Julilee Liene

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Full Name: Julilee Liene (“Liene” is Thalassian for “a light that refracts off something beautiful”… “Julilee Shiny” just doesn’t sound as nice, so she goes with the Thalassian word.)
Nicknames: Juli
Title: Commander of Sanctuary
Age: About 21 in human years
Race: Blood elf
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Skin: Light
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 120 lbs. (without armor)

Description: Julilee is an uncommon sight: a blood elf who wears heavy plate armor, but who has no aura of the Light. Built short and slender, it’s further strange to look at her and realize she makes her way through the world as a warrior, but the sword and shield she carries would indicate it so. She has calm, serious eyes, and wears her black hair short and parted on one side. Her age appears to be relatively young for a Sin’dorei, as a young adult of her kind.

Positive Personality Traits: Dedicated, loyal, determined. Sometimes, a little wiser than her years.
Negative Personality Traits: Arguably too serious; could stand to lighten up. Also, she doesn’t see race… which can sometimes be a bad thing.
Place of residence: Sanctuary Guildhouse, Dalaran
Known Relatives: Older sister Tamaryth; mother Elareyna; father Gearan

History: Her parents had very high expectations of her. They'd wanted her to be a magister, but she'd proven entirely lacking in the magic department. They would have accepted her training as a Blood Knight or priest, but she'd utterly failed at having any command of the Light either. So they'd suggested, a touch desperately, that she try to become a Ranger. But even at that she had failed, always out of place in the wilderness, with no affinity for either animals or the bow. It wasn't until she'd picked up a sword and in pure frustration chopped a target dummy in half that one of the Rangers had gently suggested she try the path of a warrior.

At that she had finally excelled, but it wasn't a well-enough respected path for her family's taste. Especially since she preferred the front line of a formation, shield in hand, ready to deflect the brunt of the attack for a group, rather than to be a strategist or gladiator. She'd found she just felt best when she was helping others – something she'd never had a chance to do before. It made her feel useful. Wanted.

But to make up for her vocational shortcomings, her parents decided that she would need to become a warleader, at the very least. Lienes were not common grunts. So, the day she finished her training, they gave her enough money to found a guild and told her to get to it.

The guildhall she purchased had gone into foreclosure. In it, she discovered journals of the guild’s previous Warboss… one Vilmah Bloodborne. Inspired by the noble ideals of Sanctuary – peace and justice for all – Juli decided to raise its banner once more.

In so doing, she attracted a great deal of attention. Members new and old came to join her in the new era ushered in by Garrosh's downfall. Many of those who had gone into hiding under the hostile regime returned, and there were new recruits all but daily. In addition to Vilmah herself returning, Sanctuary's founder Grisch did as well. Another notable occurrence was when the remaining members of the Order of Eversong decided to come under Sanctuary's banner, increasing Sanctuary's numbers significantly.

During this time, the Horde moved into the alternate Draenor to fight the Iron Horde and stake a claim to the resource-rich world. Sanctuary assisted in these efforts by establishing a garrison in the new territory and helping take Highmaul. After that, they moved into a support role for the Horde's operations in Draenor.

The first real blow came to Sanctuary when one of its members went rogue and attacked fellow members of the Horde in a quest for personal vengeance. Juli found her skills at diplomacy thoroughly tested as she sought to sort out the ensuing conflict, especially as tensions rose with a Horde guild whose ideals ran completely counter to Sanctuary's own: the Grim, who believed every member of any faction opposed to the Horde should die, even their civilians and children. The conflict between the two first came to a head when Sanctuary stood in defense of an Alliance town full of noncombatants versus a Grim raiding party. Though justifiable by their own ideals, and not the aggressors of the battle, Sanctuary thereafter became plagued by misinformation and suspicion of treason versus the Horde. This revived legacy of Sanctuary, one that had haunted it in years past, would continue to influence its future. The rogue Sanctuary member was eventually stopped, and sentenced by Sanctuary to lifetime imprisonment.

Then came the Eclipse. An ancient curse was revived and spread like a plague amongst magic-users. Several of Sanctuary were afflicted, and Juli found her leadership questioned by one of her members whom she had come to like a great deal – Naheal Malastar. The two of them had discovered that they had known each other in childhood, but Juli's manipulative father had forcibly separated them, and it became clear that the beliefs they had shared as children had diverged as far as their lives' courses. Naheal ended up leaving Sanctuary, but Juli would not be deterred from continuing to follow her beliefs.

She found herself drawn to a different member of Sanctuary, Kex'ti Dalendala, a seasoned monk with a chronic illness and a true belief in Sanctuary. In him she found true support and acceptance, and the two began a relationship.

For a time after the Eclipse threat was neutralized, there seemed to be peace between Sanctuary and the Grim; though Juli disliked them, she understood they believed they were doing what was best for the Horde, and in some places their courses of action did align. Kex'ti organized an alliance of forces to help take the lower reaches of Hellfire Citadel which saw some success.

Unfortunately, the alliance fell apart as a complex new situation arose. Travelers from a future timeline came back with dire warnings that war would someday break out between Sanctuary and Grim, decimating the Horde and leaving all of Azeroth vulnerable to devastation at the hands of a cunning black dragon named Serinar. During this time, she also suffered a traumatic injury, and then a shocking invasion of privacy and betrayal of trust as Naheal allowed someone Juli did not like to treat her against her will. Juli had been willing to look past some of the worse things Naheal had done up until that point, when she finally realized he could not be trusted, despite what she wanted to think of him.

The situation grew more desperate as Serinar seemed to be unstoppable. Juli struggled to find a course of action to avert his future only to eventually arrive at the conclusion that she could not without abandoning Sanctuary's ideals. She was also faced with the reality of Kex'ti's chronic illness: As long as he kept fighting for Sanctuary, expending his strength, he would grow weaker and eventually die, and was already showing signs of nearing that point. Faced with one insurmountable problem after another, Juli snapped and made the extreme choice to save Kex'ti at the cost of an aspect of her personality – the very piece of herself that seemed to be making any possible choice intolerable. She sealed her conviction into a ring which she gave Kex'ti, a source of strength on which he could draw that would nearly overcome his illness. Though he had misgivings, Kex'ti agreed to take it so long as they eventually found an alternative solution which would allow her to be her whole self.

Released of the burden of concern, Juli went through the motions of continuing to run Sanctuary. Things that had bothered her before, or which would have bothered her, no longer did, though she made a conscious effort to cleave to everything she knew she had believed before. Nonetheless, as a result, Sanctuary remained relatively uninvolved even when one of their allies was kidnapped and tortured by the Grim, and the threat of Serinar continued to loom. However, Kex'ti finally found an alternative to the ring: a ritual which would balance out his and Juli's life forces, so that she could share the balance of her remaining lifetime with him. Juli knew it was what she would have wanted and agreed to pursue it.

It proved more difficult than either had expected. Juli had to destroy the ring to return her conviction before the ritual could be done, and the restoration of her beliefs caused her to deeply regret and question her decisions of the past few months – including the realization that she loved Naheal. Kex'ti meanwhile struggled to believe he was worthy of the gift Juli wanted to give him at such a cost to herself. In the end they both made peace with their respective issues with each others' help. They went on to assist in Serinar's ultimate defeat.

The two soon got married in a private ceremony, and Kex'ti ended up taking an orphaned human girl under his wing, Rylie Tattersall. Juli began tentatively forming a bond with the girl as well. Kex'ti also began putting Sanctuary's resources to use collecting and cataloging artifacts and relics of great power that could be dangerous in the wrong hands, a mission which Juli supported.

Then, strange, alarming events began to occur around Azeroth, which ultimately proved to be connected in a conspiracy somehow related to the Legion. A conclave of dreadlords was attempting to spread confusion and dissent in a variety of ways and Sanctuary and their allies were the targets of some of their efforts. Sanctuary assisted with the downfall of several dreadlords despite some setbacks and injuries suffered.

At this time, Juli continues to lead Sanctuary, though she has started questioning her ability to lead as several members seem to be drifting away and she doesn't see a way to inspire them to stay.

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  11. Old Crane and Sparrow (Juli meets the orphaned human Kex'ti has taken under his wing.)
  12. Infinite: Time Waits For No One (It's time to confront Serinar once and for all.)
  13. Maze (Juli and Kex'ti go to the Pools of Awakening to seek a difficult solution to Kex'ti's illness.)
  14. The Trials of Faith (Juli starts to realize what it means to her when someone has faith in her, and when someone doesn't.)
  15. Borrowed Time Drunk Night(?) Followed By Romance (Just a night at the garrison.)
  16. A Week of Skirmishes (As the Grim and the Coalition do battle, Sanctuary acts in the concern of justice.)
  17. The Life and Death of Kex'ti Dalendala [October Daily Thread!] (Juli appears in Kex'ti's past, present, and future.)
  18. The Reward of Conviction (Juli chooses to do what she can.)
  19. The End-Times of Peace (Juli is faced with an unwinnable battle.)
  20. A War for Peace: From the Ashes...We Rise (One of Sanctuary's members considers what to do outside of Juli's judgment.)
  21. Standoff at the Darkmoon Faire (Tensions between Sanctuary and the Grim come to a head.)
  22. The Price of Strength (Trust is betrayed.)
  23. Diverging paths (Naheal's perspective on certain events with Juli.)
  24. Hollow: Vulnerabilities (Kex'ti reacts to discovering Juli is seriously hurt.)
  25. Requisitions (Juli finds Kex'ti a new set of armor.)
  26. Nightmare: Acid Rain (Juli and Kex'ti battle their nightmares.)
  27. Eclipse: The Eclipse (The final battle versus Accalia.)
  28. Eclipse: Dying Light (Kex'ti is rescued from Malhavik's clutches.)
  29. What Happened at Warspear (Mutual desire comes to fruition.)
  30. Eclipse: Desperate Times (Sanctuary Garrison is besieged.)
  31. Drawing the Line (Juli responds to the conflict between her and Naheal.)
  32. Eclipse: A Night of Broken Faith (Kex'ti is attacked, and Juli and Naheal's disagreements come to a head.)
  33. Eclipse: Firestorm (Grimal speaks to Juli about Ninorra being afflicted by the curse.)
  34. Eclipse: Warnings (Juli warns others of the threat of Accalia.)
  35. Sanctuary Discusses the Eclipse (Self-explanatory.)
  36. The Trial of Saphiara Sunspell (Durk'atar and Juli discuss Saphiara's fate.)
  37. A Race Against Time (Saphiara must be stopped.)
  38. The Assault on Aerie Peak (Sanctuary defends the innocent against those who believe none are innocent.)
  39. Orgrimmar: Broadsided (Libelous posters are pasted all over Orgrimmar.)
  40. Sweets for Sanctuary (Someone sends Sanctuary a 'gift'. Hijinks ensue.)
  41. Asking for Help (Juli accompanies Kex'ti to his monastery in Pandaria.)
  42. A Grim Confrontation (Diplomacy between the two guilds falls apart.)
  43. A War for Peace (Open conflict breaks out between Grim and Sanctuary.)
  44. A Grim Attack (A member of the Grim attacks a member of Sanctuary.)
  45. Explosive Disharmony (Jinsai is not only a threat to himself, but to others.)
  46. Sanctuary: The Lost Ones (Juli reaches out to lost members of Sanctuary.)
  47. Sanctuary: From the Ashes (Discovering the remains of Sanctuary, Juli decides to raise its banner once more.)
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"She's my commander. A tad idealistic and a little headstrong, but that may be precisely what we need to keep the ideal of peace alive." Naheal folds his arms. "I hope her ideals don't bite her in the ass too hard."

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"The new leader of Sanctuary? I have met her only once, but she seemed very serious and steadfast. I believe that she is quite dedicated to the cause. Bravo!"

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Morinth laughs at the mention of the Sanctuary commander. "She is no threat at all...bluster and hot air under a shattered standard. Kallavan broke her once...commendable she survived, of course....but luck is no substitute for skill."

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"Seems like a hard-assed bitch." Cobrak says with zero kindness. "Met 'er a few times, all it takes is seein' tha Grim emblem ta make 'er scowl like she smelled elekk dung."

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"If a rock were an elf the rock would look to Julilee and realize it stood no chance and simply go back to being a rock."

"She has a personality. Somewhere. I think I saw it once."

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"Lady Liene. Hmm," Sin taps a finger to her lips. "She has a very strong sense of duty. She also needs to loosen up a bit. Maybe I can help," Sin grins. "I'm the evil twin, after all."

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When Julilee woke up on Sunday morning, she would find a note left for her, along with a mug of sweet smelling hot tea, a bowl of plump berries and a bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers.

Dear Julilee,

Even though you aren't my birth Mom, you are still like a Mom to me and I wanted to send you this for Mothers Day.

You filled my days with rainbow lights,

Fairy tales and sweet dream nights,

A kiss to wipe away my tears,

Gingerbread to ease my fears.

You gave the gift of love to me,

And then a family we came to be.

I thank you for your tender care,

For deep warm hugs and being there.

I hope that when you think of me

A part of you

You’ll always see.




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"The Commander... I'm not really sure. I've talked with her a few times, and she hasn't kicked me out yet despite all my bullshit, which is fairly surprising. Can't really tell who she like *is* though. Most of the time she's kinda an emotionless plank of wood. The other times, when it was just me and her or just relatively privately, she's pretty cool. Not the uh, greatest Commander though, she's got a lot to learn about people, and leadership, I think. Then again she did manage to snag Kex'ti so good on her."

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"She seems a strong and capable leader, full of fire. Reminds me of a certain General I know. I hope she finds a happy ending wherever her life takes her," -Brinnea.

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"Her Tauren name would be Commander Stick-Up-Her-Butt.  I don't think the woman can smile.  I'd like to take that stick and shove it through her eye, into her brain, and scramble it around a bit.  Maybe it would stir up a personality.

"She handed me over to the Alliance once to save her husband's childhood friend.  I hate her and all her guild."

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"Commander Liene has more than earned my respect." T'suro explains. "She instills such a loyalty and openness with Sanctuary, and I pray the day never comes that she is seen as an enemy of Quel'Thalas. I don't rightly know if I could bring myself to fight her, even if it meant getting kicked out of the Blood Knights." He stops for a brief moment. "Ok, that's not true, but I'd still lose that battle even going all out on her."


"Julilee Liene, one of the few Thalassians I can stomach the presence of." Sorel states. "Having worked alongside her a few times now due to overlapping interests, I've noticed how even savage orcs willingly fight under her banner. But that isn't to say I'd willingly trust her blindly. Partnerships are a two-way street, and I've done more than my fair share, I trust she never stops doing hers."

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"The Commander?" Mardalius asked, taking a sip of his Thalassian Red. He paused, considering his next words carefully. "I... would follow Julilee into the pits of any hell you can imagine. She's an exceptional fighter with a good head on her shoulders, and always has words of praise for work well done. She knows where and how to make the best use of strengths, and how to cover weaknesses. Always has a plan, too, even when things look like they're going to shit."

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Juli,” she says, almost seemingly in correction as she nearly never uses her full name for some reason. “I don’t know if we’re, like, friends or not. But she has personally proven herself one of the most reliable people in my life. And she doesn’t scold me for needing help or getting into trouble like some people. I can’t say if it’s just business or part of being a commander, but.” She shrugs and turns away to drink in another direction when she decides she’s done talking about it. 

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