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  2. Tynnifer Manslaughter

    Full Name: Tynnifer Manslaughter Nicknames: You knaves will address him only as Tynnifer Manslaughter or Tynnifer, if he permits Introduction: Have you ever walked into the city and seen something so beautiful it almost made you cry? You may have laid eyes upon the illustrious Tynnifer Manslaughter. Date of Birth: 30 July Age: 47 Race: Bloodelf Gender: Male Hair: Straight red hair pulled into a manbun Skin: Pale with pink undertones Eyes: Green, but wears silver contact lenses because they're cute Height: 6ft/1.8m Weight: 120lb/54.4kg Place of Residence: Silvermoon City Known Relatives: tbd Birthplace: Silvermoon City Occupation: Warlock, Diva, Drag Queen Likes: Himself Dislikes: Everyone else, not being treated like royalty Favorite Food(s): Chocolate Favorite Drink(s): Red wine Positive Personality Traits: Creative, Flexible in more than one sense, confident Negative Personality Traits: Vain, selfish, stubborn, cocky Hobbies: Tynnifer appreciates the finer things in life: music, dance, the arts Physical Description: Tynnifer is a specimen of true beauty: pale, white skin with pink undertones highlighted by thick black eyeliner around his glowing silver eyes and a bold black lip. Red hair pulled tightly back into only the most fashionable bun to expose his gorgeous ears for all to see. While Tynnifer may have a couple external wrinkles on his skin, they do not take away from his aesthetic. Finally, Tynnifer likes to have a tasteful goatee shaped into a triangle underneath his lower lip. He is absolutely stunning. History: Tynnifer does not share his history with just anyone. Ask him, and if he feels generous, he will share with you. Theme Songs: LMFAO -- Sexy and I Know It Justin Timberlake -- Sexy Back Right Said Fred -- I'm Too Sexy Lady Gaga -- Applause
  3. Sachatamia Greybird (Tauren Druid)

  4. Full Name: Sachatamia Greybird Nicknames: AMI. Also: Socks, Ket, Cat, Tay, Tami, Mia. Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Variable* Race: Tauren Gender: Female Hair: Brown, dreadlocked Skin: Pale mottled fur Eyes: Mysterious Height: Short side of average Weight: Thinner side of average Place of residence: Has no home Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: No one knows who she is, so they can't know if she has any relatives Religion/Philosophy: Wild. Occupation: No Group/Guild affiliation: (Not ICly yet. <Rutilus Luna>) Enemies: on the run from the Cenarion Circle Weapons of Choice: Anything handy. She also tends to hide and panic at real violence. +Weaknesses: Faints easily, so far snowballs are a sure thing. Likes: Alcohol. Lots of alcohol, usually fruity varieties. Singing. Favorite Foods: Mushrooms. Favorite Drinks: The kind that get you drunk Favorite Colors: All of them. White. Dislikes: Surprises. Loud noises. Hobbies: Traveling. Singing songs. Physical Features: This one's hide is pale and mottled. She wears a simple clothes. They are worn garments, patched and plain. She isn't much better looking than her clothes. Long braids have been left alone long enough to unravel and then rework themselves into matted dreadlocks. An initial impression of broken horns turns out to be false- they merely never grew. She's stubby. Overall she's not an especially savory character in appearance alone. People have trouble looking her in the eyes. If asked to describe Ami when she is not in their direct presence, they would have difficulties naming any defining features or correctly recalling how old she is. Some may not remember her at all. Special Abilities: * Personality: Volatile, mischievous, distracted. Frantic. Stressed. Zealously LOYAL. Misc. Quirks: Ami may be crazy. She is often talking to herself, or to others who are never seen. Will always pray before eating any meal containing meat. May come over and pray over your meal if you sit down to eat meat in front of her. She doesn't usually eat any meat. Ami tends to avoid populated areas unless drunk or about to be. Theme Songs: Spontaneous Me - Lindsey Sterling History: This person is a complete stranger to everybody and has no known history. Asking after her turns up absolutely nothing at all! (nsert close-up portrait shot of character here if they like) NOTES TO OTHER PLAYERS: *Ami can constantly hear the voices of spirits. They tell her things- sometimes important things, sometimes not. She almost always can address any given person by name before introductions have been made. She will learn random trivia knowledge, embarrassing stories, etc from someone's ancestors. ((I will use OOC knowledge of your character, if I have any, to effect this. Please also share anything you like! If you do not wish me to play this feature for some reason, please tell me!)) * Ami may appear to be any age from a child to an elderly woman. This age remains constant once established in a person's view. You may choose which age your character perceives Ami to be if you'd like to exploit this feature but otherwise it shall be random. /roll to determine how Sachatamia appears to your character. 01-25 CHILD 25-65 YOUNG ADULT Brynzi Nashna Qabian Tahzani 65-85 MATURE ADULT: Syreena 85-100 ELDER: Ranadarus
  5. Amietia Greydawn (Tauren Priest)

    "She is nice. Too nice for this world, I think. Sometimes"
  6. Jinchan Mistdance (Tauren Monk)

    "She is my friend! She is very nice and kind. Very helpful. Just... it is polite if you ask her first, if she needs help.
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  8. Amietia Greydawn (Tauren Priest)

  9. Kerala Windchaser (Tauren Druid)

    Kerala has been missing since June 2016, however some people may have seen her a few months after that (during the Mists of Helheim adventure). This character is DECEASED, however this is NOT yet common knowledge. ((Updated))
  10. Derecho

    Derecho is gone. She was never a real character. This troll was the tauren druid Kerala Windchaser in a shift. The Derecho storyline is no longer a thing. ((Updated))
  11. Bombina Skysong (Tauren Shaman)

    YR TITLE SUMMARY 25 WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004-11-23 26 BURNING CRUSADE 2007-01-16 27 WRATH OF THE LICH KING 2008-11-13 28 CATACLYSM 2010-12-07 30 MISTS OF PANDARIA 2012-09-12 2014 30 Always - Bombina goes to Orgrimmar's siege ((Ravenholdt merges with Twisting Nether 2014-07-31)) 31 WARLORDS OF DRAENOR 2014-11-13 2015 31 Eclipse: Does Not Play Well With Others - Kerala summons the Skytotem 31 (Maiden of the Mist) - (Jinchan becomes an official Skytotem healer) 31 Log: Eclipse: To Wax Or Wane* - Lomani and Bombina help fight Vionora, heal Breygrah 31 Eclipse: Flying Against The Hurricane - Breygrah leaves the Horns, Kerala too 31 Eclipse: Spirit Walk (Log) - the skytotem locate Konro's trapped soul 31 Eclipse: Lost (+Log) - Lomani works to free Kerala from her phobic dreams 31 Eclipse: Operation Clusterfuck* - the Skytotem rescue Breygrah 31 Eclipse: And Found - Mudhide cures Kerala's claustrophobia 31 (Fel Expansion*) - (Khorvis attacks Brill!) 31 Backlash - Kerala and Lomani reconstruct Brill victims 31 Castaway - Bombina's Birthday 2016 33 LEGION 2016-08-30 33 Derecho: Twist - Derecho IS Kerala 2017 2018
  12. Full Name: Bombina Skysong Nicknames: Bomom (a term young calflings use like calling someone gramma) ((namechanged from Anura)) Date of Birth: Forgotten to living memory Age: Older than dirt Race: Tauren Gender: Female Hair: Gray Skin: Wrinkled with age. Thinning tawny or sand-colored fur. Grayed snout. Eyes: Amber. Cunning still. Height: stopped to 9'2" (average) Weight: 650lbs soaking wet (average) Place of residence: Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff Place of Birth: Earth Mother might know Known Relatives: Probably around here somewhere Religion/Philosophy: Earth Mother reverence, elemental communion Occupation: Might lay claim to Village Crazy Lady if you ask her Group/Guild affiliation: No official guild. A Skytotem tribe healer Enemies: Probably somewhere, if you look hard enough Weapons of Choice: A quick wit. Or a hard knock of sense to the noggin. +Weaknesses: Age. DEAFNESS. Likes: The ocean. Books. Reading and writing. History. A fine male form. Favorite Foods: Clams and oysters Favorite Drinks: Broth Favorite Colors: Watercolors Dislikes: Stupidity. Spring, autumn and winter months of chilly and up-and-down temperatures. Hobbies: Testing the boundaries of what 'respect for elders' will let her get away with. Physical Features: She's an old tauren woman. Her back is bent with the weight of uncounted years though she's still far from feeble. She is skinny in the way of elder people, all knobby joints and thin skin overlaid. Her fur is thinning and often flat. She has cunning amber eyes still lively with a fierce intelligence, it's just that her body is starting to give out on her. Her gaze is becoming more and more near-sighted. She creaks and pops in anything even resembling chilly weather. Special Abilities: Lipreading. Sign language. Positive Personality Traits: Humor Negative Personality Traits: Impatient and impulsive. Misc. Quirks: Likes to swim naked. Theme Songs: ... History: Bombina has lived an awfully long time and is more interested in talking about other things... The shaman has supported the Skytotem tribe of healers in a few of their escapades but hasn't done much worth notice in the recent past.
  13. Conraua Skytotem (Tauren Paladin)

    YR TITLE SUMMARY 24 Whispers In The Dark - Yegali rescues Coqui 25 WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004-11-23 26 BURNING CRUSADE 2007-01-16 27 WRATH OF THE LICH KING 2008-11-13 28 CATACLYSM 2010-12-07 30 MISTS OF PANDARIA 2012-09-12 2014 ((Ravenholdt merges with Twisting Nether 2014-07-31)) 31 WARLORDS OF DRAENOR 2014-11-13 2015 31 Eclipse: Does Not Play Well With Others - Kerala summons the Skytotem 31 (Maiden of the Mist) - (Jinchan becomes an official Skytotem healer) 31 Eclipse: Flying Against The Hurricane - Breygrah leaves the Horns, Kerala too 31 Eclipse: Spirit Walk (Log) - the skytotem locate Konro's trapped soul 31 Eclipse: Grim Retribution - The Grim attack Kerala and leave her comatose 31 Eclipse: Operation Clusterfuck* - the Skytotem rescue Breygrah 31 Eclipse: And Found - Mudhide cures Kerala's claustrophobia 2016 33 LEGION 2016-08-30 2017 2018
  14. Full Name: Conraua Skytotem (Grimtotem) Nicknames: None Date of Birth: ... Age: mature adult Race: Tauren Gender: Female Hair: Long, black, thick and coarse Skin: Black fur Eyes: Violet Height: 10'4" (near max for female, avg for male) Weight: 825lbs, curvaceous Place of residence: Nothing permanent Place of Birth: ... Known Relatives: Only to her. A precious mate Religion/Philosophy: Earth Mother reverence Occupation: Former None-of-Your-Business Group/Guild affiliation: <Borrowed Time>. A Skytotem tribe healer Guild Rank: She doesn't care what it is Enemies: Only when her cover is blown, then usually everybody Weapons of Choice: All of them, put to most efficient use. Conraua fights efficiently. If she can end a fight quickly, she will. She's not a fair fighter, and believes there is no such thing. If you must fight, fight to win. Honor is meaningless if you're dead. She favors a blunt weapon and a shield, though the barrier is as much a secondary weapon as protection. She will avoid physical confrontation if there are other avenues to accomplish the goal such as stealth or diplomacy. She often uses her size and deadpan demeanor to intimidate. +Weaknesses: Will always protect her loved ones and sacrifice on their behalf Likes: Children. Favorite Foods: Pemmican (tauren survival rations) Favorite Drinks: Any fruity wine Favorite Colors: Purple Dislikes: Anyone taking advantage of other people. Hobbies: Spending time with family Physical Features: Conraua is imposing for a female. She is much taller than average and has thick, broad black horns that look as if they belong on a male. Her black fur is short and dense, and stands straight out from her body, also making her appear larger than she actually is. With mostly the ends of her fur pointing out and the skin beneath black, she seems to absorb the sun's light, reflecting very little and appearing sort of velvety soft. This sunwalker is curvaciously bodacious! Hourglass figure with wide hips and slightly larger breasts. Her clothes are usually impeccably tailored regardless of the style to accentuate and flatter. Conraua has violet eyes and an appealing broad flat nose. Her expression, though, is usually set in a somewhat stern countenance. The change is drastic whenever she genuinely shares a smile. Those tend to be rare. She keeps her very thick mane braided. Conraua walks heavily. Her tail was broken sometime in the past and amputated. A short stub remains. She tends to place her feet more solidly than other tauren, and keep a wider stance. Special Abilities: Fluent in most languages. Analytical mind and quick reflexes. Decent with a lockpick and explosives. Immunity to most poisons in which a tolerance can be built. Master alchemist. Personality: Conraua has always been a protector. She acts as big sister to some other Skytotem healers such as Amietia or especially Jinchan. She won't sit idly by when someone smaller or weaker gets taken advantage of, and often champions their cause. She can be brusque at times when dealing with people. She is a logical and calculating person. She keeps her loved ones extremely close and rarely allows her relationships to be known to others so that they cannot be used against her. She will never sugarcoat the truth of a bad situation and can often seem callous and sometimes even pessimistic. Not much for fraternizing. She doesn't have many friends and can be a workaholic. Misc. Quirks: Heavy gait and wide stance due to missing tail. Theme Songs: ... History: Conraua keeps to herself. Her profession before joining the Skytotem is unknown, but as a Skytotem healer she travels often and is known to reunite children of all races with their families or find them homes. The orphanages are the most likely places to catch up with her since she will visit personally to distribute supplies and spend time with the children.
  15. Jinchan Mistdance (Tauren Monk)

  16. Allycia Amouria (H)

    "Allycia is an... interesting sort." Sorel huffs. "She basically forced her way into the Vanguard, and given how devoted she claims to be to the Alliance, I felt compelled to let her stay, despite being a full-blooded Thalassian." His eyes narrow a bit. "That said, she doesn't seem like the kind who will ever waver, so we will see how that goes.
  17. Calrin "Cally" Bolfrey (A)

    "Ah, Calrin. The one person outside of my family and within the Alliance who was decent to me. We bumped heads a few times, but who doesn't? He talks a lot, but I don't mind it too much. Very energetic and excitable. Good healer, too, but he's got a bit of an ego about being officially recognized as a doctor at such a young age." Mardalius shrugged, taking a sip of his wine before continuing. "I suppose he's earned it, though."
  18. Allycia Amouria (H)

    "She seems nice, based on the I think once I've talked to her? Maybe way too innocent for her own good to be around some people, but very nice."
  19. Allycia Amouria (H)

    Full name: Allycia Amoura Age: 265 Date of Birth: November 17th Race: Quel'Dorei Gender (SEX): Female Hair: Brown with some blonde throughout Skin color: White Eyes: Fel Green Height: 5'10" Weight: 120lbs Place of Residence: Quel'Thalas Known Relatives: Alrindra Amouria Birthplace: Quel'Thalas Languages: Common, Thalassian Occupation: Mage, Priest (somewhat), ambassador Likes: Arcane Magic, children, wine Dislikes: Overly violent people, spicy food Favorite Food: Human Style Food (Mainly mexican style food for reference) Favorite Drink: Wine Positive Personality Traits: Optimisitc, loving, and trusting Negative Personality Traits: Too optimistic (almost to a fault), too loving, and too trusting Hobbies: Wine making, learning new magic, reading, and writing Weapon of Choice: None she uses magic Special abilities: arcane, frost and fire magic Physical description: Ally is rather normal for any Sin'Dorei, with the fel green eyes and the rather paler skin. History: Allycia Sundawn was born a noble in Quel'Thalas by a wine making family that owned a vineyard. They, like most Quel'Dorei people, loved arcane magic. As a result Ally grew up learning arcane magic. While she didn't exactly hate it, she always truly wanted to heal, as fighting was never really a passion of hers, and most magic she learned was offensive magic. As the oldest of her siblings Ally's duty was also to help assist and raise her sisters. She was... rather bad at this whole task, but did try her best. The duty eventually passed on to her sister Alrindra, who did a much better job at it then Ally ever did. Following Arthas's attack on the sunwell... began a terrible time in Ally's life. Not only was most of her family murdered in the onslaught, but her precious arcane magic was lost to her. The withdrawls were terrible and almost overwhelming for her. The instant something else came up for them to use she immediatly jumped on the opportunity. Something she would regret later down the road. The fel magic did indeed twist her lightly for a time, but feeding her addiction was worth it for her at the time. When the Quel'Dorei became the Sin'Dorei Ally was completely on board with such a decision. The name change felt natural to her, and Kael'Thas seemed like a noble and perfect leader. Finding a new resource for them to feed upon, building the Blood Knight Order, and even trying to keep ties with the Alliance. It felt like the right thing. For a few years Ally even got to live in Stormwind, and enjoyed living with a human family that made wine. She shared her old families recipies with them, and trully enjoyed her time with them. Even her racist sister grew to love the family. It's where they adopted their last name Amouria afterall. Then they joined the Horde. A decisions she felt so completely uneasy about. Sure it was necissary for their survive, but it didn't hurt any less. The Alliance was her home, her family, and she couldn't just dismiss those feelings and now she was forced to leave them all behind. It was a hard choice for her, but she knew that without the Horde... her people would of died. It broke her heart, but they needed the help. In the following years Ally spent most of her time in isolation, as she couldn't really stand how she felt, and how much pain she was in. She helped destroy world ending threats sure, but after words she would return to their old families home. Now she finally has come out of that stupor and has made new friends within the Alliance and Horde respectivly. A new family to call her own.
  20. Calrin "Cally" Bolfrey (A)

    Full name: Calrin Bolfrey Age: 23 Date of Birth: May 6 Race: Worgen (Gilnean) Gender: Male Hair: Brown Skin color: White Eyes: Emerald (Sky blue Worgen form) Height: 5'10" (7'2" Worgen form upright, 6'5" hunched) Weight: 170 (215 Worgen form) Place of Residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms Known Relatives: Henry Bolfrey (Father, deceased), Olivia Bolfrey (Mother, human) Birthplace: Stormglen Village, Gilneas, Eastern Kingdoms Languages: Common, Darnassian (learning), Taura'he, Zandali (learning) Occupation: Doctor Likes: Fruity-tasting treats and drinks, children Dislikes: Undead, feral worgen, people dying on his watch Favorite Food: Bacon Favorite Drink: Lemonade Positive Personality Traits: Cheerful, hard working, easy to talk to Negative Personality Traits: Scares easily, poor emotional control Hobbies: Hearthstone (the game), reading, flying Weapon of Choice: A simple druidic staff, the head looks like a pine cone. Special abilities: drudic ability to use nature for healing purposes, a deep knowledge of medicine. Physical description: Calrin doesn't look like someone who'd stand out much in a crowd. In human form, he stands at a standard height, and he ties his medium-length brown hair into a ponytail. He inherited his light skin, hair color, and thin figure from his mother, while his eyes are the exact, crisp green color as his fathers'. His worgen form's fur is a light gray, and his eyes turn an icy blue. History: Calrin was born after the wall went up, in the coastal village of Stormglen along the southern edge of the peninsula, and he spent his days with his best friends, who gave him the nickname "Cally", which Calrin only allows certain people to use to this day. His mother, Olivia, was originally born in Strahnbrad, whereas his father Henrey was a Second War veteran, serving as a Rifleman in the Gilneas military. After the war and wall, Henry and Olivia decided to follow in her parents' footsteps, and open a medical practice out of their home, which made it convenient for when Calrin was born. When he became a teenager, Calrin actively started to help his parents out with their patients. By this point, the name "Bolfrey" had become synonymous with the best healthcare south of the city, which made young Calrin beam with pride. To further help out, Calrin looked into magic, originally trying to learn the Light like his mother Olivia. After some initial training, he didn't take to it, turning towards the harvest witches instead. This turned out to be a perfect fit for Calrin, and he learned all about how to heal through nature. The good life did not last much longer. One day, there was a massive attack on Stormglen by a pack of feral, wolf-like creatures. Henry, Calrin's father, was bitten and tended to his wounds, then went back to help Olivia and Calrin tend to the other wounded. After a few hours, Henry doubled over in pain and turned into one of those same creatures right before his family's eyes! The now feral beast lashed out, biting Calrin on his shoulder before Gilnean soldiers burst down the door and managed to kill Henry. Realizing that he would turn too, and not wanting to die, Calrin agreed to let his mother bind him until a cure could be found. The Night Elves were able to restore Calrin to sanity, and he was amazed by their druidic power. After leaving Gilneas, Calrin grew into adulthood living with his mother, now in Stormwind, before leaving to learn more about Druidism. He was worried about joining the Circle for a long while, working on his own. During this time, he found himself on the Jade Lion, finally earning his official medical license from Alliance Command, allowing him to become their medical officer. He left the ship when he decided to accept the Cenarian Circle's invitation, learning traditional druidism from a Tauren teacher, who taught him Taura'he as well. After completing his basic training, Calrin was allowed to return to his previous life... but as before, he followed Margoz Anterius, a man the same age his dead father Henry would have been, wherever he went, eventually joining the Night Vanguard Margoz helped to form with his former shipmate, Sorel Crescentsong.
  21. Aaren Anastasis

    “I know of her, yes. She’s been to the Cantina a few times when I have, but I only recently put a name to her. Based on those who recognize and speak to her and what I've heard about her second hand, she's just another part of the garbage heap awaiting the fire. But from what little I've actually heard her say herself? She’s interesting and I haven't entirely dismissed her, but ultimately I expect very little.”
  22. Kahlan Gustblade

    “Poor girl. There's really so much to pity about her and she clearly has no clue how the world works, but I have to say I admire both her hair trigger temper and her lack of patience for social overtures and outright lunacy.”
  23. A Rogue's Diary

    01.11.18 Cantina was interesting last week. Not least of all because I have no felling idea sometimes who’s who anymore. Stupid Nightmare. I am Grim. I know I am Grim. So why does that feel so confusing lately just because of a stupid dream! I know who’s Grim and who’s not Grim. So why do I keep doubting it? Anyway, Selash was there, asking about his stupid daughter who likes to threaten me. He was giving money for information about who she’s been talking to. So of course, I had to chime in. I guess he didn’t believe me, even though he paid for the information. Alaur didn’t say anything about it during my last cookie delivery to the gate, so he probably didn’t talk to him about it yet, or if he did, didn’t tell him where he got the information. Turns out drinking holy water hurts my new pet, even though he tries to act tough. Siane came in while he was having his second round of bottles of the stuff, and the two whispered together. When she saw me with Geo’s mechanical hand, she tried to take that from me, now she’s whispering to my new pet. Why can’t she just leave my new toys alone? I swear sometimes, that girl is just ASKING to be stabbed! I wonder if Selash will ask demand his money back. Might be a good idea to avoid him for a while.
  24. A Rogue's Diary

    12.3.17 I got myself an early Winter’s Veil present today. He won’t be yelling “Surprise Bitch” at anyone else again, ever. Not with his throat cut and then his body consumed by purple flames. Was he following me, or was it just coincidence? What else would he have been doing out near Andorhal? Whatever it was, he found me on the farm I recently bought out there. It’s a nice little place. I’m working on building a room under the barn to move my alchemy lab to. But I couldn’t have him of all people knowing where I live. He surprised me for the last time when he attacked me in the herb garden. ------------------------------------------------ 12.7.17 I got another early Winter’s Veil present. Two in one week. I must have been a very good girl this year! Symorick Tyrrell—former Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade, former doctor for Eternal Aegis, former living human paladin. I found his grave, and I found a necromancer. Luckily the Light within him from being a paladin seemed to have corrupted him enough to make it possible for Malkaris to raise him from the grave as my new undead pet. Thanks to Malkaris, measures have been taken to make sure Doctor Tyrrell has to be a loyal and obedient pet. Now, instead of healing Alliance, he hunts them. I told him he could use the barn for slowly disposing of any Alliance he wanted to play with, on the condition he especially hunt Twilight Empire members and his former Aegis companions. If he ever gets any of them in the barn, I want to see them.
  25. Gall

    Griggs grinned, "Ah, tha Wulf 'imself. Aye, 'e's a good'un ta have 'roond. Good inna fight, an' built Greatwulf fromma groond up, an' all, an' tha lads knoo hoo ta party. Lotta worse sorts ya could wind up wit'. When tha Wulf howls, we come a'ridin', an' fer good reason. Gall's jobs make fuckin' MONEY!" Griggs turned, proudly showing off his Greatwulf M.C. back patch.
  26. Gall

    "Oh yeah, I know just the guys. Greatwulf." Xara grins, raising her eyebrows. "They're professionals. They have a reputation. And I can speak well of 'em. They got the job done. And then some." She smirks. "What do I mean by that? Well... Gall, their boss, he was willin' ta come help more than I'd originally paid for. Didn't quite work out the way either of us intended, but..." She shrugs, then grins again. "I have a feelin' I'll be seein' him again."
  27. Gall

    "Gall's name says it all. He's got guts and doesn't shirk from a fight. I didn't know him long, but I'd probably have lost my head if I hadn't met him. I'd watch his back anytime," -Brinnea.
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