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~A tightly bound green leather book, with tarnished silver edges, the pages showed some signs of wear, a single thin piece of leather wound its way around the journal before becoming pressed between the pages, holding a spot.~

Garrosh had called for me recently, that brutish orc makes my skin crawl, but he wanted me to go with a few others to a new land to help gain an advantage over the alliance. Rakah came with me and I’m glad he did to be honest the new land is so beautiful and I’m sure if it was left untouched by anyone would still be serene and an oddly magical place. I feel at peace here the magic is not like the arcane you find in any village, town, or city on the main lands. I feel like I can finally start repairing the wall that contained my addiction since that stupid demon broke it with her frivolous use of what little magic I can produce.

Being in this new land has made me despise the Warchief even more. The people of this land did not ask to be brought into our war, yet they welcome us, aid us and even help shelter us, when we’ve done nothing but bring about destruction. I will have to get in touch with my contacts, now more than ever, to see what we can do to help remove such a thoughtless warchief and place another.. more refined one, in his place.

I have somehow become separated from Rakah while traveling, bumping into Keiren now and then, I am glad to see he is safe after leaving the Blood Knights, he changed something though.. I think it was his hair. I think I may have gained a few pounds myself.. this cooking is amazing and I find myself eating a lot between errands and such. I –need- to run around on foot more to make sure I don’t lose my figure, he might not like that too much.

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I have a yak! Well two actually a female and a male; and they are such pretty and stinky yaks. This little name.. I think they call themselves Grummies sold them to me.. cost a pretty copper too. I hope Rakah and help supply things for the event if I’m not about to replace my gold in time. But they are so pretty… granted they run a bit like a retard, flailing about and such… but it’s ADORABLE! I like collecting mounts, I can leave them every which place and use them at whim if needed. Save them from being exhausted.. I need to name them though.. I really am horrible with names though.

Oh.. I ran into that stupid orc general again… and for the life of me.. I can’t remember his name. That COULD be because he is useless.. just as useless as Garrosh. HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE!? Thankfully I’ve been away from trolls out here. Trolls… it just sounds.. so… I don’t know it makes my skin crawl. Other than Taz.. and that one troll he had given me a flower and enjoyed trying to spook me. Speaking of people who haven’t been around, I haven’t seen or heard from Hokuto in a while. I’m very lonely without her company, she use to go everywhere with me! I feel more vulnerable without her since I only average at fighting, The troll… I forgot his name… and Rakah have been trying to encourage me.. but I don’t enjoy taking beating after beating on a regular basis!

For now I will tend to my Yaks, and try to think of names for them.. as well as some of my other mounts..

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I spoke to soon the other day when I wrote in here. Blasted all I can’t get away from them! Trolls and their hideous goliath type members… had to assist with a villages defense against them… granted the sound of my new guns bullets ripping through them helped calm me from the fact that everything around me is falling apart. What I once thought was right and honorable only make me angry and disgusted to be part of this “Horde”. There is no doubt that the trolls would have attacked this sea faring village at some point in time but how can we be sure we did not aid it with our presence? The anger that we have towards one another has done nothing good for this world, I hate Alliance as much as the next girl but I can’t help but feel that to this land and these people.. that we are comparable to the Scourge as they mounted war against the High Elves at Silvermoon.

Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this way, but I am not apparently then Alliance boy prince has much faith in the Horde.. and as Dezco said.. he has never met out Warchief. I’m sure the foolish orc would more then likely smash the poor child’s head is before listening to a word he had to say. I must say for a boy his age he is wiser then his father that is for sure.

Oh a side note.. I wonder if I can get a Grummie as a pet… they are cute and would make a good errand runner..

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