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Are you Forsaken? Do you embrace the blessing of Undeath? If you seek to serve the Forsaken, to see our Queen's dark plans come to fruition, and to gain immeasurable power, then join your bretheren in service to the Dark Lady, and spread the Infection across Azeroth, and beyond.

We are Infection, we are the Dark Lady's elite. We serve no other, and bow to no master. Our wills are our own, they are our strength, and with the power that we have gained by letting go of the mortality that binds us, we have risen above the weaknesses of the living. It is this that separates us from the lesser races, that makes us superior. It is this that will one day deliver the world into our undying hands.

We show no mercy, and accept no weakness. The Alliance that dare oppose us is crushed under our heel, their towns razed, their leaders slaughtered. We delight in bringing them death, for it is our domain, and our right to do so. The Horde, the lesser races of brutish creatures, serve as a valuable tool in the destruction of our enemies, but they do not possess the blessing that we do, and they will not stand beside us when the smoke and ash clears, and we have established our dominance.

Soon, we take the fight to the greatest of our enemies, the one who betrayed and butchered his people, who ripped our will from our flesh and forced us into the shackles of servitude. Soon, my bretheren, we sail for Northrend, to bring the traitor prince the justice of the Forsaken. The Lich King will die by the hands of those he killed, those he betrayed, and the mindless Scourge will fall under the might of the truly blessed. We seek those who were enslaved as we were to join us in our fight, and in return we promise the greatest reward of all: vengeance.

There is talk, whispers in the shadow, of an army of Death Knights. Of those who possess the greatest powers of the Scourge, who also possess a bitter hatred for their former King. Whether or not these knights can be trusted, can be proven to have broken free of the Lich King's grasp as we have, is yet to be seen. However, if there are those touched by the cold hand of death who would serve the Forsaken and take up the banner of the Dark Lady, we shall welcome them into the fold. Only the truly Forsaken can wear the symbols of Infection, for even in undeath, the lesser races are still just that. Staunch allies at best, or useful tools failing that, but never one of us.

If you seek power, unity, and vengeance, seek us out. Until that time, Dark Lady watch over you, and may the Shadows bless and protect you.


OOC Stuff!

Infection is an undead only RP guild on the Twisting Nether RP-PvP server. We are one of the oldest guilds on the server, having been formed only a few days after the server's creation three years ago. We definately lean on the side of evil, and are known on the server as such. Our focus is primarily RP, much of that integrating into World PvP attacks. All forms of PvP are encouraged but not mandatory in the guild. We do not raid as a guild, but we do have connections with multiple cross-guild raiding organizations that are RP friendly and have made significant progress, so if you're more of a PvEer, you have options.

We've had the question come up before, and no, we do not accept 'undead' orcs, trolls, tauren, or even Blood Elves (there WAS significant discussion about the last one, but we decided against it). This includes Death Knights of those other races. Infection has a subtle (or sometimes very much NOT subtle) tendancy towards IC racism and superiorism (In character ONLY; we do NOT approve of or put up with intolerance of ANY kind). If you want to play the kind of Forsaken that wants to fit in and be friendly with the Horde, we may not be for you, though in all honestly it's not the biggest deal or our biggest focus. We aim to create an involving RP environment revolving around what many of us believe to be one of the coolest races in the game. And also a fun place to play the 'bad guy', because let's face it, that's always fun.

If you're interested in checking us out, you can talk to any of the officers listed below for more information, or check out our site at (As a note, we recently moved our forums to our own domain, so a few things on the site may not be working yet. We're getting to it xD ). Alternatively, you can join our OOC channel 'infection' at any time.

Other little things that I always forget to mention: Guild chat is in-character, set in a guild hall style. /say and /yell are always in character, party and raid depending. We have regular meetings, usually in Brill, where we discuss guild matters, recruit new members, and usually go a round or two with each other to keep our skills sharp. We do not have a level restriction, we only ask that you of course be undead, and have an interest in RP. If you're not confident about your RP skills or are new to it, no worries, we're more than happy to help!

If you have any questions or concerns, use any of the methods I posted above to contact us, or post em right here. I'll try to be diligent about quick responses!

Officers: Keraph, Nadea, Rolphemona, Resinous, Marroc, Grainia

((Symbol picture and whatnot forthcoming. This was actually posted first on the WoW community RP forums, so if it looks like it's stating things that some TNers might already know, it does xD))

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Are you a Forsaken under the rule of a Cow, Elf, Orc or filthy Troll? Are you being ruled with despotism and unable to complete your own goals? It’s time for you to use the will of the Forsaken then, and break free from your current guild.

Here in Infection, we rule with a democracy. Enjoy having a say in important guild matters. We have regular guild meetings where we will take your suggestions and input on any matter you wish. Here in Infection, we reward the strong mind along with the physically strong.

Do you want to raid the darkest places on Azeroth in search of treasure or fame? Our Dark Baroness Nadea can help you make this happen. Or, if your just learning how to raid, we have others in the fold who will be right there with you all the way.

Are you a natural born war leader who seeks the destruction of the Alliance? Or maybe you want to become a strong war leader, leading the troops of Infection into epic battles? Warlord Keraph is more than happy to train for this job title. Earn your fame by leading Infection forces to victory in wars against the Alliance.

Maybe your into diplomacy, and would like to travel and form or sever alliances with other guilds? Perhaps you would like to be the deciding factor between peace and war? Our Ambassador Rolphemona would be happy to teach you the ropes of diplomacy, and perhaps add you to his diplomatic team. If you enjoy sometimes tense meetings where every word counts, this is the job for you.

Are you sane and want to become a murdering psychopath, or are already a murdering psychopath? Our psychopath Resinous is here to help. Enjoy murdering Alliance, Horde, squirrels, bunnies and sometimes even babies. Learn to toy with your victims, and always devour them. Murders, torture and the eating of bodies is highly encouraged in Infection. If inflicting horror and suffering is your thing, join Infection now.

Have an idea for your own type of service? We will be more than happy to take you and your idea into the fold. It’s time to join your brothers and sisters of the Forsaken. If you have grown attached to your current guild, just focus and learn to show no mercy. It’s time to start your career and not waste your time serving the needs of lesser creatures. So take off your guild tabard and dawn the black tabard of Infection. Help us unite the Forsaken and crush the living.

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A few of Infections most elite fighters will be conducting attacks against the Alliance nightly, from now until the invasion of Northrend begins. All undead are welcome to join in on the killing. Enlisting into Infection on the battlefield is considered a great honor and will provide a chance for new recruits to get one leg up on the rest. I will be leading this nightly campaign and would be glad to accept any undead into our ranks if contacted.

Other officers you may contact for recruitment:






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The Dark Lady has given her orders. We set out for Northrend in just a few days. The time to prepare is now. Infection seeks more strength and manpower in its army; The Scourge is strong and we must work together as the Forsaken to defeat them. The lessers of the Horde stand no chance- it is up to the Dark Lady's Elite to fight.

Join us and feel the true power of the Forsaken.

"The hour of the Forsaken draws near."

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Due to the untimely demise of two of my spies, Infection is looking for their replacements. We require our spies have the ability to infiltrate other guilds for undetermined periods of time and provide consistent and timely reports to us. We also ask that if you apply to become a spy of the mighty Infection, that you show no remorse and do whatever must be done to succeed in your missions. Disloyalty to the fold or Warlord Keraph will be met with immediate capture and likely execution.

We are also recruiting any Forsaken who wish to serve their queen directly or just be with their own kind, rather than the disgusting living creatures that plague our lands.

Contact any who bare our flag for recruitment, they will direct you to the folds leadership.

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