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Eclipse: TERROR IN TIRISFAL [Open to All]

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It has been observed that, sometimes, animals have a keener sense than sentient beings about oncoming danger. They flee before the tsunami arrives; they grow unsettled before an earthquake strikes. Such was the case in Tirisfal.

Carnivores and foragers alike stopped what they were doing this evening just as stars began to prick the hazy blanket of sky. Some creatures froze as though they heard a larger predator prowling nearby. Others started slinking away from what they had been interested in mere moments before.

Animals were not necessarily the only ones sensitive to the disturbance. It was possible that others were able to divine the energies of an Old God pulsing into the world, and realized that something terrible had just transpired.

However, even those with no special abilities felt what happened next.

A howl, or a chorus of howls, pierced the deathly countryside, echoing through the thickest walls, passing through the ground to the deepest dwellings. In everything and everyone that heard it was evoked an irrational, overwhelming terror: the mindless fear of bring chased by something that wanted to devour you, the desperate need to run and hide. Run. Run. Flee.

A Beast was on the Hunt, and it had your scent.

It lasted only long as the howl, but all of Tirisfal, including Undercity, was thrown into chaos. In the Forsaken capitol, people trampled one another in an attempt to escape, dove into the slime causeways, flung out spells and struck out with weapons reflexively. The damage done in a fraction of a minute resulted in hours before order was restored, injuries mended, missing accounted for.

But even then, other than the fact something had been released... No one knew what had happened, or why.

Rumors spread like wildfire.

[[ This thread is open to anyone who might have been in Undercity or Tirisfal this evening to post their character's reaction, or anything else related to this event. For more information on the Eclipse plot, please click here. ]]

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"The Old Night stirs once again, it's time to bleed for your country."

Darrethy looked out upon the countryside, he had felt the tremors before most and dressed accordingly. The Illdari trinkets clinked against his armor as he unsheathed his blade, a saronite sword engraved with dozens of elvish runes glowed upon it's length....the edge seemed to pulse, as if detecting it's brothers taint and aching to spill it's blood.

"They have no love for their kin, few animals so throughly enjoy devouring their family."

Dark magic seethed from his being as he went into the woods, demonic cape billowing behind him as he looked for whatever had caused this disturbance, he felt that terror try and worm his way into his mind and yet the power of undeath and his own fel energies wrestled with it, he hoped that his own people would also have the will to resist the dark creatures influence. He wanted to know what precisely the Necrophotic Symbiote had been doing here. Even if it moved on, he wanted to at the very least, he wanted to catch one of it's spawn and tear the answers from his mind before all of Azeroth was thrown into total chaos.

At least some trace must remain in the glades, and he was determined to find it.

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Fear, the entire area reeked of it. Everything was running, fleeing from an unknown danger, at least, unknown to Konro. Forsaken were trampling each other as they ran for the zepplins, undead wolves cowered in their dens, even the carrion crows were heading away.

Many stayed as Konro later found out, relentless shopkeepers watching for thieves, undaunted guards protecting their Dark Lady and even some common-folk waiting to see what happens next.

The Tauren, after getting some answers from a local apothecary, called in a favor and had his gear delivered to him. Fully armored with a battle-axe in-hand and knife in boot, he ventured out into the glades, seeking out whatever had power enough to send a city into a panic.

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<to be cross-posted on the Sanctum>

Fuselight was quiet for this time of day, as the bright Badland's sun had finally sunk below the peaks, allowing the twinkling of stars to peek through the dusty, red haze of the fading heat. Fidjit, as usual, was staring through his facility's telescope, glassing the distant passes leading into Loch Modan, and watching for the return of his beverage-hauling caravan. It was now a week over due and he was QUITE annoyed.

Unfortunately, because it was past the afternoon shift, he only had his assistant Fozzle to yell at, and that wasn't any fun these days, as the Goblin was as severe a yes man as there was. But he did it anyway.

"FOZZLE!" he bellowed from the elevated industrial chair that gave him access to the eyepiece of the telescope. It was tall for even a Goblin, and this place had been built by own his people. "Where da fel's my caravan? Dat bunch was due back a week ago." He twisted a knob, which created a static screech. "You go tell Frank deys gonna be fel to pay, see? I ain't payin him to lose my drinks." He paused, as normally Fozzle would have dashed up in a panic, bowing a scraping for forgiveness. Instead, there was only silence. He turned. "Fozzle?"

The room was empty, and the desk where his assistant SHOULD have been brewing up a new batch of elixir for the Pond Frog Pilsner? It sat unoccupied. "Of all da times... Hey, BRUISAH!"

The arched wooden door leading to the exterior of the domed, adobe building creaked open, and a large bulbous head peeked in. "Yea, Boss?" the bruiser said, his voice deep and dumb. "You need somethin?"

"Do I need somethin," Fidjit mumbled, shaking his head. "I'd not waste my breats yellin for yaz if I didn't! Where da fel's -"

"Heah, Boss," Fozzle said, panting and running through the open door as if chased by a Stormwind City Guard. "I got some infamation youz gotta see."

"Found him," the Bruiser said, pointing at Fozzle's back now that the assistant had made his way to the elevated platform where Fidjit held court.

"Get outta heah!" Fidjit said, waving the goon away from the door, which closed with a quiet, oaken bang. "Where ya been, Fozzle? My shipments been gone for ovah a week, see?" Fozzle nodded the comment away while digging a crumpled scrap of parchment from his pocket. "Yea, yea, Boss," he said. "We'z on it." Unfolding the scrap, he offered it to Fidjit. "Dis is more important, I tink."

"You think?" Fidjit said, snatching the paper away from Fozzle and glaring at his assistant. "What is dis, an invoice of some sort?" Fozzle shook his head as Fidjit read the report.

"No, Boss," he said. "I just got dat from one uh da Lotus. Seems deys a monstah on da loose in Trisfal thats got the Dead all runnin' scared. Word is, Boss, da Undahcity's all hidin' an jumpin' in dat green goo they got runnin' round the city. Cogzie saw em doin' it, right as rain." He pointed at the letter Fidjit was reading. "It's all dere, Boss. Read it yaself."

Fidjit scratched his ear, then dug a yellowish ball of good from within using a fingernail. It was in his mouth a moment later. Then he grinned. "Dats amazin'," he said, grinning at Fozzle. "Some howlin' wolf sent em scurryin like rats on a sinkin ship?" He shook his head. "What do ya make of it?" Fozzle shrugged.

"Hard ta say, Boss," he said. "But I know one thing, and dats the Dead ain't scared uh nutin." Fidjit frowned and nodded.

"Right," he said, then giggled in the way that only a Goblin can. "What if it's a ginormous demon dog come to get it's bones back?" Fozzle paused, trying to asses if his Boss was serious. Then, he, too, burst into giggles. "If I was Forsaken, dat'd scare me, Boss."

"Say, Fozzle, I just hada thought," Fidjit said, cocking his head and scrunching his face. It was a look he'd once seen in a Coba Cola ad about ideas, and he felt it could help him as well. "If that howlin' monstah can scare the Dead like dat, what would it do to Dwarves, or Humans ya think?" Fozzle was taken aback.

"Boss?" he said. "Whatcha got in mind?"

"Exortion," Fidjit said, grinning like he'd been given a bag of gold for free. "What if dat thing worked for us, pal?" Fozzle grinned almost as wide as his boss, though not quite. He knew his place, after all.

"We'd make a killin'!" Fidjit's head bobbed in agreement.

"Gathah tha Company," he said. "We got some plannin' ta do!"

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The turmoil and chaos was a prime atmosphere for opportune looters and heroes alike. Tarrix Sar'van was neither. He took note of the scurrying and watched as the city lit up with fear. He walked casually through the underground halls of the Undercity waiting for the right moment to do what he did best. One after another the forsaken left through the elevators never noticing Tarrix's casual stride through the gathering crowds in front of all the elevator doors. The abominations guarding the hallways could not contain the masses and a simple shove from a frantic individual created an uproar. With a swift motion Tarrix grabbed the crazed individual from the crowd and pulled him aside into a shadowed corner. "Why?" cried the frantic forsaken. "You seem to know something...more then the rest..." Replied Tarrix in a gruff, scratchy voice. He pulled the struggling forsaken up by the collar of his robe and spoke, "Tell me whats going on..." With fear deep in his eyes the frantic forsaken stuttered his words in reply to Tarrix's threatening demeanor. " d-d-don't know? Surely...surely you f-f-felt it...if not must of h-heard it. The howls..."

Tarrix loosened his grip on the forsakens collar. "Keep talking...What did you hear...what do you know that the others clearly do not?" The forsaken looked around hoping for a chance to escape but found no one walking around near the shadowed corner. "I...I can't...its not for me to say....If i were you...I wou-would leave the city." Tarrix growled in anger, drawing his dagger from its sheath. He pressed the pointed tip on the peeling skull of the other forsaken. "You try my patience again and this chaos will be the least of your worries." The struggling ceased and the once crazed forsaken began to speak in a tongue unfamiliar to Tarrix. The forsaken let out an aura that made the hardened rogue back away, readying his dagger.

Before he could lunge at the robed individual a wandering abomination came across the two and moved towards them. "Shit...not tonight it would seem." In a split moment, Tarrix vanished and stepped away.

"What did you find out, Tarrix..."

The voice was soft and oddly sweet yet poisonous in tone. "Nothing...." The reply was bitter and spiteful. "Our mark gave an...unexpected answer....What do we do..."

"Contact the Umberblight... we may need his...expertise..."

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