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Ravenholdt [Horde & Alliance]

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There are no second chances.

When one's time is up, that's it. One does not cheat death. This luck is only an illusion. A false hope.

-If I give to the orphans, for instance, perhaps I can extend my time longer.-


Assassin. Rogue. Thief. You have been brought to us because your skills have been deemed useful. For now.

From this point on, everything you see, everything you hear, everything you learn will be kept with you until death. We do not look kindly upon betrayal.

Your training, and coincidentally, your first assignment begins now. Seek out the assassin Sleth. Speak the correct word. It is written in the dark.


We are Ravenholdt. We do not judge. We do not recognize truce. We do not follow treaty. We only act.

We are watching.

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Who we are: Ravenholdt is not so much a guild as it is a clandestine association, open to both Horde and Alliance. As you might have guessed, we are playing the Ravenhholdt faction. You will not have to leave your guild to join up. In fact, that’s the point. To remain secret. No uniforms, no tabards. Rogues of all guilds and all levels can join Ravenholdt, and their affiliation to the organization will remain a secret.

What we do: Ravenholdt’s goal is assassination. Story-wise we receive our orders from a higher rank, though we do not know who. We do not question. We simply execute. Whether it be out in the field or in a city or town, our goal is the quiet kill. Sneak in, slit a throat, and get out with none the wiser.

We can provide a once-in-awhile RP event to all involved. Don’t worry, this is not a mandatory thing. We will meet, maybe once or twice a month in a changing location. To coordinate between both factions, I have set up a Ravenholdt social group here at TNG. It is a private forum, so non-members would not be able to “listen in.” If you are unable to make it, well that’s okay. If you are, then we’ll go out and have a bit of fun. We’ll choose a hunting ground and stalk some prey. Like I said, our goal is the quiet kill. That’s part of the challenge, and that’s why it’s fun. Anybody can run in and kill an unsuspecting flagged player. It takes a patient killer to wait for the perfect time to strike. It takes an even better one to make it out unscathed. Then we part our ways and do not contact each other IC until the next meeting.

Other events are in the works, as well, aside from assassination. Infiltration, sabotage, theft. There are many things planned for Ravenholdt.

Which brings me to my next point: secrecy. This is a secret society. In-character, we don’t even know who we get our orders from, or why our targets must be killed. Only that they must be killed. Members of Ravenholdt are expected to keep their affiliation a secret to their guilds in-character. If you wish to discuss it OOC, just please make a point that it is, in fact, OOC knowledge and not IC. That’s part of the fun I think.

Joining: To express your interest, all you have to do is send me a PM with the subject “Ravenholdt” and by telling me the password, found in the post above. Or find me, Sleth, in-game and tell me the password. By “find me,” I mean you can find me face to face. Or, more likely, face to stealth. I won’t be hiding or anything, I just prefer IC interaction. But IC whispers work just as well.

It’s an ambitious idea, but I’ve been enjoying it already. I think others will too.

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