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Vionora    10


  1. Xara (Vionora, Xaraphyne, Julilee, Filora, and Nokokomah)
  2. Naheal (Naheal, Naheal, and Naheal... j/k)
  3. Malhavik (Malhavik and Grinjowl)
  4. Breygrah (Breygrah and Aaren)
  5. Konro (Konro, Shokkra, Alakroz, Karthok, and Telerian)
  6. Darethy (Darrethy)
  7. Kerala (Kerala, Lomani, Anura, Coqui, and Chanchu)
  8. Kexti (Kex'ti and Tesonii)
  9. Cobrak (Taozhu, Cobrak, Caldrien, and Brammorn)
  10. Tirien (Tirien, Hunter, and Michael)
  11. Fhenrir (Fhenrir and Fhenrir... seriously)
  12. Syreena (Syreena and Maxissa)
  13. Stepanos (Stepanos, Fidjit, and Ja'breeve)
  14. Smithe (Smithe)
  15. Emmeran (Emmeran)
  16. Hegran (Hegran)
  17. Lupinum (Lupinum)
  18. Khorvis (Khorvis)
  19. Ruuki (Ruuki)
  20. Cen (Brast)
  21. Awatu (Awatu and Borghul)
  22. Inzema (Inzema and Qarosimae)
  23. Talfryn (Talfryn)
  24. Alfirin (Alfirin)
  25. Grimal (Grimal)
  26. Vilmah (Bellame)
  27. Leyujin (Leyu'jin)
  28. Lilliana (Lilliana)
  29. Brinnea (Brinnea)
  30. Civarra (Shaena and Civarra)
  31. Saphiara (Saphiara, Malethia, and Malethia)
  32. Gazreeth (Gazreeth... for GM)
  33. Selash (Selash)
  34. Faelenor (Faelenor)
  35. Amalyn (Amalyn)
  36. Mudhide (Mudhide)
  37. Jenasis (Jenasis)
  38. Astraea (Astraea)
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Vionora    10

Semi-final update of thread list. The list and summary will be updated one final time when people are done adding to their nightmares.

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