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Full Name: Tuuroto the Starseer

Nicknames: Tuuro

Date of Birth: July 2

Age: Never Kept Track; Now speculating between 900 – 1050 years old

Race: Draenei (a rumored trace of Eredar lineage only known by the former Redblade Captain)

Gender: Male

Hair: Shaven, with violet-brown sideburns and neatly styled moustache

Skin: Silver

Eyes: Azuremyst Blue

Height: 8’ 1”

Weight: 386 lbs.

Place of Residence: Among the Cup and Blade Caravan

Place of Birth: Orebor Harborage, Zangarmarsh

Known Relatives: Grandpapah Verad: Innkeeper of The Harborage, Swamp of Sorrows

Religion/Philosophy: Arcane Arts and the Tarot, but he is acceptant of other religions and deities as well. He is hesitant with associating with those of the demonic arts; however, he never outright distrusts them.

Occupation: Stormwind City Tarot Reader

Group/Guild Affiliation: Cup and Blade Caravan, Order of the Redblade

Guild Rank: Caravan Member, Former Redblade Admiral

Enemies: ‘Vhat enemies?’


Collecting and Creating Tarot Cards

Funny-Looking Hats, especially his Elementalist Skullcap

Scavenger Hunts

Hot Springs and Outdoor Baths of any kind

Quel'dorei maidens


Velen's Beard (Tuuroto's Cornish Rex Cat/Feline Familiar)

Party-planning and Weddings

Bargain prices on practically anything

Favorite Foods:

Appetizers: Versicolor Treat & Murloc Fin Soup

Main Course: Juicy Bear Burgers, Rhino Dogs, Runn Tum Tuber Surprise, & Undermine Clam Chowder

Dessert: Tigule & Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream

Favorite Drinks:

Pinot Noir (since it’s Velen’s Beard’s favorite)

Winterfin “Depth Charge” (since it’s Captain Evellin’s favorite)

Favorite Colors: Blue, Purple, and Crimson Red

Weapons of Choice: Pirate’s Cutlass/Arcane Light Blade and Magus’s Stave. Recently, he has learned to conjure a simple buckler made of Arcane energy, though he has yet to use this newfound weapon efficiently. Despite having weapons, Tuuro will usually rely on throwing enchanted tarot cards to damage or blind opponents. More recently, he has honed his conjuration skills to create rapiers and bucklers, though he has no formal training in either.


Worgen who can't control themselves

Being excluded from fun and interesting events

Being ignored, in general

Elitism and Social Hierarchy

Deep rooted dislike of military organizations, though his dislike has waned over time


Doing Tarot Card Readings for patrons of the Blue Recluse

Flying around Azeroth in search of potential clients and crewmates

Walking Velen’s Beard

Watching Theatrical Performances

Cooking, especially seafood grilling and pork-based feasts

Attending Sunday Services at the Stormwind Cathedral

Sneaking into the Wyvern’s Tail in Orgrimmar

Bathing in public

Physical Features: Unlike the typical Draenei, Tuuroto has paler skin, noticeably less facial tendrils, and no forehead "plate"

Special Abilities: Through Tarot Readings and visions, Tuuroto is skilled in determining the exact location of individuals, whether Alliance or Horde. Additionally, he utilizes his teleportation skills to easily mobilize towards his target’s location. He is also quite adept at <Arcane Telepathy>, allowing him to project his thoughts to others; however, his skill diminishes based on the distance between him and his target. Rumor has it that Tuuroto has recently mastered an incognito incantation; however, the spell severely strips Tuuroto of all other magical abilities outside of levitating tarot cards and minor <Arcane Telepathy>.

Due to side-effects unknown to him during his time in Draenor through the Dark Portal, Tuuroto's telekinetic abilities have waned. While still proficient in Arcane Telepathy, his other scrying talents have significantly diminished, oftentimes leading Tuuroto to reply on Arcane Telepathy as opposed to actual divination spells. His ability to be incognito has spiraled to an outright pathetic state: substituting magic with ridiculous disguises that do not fool anyone.

His role in the Cup and Blade Caravan has also made Tuuroto more adept in portal making. However, in doing so, Tuuroto recognizes his breaking archaic Kirin Tor laws regarding the illegal use of unapproved portal destinations. Thankfully, no one has reported him to the authorities. Yet.

Positive Personality Traits:

Forgiving: Tuuroto is physically incapable of holding grudges. Nearly all unkind acts toward him are forgiven and forgotten within a short period of time. Tarnished reputations, no matter how notorious or sinful, have no effect on how Tuuroto views an individual.

Giving: Tuuroto loves to give gifts, even if they are random, useless objects like Dragon’s Teeth and Colorful Rocks. The act of giving is Tuuroto’s way of creating lasting friendships with the people he meets.

Negative Personality Traits:

Nosy: In his attempt to befriend everyone he meets, Tuuroto comes off as a busy-body who oftentimes meddles in other people's private affairs. He has a tendency to eavesdrop, despite his lack of training in being stealthy. Ostracizing Tuuroto only makes him want to meddle even more.

Naive: Still relatively new to Azeroth, Tuuroto is not fully accustomed to common practices and, therefore, believes everything and anything he is told. "Common Sense" is not common sense to Tuuroto, which is evident in his tendency to feed Pinot Noir to Velen's Beard.

Hates being idle: From his Magi studies, Tuuroto has learned that he has the power to do anything if he puts his mind to it; therefore, stagnation and inactivity greatly bothers him. Being told that "there is nothing you can do" usually incites Tuuroto to do volatile actions that are not in his nature.

Shop-aholic: Tuuroto is not adept in money management, oftentimes foolishly spending large amounts of gold on impulse purchases towards useless objects. He is a very easy target for swindling merchants with honeyed words.

Misc. Quirks:

- He is not quite proficient in Common. W's sound like V's, S's and TH's sound like Z's, and most vowels sounds are unnecessarily extended.

- Unless forced to, Tuuroto generally does not wear any form of chest armor. Velen's Beard wears the Redblade Corsair tabard instead of him. Only recently has the Draenei begun wearing tunics due to his role as Admiral. His garment of choice, however, is the traditional cowl, cloak, and kilt of his Broken Ones' ancestors from the Harborage.

- His recent fascination for outdoor springs have garnered his a reputation of being a nudist. However, the Starseer is quick to correct those rumors by referring to the teachings of the tarot and Major Arcana.

- When frustrations are built up inside him for too long (particularly the “hates being idle” trait), a violent side can be evoked. This rare occasion causes Tuuroto to lose access to his Tarot skills and, instead, allows him to call upon the element of Fire from some unknown source.

- He claims to be learning Gutterspeak and Thalassian, although he miserably fails at both languages.

- His Horde-side contact is Inspector Genquino "Gogglepatch" Dyzuketti: a Steamwheedle Goblin Plagueshifters who serves under Peon Warlord Ugraz of the Horde Brothers. Past collaborations between them include investigating the supposed death of Sir Wyatt Prattworth and serving as cross-faction bodyguards for the Winterwind wedding in Feralas.

- He faked his own death at one point:

- Rumors have spread that the Draenei is known to drop his guard towards female Quel'Dorei and Sin'Dorei, particularly Arcane users. This weakness usually gets him into trouble, especially with Sin'Dorei who, due to historical reasons, are skeptical towards Draenei and do not match Tuuroto's level of openness.

- Feel free to have a Tarot Card Reading if you see him at the Blue Recluse in Stormwind!

Theme Song(s):

Friend Like Me, from Aladdin

Don’t Stop Believing ((RP-ing)), by Journey

History: Tuuroto does not find his own history interesting or important. Rather, he believes that Azeroth is one large Theatrical Stage, where its denizens are its Actors and Actresses. Therefore, Tuuroto prefers observing other people and the stories they create on the grand stage of Life.

“Vone, two, three… vone, two, three… Valtzing so gracefully

Deep in ze Moonlight’s trance

Veiled and ethereal, graceful and beautiful

Zhis is ze High Priestess Dance.

Who is she? Vhere is she? Vhat is she? Vhy is she…

Vhy does she do zhis dance?

Moonlight’s reflection play tricks on us.

All is not vhat it appears at first glance.

Vone, two, three… S’venty Three… Sanctum, o Skyblade, o

Guard, and o Corsairs stance.

Az’roth’s a stage and its cit’zens its players; for

Ve live ze High Priestess Dance."

Merely days after his arrival at Stormwind City, Tuuroto was hired by Captain Evellin Stormguarde and First Mate Chandrath Phellan to join the ranks of the Redblade Corsairs Privateering Crew. Despite not possessing pirate-like attributes, Tuuroto holds a deep passion for the Corsairs and all of its members. He dubs himself as the unofficial recruitment officer for the crew, and he is well-known for tracking down and following potential recruits.

More recently, Tuuroto has assumed control of Lady Stormguarde's vessel and now serves as the active Captain for the Redblade Corsairs. Gilnean Druidess Meraline Sabina was appointed by Tuuro as the new First Mate.

With his newfound responsibilities, Tuuroto has taken an active role in fostering camaraderie within various outcasts of Azeroth. He is now often seen in the Trade District of Stormwind City, as well as on the front lines at Tol Barad.

More Recent History:

During the months prior to re-discovery of Pandaria, Tuuroto had undergone a tumultuous serious of events regarding the Southsea Trading Company and the two year anniversary of his arrival at Azeroth. Tales of the Draenei being imprisoned by Urivial Beckett and SI:7 have surfaced but were never confirmed. Additional commotion reported by Maktu of the Council of Orebor may or may not be related to Tuuroto's case. Further details, as well as tidbits of the Tarot Reading Draenei's childhood, supposed bloodline, and the origin of his Tarot Reading abilities, have been lost to history...

The recent war effort in Pandaria resulted in a massive mobilization of adventurers and government support from Stormwind City, as well as the Alliance as a whole. Under the leadership of the newly appointed admiral Tuuroto, the Redblade Corsairs have assumed an 'underground' role of serving the suffering people of the Alliance (and occasionally the Horde) who have been neglected due to the recent exodus to Pandaria. The Corsairs were met with harsh criticism due to their decision to support such a "lost cause," for many organizations have recently relocated in pursuit of more "viable opportunities." Thus, the Corsairs remains as one of the last standing organizations, albeit vigilante in nature, in the area.

The reasons for the resignation of long-time Corsair Captain, Madam Evellin Stormguarde, as well as interim leader, Lord Ranavos Dryandson Abner, have not been publically disclosed.

Since then, active crew membership of the Corsairs has grown exponentially, accepting recruits from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. As of late, the Corsairs have been seen helping Southshore Refugees staying at Fenris Isle, feeding the hungry vagabonds of Westfall, and fighting alongside the weary militia of Valliance Keep. The Corsairs have begun inhabiting and cultivating a greater portion of the Swamp of Sorrows, extending from the Goblin port of Bogpaddle to former military post of Marshtide Watch. It is now known that Tuuroto has particular connections to the Broken Ones of the Harborage, west of the Swamp. Further negotiations are currently in the works in regards to Redblade Corsair sponsored construction in the Borean Tundra of Northrend.

Over time, the Redblades gained renowned, to the point of obtaining formal, legal status as the newly reorganized "Order of the Redblade." The Order attained years of prosperity and stability with its new headquarters in the Gilnean fishing village of Surwich.

Even more recently:

The Iron Horde invasion resulted in the utter decimation of Surwich, thus forcing the Redblades to seek vengeance and to enlist in the Alliance warfront in Draenor. During this time, the Redblades resided in the Draenei village of Elodor and the goblin outpost of Pinchwhistle Gearworks.

Despite the opportunities to reconnect with his homeland, Tuuroto longed for returning to Azeroth and continuing the original service of the Redblades. His tension and gnawing uncertainty resulted into a disconnect with tarot abilities, which ultimately led to his decision to leave the Redblades and 'carve a new path.'

Now travelling more meagerly and humbly among the Cup and Blade Caravan, Tuuroto ventures through Azeroth, trying to reconnect with his tarot studies and rekindle his Arcane ways. Nevertheless, the tarot reading Draenei maintains a "varm pleasure smile," determined to put aside his own faults, regrets, and inhibitions in order to bring hope to those who have chosen to remain in his care.

More recently than even more recently:

Having successfully led the Cup and Blade Caravan through an entire trade route from Stormwind to Eversong over the course of four months of on-foot travel, the Draenei appears to be more himself. He is regaining his tarot card skills, now occasionally providing services to caravan members and close friends. Similar to his time as Admiral for the Redblades, Tuuro has begun to busy himself with navigation and planning work for his comrades, always trying to find work and potential customers for them.

More noteworthy, the Draenei has begun to speak more about his past: his upbringing among the recluse Draenei villages along the Zangar Coast, his relation with his Grandapapah Verad in the Swamp of Sorrows, why there are rumors about his supposed Eredar lineage, and the woman who introduced Tuuroto to tarot cards and inspired him to come to Azeroth.

Nevertheless, Tuuroto continues to travel with his caravan comrades, seeking new adventurers and opportunities with every pit stop they make.


Having hosted a number of successful bazaars, the renown of the Caravan has reached to many ears: both Alliance and Horde alike. Balancing more responsibilities than ever before, Tuuroto is starting to re-develop the leadership skills that he had started to hone during his Redblade Admiral days. The Kalimdor and Pandaria campaign behind him, the Starseer now seeks to mobilize the caravan to the Broken Isles in order to actively service the front-line soldiers of the Alliance, as well as to pioneer financial opportunities that may lie in the newly discovered lands.

Portraits: ((Attached))

1. My Tuuro Pony & Velen's Mane ((obviously OOC))

2. From Eve

3. From Klimma





Edited by Tuuroto

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Ugraz blinked, "Two-Rot-Oooo? Yeah I know him. He likes me for some reason. But he's shirtless a lot."

"...freaks me out."

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Captain Stormguarde blinked as she listened to the goblin's description.

"So elf girls can run around half-naked, but if a man doesn't wear a shirt, that's all anyone can focus on?" She let out a snort of laughter. "How... unfair. Well, if ye' really want to know, Tuuro is an excellent addition to the crew. He can do some pretty fancy things with those cards of his. Don't really know about his fighting style, but, from the build of him, I wouldn't push it!" Eve paused, an as an afterthought, added: "And his cat's bleedin' adorable with his little kitty-tabard..."

Flashing a grin at the goblin, she turned and walked away.

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Jin sets his tea cup down and lowers his head lightly as he listens through the goblin's description.

"...Yes, quite a large draenei that one is, yet he projects the timidity of someone but half his size - a pacifist perhaps." he closes his eyes before continuing. "He tends to be fond of cards and fortune telling, from what I've seen he can be quite accurate in some respects; Seems to be very interested in the personal affairs of others, always trying to "help" even if they have no interest or need of it...I fear that someday he may go to far with the wrong person."

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"Tuur~ Velen's Beard! Yes, I know him." Janaelle beams at the goblin, "That is the cutest cat you'll ever meet. His owner is...extraordinary as well. Certainly not like most Dranaei I've met." She leans closer, lowering her voice, "Though between you and me, he's not very good at lying."

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Yueme handed back the photo, her eyes downcast, a rueful smile on her lips. " Yes, I know him. One of the casualties in the Aliss case I feel." She shook her head collecting herself and raising her glass in a toast. " He was a good man, more insightful than people would admit... I hope he finds peace.'

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Ser Jauffrey looked away from the fire towards the goblin, his fingers still twirling the "Fool" card. "I met him only briefly but in that time he told me things that most couldn't possibly guess after a lifetime of friendship. The warmness of his heart is matched only by the generosity of his gifts. I should like to raise a glass with him one day."

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Urivial smirks at the name.

"Ah, an interesting one, our Captain Tuuroto. Or is he really ours? The Redblade are supposedly 'Alliance Privateers'... but we all know how that came to pass. Can Pirates ever really be anything but greedy cutthroats?"

Urivial shrugs.

"I did enjoy his Tarot Card reading though. Interesting reflections to be had there."

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The Death Knight squinted at the goblin interviewer. She mulled over the question a moment, swishing around the contents of her mug.

"Tuuroto... has made clear which side he chose." The former captain let out a quiet snort. "It burns me to hear the name of my old crew now. Mutiny and treachery have sullied the leadership. He is not so good a person as you might believe. Crafty and capable of enabling the worst of people, while ignoring the plight of those who would genuinely call him friend."

Evellin waved a dismissive hand, though the gesture seemed erratic and angry. For a moment it looked as if she preferred not to continue speaking of it. Her gaze flicked back to the goblin.

"Tried to kick me off of my ship, you know. Instead of those blasted mutineers. After all this damned time and effort I had put into my crew, they turned around and made it theirs. Consorting with evil. Justifying it. As if I had abandoned something they left first. As if my opinion was something to scoff at and throw away." A growl formed in the woman's throat. "I hope he and his wretched "fleet" sink to the bottom of the ocean. I wish them misery. I wish them ill luck. A plague upon their treacherous hides! I wish for all to see their true colours fly high before they're torn to pieces. And may their smoldering, cowardly carcasses burn away the filth they've collected."

Ex-Captain Stormguarde turned back to the bar, facing away from the interviewer. "The real Redblade Corsairs died long ago. These two-faced upstarts only carry the name."

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Newly admitted member of "Order of the Redblades", Liffle Jabberlittle, adressess her Admiral.

"A-Admiral!" --"Apparently you have quite a lot to learn." She says it secretly and under her breath while she 'meekly' address her Admiral. Openly she admits that her Admiral is the most imposing tentacle-faced alien she has ever met, mainly because she was startled by his sudden appearance one evening in the Deeprun Tram, Stormwind side. "I have secretly infiltrated the ranks of the Order and not even the Admiral, my esteeme'ned Admiral, can by any means deduce my incoherent technological supiorosity-inducing micro-gram inhibitor-induction device designed to confuddle the most sophisticated of the most learned and--indeed psychically-skilled-- privateers."--

*She hides behind the very large draenei as he addressess the crowd.*

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Speaking in an underground fort Illisade sat at a massive table with a map covering the entire surface area which had various markers and pins representing tactical information. The table was surrounded by seated shadow walkers of various backgrounds including a couple sin'dorei. "The redblades will do for now, though they will not know of my plans. They have invested much into the war. Tuuroto has placed blind trust in me which will allow me to turn the coils in the next Great War. "Sin'dorei you will report to these coordinates and execute order 87.." Illisade spoke before the sin'dorei stood up and left.

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The gnome, in all seriousness, deliberated her belt and adjusted her Temporal Fluxuation Transporation Un-inhibitor Micro-cosm submolecular access gateway-inducing microgram bi-focals. Her mission as a temporal agent required her to behest the arrangement, and inform the Admiral of the outcome of the "Alliance Rally", a meeting involving the entirety of groups and sub-groups across and throughout the Twisting Nether and with the general Alliance populous. In collaboration with said ethereal agents, assume'ned preoccupations would require delicacy and sub-jurisdiction of possible controlled and uncontrollable units, in 'short', pre-emptive measures would assure an in-erasable outcome, of which was imminent and unavoidable if said project were to come to fruition.

The Starseer Admiral Turroto, along with his newly reorganized Order of the Redblades, were to come to terms with the Admiral's absence and breaking of roster, but the fragments he left behind were not to be entirely apprended, leaving a great gap, scisming the already-tenuous relations made amoung its members. Tempral Judication, as a result of mal-facture, came into being, and an Alliance was made between Ethereal and Gnomish races concerned with the in-faction distrust and illegitimacy held between Stormwind and The Exodar, on behalf of the actions of once-beloved leader- Starseer Admiral Tuuroto. Tempral Judication would see Admiral Tuuroto routed, and that the Rally never take place, as a coming together of these groups would prove diastrous and inconsequential to upcoming events, and indeed the Twisting Nether would see very-negative temporal-rendering catastrophic ineptitude.

The advent of real life themes, incorporations, and the like, and indeed, cars, mega-tropolis, work, inter-relational melancholy, fictictional revibe, and roleplay was imminent.

Revenant Jabberlittle, of the temporal code 98724, was to see that this Rally never took place.

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