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Hello TN :D I'm currently trying my hand at writing the story of one of my characters from level 1 to 80.. which is turning out to be a bit harder to start than I expected.

If my character (who is a druid) was starting out in Aldrassil, I would assume I am a young adult, about 300 and had previous basic studies in typical night elf knowledge and such in Ashenvale where I was born.

I mainly just need help with what I was alive for. Would it make sense to say that hearing the tales of the druids at the Battle of Mount Hyjal inspired me to become a druid, so I found my way to Teldrassil to start official training?

What would I have been doing during the Battle of Mount Hyjal? What would have happened to my town/people? Stayed the same or would some leave to fight?

Also, would I ever walk the Emerald Dream in my training? When would I do that?

Any info on what I might be missing lore wise that my character might have experienced would be great. ;P

It's amazing that you can go completely through this game and not know all the little things lore wise.

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I could be wrong on this, but Teldrassil was "grown" because they lost Aldrassil. Which means as of the start of the game, it was like 5 years old (I said 4 originally here, but it's 5 years from the end of WC3, and 4 years from the end of the WC3 expansion, and the tree blew up at the end of WC3, so 5 years before WoW). Including everything built on it (damn those elves can cultivate). It also became the place where the majority of the elves lived.

Running with that hypothesis, you could very well say that your character was inspired by the battle of Hyjal to become a druid, and during Hyjal you'd probably be hiding out wherever the old women and children were ushered to. Anyone that could fight would have left to go do that.

And now (at the beginning of WoW) you're a few years older and are ready to follow that path yourself.

Walking in the Emerald Dream is pretty much only something that lore-worthy NPCs get to do. If a player character could be said as being allowed/able to do it, it would likely come at a master's level of druidism (so perhaps at 80, or 85 with the next expansion), but it still wouldn't be anything like "Ding, 80. BBL, off to walk the emerald dream".

We're now two years after the start of WoW (BC opening of the portal was officially one year after WoW started) so everything that has happened in the game so far has taken only slightly over 2 years to happen.

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Unless you were a fighter, you probably would not have been at Hyjal, and nor would your villagers. You would have lost your immortality at the moment Nordrassil was destroyed; I imagine that was noticeable to most night elves.

I believe druids have been discouraged from entering the Emerald Dream ever since the Nightmare took hold of it; only the very strongest have survived for any period of time there recently, though you can spend brief periods of time inside it even as a non-druid (see the quest from Icecrown that takes you to Keeper Remulos).

As for the rest -- you've been around for EVERYTHING in every Warcraft RTS. You'd probably be better off being vague about your background and involvement in events unless you want some lore Nazi jumping in and saying "but wait -- Thrall said hello to Grom Hellscream three minutes BEFORE the Kul Tiras fleet crossed the 22nd meridian on the way to Gilneas! So you couldn't have been sailing from Menethil then, because the sun was setting in the video with Thrall and Grom, and the elf ship captains' union held a meeting at dusk every third Friday!"

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I completely forgot about the Nightmare in the Emerald Dream and losing my immortality. Thanks so much for those. ;P No Emerald Dream for me.

Maybe I am worried a little too much about my history. I guess I just want to make sure I have a firm grasp for what general "big" things I would have experienced.

Thanks to both of you for helping me get my mind straight lol

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I think I also got my -drassals confused.

But as Irontoe mentioned, EVERYTHING that happened in the Warcraft games has encompassed the past 27 years of warcraft time. Being a night elf, you'd have not known about much of it, though, since the outsiders didn't make it to Kalimdor until WC3. You just know some orcs came and tried to chop down your trees, but then you made nice to blow up your big tree and stop the burning legion (which you likely weren't around for to fight the first time 10k years ago, but likely know about at the very least).

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