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Ok so, I have a lot of trouble keeping track of who is who. While I am no longer organizing RP events due to my husband's new schedule of always being home in the evenings, I found it incredibly useful when I did use a master list. So, I've wasted a bunch of time and played with colors and made A THING.

I ignored the listing already on the first post here because it is based on an even older list with ancient names, but I recorded names of everyone who actually replied with information. This means anyone who posted (in this thread) since January 2014 is listed in the spreadsheet. Our servers were merged July31st 2014, so that seemed decent. I also went through the Ravenholdt Sanctum crosspost as well as my own started current events thread. I have NOT gone through the stories from Eclipse, Hollow, Anthem, Quorum and such, so if you participated in those, you still might not be considered 'active' until I go through and fix it.

By using the threads, there should be no awkwardness in having alts laid bare. For some people, anonymity is wanted and if I inadvertently somehow have one of your alts listed that is NOT common knowledge, send me a PM and I will fix it, and in a list this large likely no one will have even seen it. By the same token, if there are blanks you'd like to fill in, by all means, let me know!

If your name is not on this list, please let me add it. Check to see if you are listed as inactive with a [xA] for Alliance or [xH] for Horde. I'd like to keep the list current by filtering active people to the top and inactive folks to the bottom, but sorting is not an exact science and I'm sure I got it wrong somewhere- no hard feelings I hope.

If you see your alt in the first column please claim it to the row with your main! Feel free to correct me if you consider your main to be different than the toon your row is listed by. You know- just be helpful if you see I've messed up. This is meant to be a useful tool that be edited on the fly as people come and go from the game. Also if spreadsheets aren't your thing, feel free too to just ignore me as well. I'm not trying to usurp the original list, just put it in a way that's easier for me personally to understand, and if it happens to be the way you understand too, then sharing it here was worth it. :218_frog:

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Feel free to add my newest character BRADFERD (A) Human Monk    under the JARINGTON main. 

Great list, Kerala!!!!

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Just a reminder to everyone that this list is a thing! Please correct me if I have one of your alts not listed under your main toon, or if your main has changed.

If you play both sides relatively actively, please choose a main, but if you let me know your most active toon on the other side, I can add it on it's own line for the purpose of Masterlist calendar event invitations on the other faction.

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