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The Lose of a Dear Friend

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I remember it like it was yesterday, I was in my late teens and things were changing in my life, I was becoming a more mature Orc and learning the ways of the beast. It was time for my first trial to learn how to tame a beast. I set out just before dawn with a skinning knife, a simple bow and arrow, and the hand stitched clothes my mother had made me. I had found some foot prints by one of the small ponds, I followed them and found a family of boars; There was one adult and a litter of children boars, I watched them and waited for the perfect opportunity to steal one for my own.

Morning turned to High-Noon, Noon to Evening, and finally the sun set and the moon rose. I waited patiently as they slept, I controlled my breathing, my heartbeat, my every movement...quietly; softly I approached them as they slept, I seen one that was separated from the bunch, the smallest of them all, He was the easiest to grab...I reached over with both hands. "SQWEEEEEEEEE" He shouted! Mother boar awoke and Dashed right in my direction, holding the runt over my head I ran off back to my village! Mother boar let out demon sounds squeal, the baby pig peed on my head as I ran off with him! Yuk! Needless to say, I made it back to my village and had passed my trial...or so I thought.

It seemed like every single Orc was in a laughing uproar when I returned to show them my pet, they teased him and me! They said he wasn't worth keeping that he was so puny that he would die before he even became an adult! I remember one Orc say, "He wouldn't even make a good bunch of Bacon." This one statement infuriated me so much that I decided to name the runt that very name, "Bacon" It was a constant reminder to me to always care for him, nurture him back to health no matter what and train him to be a good fighter!

He was young I must admit, but I did not give up on him. I went to the goblin towns to trade game and leather goods for Milk, I would bring it home to Bacon and feed him, eventually he started to come around and become stronger, Soon I bought grains with my goods and he continued to become heavier and excellent in the ways of the hunt. During our first hunt, I motioned him to run into of the lions in the barrens, he cracked it's ribs so hard that it pierced his heart, killing him before he had a change to claw!

Bacon didn't become a good companion over night, it took months of training, and loving care for him...

All was good until one day; I had stopped by the river to continue my studies on how to read and write, there was a tree five yards away from the river bank, I sat under the shade and read. My armor had been removed, my weapons sat by my backpack...I--I must of not been paying attention, I just always thought he could hold his own,...He must of gone down by the river to get a drink of water, before I knew what was happening I heard a squealing sound I had never heard before for Bacon, and splashing in the water! A Crocolisk had bit him right in the buttocks! The Crocolisk overpowered him and drug him down below before I could make it to save Bacon.

I know that some people would see him and make jokes about eating him, or have some comments about Boars, but Bacon was my best and dearest friend, the kind that only comes once in a lifetime. I nurtured him to health as a young one, he was like my child in a way. I can still see him, looking up with big dark eyes, wagging his hairy tail. I know he's not with me now, but his spirit will always be in my heart.

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