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11-30-2005, 03:42 PM
I'd like to try and do a weekly or bi-weekly column about newsworthy events taking place on TN.

To do so, I need your help. I'm planning to cull through the message boards and pick out noteworthy roleplaying, environmental and PvP happenings and try to produce something that will recap them for everyone.

Where do you come in? I need tips and leads. I'll do my part investigating things, but I'd like to have the help of my comrades here at the Gazette. If you see/participate in something exciting, send me a PM on this forum or at wankking at gmail dot com.

I believe this has some potential to be really successful since I'm hoping that I'll be able to establish some credibility as a trusted source of event news on TN. I'm also hopeful that my style will provide some third-party objectivity that will lead to less accusations of guilds boasting about their accomplishments.

The only guild I won't be reporting on directly is my own -- the Clan of the Crimson Hand. I feel like I couldn't possibly be objective about them, so I'll leave them out.

I'm thinking I'll post topically, so if you have reporting category sections you'd like to see me reporting about, feel free to make suggestions. I'm currently envisioning:
Top News Story -- Will pick something each week and highlight it as a top story.
Guild Event Listing(s) -- Upcoming guild events
Guild Round-up -- 1-2 sentence summaries from any guild who has something to say.
World Events -- Slay someone significant? This is where you hear all about it.
News from the Front -- The on-going conflict has to be reported somewhere, although I'm not getting into who pwned whom.

I have some other ideas I'd like to explore at a later time, but I think this is a good base to start from.

Also, I'm more than happy to collaborate with 1 or more folks on this. If you have a gift for the written word, I'm all about sharing the credit and putting out a good product. I do plan to reserve the right to edit and verify things submitted. I don't mind having a gossip section, but I'm not going to run with things I think are obvious frauds without some kind of verification. Also, I'm not going to get into forms of bickering between individuals or groups, unless it's roleplayed as such. There's enough of that on the main boards.

So, what do you think of the idea? Do you have something you'd like to see reported? Other things we should be covering?


11-30-2005, 03:43 PM
Oh, and I'll need a name for the pub...

Gazetteer? Hell, I don't know. Suggest something. :D

11-30-2005, 03:57 PM
Hi Heliosturr! Someone from outside of Clan of the Crimson Hand should volunteer to write the pieces concerning our events and whatnot.

I also think you need an Alliance counterpart to report Allied news. There should be an OP-ED section for opinions about in game events from the editorial staff I think dueling OP-EDs would be interesting.

Name: Orgrimmar Chronicle, Horde Week?

11-30-2005, 04:15 PM
Good thoughts Mool. I will say that I was considering the publication to be something separate from Heliosturr the character. Helio has a totally different background and is no newsman.

I was thinking of just reporting as a third party function of playing the game on TN. Maybe that's not RP enough, but I'm thinking getting news out to folks will be appreciated, no matter the faction, since news organizations have a unique ability to cross boundries that armies never can.

Also, I'm cool with opposing op-eds as long as they're not "OMG teh Horde is teh suxors."

11-30-2005, 04:50 PM
Right, but wouldnt it be easier for an Alliance character to get Alliance news?