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The Seventy Third [Alliance]

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Azeroth sees many threats in this time. The treaty broken, the Shattering of our world, the onslaught of demons at the Dark Portal. The Seventy Third Company of the Seventh Legion of the Grand Alliance Military stands amidst these threats, and fights for our citizens. Throughout all the attacks against the Alliance, we will be there, fighting to keep our towns and cities safe.We are stationed in Theramore Isle, though our forces are deployed all over Azeroth, and beyond, into the broken remnants of Draenor. Now, more than ever, recruits are needed to help our Worgen allies in their homeland, our Kaldorei friends in Ashenvale and the Stonetalon Mountains, and many other places. We have lost many in the Shattering, and in battles. But the Hammer of the Alliance shall stand strong. We will not fall. And we will defend against invading forces until we or the enemy are wiped out.

(( The Seventy Third is an RP/Raiding guild, based on the premise of a military company. We have near 150 members currently. If you wish to join, contact Branngas,Altherion,Edrane,Faelyx,Cyllos,or Fïksal in game.))

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