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Bess'tarice Boarding House (H)

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[working on this part please be patient. :) ]

((Bess'tarice Boarding House (Besstarice BoardingHouse in game)

At the moment we are a group of just over a dozen members. We are open to regulated growth.

RP is required in gchat, we have an ooc channel for general banter.

There is no level restriction as long as the character is active. So far we have had no issues and are playing it by ear.

We have a website that is a work in progess. It can be found at We also have a private area here on TNG for our members to communicate outside of the game. We feel that being an RP guild we should also do our best to further RP on TNG.

* Links to RP stories written by members

Works in progress:

There and back again by Lazeenja

How times change (or How to build a house) by Amoola

If there are any questions about our guild either by individuals or other groups feel free to contact myself (amoola), Qoroto or Lazeenja for more information.))

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