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Bhurgalvizt Furst Buuk!

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((I'm trying to discover my orc character, and he is trying to make himself better by learning to read and write. I've decided to write one liner sentances for each entry, one in character and below in the translation. Sorry for the eyesores, but this is the way I image Burgalveist would write. :D ))

Jhoone Fhour-Teen!

((June 14th, ))

Deear Jurnull!

(Dear Journal!))

Bhurgalvizt vhary Opsit! Me tri twoo ghet ahlong wiff othar Whordes Bhut day all mhake fhun of mhe bhecause Me chan't Rhead! Me lurning twoo rhead rhight nhow!

((Burgalveist is very upset! I try to get along with other Horde members, but they all make fun of me because I can't read! I'm try to learn to read right now!))

Thur' whon khowmhan dhat ees ncie to Bhurzgalvizt! He nham Jnco? He bhring mah twoo hiss howse nda lhet me say thar!

((There's one 'cow man' that is nice to me, his name is Jeka. He brought me to his house and let me stay there!))

Me thunk vary mooch os he! He mai smhell shome rhotin nad havv twoo moch heir bugt he nhice!

(( I think very highly of him! He may smell rotten and have too much hair, but he is nice. ))

Whale! It bhedtyme nhoaw! I whale kontinue twoo kiip tis Jhournal nahd wright evary knight!... Me wish me cultd rheed!

((Well! It's bedtime now! I will continue to keep this journal and right every night!... I wish I could read. *A sad face drawing is at the end of the sentance*))

(( The rest of the journal page is filled with detailed drawings of crabs, pigs, scorpions, and the Horde Brothers guild crest.))

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