Nyaru Rainwalker

Nyaru Rainwalker

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Full Name: Nyaru Rainwalker

Titles: Death Dealer, Dragoon of Tyrean Maldeth, Druid of the claw.

Nicknames: Nu-Nu, Runt (by Rohan )

Age: 91

Gender: Female

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Varies (See below)

Height: Roughly 6' 2" (elf) 11' 2" long (cat) 9' 8" tall (Dire bear)

Weight: roughly 110 lbs (elf) 750 lbs (cat) 1700 lbs ( Bear )

Place of residence: Has a home in the plague lands like others in Tyrean Maldeth, also has a hut in Zangarmarsh and a little spot in Nagrand.

Place of Birth: Wintersprings

Known Relatives: NImki SHadowsting, Theriastan ( Brother ) ( Deseaced, Killed by Rohan Orcslayer )

Race: Nightelf

Philosophy: Nothing is futile, everything has a reason

Occupation: Druid of the Claw, Dragoon of Tyrean Maldeth, Terror of the wilds.

Group/Guild affiliation: TM / Nu-nu bear

Guild Rank: Dragoon

Enemies: Anyone she doesn't like.

Likes: Anything she doesn't consider her enemy.

Favorite Foods: Clefthoof steaks!

Favorite Drinks: Moonberry juice

Favorite Colors: Green, dark blue, brown, silver, and other earthy colors (in an elves idea >.> ))

Weapons of Choice: Claws, fangs, bulk, strength... a Good whacking staff

Dislikes: People who act stupid or childish, (even though she's known to be childish herself), Krixxine (( for speaking flippantly of harming her polar bear cub ))

Hobbies: Training, hunting, eating, take care of Glaciar ( Polar bear cub )

Special Abilities: Varies (See below)

Misc. Quirks: Has multi-peronsality disorder.

Theme Songs:

Linken Park: Faint,

DIsturbed: I'm alive,

Unknown Author: Blow me away

Class: Druid

Personality: Varies (see below)

Appearance: Bubbly happy little girl, on the outside, she's now highly prepared for the war she's been thrust into and Feels she has an edge on several enemies of her own, she's happy to lend a hand anywhere and will kill anyone who threatens those she cares about, on the outside she might seem feice, but she's afraid of those she cares for getting hurt...

Bear form: Giant rugged bear, scary, mean looking, but soft hearted usually in this form. This is her form in which she ensures her allies stay out of harms way, in the aspect of a raging bear, she makes sure the enemy is so scared of her they try to get rid of her first, sadly, they always fail.

Cat form: Death, in furry, kitty form, if your on her side, feel at ease, if not...

History: Lived and grew up in winterspring, until a freak accedent happened and her parents were slain and she was sold as porporty to some crazed human, while flying over shadowglen, nyaru managed to sturggle enough to fall from the beast, of whcih she couldn't remeber what it was, and land infront of the arch druid who happened to be walking in the area, it took her three days to recover from the fall, and from then on, she trained as a druid. she was adopted by a cunning rogue by the name of Nimki Shadowsting.

Her problem: Nyaru Rainwalker Suffers from Multi-personality disorder, thus she has several personalites that show themselves and have various abilites.

Normal: Her normal state, her eyes a a while/silver, she acts just like your normal female Nightelf, nothing special.

Motherly: Eye color chances to white, matching the polar bear cub she is now the gaurdian of. I should not have to explain this one to you, she recently developed this one when she came across an abandoned Polar bear cub. Theaten the Cub's well-being at your own peril.

Anger: Eye color changes to red, At this point, something has annoyed or made Nyaru angry or, someone has threatened someone she cares for, after throwing off Sheek's currorpt infuluence, she no longer becomese sadistic in this form, though she can be if she wants to by choice, if you find her in this mode, make she she's not mad at you, if not, then don't annoy or make her angry, it will quickly turn on you, but if she is mad at you...

Timidy: Eye color changes to blue, she becomes overly shy and embarassed about everything, she will studder alot and apologize over the most simple things serveral times in quick sucession, she usually becomes like this whenever she is surrounded by people she doesn't know, or just had a humiliating accedent. In this stage, she becomes very frail. (this form is rare, and only happens when she's around the opposite sex that she's attracted to. )

Wise: Eye color changes to Pure silver, In this form, she becomes serious and buisness-like, she becomes a tad bit smarter, or acts like she is. Nothing special about this form besides it can get really annoying or boring, her abilites do not change while in this form. ( This form is Extremely rare. )

Happy: Her eye color changes to lavander. This is her best form, she becomes happy-go-lucky, she doesn't care whats going on as long as it's fun. she basically devlopes ADHD in his form, she bores easy and wanders off if your to "Boring" to be around, but she had a tendancy to get herself into trouble, so if she's like this and wanders off, you might wanna go check on her if she's not back within five or so minites. In this form she becomes very spunky and likes attempt to "Dodge" everything, so, pokes/pats/kisses/ect. she will try to avoid like it was some kinda iky Coodie.

Kelepto: Nyaru becomes a bit sneakier, harder to detect, and tries to rob anyone of anything shiny, regaurless of how useless it is. her eyes in this case, turn a deep and foresty green that seem to glimmer at the sight of somethign valuble.

Feral: Nyaru is always in this state while in animal form, she becomes much more conrtoled of her actions, though the last state she was in effects the feral form, besides that, she basically becomes that animal, if she turns into a bear, she becomes a bit loveable fuzzy bear, a cat, she becomes clever and likes to mess with people, a seal, she likes to swim alot obviously, and messes with other swimmers.

Reckless: Eye color changes to a steel-gray color, Do I REALLY need to explian this one?

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"She's feisty. I saw her around when Boudika was making pets of humans in Dalaran... hehe. I wish I could have understood her, then I might have a bit more to say... but definitely feisty."

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I do not remember you, and I doubt I ever will -- if it will help you sleep better at night, however, know that you were a victim and not a target. But, I do ask that you consider these things, in any case, as they may take you far in life:

A good druid will recognize natural selection at work.

A member of the alliance will recognize the atrocities that war can bring when she sees it, a war that her King declared.

And a smart person will recognize that life's no more fair for her than it is for any other, myself included, and if she wishes for change, she should make it so... not cry to goblin reporters.

Selama ashal'anore, Kaldorei.

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Nyaru looks at the Goblin reporter and burst out laughing at the statement of the Bloodelf. "Cocky much is she? Well, in any case, She's never managed to even lay a scratch on me so far, just her lackies, so, wherever her cockiness comes from I doubt I'll ever know, but she'll know when she meets me, because she'll be laying face down in a pool of her own blood."

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*Casts a calm eye over the goblin thinking for a moment before looking towards the photo as he shakes his head calmly, His voice rough but intellectual,"A druid of the claw is a soldier of peace, They fight to keep the safety of the forest alive... A druid never threatens another... This is no druid of the claw from what you tell me goblin.... Either your information is incorrect... Or she is merely a snake in disguise.... But these are words of an orc... Perhaps even I am wrong...But that is merely my choice of words... Nothing more... Give her my regards.... I do hope she retains her former glory of the honor of being apart of an ancient race once more..." He says this calmly before casting his eyes back to his book, his axe laying across his book while his other weapon rests on his back, but slightly tilted, ready to be unsheathed incase of an attack.*

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I... think I recognize that one. It's difficult to tell with everyone and their dog hiring out packs of druids these days. But if I recall correctly, she let the knight take credit for her work. How sweet and demented. Delusions of grandeur come easily to kaldorei, but she also burns as well as any other.

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