War For Peace

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This is an OOC networking thread to facilitate the ongoing conflict between The Grim and Sanctuary. It is intended to be an open forum for brainstorming and constructive plotting. It is not limited to members of said guilds, nor is it the only method by which community members can or should engage in the conflict. The Twisting Nether Gazette is wonderfully neutral territory that is excellent for putting our ideas to electronic paper. Let's make this "war" something that will be seared into server memory!

I will attempt to consolidate a list of all completed and active threads that pertain to the conflict. Feel free to bring new ones to my attention.

The Hammer of Retribution, where it all began

Something Unexpected, Grim reactions to the actions of Saphiara

A War for Peace, an account of the diplomatic overtures between The Grim and Sanctuary

A Grim Attack, a rogue Grim seeks retribution and ultimately endangers her job

Orgrimmar: Broadsided, an ongoing account of a shadowy plot to undermine the name of Sanctuary

The Assault on Aerie Peak, an explosive showdown at the Wildhammer holding

A Grim Confrontation, the parlay between two Commanders after the debacle at Aerie Peak

To Rebuild. To Bridge the Fel, the dark surgery upon Khorvis Bloodstar

Patience and War, Naheal Malastar's return to Aerie Peak

Assassin For Peace, Syreena is punished for her failure and sets out on a hunt

Sweets for Sanctuary, Sanctuary receives a gift at their garrison

A Race Against Time, Saphaira's explosive conclusion

Eclipse: Dying Light, Malhavik kidnaps Kex'ti, though he is rescued

Eclipse: Final Battle, Sanctuary and the Grim fight side by side to finish the threat of the Old God

Standoff at Darkmoon Faire, The Grim find members of Sanctuary conversing with the Alliance. A battle ensues!

From the Ashes ... We Rise, Faelenor and Cerryan are pushed past the breaking point

The End-Times of Peace, the finale

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There are several plot points coming up – including perhaps finding the elusive Saphiara again, and discovering just what it is she's been working on. :)

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I let this thread slide for too long! Any new stories that I should update it with? At the moment, with Eclipse ending, the truce is probably kaput!

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My deepest apologies to anyone who felt let down by the ending. It was my intention all along for there never to be a big battle because firstly of how infeasible it really is to organize and moderate something like that, and secondly because I knew not everyone was enthused on the whole conflict. Therefore, my goal from the start was only to offer an RP opportunity to those who might be interested in taking it for awhile.

Significantly, I didn't clear the idea with all involved in advance, which would have been absolutely required before sincerely initiating something like this. Instead, I devised and communicated the plan OOCly to have the attack called off so that everyone in the leadership knew there was no actual pressure, just an opportunity to milk drama if desired.

The plan was never to require anything of anyone they weren't interested in doing, and it would have been wrong of me to initiate roleplay like this with any other assumption in place. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to go a certain direction with a story and no one should ever feel forced into roleplay.

As I've said, conflict can be fun and can open new doors for development and roleplay stories, but it also solidly closes other doors. Not to mention it can get wearisome on its own merits very easily, as sometimes folks just run out of the emotional energy needed for antagonistic stories. It's good to let conflict come sometimes to keep roleplay interesting, but it's important to let it go, too.

I suggest everyone take a look at the plot Kexti is organizing which is going to be much more lighthearted and focused on relationship building between characters as a nice break from this heavy stuff. :)

And if anyone has any lingering concerns, please let me know. I did my best to manage this plot so that it was fun for everyone but I definitely screwed up in a few places, so I apologize for that. I didn't mean to let anyone down or pressure anyone and I'll do my best to learn from my mistakes so that future roleplay I'm involved in will be better for everyone.

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Don't be hard on yourself! The storyline ended abruptly, but not in a nonsensical way, and it was a pretty graceful withdrawal from a conflict that wasn't really feasible to play out. Either there would have been character deaths on both sides and people would have to opt in and deal with that, or it would have been an epic battle where nobody was actually affected long-term, which just sort of takes the air out of it.

The conflicts are of course not magically resolved ICly, there are still some very hard feelings on both sides of the fence and at best Sanctuary and the Grim can get back to very grudgingly working semi-alongside each other for the benefit of a Horde they both serve in very different ways. This ongoing conflict will certainly crop back up in the future (Cerryan is seeing to that himself, in the long term), but after all of the really heavy plotlines that have been going on I too am very amenable to pulling back and focusing on lighter engagements that will tie more of the community together (As opposed to divide them IC by drawing black and white battle lines).

I think that for as long as the Grim and Sanctuary have diametrically opposed viewpoints on the concept of peace, there will be conflict (ranging from taking verbal jabs at each other in passing to the occasional physical conflict and ear-removal [oh god I hope we're done with the ears X.x] ), so it's not like this whole concept is really disappearing, just this super-escalated 'are they going too far and being too reckless' war. I foresee plenty of opportunities to foster that wonderful sense of disdain for one another going forward!

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