffs her hands into her pockets, "You need help remembering your shit?" She asks.

3/4 15:21:46.714 Kerala says: “Can you do that?”

3/4 15:22:04.130 Lilliana shrugs her shoulders, "Sometimes. I'm a priest."

3/4 15:23:32.480 Kerala says: “I definitely don't like the idea that I can just randomly black out without any memory of it.”

3/4 15:26:12.391 Lilliana glances over towards Breygrah, "Well, I'd be willing to help you pull it out, if you cared to try." She points to Breygrah, "With her around....wouldn't want people saying a Grim hurt your mind or anything." Lilliana winks slyly at Kerala.

3/4 15:26:42.305 Kerala says: “Perhaps we will. You said Kexti helped as well?”

3/4 15:27:33.623 Lilliana says: “He brought you out of it.” *she nods*

3/4 15:28:56.284 Kerala says: “Alright. I need to see him anyway, I can ask whenever I run into him, to maybe find out more. I am interested in your offer, perhaps another day after I've spoken with him” Kerala is aware of tensions btween the two guilds and isn't trying to start anything up.

3/4 15:30:46.251 Lilliana seems to pick up on that, and says, "I'm a friend to Sanctuary, you know." Says this out in the open.

3/4 15:32:47.527 Kerala smiles at Lilliana. Kerala looks at Breygrah. “We should get back. Thank you for talking with me.”

3/4 15:34:48.247 Lilliana nods her head politely to Kerala.

[blood Elf hunter Naheal <Sanctuary> arrives with his ghost wolf Cerunan.]

3/4 15:35:10.623 Breygrah gently pats Cerunan.

3/4 15:35:12.594 You blink at Naheàl.

3/4 15:35:15.130 Lilliana taps Naheàl on the shoulder. Naheàl looks at Lilliana. Lilliana smiles playfully, "Fight me!"

3/4 15:35:39.756 Breygrah quietly snickers to herself.

3/4 15:35:44.483 Naheàl says: “Alright.”

3/4 15:36:28.581 Kerala watches.

3/4 15:36:38.957 Naheàl has defeated Lilliana in a duel

3/4 15:37:21.338 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “I am not going to be kind to him any longer.” Breygrah gently pats Cerunan.

3/4 15:38:06.291 Kerala glances sideways at Breygrah.

3/4 15:38:12.009 Breygrah shrugs at Kerala.

[Naheal returns, Lilliana wanders off for a bit.]

3/4 15:38:17.876 Naheàl looks at Kerala.

3/4 15:38:22.484 Breygrah kneels before Cerunan.

3/4 15:38:23.554 Naheàl says: “Is this...?”

3/4 15:38:27.264 Kerala says: [Taurahe] “I understand.”

3/4 15:38:40.202 Breygrah says: “Kerala, this is Naheal. He helped me out.”

3/4 15:38:41.631 Kerala looks at Naheàl.

3/4 15:38:48.078 Naheàl bows before Kerala.

3/4 15:38:48.640 Kerala smiles at Naheàl.

3/4 15:39:00.865 Breygrah says: “Kerala is my chieftain.”

3/4 15:39:07.939 Kerala says: “Thank you for helping my Sister.”

3/4 15:39:53.157 Naheàl says: “It was my honor, chieftain. The truth is that she and I make a pretty potent team when we actually work together.”

3/4 15:39:59.902 Breygrah glances at Naheal for a moment.

3/4 15:40:25.986 Kerala smiles, proud to hear such a compliment about Breygrah.

3/4 15:40:57.920 Breygrah says: “Actually work together? What does that mean?” Breygrah smirks slyly at Naheàl. Naheàl smirks slyly at Breygrah. “Kerala, he is one of Sanctuary. And part of the reason I've recovered quickly enough. They're all good people.”

3/4 15:43:12.731 Kerala smiles again. "I'm beginning to notice that."

3/4 15:43:37.447 Naheàl says: “It all depends on your perspective.”

3/4 15:43:43.232 Breygrah nods.

3/4 15:43:56.392 Kerala says: “How so?”

3/4 15:43:58.017 Breygrah says: “Unfortunately.”

3/4 15:44:35.137 Naheàl says: “Not all believe that we work in the best interests of the Horde. We're largely a defensive organization. Protecting the innocent and all that.”

3/4 15:45:00.043 Kerala nods. "So I've been told."

3/4 15:45:00.346 Naheàl says: “Which does mean that we come at odds with more... aggressive organizations.”

3/4 15:45:59.251 Breygrah says: “Some will find a problem with anything.”

3/4 15:46:08.701 Naheàl nods.

3/4 15:46:41.052 Breygrah says: “But, what can you do? Aside from hope they get over themselves.”

3/4 15:47:01.832 Cerunan sniffs Breygrah for a moment, then licks her face.

3/4 15:47:13.742 Breygrah gently pats Cerunan.

3/4 15:47:41.398 Kerala looks at the ground, again surprised to hear the anagonstic bent in Breygrah's voice.

3/4 15:47:53.621 Kerala looks at Cerunan.

3/4 15:48:14.486 Kerala says: “Who is this?”

3/4 15:48:32.251 Breygrah smiles at Cerunan.

3/4 15:48:34.538 Naheàl says: “His name is Cerunan. He's a spirit that's come to my aid in recent weeks.” Naheàl smiles at Cerunan.

3/4 15:48:51.124 Breygrah says: “He refuses to leave his side, at least most of the time.”

3/4 15:49:00.037 Kerala says: “He's beautiful.” Kerala crouches down and offers a hand toward Cerunan.

3/4 15:49:38.899 Cerunan sniffs Kerala's hand, then looks to her for a moment.

3/4 15:49:55.852 Breygrah stands again and backs up a little.

3/4 15:50:11.176 [[There's a bit of Lunar magic coming from Cerunan. Like the sort you'd see at a moonwell.]]

3/4 15:51:04.450 Breygrah says: “He's certainly an interesting creature.”

3/4 15:51:20.313 Naheàl says: “...and only mildly infuriating when he wants to be.”

3/4 15:51:33.328 Breygrah says: “But you need something to keep you humble.” Breygrah snickers at Naheàl.

3/4 15:52:17.395 Kerala wonders if it's possible to pet a spirit, and cautiously turns her hand palm-down, watching for signs that Cerunan is opposed to the idea.

3/4 15:52:19.541 Naheàl says: “I fail to see how getting into nitro fuel and splashing a bunch of it near an open flame is keeping me humble.”

3/4 15:52:32.818 Breygrah grins wickedly at Naheàl. “He's curious!”

3/4 15:52:54.117 Cerunan doesn't make a move, but doesn't seem bothered by the idea.

3/4 15:53:20.028 Naheàl says: “Like how you pretend not to be when I'm assembling a piece of machinery?”

3/4 15:53:40.345 Breygrah says: “Oh that stuff is too complicated for me to even understand.”

3/4 15:53:56.817 Kerala croons "He was only having a good time, weren't you?" She lowers her hand to Cerunan. Kerala smiles. Kerala pets Cerunan.

3/4 15:54:37.969 Cerunan's tongue hangs out of his mouth as he enjoys the attention.

3/4 15:55:03.937 Naheàl says: “Great! Encourage him! Now he'll just be more likely to do just that.”

3/4 15:55:12.453 Kerala smirks slyly at Naheàl.

3/4 15:55:14.415 Breygrah quietly snickers to herself. “You can take it.”

3/4 15:55:30.766 Naheàl says: “I'm more concerned with him blowing up my shop.”

3/4 15:55:36.371 Kerala thanks Cerunan. Kerala stands back up after giving Cerunan a good rub.

3/4 15:55:41.452 Breygrah says: “Aren't you used to that possibility anyway?”

3/4 15:55:50.342 Naheàl says: “Yeah, when I'm there. I don't think he can hurt himself since he's a spirit and all, though.” Naheàl looks at Cerunan

3/4 15:56:30.920 Breygrah says: “I would hope not.”

3/4 15:57:04.437 Kerala says: “Does a spirit not respond like an oridinary animal? Surely he can be trained, if so.”

3/4 15:57:17.315 Naheàl says: “I'm horrific with animals.” Naheàl looks at Cerunan. My last companion followed me after I fed her.. or saved her from a predator or some such thing. But frostwolves can be funny like that.”

3/4 15:58:12.577 Breygrah says: “Oh yes. That same one that followed me around?” Breygrah smirks slyly at Naheàl.

[undead warlock Malhavik <The Grim> arrives.]

3/4 15:58:08.494 Malhavik eyes Cerunan up and down. “Hello friends!”

3/4 15:58:34.538 Breygrah looks back at the warlock.

3/4 15:58:35.809 Cerunan turns to Mal and pointedly stays in-between him and Naheal.

3/4 15:58:43.248 Kerala hails Malhavik.

3/4 15:58:49.624 Naheàl looks at Cerunan. Naheàl raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Cerunan.

3/4 15:58:55.143 Kerala glances at Cerunan.

3/4 15:58:56.791 Breygrah peers at Cerunan searchingly. Breygrah looks at Malhavik.

3/4 15:59:04.974 Malhavik says: “Relax, I have no intention of spreading the curse. I'll keep a good safe distance.” Malhavik smiles at Naheàl.

3/4 15:59:18.953 Naheàl shrugs at Malhavik. “He has a mind of his own.”

3/4 15:59:29.821 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “He has it, Kerala. Just be careful.” Breygrah nods at Kerala.

3/4 15:59:53.001 Naheàl says: “Can't blame him for being cautious all the same. He does that with every curse-bearer.”

3/4 16:00:12.145 Kerala steps back from Malhavik.

3/4 16:00:15.635 Malhavik says: “Yes... These wolves have a strange reaction to me. The Trolls did the same.” Malhavik looks at you.

3/4 16:00:54.383 Kerala eyes Malhavik. He looks well enough, for a sick person, and Forsaken at that.

3/4 16:01:09.486 Breygrah says: “At least we can expect friendly company, yes?”

3/4 16:01:13.160 Malhavik says: “I don't believe whe have met.”

3/4 16:01:20.776 Breygrah slowly moved in front of Kerala, but smiles at the Forsaken.

3/4 16:01:21.410 Malhavik says: “My name is Malhavik, a pleasure.” Malhavik bows before Kerala.

3/4 16:01:34.524 Kerala blinks at Breygrah.

3/4 16:01:42.052 Breygrah says: “This is my chieftain, sir.”

3/4 16:01:45.216 Naheàl says: “Malhavik has been one of the more... cordial members of the Grim that I've met.”

3/4 16:01:49.583 Kerala says: “Kerala Windchaser.” Kerala curtsies before Malhavik.

3/4 16:02:09.645 Breygrah stands firm, but appears kind.

3/4 16:02:10.152 Malhavik says: “Ah! Of the Shuhaloo? I'm sorry I can't remember the name.”

3/4 16:02:25.943 Kerala smiles at Malhavik.

3/4 16:02:26.019 Breygrah says: “Horns. Of the shu'halo.”

3/4 16:02:29.440 Kerala says: “Yes”

3/4 16:02:33.675 A sly smirk spreads across Naheàl's face.

3/4 16:02:34.230 Malhavik says: “Forgive me!”

3/4 16:02:38.961 Breygrah nods at Malhavik. “No harm, sir."

3/4 16:03:05.253 Malhavik says: “Breygrah here is the only one I've come across until now. Well... If you don't include Konro.”

3/4 16:03:21.453 Kerala nods sadly.

3/4 16:03:24.002 Breygrah says: “I hope I have represented them well.” Breygrah changes her tone. "I do not."

3/4 16:03:39.818 Kerala says: “Many of our number are still scattered to the winds, walking their own ways.”

[Lilliana returns with Darrethy.]

3/4 16:03:44.422 Naheàl looks at Lilliana.

3/4 16:03:51.462 Malhavik says: “A shame.”

3/4 16:03:55.088 Breygrah nods.

3/4 16:03:59.380 Naheàl says: “Got all that pent up aggression worked out?” Naheàl smirks slyly at Lilliana.

3/4 16:04:01.234 Malhavik says: “They could be of great help in a time like this.”

3/4 16:04:15.123 Breygrah says: “They certainly would. But they are also safe, out of the way.”

3/4 16:04:23.360 Lilliana looks back at Naheal, after checking if Darrethy came along too. She gives Naheal a big grin, "Aggression? I'm so not aggressive."

3/4 16:04:26.735 Malhavik lookes to Lilliana and Darrethy.

3/4 16:04:38.495 Naheàl says: “Ah, so that was just fun?”

3/4 16:04:44.948 Malhavik says: “How fortunate!”

3/4 16:04:51.245 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “Do not worry, you're safe with me here.” Breygrah smiles at Kerala.

3/4 16:04:56.340 Malhavik says: “Welcome good sir and lady.”

3/4 16:05:29.697 Lilliana gives Malhavik a very displeased look. "Yo, Malhavik."

3/4 16:05:37.208 Kerala steps slightly to the side so she can see everyone around Breygrah.

3/4 16:05:48.873 Malhavik says: “Come now you can't stay mad at me forever!”

3/4 16:05:52.269 Lilliana then says to Naheal, "That was total fun." Lilliana looks at Malhavik.

3/4 16:06:02.260 Naheàl says: “Never underestimate a woman's capability to be angry” A sly smirk spreads across Naheàl's face.

3/4 16:06:02.260 Lilliana says: “I'm not mad at you, Malhavik.”

3/4 16:06:04.270 Breygrah looks curiously between Malhavik and Lilliana. Breygrah snickers at Naheàl.

3/4 16:06:19.710 Malhavik chuckles at Naheàl. “What then seems to be the problem?”

3/4 16:07:05.831 Lilliana shrugs, then answers rudely, "your face."

3/4 16:07:12.243 Malhavik says: “Aha! Can't be grumpy on as wonderful a day as this.”

3/4 16:07:39.435 Lilliana smiles at Malhavik.

3/4 16:07:47.536 Kerala grins at Malhavik in agreement. “It IS lovely, isn't it?”

3/4 16:08:26.042 Malhavik says: “Not my favorite climate, but after sitting in a cell for a week... Its great!”

3/4 16:08:28.551 Naheàl says: “I... hadn't noticed,, actually.” Naheàl slips a pack on over his shoulders.

3/4 16:09:00.905 Kerala blinks at Malhavik.

3/4 16:09:04.619 Breygrah says: “It is rather nice.”

3/4 16:09:14.699 Lilliana looks at Naheàl, "What, you getting ready to go?"

3/4 16:09:23.757 Naheàl says: “Yep.”

3/4 16:09:24.344 Malhavik says: “A slight misunderstanding I assure you.” Malhavik winks slyly at Kerala.

3/4 16:09:30.463 Breygrah looks at Naheàl.

3/4 16:09:38.355 Lilliana says: “Duel you for permission.”

3/4 16:09:40.875 Naheàl says: “Oh, sure.”

3/4 16:09:46.329 Lilliana cackles maniacally at Naheàl.

3/4 16:09:46.786 Breygrah grins wickedly at Lilliana.

3/4 16:09:48.435 Kerala doesn't look convinced.

3/4 16:10:21.746 Lilliana has defeated Naheàl in a duel

3/4 16:10:19.719 Malhavik says: “Darrethy old chap! How do you feel?

3/4 16:10:44.952 Breygrah peers at Darrethy searchingly.

3/4 16:11:06.670 Darrethy says: "Staving it off, sheerly through will."

3/4 16:11:13.797 You look at Darrethy.

3/4 16:11:14.704 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “Darrethy has been infected as well, but there is no danger from him. I trust him thoroughly.”

3/4 16:11:31.119 Kerala had guessed as much. Kerala nods at Breygrah.

3/4 16:11:17.434 Lilliana eyes Malhavik up and down.

3/4 16:11:24.856 Darrethy says: "I'm content to suffer with nobility, then spread it around."

3/4 16:11:35.806 Malhavik says: “What a gentleman!”

3/4 16:11:33.831 Lilliana throws a few more snowballs at Malhavik as she waits.

3/4 16:11:43.519 Malhavik says: “DAMNIT LILLY”

3/4 16:11:47.053 Lilliana interupts rudely.

3/4 16:11:57.270 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “I wish I could help him.”

3/4 16:12:26.498 Malhavik says: “Ugh... I have nothing to throw back.”

3/4 16:12:39.322 Kerala says: [Taurahe] “I'm still uncertain what this curse does. They both look fine to me. For dead people, you know.”

3/4 16:12:41.038 Lilliana says: “Well, you can't touch me, so naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

3/4 16:12:49.072 Breygrah nods at you.

3/4 16:12:51.471 Malhavik says: “I might just slip up for you...”

3/4 16:12:57.878 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “It feeds on their mana supply. Which is why I want you to steer clear of the one.” Breygrah looks at Kerala.

3/4 16:13:21.191 Malhavik says: [Forsaken] “Vohl veld dana ruff barad an ador.”

3/4 16:13:29.196 Kerala nods at Breygrah.

3/4 16:13:39.464 Naheàl has defeated Lilliana in a duel

3/4 16:13:44.940 Breygrah looks confident. “Very good then.”

3/4 16:13:49.368 Kerala looks at Malhavik “What? It isn't rude if you are otherwise occupied. Surely”

3/4 16:13:50.700 Darrethy says: [Forsaken] “VeLd ador ash ver”

3/4 16:14:14.164 Lilliana glares angrily at Malhavik.

3/4 16:14:21.817 Breygrah smiles at Malhavik.

3/4 16:14:26.564 Lilliana says: “I heard that.” *she says to Malhavik about 'slipping up'*

3/4 16:14:29.161 Breygrah says: “Please forgive me, I lose myself some times.”

3/4 16:14:36.969 Lilliana then also glares at Naheàl. “Okay, so like, permission granted.”

3/4 16:14:52.351 Naheàl says: “I was going to go with our without permission. I'm a jerk like that.” A sly smirk spreads across Naheàl's face.

3/4 16:15:00.085 Breygrah smirks slyly at Naheàl.

3/4 16:15:04.263 Lilliana makes a rude gesture at Naheàl.

3/4 16:15:36.221 Naheàl switches the machine on his belt. on. "Ok. Let's see if this kills me this time."

3/4 16:15:45.464 Lilliana gasps at Naheàl.

3/4 16:15:49.718 Breygrah snickers at Naheàl.

[Naheal leaves.]

3/4 16:15:51.217 Lilliana says: “Don't kill yourself!”

3/4 16:16:05.484 Breygrah says: “It seems as if he figured that out.”

3/4 16:16:24.365 Lilliana send a snowball sailing over Darrethy's head to slam into the side of Malhavik's face.

3/4 16:17:08.843 Kerala likes Lilliana. Kerala giggles at Malhavik.

3/4 16:17:33.154 Malhavik leans close to the Abyssal [he just summoned].

3/4 16:17:42.161 Lilliana watches.

3/4 16:18:07.443 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “It passes through touch. Otherwise you are safe.” Breygrah looks at Kerala again. Breygrah peers around, searchingly.

3/4 16:18:32.683 Lilliana hides behind the taurens. She's not completely stupid. "Put that thing away, Malhavik!"

3/4 16:18:43.467 Breygrah yelps! “Lilly!”

3/4 16:18:50.552 Malhavik says: “Stop pelting me with snowballs!”

3/4 16:18:54.187 Breygrah grins wickedly at Lilliana.

3/4 16:19:01.462 Lilliana pelts him again, because she has no intention of listening.

3/4 16:19:04.187 Breygrah says: “At least warn me!”

3/4 16:19:24.260 Malhavik says: “I will have him follow you wherever you go!”

3/4 16:19:31.491 Breygrah looks at Infernowrath.

3/4 16:19:40.925 Malhavik says: “You will allways be hot and sweaty, forever.”

3/4 16:19:43.705 Lilliana looks up at the demonic minion. "I'll kill it and send it back to hell."

3/4 16:19:46.220 Kerala laughs at Malhavik.

3/4 16:20:05.683 Lilliana says: “Ew.”

3/4 16:20:07.230 Malhavik says: “He'll come back!”

3/4 16:21:06.886 Lilliana ducks between the demon's legs.

3/4 16:21:07.114 Breygrah says: “I would say he likes you Lilly, but I do not think they like anything.” Breygrah laughs at Lilliana.

3/4 16:21:29.119 Lilliana says: “Well, I don't like it.” Lilliana glares angrily at Infernowrath.

3/4 16:21:44.167 Malhavik says: “Truce!”

3/4 16:22:04.664 Lilliana looks at Malhavik.

3/4 16:22:05.633 Breygrah mutters something in Taurahe to herself.

3/4 16:22:07.805 Lilliana says: “Truce, huh?”

3/4 16:22:18.954 Malhavik says: “Yes.”

3/4 16:22:39.039 Lilliana says: “Okay!” *jumps up and positively pelts Mahlahvik with as many snowballs as she has left!*

[Tauren warrior Konro <The Grim> arrives.]

3/4 16:22:40.186 Breygrah looks at Konro.

3/4 16:22:40.558 Darrethy nods at Konro.

3/4 16:22:41.145 Kerala glances to Breygrah.

3/4 16:22:57.222 Breygrah looks at Kerala, then back to the others.

3/4 16:22:57.756 Konro lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

3/4 16:23:02.053 Lilliana says: “That's what I think about a truce!” Lilliana makes a rude gesture at Malhavik.

3/4 16:23:04.437 Kerala eyes Konro up and down.

3/4 16:23:09.031 Malhavik says: “Drool on her!” [he commands his demon]

3/4 16:23:14.103 Konro says: “Mal!”

3/4 16:23:20.590 Malhavik says: “Hello comrade!”

3/4 16:23:33.722 Konro says: “Can you move the demon! That would be great!”

3/4 16:23:34.279 Lilliana picks a different tauren to lurk behind.

3/4 16:23:47.344 Breygrah smirks slyly at Lilliana.

3/4 16:23:51.970 Kerala is not a shield. She moves.

[Demon falls over dead.]

3/4 16:23:59.901 Lilliana cackles maniacally. “Yeah, that's how that thing should be. Dead like that.”

3/4 16:24:15.467 Malhavik says: “Feeding me? I agree.”

3/4 16:24:23.451 Lilliana says: “Is that what you did with it?”

3/4 16:24:23.451 Breygrah takes her place in front of Kerala again.

3/4 16:24:35.803 Malhavik nods at Lilliana.

3/4 16:24:45.837 Lilliana says: “That's so sick!”

3/4 16:24:46.913 Kerala scowls behind Breygrah, failing to hide her annoyance.

3/4 16:24:54.189 Konro leans in and whispers to Malhavik.

3/4 16:26:01.061 Malhavik points at you.

3/4 16:26:08.940 Breygrah whispers to Kerala.

3/4 16:26:17.082 Breygrah whispers: “I don't trust them, chieftain.”

3/4 16:26:27.964 Kerala nods at Breygrah.

3/4 16:26:29.898 Konro says: “Alright, why does Brey look ready to fight?”

3/4 16:26:32.085 Breygrah smiles at you.

3/4 16:26:36.700 Kerala says: “Gee, I wonder.”

3/4 16:26:37.495 Breygrah says: “I am not.” Breygrah shrugs. “Why are you concerned?”

3/4 16:27:01.658 Konro says: “Because I need to be ready to fight or not.”

3/4 16:27:10.713 Breygrah says: “I'm just watching over my chieftain, as I pledged. I do not attack people for no reason.”

3/4 16:27:25.957 Lilliana says: “I'm watching over everyone.” *exclaims*

3/4 16:27:26.906 Breygrah smiles pleasantly. “I suppose, if you go everywhere looking for a fight, you could get one.”

3/4 16:27:53.058 Malhavik says: “I'm just having a stroll on this beautiful day. So much hostility!”

3/4 16:28:19.861 Lilliana says: “Ah, Malhavik, you know I got your back.” Lilliana looks at Malhavik.

3/4 16:28:40.290 Malhavik bows before Lilliana.

3/4 16:28:48.409 Breygrah says: “No hostility here.”

3/4 16:29:04.593 Kerala blinks at Breygrah. Really?

3/4 16:29:01.590 Konro says: “Then why are you protecting Kerala?”

3/4 16:29:14.519 Breygrah says: “It's what I do.”

3/4 16:29:30.348 Konro says: “I never recieved such treatment.”

3/4 16:29:34.565 Lilliana would completely try to melt Malhavik's face, but since he's a Grim, she's kind of not allowed. So she smiles brightly at him, and digs into her bag...she's out of snowballs. Her dissappointing groan is loud.

3/4 16:29:37.252 Breygrah smirks slyly at Konro.

3/4 16:29:58.249 Malhavik eyes Lilliana up and down.

3/4 16:30:18.040 Darrethy says: "You weren't the chief, were you Konro? So you'd have no honor guard."

3/4 16:30:21.454 Malhavik seems a little tipsy from the Thunderbelly Mead.

3/4 16:30:28.116 Breygrah snickers at Darrethy.

3/4 16:30:35.230 Kerala looks at Malhavik and Darrethy in turn. "I still don't understand this whole curse thing."

3/4 16:30:35.230 Darrethy brushes his sleeves off "I just never find the need."

3/4 16:30:48.277 Konro says: “I've seen better guarding in the Alliance.”

3/4 16:30:58.645 Breygrah shrugs at Konro.

3/4 16:31:05.599 Lilliana gawks at Konro, "Dude."

3/4 16:31:06.747 Darrethy says: "I'm sure Brey would welcome the oppertunity to test that."

3/4 16:31:08.700 Malhavik says: “Lady Breygrah hasn't informed you?”

3/4 16:31:19.005 Breygrah peers at Malhavik searchingly.

3/4 16:31:33.261 Kerala says: “It uses mana. But you look fine to me. Both of you.”

3/4 16:31:52.557 Breygrah says: “What do you mean?” Breygrah questions Malhavik.

3/4 16:32:06.021 Darrethy says: "I simply power through it, Malhavik is....special. His curse is different."

3/4 16:32:30.463 Lilliana says: “It's like, as deep as it can go, right?” *sounds a bit serious*

3/4 16:32:38.238 Darrethy nods at Lilliana.

3/4 16:32:39.331 Malhavik says: “Erm. An odd way to put it.”

3/4 16:33:12.538 Konro says: “My dear friend Malhavik simply gains more from the curse than our undead friend Darrethy.”

3/4 16:33:22.305 Malhavik seems to be sobering up.

3/4 16:33:24.317 Kerala says: “But what does it do to mana?”

3/4 16:33:29.318 Breygrah looks between everyone.

3/4 16:33:34.425 Malhavik says: “Funnels it to me.”

3/4 16:33:39.372 Lilliana mutters, "he's gonna gain a shadow up the ass from the damned thing"

3/4 16:33:41.722 Malhavik says: “and from me to Vionora.”

3/4 16:33:45.140 Breygrah says: “It has something to do with the elf.”

3/4 16:34:10.691 Kerala pretends to know what mana is- assuming it's the source of power for warlocks and, apparently, druids like her.

3/4 16:34:50.894 Kerala says: “So you can just get more.”

3/4 16:34:59.259 Malhavik says: “I have spread the curse.”

3/4 16:34:59.259 Konro says: “Prescisely.”

3/4 16:35:35.832 Malhavik says: “Oh yes right.”

3/4 16:35:49.855 Kerala says: “So what does Vionora want with it?”

3/4 16:36:22.285 Malhavik says: “I assume she is storing it until she has enough to manifest her 'god wolf' into this plane.”

3/4 16:36:47.022 Breygrah steps back to speak with Kerala.

3/4 16:37:01.842 Breygrah whispers: “She said she wanted to end everything.”

3/4 16:37:10.487 Lilliana yawns, "We'll kill her, that god thing, not a big deal."

3/4 16:37:11.361 Breygrah whispers: “When they attacked me.”

3/4 16:37:38.281 Darrethy says: "How many of us will die in the process, though?"

3/4 16:37:51.783 Malhavik says: “Just the weak my good man.”

3/4 16:37:51.810 Kerala blinks at Breygrah.

3/4 16:37:55.147 Malhavik lets out a hearty chuckle.

3/4 16:37:56.421 Breygrah says: “As few as possible, I hope. None would be best.”

3/4 16:38:23.826 Lilliana glances over at Darrethy, she doesn't provide a response, other then acknowleding the question by a glance.

3/4 16:38:24.292 Breygrah looks at you.

3/4 16:38:31.288 Kerala whispers to Breygrah.

3/4 16:38:40.486 Kerala whispers To Breygrah: “Sounds like the Grim motto, does it not?”

3/4 16:38:49.842 Breygrah whispers: “It does, actually.” Breygrah frowns. Breygrah glares angrily.

3/4 16:39:40.653 Kerala says: “And how am I supposed to be able to tell the cursed from the non-cursed? Like I said, you both look fine to me.”

3/4 16:40:00.188 Breygrah says: “They have marks, but you need to be able to see them.” Breygrah shrugs at you.

3/4 16:40:12.340 Kerala looks at Malhavik.

3/4 16:40:21.512 Malhavik smiles at you.

3/4 16:40:23.902 Kerala says: “May I see, please?”

3/4 16:40:22.813 Konro takes his right glove off and shows the mark on the back of his hand.

3/4 16:40:24.313 Breygrah says: “Not to be mistaken for a scars.” Breygrah looks at Konro.

3/4 16:40:31.453 Kerala gasps at Konro.

3/4 16:40:35.088 Malhavik says: “Oh very well.”

3/4 16:40:40.555 Konro says: “It looks like that.”

3/4 16:40:44.700 Kerala says: “I thought it only did mana- stuff, why do you have one!?”

3/4 16:40:53.739 Malhavik whispers to Konro.

3/4 16:41:12.289 Konro says: “The Lady Vionora came to me and stabbed me with some dagger. Quite painful.”

3/4 16:41:31.241 Kerala says: “She sounds lovely.”

3/4 16:41:36.584 Malhavik removes the glove from his hand, revealing a brightly glowing mark the color of amber.

3/4 16:41:49.781 Kerala inspects Malhavik's hand.

3/4 16:41:53.731 Breygrah says: “More or less painful than teeth of shadow beasts?” A sly smirk spreads across Breygrah's face.

3/4 16:42:06.981 Kerala thanks Malhavik. “It is always on a hand?”

3/4 16:42:17.135 Malhavik replaces the glove.

3/4 16:42:19.808 Konro says: “Most times.”

3/4 16:42:21.024 Breygrah says: “But thank you for being kind and showing her.”

3/4 16:42:24.349 Malhavik says: “So it would seem.”

3/4 16:42:37.512 Darrethy nods.

3/4 16:42:39.146 Konro puts his glove back on.

3/4 16:42:39.975 Malhavik says: “Not at all.” Malhavik bows down graciously.

3/4 16:43:03.455 Kerala shrugs. "So if everyone has gloves, it seems to be easy to not spread around."

3/4 16:43:13.643 Breygrah shrugs at you.

3/4 16:43:19.210 Kerala glances at her fingerless gloves and scowls.

3/4 16:43:30.029 Malhavik says: “Well the curse by nature makes you spread it. Its like an addiction.” Kerala blinks at Malhavik. Very similar to the wretched elves. If we don't feed, we become mindless creatures of hunger.”

3/4 16:44:30.089 Kerala snorts. “Hunger indeed.”

3/4 16:44:54.167 Malhavik says: “Fortunately for me though. I have spread the curse to enough people that i no longer drains my mana.” Breygrah peers at Malhavik searchingly. “I now have an excess.”

3/4 16:45:24.993 Lilliana quietly scowls at Malhavik.

3/4 16:45:29.152 Malhavik says: “Which is why I was let out of my cell recently.” Malhavik bursts into dance.

3/4 16:46:11.555 Breygrah whispers to Kerala again.

3/4 16:46:21.014 Kerala says: “I suppose that would be a good thing.... for you.”

3/4 16:46:24.299 Breygrah whispers: “If one does not feed, after the mana is drained it takes their life essence.”

3/4 16:46:30.266 Malhavik says: “It is good to be free again!”

3/4 16:46:42.655 Darrethy says: "I, on the other hand, have spread it to none. The hunger is only growing more intense by the day."

3/4 16:46:49.119 Lilliana snorts and laughs at Malhavik all together. Lilliana pauses and looks at Darrethy.

3/4 16:46:57.110 Kerala whipsers To Breygrah: “See, that might have been a detail you could have shared earlier.”

3/4 16:47:03.424 Breygrah looks sympathetically to Darrethy.

3/4 16:47:13.144 Kerala looks at Darrethy.

3/4 16:47:20.071 Breygrah frowns.

3/4 16:47:27.546 Malhavik says: “May your will remain resolute good fellow!”

3/4 16:47:40.319 Lilliana says: “That's just because you are a badass, Darrethy. Not just self proclaimed.”

3/4 16:47:45.697 Darrethy shrugs his shoulders "Better to die for the wellfare of others, then live for yourself."

3/4 16:47:48.042 Breygrah nods at Lilliana.

3/4 16:47:53.130 Kerala says: “So then... it would be logical to assume Breygrah's trust in you is misplaced. You'll eventually act to spread the curse regardless of your own feelings on the matter. Yes?”

3/4 16:48:20.116 Breygrah peers at you searchingly.

3/4 16:48:45.401 Darrethy says: "That's a possible outcome yes, eventually my mind will collapse under the strain."

3/4 16:49:09.292 Lilliana shakes her head, "Won't happen."

3/4 16:49:14.248 Darrethy says: "But I have safeguards."

3/4 16:49:27.495 Malhavik nods at Darrethy.

3/4 16:49:55.743 Darrethy opens up his robe slightly to show his chest, within they would see some sort of...mechanical advice with a number of wires stuck into his ribcage."

3/4 16:50:04.140 Malhavik says: “Mana potions, demons, magical creatures, they can be drained to stave of the effects for a time.”

3/4 16:50:10.704 Breygrah peers at Darrethy searchingly.

[undead priest Lupinum <The Grim> arrives.]

3/4 16:50:37.117 Breygrah looks at Lupinum.

3/4 16:50:38.536 Malhavik says: “What abomonination is that Darrethy?”

3/4 16:50:38.764 Lupinum coughs.

3/4 16:50:38.764 Konro greets Lupinum warmly.

3/4 16:50:49.824 Malhavik waves at Lupinum.

3/4 16:50:51.864 Breygrah whispers: “This one has it as well, chieftain.” Breygrah looks at you.

3/4 16:51:01.676 Kerala has never seen an undead so exposed. She looks with interest.

3/4 16:51:11.658 Kerala whispers To Breygrah: “Oh good grief.”Kerala rolls her eyes at Breygrah.

3/4 16:51:26.090 Lupinum peers at the unknown Tauren [Kerala].

3/4 16:51:30.842 Darrethy says: "A goblin sapper charge of a rather strong potency, if it comes to that, I can detonate it."

3/4 16:51:30.842 Kerala whipsers To Breygrah: “Has it spread to everyone then?”

3/4 16:51:37.182 Breygrah whispers: “This is the problem. Why I say to be careful. No, not everyone.”

3/4 16:51:40.842 Malhavik laughs.

3/4 16:51:42.448 Lupinum says: “Hrmm.”

3/4 16:51:44.576 Breygrah looks at Kerala sternly.

3/4 16:51:46.129 Malhavik says: “My what dedication.”

3/4 16:52:12.522 Lupinum sits and begins to puff on a small wood pipe.

3/4 16:52:26.974 Konro says: “OR you could give the device to Breygrah, therefore she could destroy you when you become too corrupt.”

3/4 16:52:35.577 Kerala says: “I fail to see how you would retain the presence of mind to blow yourself up if you niether have your mind, nor the will to do anything but satisfy the urge.”

3/4 16:52:38.137 Malhavik nods at Konro.

3/4 16:52:42.946 Breygrah says: “I think Darrethy has control of himself.”

3/4 16:52:43.363 Kerala looks at Darrethy very doubtfully.

3/4 16:52:45.315 Breygrah glares angrily at Konro.

3/4 16:52:58.311 Konro says: “I severely doubt that will last.”

3/4 16:53:10.973 Darrethy says: "Willpower, if I start to break, I can do it myself."

3/4 16:53:13.162 Kerala agrees with Konro.

3/4 16:53:15.731 Breygrah mutters something about Konro not knowing control.

3/4 16:53:24.105 Darrethy says: "I could resist the helm of domination, this is a pittiance."

3/4 16:53:27.642 Kerala shrugs at Darrethy.

3/4 16:53:32.115 Lupinum nods slowly, listening to Darrethy.

3/4 16:53:38.471 Konro takes his helmet off. Konro smirks slyly at Breygrah.

3/4 16:53:56.655 Kerala looks at Lupinum. “You too then?”

3/4 16:54:02.828 Malhavik laughs at Konro.

3/4 16:54:09.394 Lupinum nods at Kerala. Lupinum holds up his left hand, it pulses with a soft amber glow.

3/4 16:54:37.391 Lilliana looks at Lupinum.

3/4 16:54:47.945 Kerala says: “Is it wrong to assume that you all are the ones Malhavik spread it to? You make quite a group.”

3/4 16:55:03.813 Lilliana runs off.

3/4 16:55:06.107 Malhavik says: “Not Konro here.”

3/4 16:55:09.361 Lupinum looks to Malhavik. He can speak for himself.

3/4 16:55:20.627 Konro says: “Quite right.”

3/4 16:55:43.930 Malhavik says: “There is only one other I spread the curse to not present”

3/4 16:55:52.698 Kerala says: “Who is that?”

3/4 16:56:01.921 Malhavik says: “The Lasher Khorvis. But I have not heard from him in some time.”

3/4 16:56:26.484 Kerala is unfamiliar with that title, and looks at Malhavik blankly. “What is a lasher?”

3/4 16:56:41.164 Malhavik says: “A very nice orc.”

3/4 16:56:45.425 Lupinum smiles. “Yes.”

3/4 16:57:55.135 Kerala says: “Very well. Now I know who to avoid, assuming no others have gotten it. I'm assuming there is no cure yet?”

3/4 16:58:09.131 Breygrah shakes her head at Kerala's question.

3/4 16:58:10.148 Konro says: “Except for death? No.”

3/4 16:58:11.206 Malhavik says: “There are more cursed than that gool lady.” Malhavik grins wickedly.

3/4 16:58:35.001 Darrethy says: "The Alliance has a large number of afflicted."

[undead warlock Grimal <Intent> walks up.]

3/4 16:58:41.533 Grimal says: “Now what happened.”

3/4 16:58:41.846 Darrethy says: "It's spread around."

3/4 16:58:43.926 Breygrah frowns.

3/4 16:58:48.356 Grimal says: “...”

3/4 16:58:49.553 Breygrah says: “That not good...”

3/4 16:58:51.329 Grimal says: “Wonderful.”

3/4 16:58:58.337 Malhavik says: “And those that I have cursed, can also spread it.”

3/4 16:59:17.510 Grimal says: “Speaking of which”

3/4 16:59:25.401 Malhavik says: “I wouldn't trust any of us to tell the truth about it.” Malhavik winks slyly.

3/4 16:59:34.760 Kerala says: “Sounds like we should concentrate instead on the end result. This worg.”

3/4 16:59:38.774 Breygrah doesn't look amused.

3/4 16:59:42.638 Grimal says: “Lupinium, Konro, did either of you curse a Troll Druid?”

3/4 16:59:58.631 Kerala looks at Grimal.

3/4 17:00:02.040 Grimal says: “Or know if Khorvis did?”

3/4 17:00:07.472 Lupinum tilts his head and shrugs.

3/4 17:00:09.080 Konro says: “Khorvis did.”

3/4 17:00:23.266 Lupinum says: “He's been missing since that meeting. It seems likely.”

3/4 17:00:23.591 Konro says: “Not us, we're good people.”

3/4 17:00:33.738 Lupinum stands and looks at Grimal.

3/4 17:00:35.136 Breygrah glares angrily at Konro.

3/4 17:00:47.139 Lupinum says: “Do I look like I'm an out of control curser?”

3/4 17:00:47.300 Kerala laughs at Konro.

3/4 17:00:53.463 Grimal grimaces.. "That was a fairly quick answer."

3/4 17:00:53.797 Malhavik says: “Konro can't spread the curse.”

3/4 17:01:10.971 Konro says: “Exactly, so therefore it was Khorvis.”

3/4 17:01:16.145 Malhavik says: “Darrethy has been missing for several days... Maybe he had a snack on his journey...”

3/4 17:01:26.908 Grimal says: “I don't know what you look like other than a forsaken, I'm not saying it was intentional. I just need to find that sonovabitch.”

3/4 17:01:39.850 Lupinum nods at Grimal.

3/4 17:01:42.162 Darrethy says nothing of the accusation.

3/4 17:01:44.329 Lupinum says: “Understandable.” Lupinum retakes his seat.

3/4 17:02:31.299 Grimal grumbles to himself.

3/4 17:02:41.584 Breygrah looks around to everyone.

3/4 17:02:51.445 Grimal says: “Guess I'll have to sic Greedhun on the scent.”

3/4 17:03:00.364 Breygrah nods at Grimal.

3/4 17:03:07.067 Konro says: “What is a Greedhun?”

3/4 17:03:16.077 Malhavik says: “Sounds like a Felstalker.”

3/4 17:03:15.668 Grimal says: “My Fel hound.”

3/4 17:03:26.485 Darrethy says: "...I can't help but remember Mal, that originally you said you infected four."

3/4 17:03:29.608 Darrethy says: "Not three."

3/4 17:03:29.608 Konro says: “h, wonderful.”

3/4 17:03:38.123 Breygrah peers at Malhavik searchingly.

3/4 17:03:46.515 Breygrah looks at Greedhun.

3/4 17:03:53.365 Konro looks at Greedhun.

3/4 17:04:09.384 Malhavik says: “Did I now? How clumsy of me, I meant three.”

3/4 17:04:23.834 Lupinum wrinkles his nose at the warlock's minion.

3/4 17:04:31.942 Malhavik says: “Three surviving anyway.” Malhavik laughs.

3/4 17:04:39.838 Darrethy says: "Ah, I see."

3/4 17:04:43.496 Kerala fails to see the humor.

3/4 17:04:46.169 Greedhun sniffs, however the amountof cursed folk in the vicinity makes him snarl, drool dripping on to the ground.

3/4 17:05:06.307 Konro bares his teeth and snarls at Greedhun.

3/4 17:05:36.246 Greedhun hisses at the druid [Kerala], , snapping it's jaws once.

3/4 17:05:45.682 Grimal says: “Easy Greedhun.”

3/4 17:05:48.360 Kerala eyes Greedhun.

3/4 17:05:50.618 Lupinum shakes his head slowly at the posturing.

3/4 17:05:51.478 Konro growls menacingly at Greedhun.

3/4 17:06:51.901 Grimal says: “I suppose I'll start in Azshara then.”

3/4 17:06:51.901 Kexti has come online.

3/4 17:06:54.290 Grimal lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.

3/4 17:07:02.854 Malhavik says: Good luck!

3/4 17:07:08.556 Breygrah nods at Grimal.

[Grimal leaves.]

[Long moment of silence.]

3/4 17:13:15.587 Kerala says: “Alright. Well this is exciting.”

3/4 17:13:23.614 Breygrah peers at you searchingly.

[blood Elf monk Kex'ti <Santcuary> arrives.]

3/4 17:13:24.421 Kexti waves at Breygrah.

3/4 17:13:31.141 Breygrah smiles at Kexti.

3/4 17:13:32.211 Kex'ti says: “Hoi, friends.” Kex'ti leans against his staff.

3/4 17:13:42.618 Breygrah says: “Greetings, Kex'ti.”

3/4 17:13:46.807 Lupinum says a meager hello, but is visibly on guard.

3/4 17:13:48.598 Malhavik nods at Kexti.

3/4 17:13:50.937 Konro stiffens.

3/4 17:13:52.835 Kexti peers at Lupinum searchingly.

3/4 17:13:59.752 Darrethy nods at Kexti.

3/4 17:14:05.735 Kerala says: “Kexti!”

3/4 17:14:06.630 Kex'ti says: “Hoi Darrethy. Kerala.”

3/4 17:14:16.142 Konro bares his teeth and snarls at Kexti.

3/4 17:14:18.270 Kerala says: “I knew coming to Warspear was the right idea.”

3/4 17:14:26.494 Breygrah watches Konro.

3/4 17:14:30.470 Malhavik says: “What is this now?”

3/4 17:14:35.309 Kex'ti raises an eyebrow. "Have we met?" Kex'ti gestures at Malhavik.

3/4 17:14:35.309 Malhavik says: “We're all friends here!”

3/4 17:14:43.561 Kexti smirks slyly at Konro. “Of course.”

3/4 17:15:10.648 Malhavik whispers to Konro.

3/4 17:15:13.623 Konro stretches his arms.

3/4 17:15:20.094 Kex'ti says: [Thalassian] “Anu ethala DiEb thus do balah neph'o da ash”

3/4 17:15:25.611 Breygrah watches the three carefully.

3/4 17:15:50.414 Kex'ti takes a draw from his jug. “This seems like a fun gathering.”

3/4 17:16:00.638 Kerala glances at Kexti, assessing.

3/4 17:16:01.574 Breygrah says: “Sure is.” Breygrah quietly snickers to herself.

3/4 17:16:13.601 Lupinum smiles at Kex'ti.

3/4 17:16:22.849 Kexti smiles at Lupinum.

3/4 17:16:23.610 Kerala notes that Breygrah has failed to step between her and Darrethy.

3/4 17:16:25.505 Malhavik says: “I was just saying how nice of a day it is. Its no wonder we are all out and about.”

3/4 17:16:42.948 Konro says: “Nice day for a hunt.”

3/4 17:16:55.173 Lupinum smirks slyly at Konro.

3/4 17:16:58.084 Breygrah glares angrily at Konro.

3/4 17:17:13.642 Kerala smiles at Kexti.

3/4 17:17:19.832 Kerala says: “It's good to see you.”

3/4 17:17:19.946 Kexti nods at you. “You as well. Feeling better? Your aura seems much improved.”

3/4 17:17:35.365 Konro sniffs the drink and gulps it down. Konro seems a little tipsy from the Jug of Ironwine.

3/4 17:17:53.815 Kerala says: “... I actually need to talk to you about that later.”

3/4 17:17:59.787 Kexti nods at you.

3/4 17:18:01.966 Lupinum seems a little tipsy from the Jug of Ironwine.

3/4 17:18:11.447 Kerala says: “But I wanted to thank you for aiding my Sister while I was unable to.”

3/4 17:18:24.696 Kex'ti says: “Anything for the Horde. No need to thank me. “

3/4 17:18:28.678 Darrethy says: "I do need to go for the moment, but if you need me, call out for me. I'll hear, be sure of that."

3/4 17:18:43.232 Breygrah keeps her attention on the others in front of her. Breygrah nods at Darrethy.

3/4 17:18:50.596 Malhavik says: “Will do good Darrethy!” Malhavik smiles at Darrethy.

3/4 17:19:01.755 Kerala says: “Goodbye, Darrethy.” Kerala waves at Darrethy.

[Darrethy leaves.]

3/4 17:19:14.525 Konro says: “You could say that.”

3/4 17:19:26.211 Kerala says: “Regardless. I appreciate it.”

3/4 17:19:46.725 Lilliana poofs into existance.

3/4 17:19:51.269 Kexti waves at Lilliana. “Hoi, Lilly.”

3/4 17:19:56.352 Malhavik greets Lilliana warmly.

3/4 17:20:13.934 Lupinum waves at Lilliana.

3/4 17:20:38.976 Konro seems to be sobering up.

3/4 17:21:27.863 Kex'ti says: “In any case...”

3/4 17:21:29.726 Malhavik says: “They really ought to put some chairs out here.”

3/4 17:21:33.943 Breygrah looks at Kexti.

3/4 17:21:44.374 Kex'ti says: “It was great seeing all of you, but I have other business to attend to.”

3/4 17:21:49.581 Breygrah nods at Kexti.

3/4 17:21:50.626 Kex'ti says: “Sinu a'manore.”

3/4 17:21:58.756 Kerala nods at Kexti.

3/4 17:22:00.440 Breygrah says: “Stay well friend.”

3/4 17:22:02.243 Konro bares his teeth and snarls at Kexti.

3/4 17:22:04.720 Kex'ti says: “You as well.”

[Kex'ti leaves.]

3/4 17:22:07.167 Malhavik says: [Forsaken] “Nud dana”

3/4 17:22:24.331 Breygrah peers at Malhavik searchingly.

3/4 17:22:37.701 Malhavik says: “Just bidding him a fond forsaken farewell.”

3/4 17:22:54.433 Breygrah says: “How kind of you.” Breygrah tries sounding sincere.

3/4 17:23:08.561 Malhavik smiles at Breygrah.

3/4 17:23:09.387 Lupinum smirks at Mal.

3/4 17:23:22.091 Lilliana makes a face at Lupinum. It's an ugly one.

3/4 17:23:36.856 Lupinum blinks at Lilly.

3/4 17:24:34.223 Malhavik says: “My look at the time. I have people to meet with.”

3/4 17:24:58.124 Breygrah nods.

3/4 17:25:12.056 Malhavik says: “Fond afternoon ladies, and gentleman.” Malhavik bows down graciously.

3/4 17:25:17.360 Konro nods at Malhavik.

3/4 17:25:20.638 Breygrah says: “Be well.”

3/4 17:25:27.857 Lilliana says: Malhavik.

3/4 17:25:37.839 Malhavik says: “Hmm?”

3/4 17:25:42.433 Kerala waves goodbye to Malhavik. Farewell!

3/4 17:25:44.263 Lupinum seems to be sobering up.

3/4 17:25:55.495 Lilliana smiles, and chucks something at Malhavik, of course. [a snowball]

3/4 17:25:59.787 Lilliana says: “Bye.”

3/4 17:26:04.183 Malhavik says: “Yes, of course...”

[Malhavik leaves.]

3/4 17:28:04.539 Lupinum turns and raises his fists at the troll next to him.

3/4 17:28:55.473 Kerala digs a hoof into the dirt. Her stomach growls.

3/4 17:29:38.205 Breygrah says: [Taurahe] “Do you want to be on your way?”

3/4 17:30:09.934 Konro says: [Taurahe] “Leaving so soon?”

3/4 17:30:19.184 Breygrah shoots a loot at Konro.

3/4 17:31:07.619 Kerala says: “Who me?”

3/4 17:31:14.420 Breygrah nods. [Taurahe] “I was only asking.” Breygrah smiles.

3/4 17:31:27.697 Kerala waves dimissively. " It does that. But yes, I suppose I should go eat something.”

3/4 17:31:46.625 Breygrah nods. Breygrah quietly snickers to herself.

[Kerala leaves.]

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((Kerala gets infected by healing a curse victim, and unknowingly begins spreading it))

Kerala felt wonderful.

The sun was shining brightly, the air was cool, but not cold today without a wind to cause a chill. And Kerala was being useful for once in her life. She was helping people.

Humak had been right- Kerala became a much faster healer in what she thought was a relatively short time. Judging from the glances she caught from the other healers, they seemed to think so too. This was the polar opposite of learning to read. THIS Kerala could do well. In the span of a few seconds now, her Touch could lessen the threat of severe wounds. It was almost easy, she thought. All she had to do was let go. It was like opening a damn within her. Like a river, the healing followed its own course. It had taken her a little while to learn to control the flow, to not let everything out at once.

That first day in Warspear had left Kerala parched and exhausted. She hadn't quite recovered the second morning, but over the long hours, the knack of restricting the healing energy became almost reflexive, and she ended the next night much better.

Konro was still making a nuisance of himself, but it seemed Breygrah was capable of handling him, and that knowledge lifted Kerala's spirits as well. The only dark cloud in the druid's emotional sky was this Old God she'd been told about. Accalia. Apparently a worg. The others seemed to be keeping good track of those who were infected, and efforts were already under way to research the curse. Kerala had no experience with any of that, so she was content to stay here exercising her newfound talent.

“Incoming,” one healer remarked quietly.

Kerala looked up from the bandages she'd been rolling. Indeed, there was a trail of walking wounded making their way from the frontlines of Ashran. She quickly straightened the box, and flipped the lids off several others so the bandages inside would be easy to access. The first one reached them, an orc bearing serious burns across his head and torso. Plate armor had been partially melted. Kerala held her breath and stepped forward. The dance in the healing pavillion began.

The next few hours were a blur. This battle had been a particularly nasty one, and though the battlefield medics and ensured that no one was in immediate danger of dying, Kerala's budding skills were put to severe use. Quick glances at the other healers showed similar strain in drooping shoulders, grim expressions, and a slight sluggishness to normally quick and efficient movements. Kerala wasn't sure whether to be heartened by the sense of comraderie she felt with them, or concerned that they still had so many to treat. Their stock of bandages and tonics was taking a severe hit, and still the healers themselves were beginning to flag.

A Forsaken came to Kerala next, and she successfully kept her face neutral. The undead were a people that she found distasteful to the extreme to heal. Their wounds rarely bothered them unless they were debilitating. The woman in robes looked worn and tired, which Kerala didn't know was possible. She held one arm to her shoulder. Black fluid stained a robe that had been rent in a long jagged line clear down to the woman's waist. She was holding the robe and the flesh of her own shoulder to keep it from flopping about. The arm on that shoulder hung uselessly. Kerala sighed. This one she could heal and send immediately back to the front lines, no need to waste a tonic.

Kerala stepped up to the wounded Forsaken without even offering to have the woman sit down or otherwise get comfortable. There was no need.

Kerala reached for the woman and for a split second, something made her almost pause. Perhaps something in the woman's eyes, suddenly more lively, as if eager to be healed. It could have been revulsion at the trinkle of drool that leaked from the black lips.

She placed one hand on the undead's neck near the wound, and the other on the exposed wrist, but it really didn't matter as long as there was skin-to-skin contact. Humak had said that as she became experienced, Kerala would be able to Touch through the very earth itself and therefore be able to heal from a distance, but she hadn't quite figured that out yet.

Within herself, Kerala let go. Time seemed to stop. She didn't notice the almost feral snarl flicker in the undead's features.

The druid's senses screamed protest at the being before her. It should not exist. Abomination! Kerala was flooded with that as well as the body's knowledge. She pushed aside the irrelevant information- excessive blood clotting; a clog in the digestive tract fermenting; a hole in the stomach lining and the flesh of the belly, likely the fatal wound that had originally killed this woman. Kerala's whole being was infused with the effects of the Forsaken plague in the patient she was touching, and she felt nauseous.

Quickly, she concentrated on the wound. It was harder to heal Forsaken. The line between their normal state, and a wounded one was vague and hard to find, but set forever. The undead body would never improve beyond the conditions of the corpse when it was reanimated, yet at the same time, they were not frozen in time. They were decaying further, but at such an imperceptible rate to make the matter inconsequential. Being able to FEEL that made Kerala's skin crawl and she wanted nothing more than to get away from this thing she held.

Kerala let the healing flow, but she had to tell it what to do in an undead being.

The Forsaken woman stood quietly as the flesh of her torso began to knit itself back together. The muscles twitched and crawled as if she had an insect infestation. Movement rippled up from the ragged point in her abdomen, all the way up to the shoulder. The woman could have let go of her shoulder then, if not for the druid's hands on her. A sudden tightness beneath the skin, and bones were snapped back into place. There was no regeneration to occur in a Forsaken body, but it was amazing what could be accomplished physically to repair damage.

Kerala finally dropped her hands and stepped back. The undead woman looked immeasureably better for her efforts, for a corpse. Only the torn robe provided evidence that only a moment before had been a Forsaken with he torso nearly hacked in half. The undead flexed her gloves hand, then shifted her arm about experimentally.

Without a word of thanks, the woman just turned and headed back toward the fight. She had corpses to cannibalize.

Kerala sighed tiredly, but there was finally an end that she could see. She healed an orc, a pair of elves, a troll whose head had nearly been detached, and a trio of goblins that looked as if they'd blow themselves up. And then she was done. The sudden emptiness was surprising.

One of the other healers clapped Kerala on the back. “You made it! You did very well, newbie.”

“She healed more than you!” jibed another.

Kerala smiled thinly. “I just want some food and a nap! I'm glad not every day is like this.”

“Food you can have, the nap will have to wait til later. We're bound to get more on an active day like this.”

Kerala nodded, and was not really surprised when the pandaren supervisor produced lunch for them all. Kerala couldn't remember whether or not she had eaten today, but she was hungry. She enjoyed some kind of rice cooked with vegatables in it, and the food was exceptionally delicious.

Late that afternoon, the truth of their prediction was revealed when another battle produced injured and wounded, though not in as many numbers as that morning. The lunch seemed to rejuvenate Kerala enough to push through her fatigue and find a proverbial second wind. She gave up her shift that night feeling really good. She wished she'd learned how to heal long ago. How much better her life could have been!

She left to find a comfortable place among the rocks of the coast to sleep, preferring the peace and quiet. She did not notice a mark on her hand that had not been there before, glowing faintly beneath the multi-colored chaotic swirls of her fur.

In Ashran, fighters attack each other again and again, a strange mark spreading among them.

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Kerala hears a voice in her head “Kerala, can you speak back to me like this?”

Aloud, but apparently also mentally, Kerala answers “....who is this?”

Lilliana's voice is invasive in Kerala's head* “It's Lilliana, that troll from the Grim.”

Kerala whispers To Lilliana: “This is weird, get out. ….Where can I talk to you normally?”

Lilliana whispers: “I don't have time right now. Is Breygrah with you? I heard that Konro took her from Kex'ti, and Kex'ti was beaten up last night.”

Kerala whispers To Lilliana: “WHAT!?”

Lilliana stays in Kerala's head, an invasive and a heavy thought.

Kerala shakes her head like she's got water in her ears, fluffy crazy curls bouncing. “Where? Where is Breygrah? Where is Kexti?”

“I don't know.” Lilliana says in her mind “....I don't knwo where Breygrah is. Kex'ti is resting in the Sanctuary Garrison.....I tried to talk to Konro earlier, but he ignored me. He's not in the Grim garrison right now.”

“Thank you for telling me. Now please get out. This... itches?” Kerala practically growls the thankyou, she is obviously angry at Konro's actions.

Kerala can feel that Lilliana doesn't seem to care that this bothers her. “Alright, me if you hear anything for Breygrah, and I'll do the same. I'll be searching for her...Konro's a Grim now, and he'll be partly my responsability......”

Kerala whispers To Lilliana: “I ....will. I think I know how.”

3/6 11:43:46.889 Kerala stops running, surprised to see Kexti.

3/6 11:43:48.249 Kex'ti says: “Hoi, Kerala. “

3/6 11:43:54.702 Kerala says: “Kexti!”

3/6 11:43:59.946 Kex'ti leans up against a makeshift staff.

3/6 11:44:06.567 You eye Kexti up and down.

3/6 11:44:09.503 Kex'ti says: “You wanted to see me?”

3/6 11:44:29.083 Kerala says: “Lilliana just told me something happened last night. Are you ok?”

3/6 11:44:51.882 Kex'ti says: “No. But I will be. “

3/6 11:44:57.918 Kerala looks as if her brain itches. Instead, she scratches inside an ear awkwardly.

3/6 11:45:29.644 Kex'ti says: “Did Lilliana tell you what happened?” Kex'ti gestures towards the lower quarter.

3/6 11:46:18.031 Kerala shakes her head. "Konro took Breygrah from you?"

3/6 11:46:29.766 Kex'ti says: “He just took her.” Kex'ti leans heavily against his staff. “I happened to be in his way.” You frown. “Do you know anything about this?”

3/6 11:48:15.535 Kerala wonders if Kexti is accusing her, or just fishing for details. “NO”

3/6 11:48:48.963 Kex'ti taps the rock with his staff. “It was right here. “

3/6 11:49:16.403 Kerala looks around. “She was fine the last time I saw her... and Konro too.”

3/6 11:49:55.350 Kex'ti says: “He's given himself over to the old god. Because he couldn't have her.” Kexti looks at you.

3/6 11:51:25.737 Kerala doesn't know what to make of that, having some experience with unwanted attention herself. “What does that mean?”

3/6 11:52:04.464 Kex'ti says: “If you see him, you need to let the Grim or Sanctuary know.”

3/6 11:52:34.735 Kerala says: “Really? It seems that the two guilds have brought nothing but trouble to me and mine.”

3/6 11:52:53.211 Kex'ti angrily rises to his feet. “I have done *nothing* to wrong *any* of you. I have been there to help the Horns on multiple occasions because you, like me, are part of the Horde.”

3/6 11:54:16.252 Kerala 's expression softens somewhat.

3/6 11:54:28.807 Kex'ti says: “But Konro, refusing to accept Breygrah's overt rejection of his attentions, attacked me not once, but *twice* without provocation.”

3/6 11:54:46.313 Kerala says: “I did not mean that, Kexti. I am sorry.”

3/6 11:54:56.143 Kex'ti says: “No. Listen. I'm not finished yet.” Kex'ti flushes with the heat of the moment.

3/6 11:55:22.313 Kerala crosses her arms, but stays quiet.

3/6 11:55:47.891 Kex'ti says: “He went to my Commander, and told her that he would cease to accost other members of the Horde, so that he wouldn't be subject to reprisal for *drugging* and *kidnapping* me and Breygrah! And then, he attacks me in Warspear.” Kex'ti 's knuckles whiten on his staff. “I could've killed him. Or maimed him. But instead, I left him alive. I thought some humility make be cause for self-reflection. Instead, he allows himself to be taken over by an Old God so he can kill me and steal away Breygrah.”

3/6 11:57:05.679 Kerala carefully keeps her face expressionless, listening.

3/6 11:57:24.277 Kex'ti says: "You want to know who's at fault here? It's Konro. You can blame the Grim or Sanctuary or whoever for making him that way, but he's the one who made his choices.”

3/6 11:57:45.703 Kerala nods in complete agreement.

3/6 11:57:42.115 Kex'ti says: “So if you see him, you need to let us know so he can face the consequences.”

3/6 11:57:56.220 Kerala says: “That's the part I disagree with.”

3/6 11:58:00.354 Kex'ti sighs heavily.

3/6 11:58:35.771 Kerala says: “From what I know, he has escaped capture on several occassions. Why should I not deal with him on the spot?”

3/6 12:00:07.274 Kex'ti searches for words.

3/6 12:00:10.776 Kerala expression turns icy. "There is only one answer to those who "take" women. He is a rabid dog, and he must be put down.”

3/6 12:00:35.858 Kex'ti says: “Because, honestly Kerala? If you had acted when you should've, it wouldn't have come to this. And now, you can't stop him alone. That's true of all of us who didn't act when we should've.”

3/6 12:02:06.367 Kerala says: “Why? What has happened to him, how powerful is he now?” Kerala ignores the jibe or whatever that was.

3/6 12:06:15.230 Kex'ti says: “He's possessed by a spirit of an Old God. He's...He's...Much, much stronger than I thought possible.”

3/6 12:08:37.476 Kerala says: “He'd have to be. I don't imagine Accalia would be interested in a warrior who regularly gets bested by females.”

3/6 12:08:47.064 Kexti chuckles at you.

3/6 12:09:08.054 Kerala says: “It makes me wonder why she chose him at all, honestly.” Kerala gestures, thinking aloud...

3/6 12:09:27.985 Kexti nods at you. “He will face justice”

3/6 12:09:53.059 Kerala says: “Would someone afflicted with the curse be strong enough- say Darrethy?”

3/6 12:10:34.342 Kex'ti shakes his head. "No, they have to embrace the curse to gain its strength, from what I've gathered. Darethy is fighting it."

3/6 12:11:18.689 Kerala says: “Malhavik then? He was the first, and he is no longer weighted by its effects.”

3/6 12:11:34.452 Kex'ti says: “Perhaps.”

3/6 12:11:40.676 Kerala says: “Hmm”

3/6 12:11:52.040 Kex'ti says: “But...I don't find that particularly individual to be trustworthy.” Kex'ti frowns.

3/6 12:12:05.679 Kerala shakes her head in agreement. Kerala 's gaze flicks back up to Kexti. "You said you were not alright. Is there anything I can help with? I've been here in Warspear healing, maybe....?"

3/6 12:13:30.426 Kex'ti shakes his head. "It's nothing that won't heal in time. My pride is wounded more than anything.”

3/6 12:14:03.656 Kerala frowns. Why wait? “A useless trait, if you ask me.” You shrug at Kexti.

3/6 12:15:14.998 Kex'ti says: “In any case. That's all I know.”

3/6 12:15:54.072 Kerala says: “Do you have any idea where he might have taken her?”

3/6 12:16:14.501 Kex'ti says: “No. Were that I did...”

3/6 12:16:19.483 You nod at Kexti.

3/6 12:16:31.708 Kex'ti says: “We'll keep you apprised of the situation. Please, if he comes to you, let us know.”

3/6 12:16:52.345 Kerala says: “How will I do that? I can't... use my mind... like with Lilliana.” Kerala grimaces as if the idea of doing that again was not something she looked forward to.

3/6 12:18:34.025 Kex'ti says: “Hm. I suppose you could get the guildstone frequencies from Awatu and Julilee. I don't know how to do that, but you could ask them.”

3/6 12:19:09.708 You nod at Kexti. “Alright”

3/6 12:20:22.096 Kexti bows before you. “Thank you for your time, Kerala. I hope we can resolve this matter quickly and bring Breygrah back to us.”

3/6 12:20:42.804 Kerala frowns, wanting to say more. But with Kexti's mood, she only curtseys back.

3/6 12:21:03.066 Kex'ti senses her unease. "Is there anything else?"

3/6 12:21:29.502 Kerala says: “No it's alright. It has nothing to do with this.” Kexti nods at you. “I should go look for her.”

3/6 12:21:58.156 Kex'ti says: “Yes. I'll be doing as much myself.”

3/6 12:22:03.571 Kerala says: “I'm sorry I upset you. Good luck to us both.”

3/6 12:22:27.528 Kex'ti looks downcast. "It's not your fault. Thank you for the apology."

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Aaren sees a tauren standing alone, just outside of the walls of Warspear. "Hey! You!" she shouts at her in Thalassian, knowing very well the woman probably can't understand her. Kerala blinks in return. "You! You're a cow, you know my friend?" She speaks in orcish now, and is visibly aggravated and distressed. Kerala eyes you up and down with a fire in her eyes.

"A *cow*? Excuse me?"

Aaren ignores the retort. "She's got a big dumb sword and a broken horn. I'm lookin' for her."

Kerala shrugs as if to say there are a lot of big swords and broken horns among her kind. "What is her name?" Kerala doesn't seem too pleased with the sin'dorei's tone.

"She's a Ragefeather or something or other. Bray." Aaren crosses her arms and taps her foot to display just how impatient she is right now.

"Breygrah Ragetotem?" Kerala shoots the woman another look as she corrects her.

"Yeah, that's it. You know her then. Good. Where is she." Aaren's tone is only slightly accusing as she regards the tauren with a squint in her eye.

"Hostage to a black warrior of my kind named Konro. I don't know where they are now, I'm looking." the druid says in reply.

Aaren looks a little ragged. She raises her hand up to her face with a wince, and cautiously takes a couple steps back from the tauren. "Sure looks like it. Kay. I guess. Well everyone else I talked to was just useless too, but whatever. I'll find out where she is, I owe her one." Kerala notices the elf's gesture and watches her carefully as she speaks. "Stupid jerks just wanna stand around and argue instead of actually do something."

"Are... you alright?" the shu'halo asks.

"Yeah I'm fine, don't worry about it." Aaren speaks rudely.

Kerala remembers what she learned of the curse, and shifts again while watching the girl. "Show me your hands, please."

Aaren glares at her, she looks quickly down to her gloved hands, then back to the druid and balls her small hands into fists. "I helped that poor monk guy, that idiot with the gun, and this is what I get?! I ain't got nuthin' on me!" she says with distaste and contempt.

Kerala crosses her arms, staring at the elf. "Fine then. Please move, I have searching to do."

"You ain't scaring me, lady. If you're gonna do something, then do something. I owe my friend a biggie, so I'm lookin' for her." Kerala drops her arms and begins to step around Aaren. Aaren sighs with frustration, and flips her hair back into place with one hand. "Fine! Do whatever! I don't care! I'll find stuff out myself!"

Kerala eyes Aaren carefully. "If you find her, please tell Sanctuary or The Grim. We are all concerned." She speaks sternly to hide the worry in her voice.

"I don't care about them stupid morons, all I saw them doin' is fightin'." Kerala nods in agreement as Aaren narrows her eyes. "They can't be good friends if they're more worried about fightin' each other than finding their friend. MY friend."

"In that case, I would appreciate if you brought her to me if you find her. She is with a dangerous warrior. Be careful."

"Yeah, boo hoo. I'll figure something out about him." The priest waves her hand with a roll of her eyes.

Kerala just blinks in disbelief at the elf's obvious posturing. "You will get yourself killed."

Aaren responds with a dramatic huff. "Worry about yourself, girly."

Kerala nods. "Myself and my Sisters. Good day."

"You ain't no help!" the priest screams again at her.

Kerala goes to step past the elf again. "YOU are no help!"

"Yeah I'm doing plenty! You don't know nothin'!"

There was a faint growl in the druid's voice. "You are in my way, and I need to be finding her. If you cared at all, you would be looking right now instead of bothering me."

Aaren frowns again, her face looks more sad than argumentative. At least for her. "Ugh. I don't have time for you." She finally turns and walks away on her own, to leave the druid.

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((The posts from now until the 14th are going to be past-tense from post date- I'm gone from RP for this week, see you in-game on Sunday!))

It didn't take Kerala very long to put two and two together.

Learning of a curse, and then finding out that the very same curse was spreading through the place she just happened to be healing? The feeling of.... energy, of happiness ...that hadn't subsided after the first initial day of excitement? Kerala eyed her new gloves with a feeling of betrayal. She already hated them- the way they felt on her hands, the way they dulled her tactile sense. She'd ordered the stupid things as soon as she'd learned of the curse spreading through touch, and she thought they'd arrived rather quickly. How had they let this happen?

But if she was right, then just beneath the new leather would be a mark on her right hand. Kerala sighed and began pulling the hated thing off. She had to be sure. The glove got stuck on her knuckles, and ended up turning inside out. She left it dangling and ran the fingers of her left hand through the swirls of fur.

There is was- an amber mark glowing. Two overlapping circles.

She was so stupid.

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