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Full Name: Kaiune. If there is any other name she either doesn't use it or its not public knowledge.


Date of Birth: She was a young adult by the time the horde first arrived on Azeroth.

Age: Not known.

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: Female

Hair: Naturally white but she makes extensive use of dyes to change her appearance

Skin: very pale

Eyes: glowy?

Height: 6' 9"

Weight: athletic

Place of residence: as a member of a guerrilla fighting group she lives out of camps and temporary lodging.

Place of Birth: Unknown

Known Relatives: None


Occupation: Criminal/Rebel

Group/Guild affiliation: Kaiune belongs to a nameless group of guerrilla militants against the horde. [The Inglorious]

Guild Rank: Former Commander (Kaiune has become too reckless to lead effectively and has turned command over to Ruji)



Weapons of Choice: Her natural weapons, Explosives.

Dislikes: Animal Cruelty, Deforestation, The Horde, Glory Seekers, Nobility, Money

Hobbies: Kaiune spends little time doing things for herself. Everything she does is for her cause.

Physical Features: Always changing. Kaiune is wanted for many alleged crimes and so is rarely seen without a disguise.

Special Abilities: A master shapeshifter, kaiune is able to take the form of various animals.

Positive Personality Traits: A champion of hopeless causes. Sacrificing. Loyal, Determined.

Negative Personality Traits: Short Fused, Reactive, Vindictive, Anarchist... While most elves, being such long lived creatures, are patient and long sighted, Kaiune is not. Kaiune's world, in her relatively short life has been filled with drastic changes and she is a product of that environment.

Misc. Quirks:


Even at a young age Kaiune would fight for what she percieved as injustices in the world. What started as innocent childhood charity later grew into reckless vigilantism as she learned to set aside morality in order to achieve her goals. In the wilds of her homeland she found many victims of injustice to champion and so a poacher would mysteriously disappear or a wealthy merchant caravan would find its cargo being used to feed the poor and homeless.

There is never an end, however, to the suffering in the world and for one that cares so much for others this truth is hard to live with. Kaiune's anger and rage at the hopelessness of it, and her natural affinity for the wilds eventually led her to the Great Bear Spirit and gifts it could offer. With the strength and ferocity of the bear form kaiune's private war on injustice bacame wild and brutal. It wasn't long before she found herself being hunted by those upholding useless laws.

During her time on the run she learned to control her rage and found the art of subtlety and stealth useful in eluding her pursuers. Again the animal spirits bestowed their wisdom on Kaiune and offered her a new form so that she might continue her work. While mastering her new feline abilities Kaiune began studying various engineering schematics she had picked up from her travels and quickly became very skilled at constructing explosive devices.

More to come.. tired of writing... why arent the servers up yet?

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Ackley laughed at the Goblins questions.

"It's no wonder you're having trouble finding her, she's as silent as a cool summer breeze, caught me off guard more then once. I thank the light she's on my side so I don't have to check over my shoulder all the time," Ackley grinned as he shooed off the Goblin remembering some of the battles he had fought with the druid.

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Cytiana grins openly, her voice light with amusement, as she answers the questions posed to her.

"I know her. One of the more.. fun people to fight with. One of the more reliable too. Her, and the few shadows following her. Always a pleasure to fight with a friendly shadow."

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